Julien, a nine years old boy, was coming from school for summer break. Coming out of the bus, his parents was waiting for him outside his home.

"Hi mom, hi dad. Is there something wrong?" He asked, a bit puzzled of why they were waiting for him outside.

"Not really Julien, but we do have a surprise for you." Said Julien's mom.

"Really? What is it?" Responded Julien, excited.

"Just come inside and you will see." Said his dad.

Now starting to get a bit impatient, Julien followed his parents inside and get in the living room, where a little fella was waiting for them.

"Is that…" Started Julien.

"Yes, it's a pokemon. A houndour to be precise. She will be our new family member from now on." Said Julien's dad while showing his son a black, white and orange dog pokemon with a skull looking shape in his forehead that was making her looking a bit mean, barking happily.

"Wow, that's… cool." Said Julie, sounding slightly disappointed.

"… Something's wrong Julien?" Asked his mother.

"No no, it's fine. It just… scares me a bit." He said, not feeling very comfortable around the pokemon.

"I'm sorry son, but it's the only pokemon we could have. It happen that a friend of mine had a houndoom that had a few eggs and hatched, but couldn't afford keeping all of them." Explained his dad.

"I understand but…"

"Just give her some time. Despite looking a bit intimidating, pokemon are basically not bad. We just have to raise her properly."

"If you say so."

Not even greeting the pokemon, Julien then got in his bedroom and locked himself in.

"… Well, it could have been better." Said Julien's dad while petting the pokemon's head, which she seems to like.

"He's still a kid and still can be easily impressed. He will get used to her eventually." Said his mother.

"He has to, since she will be living with us now."

For the next couple of days, the houndour, now named Vanessa, was getting quite accustomed to her new house and was liking the place slowly. However, she didn't like the distance she had with Julien, so she tried a couple times to approach him. At first and since Julien wasn't the mean type of person, he wasn't chasing her away but wasn't that happy being close to a scary looking pokemon. Sensing that the human wasn't really wanting to be around her, it was making her sad quite a bit. Fortunately for her, she quickly understood that he was slowly but surely opening to her, which lead her to double her effort and did everything she could do so they could be friends. At the end of the summer break, their relation was pretty much like one of a human and his newly acquired dog, but Julien was still a bit uncomfortable close to her. But as time passed between them, it was something that had changed over time. A couple years later, they grew quite close to each other, doing almost everything together, like playing, eating, or even bathing in their early years. Julien was now in high school and was leaving for his last day before he was done with it. In a couple months, he will be now in college and to someone's dismiss, he will have to get out of town to intend to it.

"Alright girl, I'm off to my last fricken day, finally." Said a now older Julien, in front of the house door, petting Venassa's head, now a houndoom.

"Houn." Barked the pokemon.

"And you know what's good? Is that since mom and dad are not here for a couple more days, we will have the house all for ourselves when I'll be back."

"Houndoom!" Happily said Vanessa.

"I know, it's utter awesome isn't? Just wait for me."

Before leaving, Julien gave Vanessa a small and innocent kiss on her forehead. For him, it was quite nothing, but for Vanessa, it means a lot more than anyone could have thought. Over the years, Vanessa learnt the human language and was now able to understand mostly what they were saying and how they were working. She got so much into the human culture that she even developed a feeling that pokemon rarely experience, especially for human, love. Yes, Vanessa grew attached to Julien more than the others or even she could have imagined. But because of the species difference and language barrier, it was something she had to keep for herself. Unfortunately for her, it was getting more and more difficult for her to keep restraining herself when close to him. On her last heat, she almost had to bite herself just to keep control and preventing herself from jumping on him. Trying to keep those ideas out of her head, she goes into Julien bedroom, jumped on his bed and lay down on it, waiting for the human to return. Since she was a family member, Vanessa had the right to have her own bed, but the family abandoned the idea when Vanessa was mostly sleeping with Julien when they were close enough. As the day passed, Vanessa mostly spent it sleeping in the bed when she heard the door opening, meaning that Julien was now home. Eagerly getting out of the bed, she dashed outside the bedroom and ran toward Julien, who was taking out his coat.

"Hi girl, miss me?"

Happily barked, Vanessa got on her hind legs and placed her front ones on his shoulders before licking his face almost hungrily.

"Haha, I'll take that as a yes." He said while trying to escape her licking while petting her, but to no avail.

After a moment, Vanessa decided that he had enough and left him alone.

"Alright girl, tonight, I'll take it easy and crash in front of the Tv after a quick snack.

"Hound!" Happily said Vanessa.

The houndoom wasn't really getting the concept of the Tv, but was understanding a pretty good part of what was going in most of the time, like movies. But what makes her loving it is that she could spend time with Julien and be very close to him without him having back thoughts. After a snack that they both had, Julien dropped on the couch and turned on the Tv with Vanessa jumping on it too and lying her front paws on his laps. Not really interested in what Julien was watching, she rested her head on his laps as well and just enjoyed her moment with him. Since she knew that he will be gone in a little while, she wanted to enjoy time with him as much as possible, even thought it was saddening her greatly. After a moment, just being close to him wasn't enough for her, so she rolls on her back, presenting her belly to Julien with her head resting on his laps.

"Oh, looks like someone is eager for a little belly rub session."

A bit impatient, Vanessa whimpered slightly, wanting him to touch her badly.

"Here we go then."

A second later, Julien began to rub her belly the way she likes it, making her letting out pleased growls. After a moment, one of her hind legs was kicking the air in appreciation, enjoying the belly rub a lot. Then, after a moment, Vanessa used her paws to shield herself from the belly rubbing.

"You don't want it anymore?" Said Julien, backing his hand away.

While motioning yes, Vanessa moved her paws out of the way so Julien resumed his rubs again. However, as soon as Julien was close to her belly, she shielded herself again while looking at him with a very cute defiant expression.

"Oh, I get it, you want to play hard to get huh. Alright, I'm up for it." Said Julien, making the pokemon happier that he could ever imagine.

Trying to get her paws out of the way, the pokemon was too strong for him and was unable to. Not wanting to lose, Julien then left the couch and got on top of her, using his weight and strength position to try to out power her. Not knowing if he really succeeded or Vanessa just let him win, but Julien managed to get her paws out of the way and resumed her belly rub more aggressively.

"Got you now." Said Julien with a triumphant tone.

"Who's a good girl? Huh? Who's a good girl?" asked Julien while stopping his rubs.

"Houn!" Barked the pokemon.

"Yes you are." He said while resuming his rubs, unaware that it was a bit closer than usual to her lower region.

After Julien was done with his belly rubs assault, she couldn't take it anymore. As Julien wanted to leave, Vanessa locked him in place with her hind legs.

"Want more? Geez girl, you're gonna make my hands bleed." Joked Julien.

However, after a moment, he noticed something different in Vanessa's eyes, something he never saw before.

"You okay girl?" Asked Julien, a bit worried.

Julien didn't know it yet, but what was in her eyes, was lust. With her front paws, she pulled him a bit closer to her and she began to lick his neck quite sensually.

"Wow girl, you're very affectionate today." Said Julien, a bit surprised.

At first, he thought that it was just mere affection display, but began to question it when he felt her front paws leaving his shoulders to go under his shirt, gently and softly rubbing his chest with her paws pads.

"Okay Vanessa, we have all night to be with each other, we don't have to overdo it." Said Julien, getting slightly uncomfortable.

It's not that he didn't like it, but Julien was wondering if she really knew she was doing. After a few more licking, Vanessa pushed Julien to the side and moved on top him before resuming her eager and sensual licking on his neck.

"V-vanessa? What… are you doing? D-didn't you had enough already?" Said Julien, now getting nervous.

Again, he didn't know of it was on purpose or not, but when the houndoom laid her belly on him, he felt that her lower region had landed on his manhood. To both surprise, especially to Julien, Vanessa had landed on something that was getting harder. Stopping his licking, Vanessa then looked at him with something that Julien could swear was a grin.

"It's… not what you think." Said Julien, feeling embarrassed.

As for trying to reassure him, Vanessa pressed her lips against Julien's ones and shoved her tongue inside his mouth. Caught by surprise, Julien put his hands on the pokemon's shoulders and wanted to push her away, but it was too late and didn't had the strength to do it. The moment was feeling so wrong for him, but the way she was doing it, it was like she practised her entire life to do that and it was like he was bewitched. After all, dogs are the best when it comes to tongue play.

After a moment, Julien was still in too much shock to return the kiss before she broke it, looking satisfied anyway.

"Vanessa, what… are you doing?" Asked Julien, still wondering if she was aware of her own actions.

Looking at him with a lewd expression, Vanessa then moved the tip of her devilish tail behind her. After a few shaking motion, she moved it close to Julien's face with sticky juice dropping from it.

"Vanessa…" Said Julien, knowing too well what it was.

"Are you… in heat again?"

Motioning no, she shoved the tip of her tail inside his mouth before going for more licks on his neck. Caught by surprise again, Julien didn't know if he should like it or be grossed out, but quickly found his answer when the taste hit him. With a very slight hint of spicy taste, she was pretty sweet with a mix of slight saltiness. After making sure that he swallow everything, Vanessa withdrawn her tail from his mouth, covered in saliva, and looked at him with the most lustful eyes she could make.

"… Does that mean…"

Knowing what he was about to say, she motioned yes and shoved her tongue inside his mouth again, eagerly exploring every inches of it. A few seconds before she broke it, Julien even began to slightly return it.

"Vanessa… I don't know." Said Julien, making the pokemon whimper in sadness.

"It's not that I don't like you or anything, it's just… I never thought about you that way and… I'm kind of really surprised." He said uncomfortably.

Understanding that she might have gone a bit too far, Vanessa wanted to stood up from him and leave, but Julien stopped her.

"It's not that I don't… want it. It's just… a bit strange to me."

"… Hounhound houn…" Said Vanessa, trying to tell him that if he didn't want to, then he didn't have to.

"… But I guess if it's how you feel for me… then it will be mean of me to not take it into consideration." He said while beginning to instinctively rub the houndoom's fur.

Whimpering in worry, Vanessa was nuzzling him affectionately.

"I don't have to understand you to know that you're not the type to force me into something I don't want to." Said Julien, in which Vanessa responded with a nod.

"L-like I said, I never thought about doing it with a pokemon before. Worse, I never did it at all, so I would probably won't be that good anyway."

"Houn hounhoun hound." Whimpered Vanessa.

"You don't care?" Asked Julien, to what Vanessa responded with a nod.

"… Alright, but… just be gentle okay?"

After nodding again, she resumed her licking on his neck, but this time, she added some grinding against his hard shaft with her own private, slowly raising her pleasure. When she was tired of his neck, Vanessa went lower. With her head at his belly level, she grabbed the base of his shirt with her maw and pulls it up, revealing all of his torso skin. With a pleased looks, she continued her licking but now all over his upper half, from his belly to his chest and even his nipples, which she seems to focus most.

"D-damn Vanessa, where did your learnt to do that?"

Only giving him a lewd looks, she continued her licking until she was under his bellybutton, at the edge of his pants. Grabbing it with her maw again, she tried to pull it down, but to no avail.

"Wait." Said Julien while stopping her.

"Is it… something you really want?" He asked, still embarrassed.

After nodding, she put a paw on his shaft, licking her lips shortly after.

"… O-okay. I don't know if I will do well though."

After unbuttoning his pants, Julien wanted to pull them down but Vanessa stopped him with a soft growl.

"What is it?"

To answer his question, Vanessa moved his hands out of the way.

"You… want to it yourself?" He said before she nodded.

"O-okay. As I can see, y-you're pretty into it." Finished Julien, still nervous.

After Vanessa grabbed his pants, she was now able to pull them down, revealing a throbbing erection.

"H-hope it's okay for you."

Not looking displeased the least, she only stared at it a moment before putting her nose it and gave a few sniffs.

"D-don't do that, it's really embarrassing." Said Julien, getting a bit red.

Not wanting to make him more uncomfortable than necessary, she stopped sniffing it and gave a gently and slow lick from his base to his tip, sending a small pleasure waves through the human's body.

"Damn your tongue is hot Vanessa." He said after containing a small moan.

With a pleased and lewd face, the houndoom goes for a few more licks, incorporating his balls from time to time. When she saw and smelled precum coming from his tip, she knew where to go next. Since she was a quadruped, she could only resort on her maw, which she seems to do her well. Having a skillful ability mix of her tongue and maw, she managed to straighten it and put it inside her mouth, looking delighted by Julien's taste. And since her maw was mostly teeth, she had to resort mostly on tongue play in his tip while softly and gently gnawing a bit on it while rarely moving up and down. Being very agile with her tongue, Julien felt intense pleasure growing inside him. Even more agile that he could ever imagine, he felt an orgasm building up quickly in him and getting awfully close.

"Vanessa, you're doing too good, I'm about to cum already…"

Pleased with his words, she doubled her effort until Julien finally exploded inside her mouth. Caught by surprise, a bit of his juice overflowed from her maw, but she managed to get almost all of it and swallowed it while waving her tail in happiness.

"… Damn, I'm wondering if you're a beginner yourself." Said Julien, feeling a bit light-headed from his orgasm.

Her only respond was to only to look at him with depraved look while rubbing her hind legs together.

"I'm guessing that… you also want to feels good." Said Julien, with her nodding eagerly in respond.


When she heard him respond, she quickly moved forward until her hot and wet entrance was above the human's shaft.

"Okay Vanessa, here it is."

After Julien grabbed the base of his shaft to make it vertical, Vanessa then aligned herself until she was at the right position and slowly inserted it inside herself, with both of them moaning in pleasure. When Julien was all the way inside her, he was the one that moaned the loudest.

"Damn Vanessa, you're tighter than expected, but also hotter. You feels… so good."

"Houn." Happily said the pokemon.

After getting used to the intruder, the houndoom then began to ride him by going up and down on him slowly at first, since it was his first time. After only a few seconds, they could heard the wet impact noises from their intercourse. A few pounds later, small ember flames were coming out of the fire/dark type pokemon mouth in pleasure. When Vanessa guessed that it was okay, she increased her pace, increasing Julien's moan as well, to her delight. Getting into it himself quite a lot, Julien grabbed the pokemon's rear and began to help her go up and down, but mostly down so she landing as hard as possible. Pleased with his initiative, she wanted to reward him by getting a bit tighter, increasing his pleasure even more. After a little while, her inside was getting narrower and hotter, meaning that she getting close to her climax. Wanting to cum as soon as possible, Vanessa increased her pace once more, getting Julien close to his climax as well. Using all her might to tightening her inside, the houndoom was going almost at full speed when the human couldn't hold it anymore and shoot his seeds all over her womb in a powerful orgasm, triggering hers at the same time shortly after. When Vanessa was done with her orgasm, she let herself fell on Julien, resting from the wonderful moment they just had.

"Well… I guess that's it." Said Julien, after regaining his composure.

"Houn." Weakly responded Vanessa.

For a moment, none of them spoke as they just lay there, analysing what just happen. After a moment, Julie sat up and put his pants back on.

"It was… pretty fun actually." Commented Julien.

Standing up as well, Vanessa then moved close to him and put her front paw on his laps again while nuzzling.

"Houn." She said, sounding a bit guilty.

"Do you regret what you just did?" Said Julien while petting her.

She motioned no.

"Then… everything is okay I guess." He said, soothing the pokemon's guilt.

After a moment of silence, Julien gathered the courage to say the next sentence.

"You know, if you really want to do it again someday, I… won't mind that much."

Looking at him a bit surprise, Vanessa then happily licked his face in excitement.

"Haha, yeah yeah, I'm looking forward to it too."

Stopping licking, Vanessa then nuzzled him again.

"Also, I'll do my best to think of way to bring you with me when I'll go to college. I didn't really asked if pokemon were allowed or not."

"Hound." Happily barked Vanessa.

"But for now, I guess we just have to enjoy the time we have between."

Happily barking again, Vanessa gave Julien once again a kiss, which this time, he gladly returned.