AN: This takes place after Sovereign of the Seas


Champ cruised through the waves, searching for food. Around him, fish scattered, trying to avoid getting eaten. Even sharks, which had grown far larger than in his time, gave him ample space. Only the dolphins, descendants of fuzzy creatures whose age had passed when Champ's kind had evolved, dared to harass him, but they could be intimidated before they became more than a nuisance.

This new world contained a variety of strange creatures for him to feast upon, ranging from crabs to fish he had never seen before, and even new times of cephalopods. There was some competition for them, but most competitors could be repulsed given enough effort.

Right now, though, the Thalattoarchon was more interested in searching a cave system for food - the surprisingly large area was home to all kinds of fish, many of them tasty. As long as he avoided becoming trapped, he could easily glut himself on this food supply.

As he began to maneuver deeper into the cave, though, Champ noticed something odd - as he wnet deeper into the cave, the water became noticeably murkier.

Put off by this, Champ turned his attention to the nearest exit and left the network...only to find himself in an even stranger place: outside of the cave was a huge patch of open ocean, with few if any rocky outcroppings nearby.

That...wasn't what this was supposed to be - he was certain this part of his territory was a reef that grew along the carcass of a sunken ship. There was no way that he could have reached open water this quickly.

Further pondering was interrupted as four fishlike shapes swam into view. Dolphins, it seemed. The convergently evolved mammals were nuisances, but for once, they did not seem interested in harassing him. Rather, it seemed that there were two species here, with three of of the dolphins belonging to one type, and the other a different variety...and it was currently being abused by other three.

Though Champ did not know that the attackers were Risso's dolphins and their victim a pygmy killer whale, nor did he know the reason for the harassment (though given that these were dolphins, it may have amounted to amusement), Champ did know that he had an opportunity before him - the three larger dolphins were so preoccupied with assaulting the smaller one that they had yet to notice the ichthyosaur. In fact, it seemed they were chasing the smaller creature right toward him.

How kind of them.

Slowly, Champ retreated into the cave. Still holding his breath, he waited until the pygmy killer whale was above him before surging forward. The smaller whale was already passed him by the time he exited the cave...but its pursuers were not so lucky. One practically swam into his open jaws. A few moments of shaking snuffed the life out of it, while the other two swam off, terrified.

Satisfied, Champ surfaced to breath, before returning toward the cave. In the distance, he could make out other creatures swimming toward the pygmy killer whale - its pod had arrived, and were looking to comfort their lost member. Champ didn't care - they were not his concern.

As he meandered back through the cave, though, Champ did have to wonder one thing - just how did he get here?



They just get a pass because they are cute. I think.

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