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I got the idea to do this one from another fanfic that I read. I can't remember what it was called, but it was good. I've decided to make something similar to it, although I have little clue as to how. Oh well, here goes...

Chap. 1

"Get up, baka!"

Shinji's eyes snapped open and he jumped up. Standing before him was none other than the red demoness, Asuka Langley.


"Come on. I'm hungry!"

Asuka strode out of the room and Shinji arose as well, holding his head. In the living room, Misato was chugging down a can of beer. Shinji looked at her. She really should quit.


Shinji snapped back to reality and went into the kitchen. As he got breakfast started, Misato called out.

"Oh, before I forget. You two have synch testing after school."

Asuka groaned out loud, but Misato cut her off, "No complaining."

Asuka grumbled again and then called out, "Hurry it up in there. I'm hungry!"

Shinji shook his head. She's becoming more difficult to deal with. Shinji finished making the meals and placed them on the table where they all ate. Shinji began to drift off again. Synch testing wasn't exactly what he had mind for the afternoon, but there was no way around it. I guess Touji and Kensuke will have to wait.

Asuka noticed Shinji's gaze,

"Daydreaming about Wondergirl again?"

Shinji snapped out of his gaze, "N...no."

Asuka grinned, "Yes you were. Admit it, you got thing for the doll."

Shinji grumbled, "I do not. And she's not a doll."

"Ooooh, so now you're defending her. What else have you been doing with her?"


"Come to think of it, what were you daydreaming about her? I bet it was one of your hentai fantasies, wasn't it?"


Misato decided to step in, "Okay, that's enough you two. Shinji, stop daydreaming about Rei…"

"B...but, I wasn't..."

"And Asuka, stop being jealous."

The Second Child's eyes flared, "What?! Jealous of those two? Why would I be jealous of this baka and Wondergirl?"

Asuka grabbed her bag and lunch and stormed out the door, leaving the two of them by themselves.

"Well you better get going, Shinji. I'll see you two this afternoon."

Misato got up and went into her room, but Shinji didn't budge.

"But...I wasn't daydreaming about her..."


Class started the way it normally does. Hikari did her routine and the teacher droned on about his thoughts about Second Impact. Shinji was bored for the most part and he began to look around the room. He saw Touji in the back, apparently bored as well and stealing glances at Hikari. Kensuke was just doing something with his camcorder and Askua was playing with a pencil. Turning the other way, she saw Rei staring out the window the same way she always does. His gaze remained. What do you see out there, Ayanami? What are you looking at?


Shinji snapped out of his gaze and looked down. Someone had left him a message on his computer. Opening it, it read...

Busted. Shinji and Wondergirl sitting in a tree...

Shinji didn't bother to read the rest of the message as he looked up to it sender, which was obviously Asuka. Asuka was looking at him with a devious grin on her face. Shinji seemed to shrink into his chair.

I hate my life.


"Alright, initiating sequence."

The three Children sat in their entry plugs which were inserted in their respective Evas. They simply sat there as the LCL bubbled slightly. Rei stay her normal emotionless state while Shinji seemed to fidget a bit in his. Asuka didn't move, but the look on her face told everyone that she did not want to be there.

"How long will this take?"

Dr. Akagi answered her, "As long as it takes Asuka. Now stop complaining."

Asuka grumbled and folded her arms. Misato looked over to Shinji.

"Try to keep still Shinji."

"Oh, sorry."

"Not again. When will you ever stop and grow a backbone?"


"Mien Gott, you're such an idiot."

Shinji was about to apologize again, but refrained himself from doing so. Asuka saw this and merely blinked, unaware that Rei had done the exact same thing. That's when it happened.

"Something's wrong. The synch ratios of Evas 00 and 02 are rising rapidly."

Ritsuko blinked, "What? Reduce power."

Maya shot back, "No effect. Ratios increasing rapidly. They're at 150%."

"Cut the power on all Evas." Misato ordered.

"01 power is cut off, but we can't stop 00 and 02."

"Eject the cores immediately!"

"Controls jammed. We can't get them out."

Inside, Asuka and Rei began to squirm within the LCL. What's going on? Their bodies began to become transparent within it.

"Ratio at 385%. If it keeps up at this rate..."

"I know! Sever the umbilical cable."


The cord connecting 00 and 02 began to sparkle and eventually snapped off. The Evas powered down and everyone took a deep breath of relief.

It wasn't to last.

"Major. Rei...is gone. She not in the Eva."


"That's not all. Look at 02."

Misato turned her attention to the screen in 02 and nearly gasped.

"Get the core open now!"


Shinji had just got out of his entry plug and looked as emergency crew rushed to Asuka's. Something happened to Asuka? Shinji followed them as the crews worked to open the hatch. Misato had just arrived down there and saw Shinji next to the opening plug.

"Shinji, wait."

Her warning came too late as Shinji peered inside the plug and backed away in shock at what he saw.

"What the...?"

Inside the plug was a totally different girl. One that looked like Asuka, but at the same time, like Rei. It was as though...as though.

"Who was that?"

"That girl… is Rei and Asuka."

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