Ah, what better way to end a year then with a Christmas fanfiction of Ace Attorney! I've been waiting to do this one for a while, and with Spirit of Justice having some great characters and lovely kids, it inspired me to write this! This story is going to contain basically every pairing I ship, as well as a few surprise ships! IT IS SHIP GALORE! This story will contain long chapters for certain favorite pairings, and short chapters for some smaller pairings, even some chapters from my fellow friends! No two chapters are connected, except for the prologue to some pairings, and the epilogue to those same pairings. Now, onto the fluffiness!
(The pairing will be shown alongside the date and location at the start of each chapter, so you can scan for your favorite one!)

Justice Household
December 24, 2029, 9:00 AM
Apollo Justice and Athena Justice (Née Athena Cykes.)

Athena Justice's eyes slowly rose at the sunny light bursting into the room through the small cracks of the curtains covering the windows in her apartment bedroom. The sheet of the bed completely covered her and her long hair spread everywhere around her head, going as free as possible, but tangling itself in the process, leaving Athena with the task of having to comb it later.

The day before Christmas… I remember I was alone this time last year. Big apartment all to myself… And I didn't even leave my bed. I just binge watched Supernatural… I'd never done that before. Apollo was gone this time last year, and Athena had never felt more alone in her entire life. Apollo returned around May when he had enough lawyers for his agency and he felt he could leave the Khura'in legal system. It wasn't even a week from his return when he proposed to Athena.

Their wedding was last month, and now Athena was more than happy to have the surname of Justice. She missed him so damn much… But now he was back for good. He was never leaving again. Athena couldn't be more thankful.

She looked to her right to find the shirtless, still sleeping Apollo, his chest rising up and down, extending and moving his shoulder muscles as he did so. He still had the scars from the explosion two years ago, they weren't as bare but they were still there. Athena ran her fingertips over the scars, feeling them, the sharp roughness contradicting her smooth hands. She rested her forehead against his back, and wrapped her arms around his chest. He didn't wake, and Athena just held him. She didn't know if it was for minutes or hours, but she did it nonetheless.

She rested her chin on his shoulder, peeking down at his sleeping face. "Wakey wakey, Mr. Justice." She whispered into his ear. She ran her hand over his hair, trying to awake the man. Slowly, she saw his mouth close from the slightly open position it was in. A smirk formed on his face.

"So…" He grumbled. "You dare wake me?" His eyes snapped open, and he spun, wrapping an arm around her stomach and using the other to slide under her neck as he rolled on top of her. "The almighty demon Justice?! You shall pay for your crimes, wanderer!"

Athena giggled as Apollo pushed his forehead against hers. She ran the tips of her knuckles over his cheek, continuing her smile. "You're such a dork." She snickered. Apollo raised an eyebrow, smirking. His gaze grew sharper.

"Like you're one to talk." Apollo returned. Athena kept softly running her fingers over his sharp cheeks.

"I love you so much." She whispered, pulling his head down to hers as she softly pushed her lips against his. How much I've missed you, Apollo… I felt so lost without you. I put on the brave face, but I was slowly tearing away at the inside. Demons clawed at my heart, tearing and eating at it… Without your warmth and protection, I had nothing to fight them off. When you came back, they scattered and fled, and you healed my broken heart.

Apollo pulled her head closer, pushing his lips deeper into the kiss, keeping his eyes closed. A tongue softly ran over her lips, and she granted the entrance necessary for the deepest kiss imaginable. His tongue pushed against hers, softly dancing with her. She returned the rumba, the kiss sparking the familiar flame. It isn't too early for a little bit of fun, right? Come here, you sexy beast…

She took every opportunity she could get for these moments. She barely even made contact with anyone for a year, she kept his jacket in the office to sometimes wear, sometimes look at and sometimes hug. She called him often, but it wasn't the same. She was always grabbing his arm, hand or some part of his body when talking to him. Now she took every chance she could to touch any part of his body…


Apollo broke away from the kiss to turn around and spot the familiar drone belonging to Armie Buff. Or now known as Armie Justice, due to her request to change her last name to feel more in the family. She was Apollo and Athena's adopted daughter, but she's only lived with the two for about two weeks, but she says she already felt like she has lived with them forever. "Morning, sweetie. Sorry you had to, uh… See that." Athena snickered.

"I was gonna remind you that it's the day before Christmas, but I did not need to see that!" The thirteen year old had turned her voice changer off. The drone flew back to her bedroom, and Armie stepped out this time. She had long blonde hair, glowing blue eyes and a face of perfection. She ran down to her parents' bedroom, beaming a grin at them. "So, what'd you get your general for Christmas, hm? I haven't seen any gifts lying around this place."

Oh… We're supposed to get Armie her present, aren't we? Apollo and Athena thought at the same time, looking at each other. "We're, uh… Going out to get it today, doll." Athena explained. She couldn't lie to her daughter and say she already had it. "So, how do you feel, spending your first Christmas with us?"

"I've already got your presents, don't you worry! I really hope you'll like them." Armie smiled. "In fact, I've already got your first one out here. Follow me!"

"We'll be out there in a sec." Apollo said as he got out of bed. Armie ran down to the living room, waiting for her parents. As Apollo got his signature red shirt on, he look worryingly over to Athena, who was putting on her normal yellow singlet that did a clumsy job of hiding her white bra strap. "What are we gonna do about Armie? We've never really bought a Christmas gift for a kid before…"

"We'll find something good for her at the mall." Athena said cheerfully as she clipped in her normal earring, and grabbed her white beanie. She had denim shorts on as well, Apollo going with his basic black short pants. "Don't you worry, Apollo. We'll find something good for our daughter."

She placed a small kiss on Apollo's lips, and grabbed his hand, interlocking her fingers with his. "Now let's go see what she's got for us."

Athena lead Apollo to the living room, and both their jaws dropped at the same time at what they saw. A Christmas tree, big enough to fit the living room, decorated with ornaments, lights, and pictures of her and her parents from the two weeks she lived with them. A star sparkled at the top, flashing and shining beautifully. "What do you think? I already set both your gifts out at the bottom." Armie waved her arm towards the two wrapped boxes at her feet, one for 'Papa' and the other for 'Mama'.

"Armie, this is… This is beautiful! You're so creative!" Apollo complimented. Armie beamed a smile at them. Athena still couldn't even form words in her current state… Armie wrapped her arms around her dad, burying her head into his chest.

"Merry early Christmas! I love you both so much, and I am really glad you like them, because…" Armie started blinking rapidly. "I kinda… Stayed up all night… Setting it all up…" Armie drowsily slurred out, before passing out into Apollo's arms from tiredness. Poor girl was spending all her power to seem energetic. I should probably put her to bed.

Apollo carried Armie to her bedroom, laying her on her side and pulling the sheet over her. He brushed a lock of hair behind her ear, and placed a soft kiss on her forehead as she snuggled into the bed, a smile on her face. Even though she was a teenager, she still had that childlike innocence that Apollo and Athena loved.

"Well no time to waste, Apollo!" Athena beamed as she grabbed Apollo's hand. "We're getting the best damn gift we can for our daughter! Let's go!"

Wright Household
December 24, 2029, 8:30 PM
Phoenix Wright and Maya Fey-Wright (Née Maya Fey.)

It's been a year and a half and still I haven't told him…

Maya sat on the purple sofa in the living room, a blank stare on her face. Her family was setting up the tree in the corner, and she had promised all the day to help, and she had. For the most part at least. But Phoenix couldn't help but notice Maya glancing at Ahlbi every now and then, a look of nervousness on her face. Ahlbi was the adopted son of Phoenix and Maya, as well as Trucy's step brother. They adopted him a year ago shortly after returning from Khura'in, and they never regretted the decision.

Phoenix had the nineteen year old Trucy Wright propped on his shoulders as she tried to set the high decorations upon the tree. Even for a teenager, the girl acted still as a child, but she had her mature moments. Ahlbi was setting the low decorations with the help of his young puppy, Shah'do, who assisted by grabbing the ornaments from a box of Christmas decorations, passing them to Ahlbi.

"You alright, mom? You've been sitting there for a while. I thought you'd be helping." Ahlbi asked. The young pup jumped onto Maya's lap, licking at her face and snapping her back to reality. The puppy noticed Maya jolting, and started yapping. Maya grabbed Shah'do, standing up and forcing a smile. "S-Sorry…"

Maya noticed Phoenix's look of concern, and she immediately turned her head away from it. But how? How could I ever tell him? She smiled at Ahlbi. "You reckon Mr. Licky here could put up the star?" Maya nodded to Shah'do, who barked in response. Ahlbi chuckled, grabbing the large yellow star from inside the box, and holding it to Shah'do, who took it in his mouth. Maya went over to the tall tree and tried to hold Shah'do as high as she could to reach the tree, but she was still rather short for it…

"Allow me to assist, Mrs. Wright." Phoenix teased as he grabbed Maya by the waist, lifting her up. His incredible strength supported both her and the young pup, who placed the star on the top of the tree, yapping happily in response. Phoenix bought Maya back down to the ground, and wrapped both arms around her chest, holding her close.

"Show off." Maya scoffed. Phoenix smirked.

"I sense some jealousy in that voice." Phoenix teased, kissing her on the cheek.

"Since when did Athena start teaching you how to detect emotions?" Trucy asked. Maya thought she should actually participate in this Christmas set up, and she went over to the box of little pictures to hang up on the tree.

"Oh, by the way, Daddy. I was on the phone with Bonny earlier." Trucy said. She held both arms behind her back, smiling at Phoenix. "She wants me to come over to her place for Christmas. Said she had something for me. I think she still regrets accusing me last year. Is it alright if I go?"

"You know you're nineteen, right? You don't have to ask me for permission to everything." Phoenix chuckled. Trucy slightly blushed out of embarrassment.

"R-Right, s-sorry… I'll pay her a visit. God knows she needs it." Trucy sighed.

"Just be home by dinner." Phoenix suddenly blurted out. Trucy gave him a look.

"You know I'm nineteen, right? You don't have to be the protective Daddy anymore." Trucy teased. Phoenix wrapped one arm around his daughter, kissing the top of her head.

"Ah, you'll always be my baby girl, no matter how old you are."

Maya continued searching through the box of little pictures, and Ahlbi walked over to her. "You find anything you like?"

"I'm working on it… Oh, I think I found one!" Maya reached into the box, and pulled out a picture, a massive grin on her face. She saw the top of Ahlbi's hair, so this must be a good one of him.

Instead, when she saw that picture, her expression immediately dropped.

It was picture of when Ahlbi was still a young child… Well, younger. Maya held him in her arms, a smile on her face. This was taken… What, seven years ago?! Maya reached into the box, pulling out another picture of when Ahlbi was just a baby. Maya cuddled with him, snuggling her forehead against his… Oh god, oh god…

Maya felt the tears starting to burst, and she dropped the pictures, covering her mouth with a hand as she rushed out the living room and outside the house to get some fresh air. Phoenix had no idea what put her in this mood, but when Ahlbi picked up the pictures she had dropped, he knew…

Maya gasped, sobbing and choking with tears streaking down her cheeks. I've told Ahlbi… Why can't I tell Nick?! It's been ten years… And only one year since we reunited, yet the entire damn time, I can never tell him! What the hell is holding me back?! My fear?! He needs to know… But how would he react? Oh god…

Maya wiped the tears, sniffling. How…?

How the hell do I tell Nick that Ahlbi… That he's our actual son…?

Apartment in London
December 24, 2029, 9:30 PM
Luke Triton and Pearl Fey

Pearl knew how satisfying the feeling of reunion was.

She had reunited with Phoenix after his disbarment, and it felt like seeing her father. Hell, Phoenix Wright practically was her father. She reunited with Maya after her kidnapping… Reuniting with someone was the best feeling anyone could have, Pearl thought.

But nothing beat the reuniting she had with Luke Triton today.

She'd met the boy during the time between Iris' trial and Phoenix's disbarment, she remembered it was around early late March, around the twentieth. Phoenix and Maya had left for London late February, and they were gone for quite some time. They returned with some of the best stories Pearl had ever heard, and they almost sounded real to her ten year old self. But there was this one boy, Luke Triton, who was her age. Even the name and what Maya described of him peaked Pearl's curiosity and interest in the boy to dangerously high levels.

Phoenix and Maya bought Pearl to London this time, where they not only got to meet the amazing Hershel Layton, but the interesting boy, Luke. Just as she thought, the finest of young gentleman. They only stayed for a week, but that time was enough for Pearl to fall for this boy. Her ten year old self fanaticized love to an insane point, but had never experienced herself. But when she did, it was just as magical as she thought it'd be. In that week, they took walks through the city together, snuck out at night, talked to animals due to Luke's special ability…

And Pearl experienced her first kiss.

Both of them being ten at the time, it was awkward and embarrassing, but enjoyable. It was short, simple peck on each other's lips that both drove their faces to the color of tomatoes. It was right before Pearl left to go back to L.A. They shared a hug, as they had done often during the week, but when Pearl stared into those dark eyes of his, she couldn't resist herself… And they both went for it at basically the same time. Afterwards, Pearl barely muttered an 'I love you', and she could've sworn she heard the same from him… but she never knew. She never knew for ten agonizing years.

In those ten years, they contacted each other through other means, social media, phone calls, face-to-face chats… Whatever necessary to talk to the boy yet again. She never got to touch him, hug him, or fully love him for ten full years. He was her main support throughout Phoenix's disbarment, since Maya was in such a down mood all the time. He helped her greatly through whatever problems there were… And now here she was. Twenty years old, in London for the second time of her life.

And lying down, her back rested against Luke's chest as he lied on a sofa, his arms wrapped around her. The darkness outside was blocked by the firelight inside the apartment Luke lived in. Outside the apartment was the grand city of the capital of England, which Luke had promised to take Pearl to explore on Christmas Day. But for now… It had been ten years, dammit. She needed to be in his arms for as long as possible, she had been long waiting for this moment…

"I'm so glad you visited, Pearl." The handsome young man, Luke, told her. He had certainly grown, his cute boyish face still there but sharper than usual. Pearl hugged Luke's arms, snuggling the back of her head into his chest further.

"I'm glad, too… I've been waiting for this for so long…" Pearl sighed. She looked up at Luke, who looked down to her. "I love you so much, Luke Triton."

The boy smiled at her. "I love you too, Pearl Fey."

Pearl had lost count of how many times she had kissed him since she knocked on his apartment door at only seven o'clock at night. She leaned up, her head tilted back as she ever so softly laid her lips on his. She could do this forever, she was always sucked into his magical world each time they kissed. She loved it every single time.

Tomorrow, Luke had plans for her. Give her the best Christmas ever. But she didn't care what they did. She only had one thought in mind…

"Luke." She whispered as she softly broke away. "I know you're planning the best Christmas for me tomorrow… But just know, no matter what it is you have in that brilliant mind of yours…" She snuggled further into his arms, closing her eyes and whispering one last thing.

"Any Christmas I'll ever spend with you, Luke… It'll be the best Christmas ever."

L.A Airport
December 24, 2029, 10:30 PM
Nahyuta Sahdmadhi and Ema Skye

"I swear to God, Nahyuta, you better enjoy Christmas, because this is the last time I'm taking that eight hour flight and back to pick you up."

Ema had the biggest bags under eyes as she walked alongside Nahyuta, who didn't look a tad bit tired. He simply kept both arms behind his back as he gave a slight look to Ema. "You do it quite frequently, detective. Why are you always travelling for me if you dislike it so much?"

"That's a good question…" That has a very obvious answer, you non-romantic monk shit! Ema had decided to bring Nahyuta to L.A for his first Christmas, an event he had never celebrated. Khura'in didn't take part in it. She also had something to tell him… But she was trying to get it across as hints first. But of course, Princess Elsa knows nothing about any form of love ever! This is gonna be hard…

Ema could barely stay awake as they walked to their baggage pick up. She knew she'd be gone the minute her head hit the pillow. The two reached the baggage carousel, and as Nahyuta held one hand completely straight in front of his chest and kept his eyes closed, Ema felt on the verge of passing out. "So, do I need to explain Christmas to you?"

"I did a bit of research." Nahyuta grabbed a scroll from inside his jacket, and just as he was about to extend it, Ema grabbed his wrist.

"Do not even think about opening that thing and reading what's inside of it, because I'd much rather get home sometime this year." Ema mumbled. She kept her hand locked around his wrist, which Nahyuta was becoming increasingly aware of. Slowly, she started to blink and her eyes started to droop, until suddenly, she fell forward and passed out… Straight into his chest!

She was out like a rock. Nahyuta looked at the girl for a little while, before noticing their bags rolling around the carousel. He placed an arm under her legs and held her bridal style as he went over to the bags, managing to grab them with both his hands and use his arms to keep supporting Ema as she started loudly snoring.

Nahyuta walked towards the taxis of the airport, continuing to carry Ema until her snoring stopped. She suddenly awoke, her eyes snapping open. She jolted, and immediately looked down to see she was being carried. "You passed out." Nahyuta explained. Ema snapped her head to notice him, and she immediately felt a blush picking up.

"Oh, u-uh… Sorry…" Ema stuttered as Nahyuta let her go, her feet touching the ground yet again. She grabbed her own bag, looking down at the floor. An entire airport just saw Nahyuta carry Ema like they were just married!

Ugh, I seriously hope no one was taking pictures… I have enough people accusing him of being my boyfriend! Not that I wouldn't mind that… Ema reached the cabs part of the airport, the cold air hitting her and Nahyuta as they stepped outside. The first taxi rolled up to the front of the drive way, and Nahyuta took Ema's bag, placing both of their luggage's in the boot. Ema stepped into the taxi, giving the address of her apartment.

When Nahyuta stepped in and the car started moving forward, Ema started feeling drowsy yet again. Her eyes felt as if ten ton anchors had been attached to them, and she suddenly passed out for the second time, leaning to her left and resting her head straight onto Nahyuta's shoulder!

He let her rest there, looking out the window of the cab at the grand city. It was always foreign, but always beautiful to Nahyuta. The apartment complex wasn't that far from the airport, and it was a short cab trip. Ema jolted awake yet again when the car stopped, and took her head off Nahyuta's shoulder. She didn't seem to notice that she was resting there…

Or maybe… She didn't care? Maybe she liked it?

Nahyuta grabbed both bags and Ema lead her to the apartment she stayed in. She opened the door with her key as fast as possible, not bothering to undress as she flopped onto the bed. Nahyuta couldn't help but smile at the exhausted detective. She continues to work and tire herself for my sake continuously… I have a feeling she may see me as more than a companion… Or maybe I'm just hoping too much? After all… She is a beautiful woman, inside and out. Ah, Holy Mother, watch over her… She is quite precious to me.

Nahyuta took the top half of his clothes off and sat down at the front of the window, holding both hands in an 'O' shape in front of him, one lowered and the other raised. He prayed each night, keeping that position as he slept.

However, Ema wasn't completely out just yet, and stayed awake just enough to see the prosecutor, shirtless and praying. His shoulder muscles were quite… Buff. Expected, I guess, but hot damn… Ema knew that with a bed and two flights in a row, she needed sleep for Christmas tomorrow, but she was oh so glad she stayed up to see that beautiful sight.

Dammit… Flying back and forth, investigating, giving him a place to stay in L.A… The things I do for the man I love…