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"You are the light of my life, Sally."

A soft giggle erupted behind a hand. A beautiful squirrel with bright blue eyes, Sally, tucked a strand of her bangs behind her ear. She flashed the boy in front her a flirty smile that would make any guy's heart, and groin for that matter, hurt.

That said boy in front of her was the one and only Sonic the Hedgehog. Anyone would agree that he was equally as attractive. He had a grin that could make several teenage girls weak in the knees. The hedgehog's blue fur and green eyes just made him even more captivating.

"Oh Sonic," Sally gushed with a smooth voice. Sonic grabbed her hands into his. People glanced at the young couple in admiration, some even jealousy. The two stood in the middle of the outdoor mall for all to see.

Out of the crowd, there was one man who didn't enjoy the scene before him. He watched with his inner frustration growing as the squirrel and hedgehog began to lean in close.

Unable to handle the possibility of them kissing, the monkey jumped up onto his feet. He stormed over to the couple, ripped the hedgehog away from the girl of his dreams.

Sonic's eyes widened in surprise. "What's your problem man?" he asked defensively while looking over the monkey. He noted that the other boy seemed somewhat plain compared to the gorgeous girl beside him, not that looks really mattered.

Sally had a more calm reaction than the hedgehog. "Ken?" she wondered out loud, her voice hinted with hope.

The monkey, Ken, gave her a brief smile before frowning at Sonic. "You're my problem," he growled while jabbing a finger into his chest. "I've been her best friend for years. I've had her back and she's had mine. And guess what? That entire time I've been completely in love with her! Then you come out of nowhere and are suddenly dating her? You haven't seen all of the great sides to Sally like I've had. You don't deserve her!" Ken's chest was heaving by the end of his lecture.

Sally's eyes had began to water up at the kind words. "Oh Ken!" she yelled in delightment. Sally threw her arms around the monkey's neck.

Ken's attention was averted from Sonic, he didn't see the faint smile that played at the hedgehog's lips.

Ken pulled back for a moment to gaze directly into Sally's blue eyes. The world seemed to slow between the two as she felt her heart soar. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner Sally Acorn," Ken whispered to her while stroking her soft cheek, "but I am completely in love with you. I will not let anyone take you from me." He then pulled her into a first kiss, which she happily returned.

After their kiss the new couple continued to embrace in a huge. Sally looked at Sonic from over her new lover's shoulder with a beaming smile. 'Thank you' she mouthed to him. Sonic just returned with a thumbs up, unsure of what exactly to do with himself.

When Ken had finally let go of Sally, he turned to Sonic with a more positive attitude. "Sorry man," he briefly said, although Sonic figured he didn't truly mean it, "no hard feelings?"

Sonic half raised his hands in a surrender, "No problemo."

Ken snaked an arm around Sally's shoulders. He swung her around into the opposite direction, leading her deeper into the mall.

Sonic stood for a few seconds, listening to their chatter fade into all the other commotion of the busy square. He stuffed his hands into the pockets of her jeans and turned into some other direction to find the exit of the property.

Sonic inhaled deeply when he finally stepped away from the compacted crowd. He was never a fan of malls, save for the cool lights at night and the food court.

He fished out his outdated phone and flipped it open. A new message read: Consider the rest of your rent covered. -Sally

Sonic didn't bother to respond to the message. He very well appreciated it, but always got awkward when talking to clients after the job was done. Instead, he dialed up his best friend Tails.

It ran for a few seconds before he heard the other end click on. "Hey buddy," Sonic said to the air, "whatcha up to?"


Amy blinked in surprise as her locker door suddenly slammed right before her face. Her mouth was slightly gaped open as she clutched onto the remaining half of her books.

"Look at this," a cool voice came from her side, "it's my favorite little rose."

The girl saw that it had to be Scourge the Hedgehog. He was bad news, and she knew it. The thing was, he could be endearing, if she hadn't already seen his true self. Scourge had this fake bad boy attitude to hide that he was really just a down to Earth asshole. Amy didn't buy into his fighting scars or leather jacket.

Amy felt shivers go up her arms as his breath hit the tip of her ears. She cringed and shoved his hand away from the door of her locker.

"Get lost," Amy glared at him while she proceeded to unlock the door.

"Oh c'mon baby," Scourge tried to purr seductively. He toyed slightly with the hem of her dress. Amy tried to ignore it as she moved quicker to shove her books into her backpack.

Amy mentally kicked herself for wearing a dress to school. She didn't think about the perverts every morning while getting dressed.

Amy slung her backpack over her shoulder, pushing Scourge away with it in the process. He didn't seem bothered by her actions. If anything, he was more amused by her.

"You know," he fell into stride beside Amy, who picked up her pace, "I don't get why you fight me baby. I know you want it."

"Bite me," Amy growled.

Scourge smirked. Amy paused in her step with a nervous feeling growing in her stomach. He twisted one of her quills around his finger and leaned in close to her ear. "Gladly," Scourge deeply spoke into Amy's ear.

Amy backhanded Scourge the moment she felt his lips brush against the side of her ear. She took off, blending into the sea of teenagers. Scourge didn't bother trying to follow her. He winked at girl passing by before turning down another hallway.

Amy ducked out of the doors and leaned against the exterior of the school. She heaved in relief when she noticed that her creeper was no longer on her tail. Amy sighed and closed her eyes, taking in the fragile moment of peace.

"Hi, Amy!"

Amy yelped as she looked to her side. She was relieved when her eyes laid upon a slightly smaller, orange fox with two tails, hence the nickname Tails.

The younger boy looked at her with a raised eyebrow, "Geez, you look like you've seen a ghost."

"Yeah, a green one at that," a smile played at Amy's lips.

"Let me guess: Scourge?" Tails deadpanned.

Amy nodded her head as she began to walk down the sidewalk. She forced any negative thoughts or feelings away. Getting uncomfortable with the subject at hand, the pink hedgehog decided to change the subject. "What are you up to after school?"

Tails shrugged his shoulders. "Hanging out with an old friend of mine."

"Do I know him?" Amy wondered.

Tails hummed and shrugged his shoulders once again. "Probably not. We don't really hang out around school a lot and he barely shows up as it is."

"Sounds like a total slacker," Amy joked while nudging Tails' shoulder with hers.

"Tell me about it," he muttered while he boarded the bus.

The two sat together and made small talk for as much as they could. Amy eventually turned to look out the window while Tails pulled out his phone to text his friend that was previously mentioned.

Over time, the over crowded bus began to quiet. Soon, Tails had to leave Amy behind to get off at his stop. Amy was left with a few other strangers scattered throughout the bus.


"Dude, do you see this?" Sonic exasperatedly motioned towards all the opened cabinets, courtesy of yours truly.

Tails glanced up from his notebook. He peered through his glasses trying to understand what exactly Sonic had meant. "Nothing?" Tails took a wild guess.

"Exactly," Sonic groaned. "You have literally no food."

Tails rolled his eyes. He had gotten used to his Sonic complaining about there being no food every time he made himself at home. Tails didn't bother grocery shopping much because whenever he had, the hedgehog would practically vacuum it all up. Tails could've sworn that Sonic was a bottomless pit.

"Also," Sonic added, not noticing that Tails didn't bother to attempt to reply, "I didn't come by to hang out to watch you do your homework."

Tails pinched the bridge of his nose while he realized that he would not be left in peace to finish his work. "You know you probably have a lot to do yourself," Tails smirked slightly, "considering you missed the last two classes."

Sonic nonchalantly shrugged as he moved to close all of the cabinets. "Yeah?" he asked over his shoulders.

"Yep," Tails simply replied. "What did you have to do?"

"Work," Sonic vaguely said.

"Really?" Tails didn't sound convinced. "How old was she?"

"17," Sonic thought for a moment, "I think. I don't know. She was nice; from a school on the eastside that had the day off. She paid double for me to miss class so I went with it."

"Everything work out okay?" Tails questioned Sonic while he cleaned up all his papers. He shoved them into his book bag to carry around in case if the opportunity were to arise for him to finish any homework.

Sonic nodded his head, remembering the scene earlier in the mall. "I didn't even have to kiss the girl. Some guy was following us around the whole time and finally stepped up seconds before anything could really happen."

"I assume that's good," Tails pulled the straps over his shoulder and lead the pair through the front door.

The two headed down to the nearest bus stop. Sonic impatiently tapped his foot while he waited for the driver to arrive, "I don't get why you won't just let me run us to the restaurant."

"I thought you didn't want people to see you running all over the place?" Tails inquired his friend.

"I don't want people to get all weird about my speed," Sonic scrunched his face at the thought. "Besides they usually don't see me anyway. Anyone who has doesn't know who I am. Shockingly, I'm not the only blue hedgehog out there."

"Either way, I'm not risking someone seeing you carry me around like I'm your bride or something."

Sonic chuckled at his little buddy.


Amy walked into the family restaurant. Despite the loud chatter of the busy joint, she came here anyways on Wednesdays for a study group. The carpeting was old and scratchy. The wallpaper didn't match it either. The walls were covered in various types of photos: from outdated pictures of the building to modern art of local students. She had always figured they were trying to go for a homey kind of appeal with the darker lighting and random couches. Amy thought that what really sealed the deal was the heavy amounts of gum stuck under the table.

"Welcome to Viola," a not so peppy woman greeted Amy. She didn't bother to look up from her woman's magazine. Amy had just muttered, "Hello," in return before quickly ducking past the woman.

The girl found her friends sitting on a couple of couches in the corner with a coffee table in front of them. Amy smiled to herself at Cream who kept talking to the group that couldn't appear to be any less interested. The bunny stopped abruptly when she had spotted Amy and waved the girl over.

Cream, although she wasn't in world history, still joined the group with an appreciation for learning, not an obligation. Her brown eyes always doubled in size when she would hear a new fact that no one else seemed to appreciate before.

Amy dropped her bag onto the floor, literally feeling a huge weight lift off her shoulders.

She plopped down to her somewhat friend Shadow. He wasn't as welcoming as some of the others, but Amy still treated him to her bubbly personality. Although Shadow would never admit it outloud, they were friends.

Amy wasn't exactly sure as to why he talked to her. He must've gotten annoyed everytime Amy laughed at his negative attitude or when she would call him "grumpy face" to mock him. She also found humor in the way girls would try to hit on him, even though he never showed and hint of interest. There was something about the black fur or large quills that made girls think he was a dreamy bad boy, when in reality he was just a stubborn introvert.

One of those girls was Rouge the Bat. She too had joined the study group, only because Shadow had somehow gotten into it and she wanted at least a B. Rouge was very beautiful, and that was no secret. Her white fur was always clean and smelled nice. Her clothes were tight enough in all of the right places. Rouge was also a big flirt. She loved to lead guys on and felt even more empowered when she would suddenly turn them down. Rouge was no pushover.

"You're late," Shadow duly noted, although he didn't seem bothered by it, or anything at all for the matter.

"I missed my bus," Amy excused herself as she pulled her textbooks out.

Rouge twisted a strand of hair around her finger. She leaned in towards Shadow, puckering her lips out slightly. "Shadow, dear," Rouge batted her eyes, "would me be a dear and order me a drink."

"No," Shadow bluntly responded. He was one of the few boys who never bought into Rouge's act, no matter how hard she tried. Rouge would laugh at how he would go out of his way to ignore her. Rouge continued to beg Shadow, seeing how hard she would have to work to get him to do as she wished. Amy and Cream both exchanged uncomfortable glances between one another. Although the scene was amusing, she didn't know how much she could stand the one sided flirting.

The two girls abruptly stood up. "We're going to go order," Amy announced.

"I'll get you your drink," Cream included.

"Diet, dear," Rouge smiled while waving the two girls away.

Shadow sent Amy a silent pleading look, most likely to not leave him alone with the feisty bat. Amy smirked while she spun on her heel away from him.

There was a long line leading up to the counter. Amy recognized most of the other people in crowd as students from her school that most likely stopped by for a cheap dinner.

"Are you coming to my party?" Cream suddenly asked Amy as more people lined up behind them.

Amy smiled brightly at her smaller friend, "Of course I am." Cream threw the best, and the only, sober parties there were.

Cream loved to throw parties, in the most innocent way possible. The bunny found joy in gathering all of her friends together when her mother was out of town, with permission of course. She would go all out by hanging colorful lights and baking dozens upon dozens of treats, including her prized white chocolate chip cookies.

"What's the occasion this time?" Amy wondered with a smirk, knowing very well that Cream never had a specific reason for throwing a get together.

Cream glanced towards the ceiling in thought. She brought a finger up to her lower lip and lightly tapped it. "I think I got a B on my last bio test," she said slowly after a moment.

Amy's laugh was cut off by a familiar voice, "Here we are once again, my little rose."


"Why is it so crowded in here?" Sonic complained. Tails had mastered how to block out all the whining Sonic had managed to do in less than an hour.

Tails led the way towards the long line. He had spotted Amy and Cream standing deeper into the crowd of people waiting for their orders. He waved to the pair, but neither had seen him.

Sonic raised his eyebrow. "Who are you waving at?" he asked when he saw no one had returned the gesture.

Tails pointed to the two girls, "They're friends from school. You don't know them."

Sonic pretended to be hurt. He clutched his chest with a dramatic gasp. "You have friends other than me?" he wondered in amazement.

Tails rolled his eyes and didn't bother to respond.

The blue hedgehog continued to glance over at the other girls, in a non creepy manner. He didn't recognize either of them from school, then again, he didn't know many people in the first place.

Sonic was used to seeing many hedgehogs around the city, they were one of the most common species of Emerald Town, but a pink one, that was a first. He couldn't get a good look at her face. Her quills hung down just enough to grace her shoulders. A red dress barely grazed across her thighs.

In his observing, Sonic noticed a green hedgehog push some people to the side as he approached the pink girl. They glared at him but he didn't seem to give a damn.

The green hedgehog walked dangerously close to up behind her. Sonic could tell from the way she had froze that she might've not wanted him so close to her person.

The girl spun around, her eyes wide. Sonic almost thought of them to be the same green as his. He found himself instantly ditching the idea and liking hers better. They were bright and jade like the emerald.

Sonic couldn't hear the two, but he could tell the exchange between them wasn't positive. The girl swatted at the green hedgehog's hand as he tried to play at the hem of her dress.

Before he understood what exactly he was going to do, Sonic leaned towards Tails and whispered, "What's your pink friend's name?"

"Amy," Tails shot a confused look towards his best friend, "why?"

Sonic didn't bother responding. He ducked his way through the crowd, muttering an, "Excuse me," along the way.

"Oh come on, babe," the green hedgehog half begged Amy. She shot a glare at him. Sonic noted how she tried to back away, but was caged in by the crowd that didn't seem to care about the harassment going on.

Sonic took this moment to step between the two before the green hedgehog tried to reach for Amy once again. "Hey," he lightly placed his hand on Amy's shoulder, being sure not to be too close to her neck, "is this guy bothering you babe?"

Amy's mouth was left gaping slightly at the blue hedgehog. Had she seen him before? The way he used the affectionate nickname felt more comforting than coming from the green hedgehog she had despised.

"Who's this?" Scourge sneered.

Sonic gave him a cocky smile. "Her boyfriend," he casually threw his arm over her shoulders. Sonic was silently thankful that she didn't shrug him off.

Amy's face began to burn bright red. She couldn't look away from the blue boy beside her.

"And you are?" Sonic pressed on.

"Scourge," he narrowed his eyes at Sonic and smugly folded his arms. "I haven't seen you around her before. How long have you two been dating?"

"3 weeks," the sudden couple said in usion, Amy's voice was more panicked than Sonic's though. The two glance at one another. Amy's nervousness was replaced with an impressed smile.

Scourge glared at the two. "How come I don't buy it?" he finally said after looking back and forth from one hedgehog to the other.

Sonic shrugged, "That sounds like a you problem." He took a step closer to Scourge. "But," Sonic tried to drop his voice just enough to get a message across, "if I see you touch her again we're gonna have a problem."

A few other customers began to look in their direction, attracted to the drama. Scourge growled at Sonic, not appreciating a threat. "I'm not scared of you," he spat. The two hedgehogs had a stare down. Scourge casted one last look at Amy before stalking off into the other direction, not wanting to waste his energy for the moment.

Sonic finally turned to face directly at Amy. He didn't think much of her face still blushing. Before Sonic could manage to say a word to her, Tails appeared by his side.

"Hi, Amy!" the young fox exclaimed, not fully away of what had just happened. He then looked over her shoulder towards the small rabbit. "Hi, Cream," he greeted her in a more shy manner.

The rabbit waved back at him with a small smile.

Amy raised an eyebrow towards the fox, wondering where he had came from.

Tails gestured a thumb towards Sonic, "This is my friend I was telling you about."

Sonic smirked at his friend, "You were talking about me?" He only continued to grin as Tails made a point to ignore him.

Amy held her hand out to Sonic, "I'm Amy." She smiled brightly at the boy, trying not to think of him as rather handsome, even though he was.

"I know," Sonic immediately responded. He felt embarrassed at how off that had sounded. "I mean," Sonic stuttered when he saw Amy furrow her eyes and retract her hand, "that's what I heard Tails call you." Sonic chuckled to himself as he brought a hand up to scratch the back of his head. He glanced between the other three, not liking how none of them were speaking up.

"Why does that guy keep bothering you?" Tails finally let Sonic feel relieved for no longer standing in silence.

Amy looked down at the floor with a sigh. "I have no idea," she muttered. Amy crossed her arms over her torso, as if she was trying to cover herself.

Cream frowned as she looked up at her friend. She knew Amy didn't mean it. On the other hand, the two dense boys were oblivious.

"What's your name?" Amy asked the blue hedgehog, hoping to change the subject.

"I'm Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog," he gave her a toothy grin. Both Amy and Cream exchange a look before giggling amongst themselves. Sonic's smile faded into confusion. "What?"

"Do you always introduce yourself like that?" Amy teased.

"Like what?" Sonic wondered, not catching on.

The Cream noticed that they were close to the front of the line. She nudged Amy up towards the counter before the pink hedgehog could further answer him.

"It was nice meeting you Sonic," Cream smiled up at him.

"Thanks for warding off the perverts," Amy added. She gave Sonic a genuine. He felt her bright green eyes bore into his own. He found a liking to them, but something made him feel as if she could see straight into him. Sonic scratched the back of his head while looking off to the side.

Before either of the boys could respond, they felt a group of teenagers behind them lightly shove them to the side in either direction. Sonic heard one of them mumbled a word about no cutting.

"Hey!" Tails glared at the bunch of guys who were double in size. A cheetah returned the look twice as viscous, causing the fox to shrink to the back of the line.

Sonic didn't complain. For once, he felt more patience than his two tailed friend.


By the time Amy had stepped out of the diner, the sun had long set. She checked her phone. It was barely 7.

Rouge waved to the group before flying off into the evening. The bat had late night outs every night, Amy wouldn't be surprised if she managed to find some college party to crash.

Shadow, Cream, and Amy all turned to walk down the sidewalk in the other direction, all with their back packs slung over their shoulders.

"When's your next test?" Amy asked Shadow, at an attempt to make small talk.

"I don't really know," Shadow murmured.

Unlike Amy and Cream, Shadow was homeschooled. He claimed that he only went to their study group to get the basic social interactions necessary. In big crowds, he remained the quiet wallflower. Young girls would find him mysterious and endearing, little did they know Shadow was judging them from afar.

Shadow thought of most of them as phonies. He didn't like how easily it had become to break trust. Shadow would admit that he wasn't the nicest person ever, but if he was anything it would be honest.

"Hey, Shadow?" Amy asked to get his attention, even though she already had it. He hummed in response while tilting his head slightly. "Do you know a Sonic?"

Amy saw how Shadow's eye twitched. He stopped in his place for a brief second. Both of the girls noticed his actions but didn't call him out on it. "No," Shadow sternly said after a hard gulp. He stuffed his hands into his pockets and walked ahead.

Shadow left after Cream and Amy reached their bus stop. Neither of the girls saw him disappear around the side of a building.

Cream slyly smiled while staring at a thrift store across the street, "You thought Sonic was pretty handsome didn't you?"

Amy's ears perked up. "What do you mean?" she stuttered, her voice rising two octaves.

Cream turned her head to the pink hedgehog. Her innocent, brown eyes reflected the light of the moon. "You wouldn't stop staring at him," Cream giggled, "and your face is as red as a fire truck."

Like the mature adult Amy was, she turned away from Cream and pouted. "Can it."


Amy didn't realize how much she was dreading running into Scourge until she found herself frozen in front of the front doors of school. It had been a decent five minutes and Amy couldn't bring herself to budge.

Amy was feeling confident while she had gotten dressed in the morning; she wore thick frilled socks, a rose dress and a white, sweater pullover. Now, that confidence had drained from her system.

All of the harassment from Scourge had gotten worse lately. She had hoped if she pretended not to care, then he would get bored and leave her alone, but the opposite had happened. Scourge was trying to trail his hand up her leg every chance he had, and Amy was really tired of it. The only time he had left her alone was the previous day when he had believed that she had a new boyfriend.

"Hi Amy," Cream came up to her best friend's side. Amy continued to stare at the door. "I think you're supposed to walk through it," the rabbit commented.

"Not when you know what terrors lie on the other side," Amy grumbled.

Amy mustered up all her strength to step inside the building with Cream. She decided that she would do her best to just forget about Scourge.

"You're so dramatic," Cream giggled.

Amy shrugged her shoulders. She sighed of relief when no one had bombarded her within the first minute. Amy continued on her way to her locker.

Everything was hunky-dory for the morning. Through the crowds of the people, Am hadn't seen one inch of green. From period to period, she had slowly let her guard down. Unfortunately for Amy, this time of peace had not lasted.

She was the last student to wander the halls after meeting with a teacher. Amy didn't understand why she put so much effort into all of her classes and barely managed an A.

While walking, she suddenly froze in her tracks. A feeling of dread rushed through her limbs. Her pink ears twitched for any sign of another person. Amy spun around on her heels. She glared once she realized that her instincts had done her right.

Not far behind was Scourge. "Are you following me?" Amy wondered in disbelief.

His blue eyes ran her figure up and down. Amy shivered when she notice him barely lick his lips. "I don't get why you fight me," Scourge played as he began to circle her.

"I don't get why you stalk me," Amy retorted. She tried her best to appear intimidating, but both hedgehogs knew that she was scared. "What do you want from me?"

Scourge stopped in his tracks. A wicked smirk was smeared across his face, "Many things, babe, but that's besides the point." Scourge turned his head down both ways of the hall. "Where's your boyfriend?" he asked, feigning an innocent voice.

Amy began to slowly walk away from Scourge, without turning her back towards him. With every step in an attempt to create distance, Scourge would step forward.

"That's none of your business," Amy continued to try to keep up her strong front. In her nervousness, she couldn't help but begin to chew on the inside of her cheek

Scourge began to play with the zipper of his leather jacket. "I don't believe you, flower," Scourge sighed rather roughly, "and if I find out that you've been lying to me, we're gonna have a problem."

Amy felt her stomach drop. She was overcome by a new dread. She couldn't tell for sure, but a voice inside her was yelling at her that it was a threat. She clutched her notebook tight to her chest. Amy could feel her hands and knees beginning to shake.

Amy's back hit the cold wall. Although she wasn't pressed up into a corner, she still felt trapped. She silently watched, still shaking, as Scourge stepped closer and closer.

"We wouldn't want that, would we?" the green hedgehog asked in a low voice.

The second Amy felt his breath on her face she flinched. Amy shoved Scourge back and took off down the hall. Once again, he had not followed her. Amy ducked into a classroom for precautions. By the time her breathing calmed down, Amy felt tears straining down her face.

Amy pulled out her phone, not thinking very clearly. It had only rang twice before the other end of the line answered. "Tails," Amy breathed into the phone, "your friend, Sonic, where can I find him?"


Sonic laid on his back, tapping his foot ever so slightly. A song that he had heard earlier was stuck in his head. Sonic didn't even like it that much, but he figured it was better to embrace it than fight it.

Sonic's eyes were closed. He liked the feeling of the sun covering his eye lids. It was a good day for an outdoor nap. Sonic felt that the dirt to grass ratio was just right. He was comfortable for once at school.

In the distance, Sonic could hear jocks yelling out commands to one another. The blue hedgehog was too lazy to be a dedicated athlete. He felt that while he enjoyed moving around, he also slept too much.

Sonic twitched as he felt the warmth of the sun shine disappear from his face. He barely opened them to see a face hovering directly above him. Sonic jumped with a small yelp at the sudden presence.

"Sorry," Amy giggled.

Sonic looked at her with a suspicious frown, "What are you doing here?"

"I asked Tails where I could find you," Amy gave a grin brighter than the sun itself, "he just said to look for a spot that would be good for a nap."

"Wise boy."

Amy looked at her surroundings before taking a seat on the grass beside the blue hedgehog. "Behind the bleachers," she noted, "nice."

Sonic closed his eyes once again. He wondered why the pink hedgehog wanted to see him. Could she possibly be following him? "Anyways," Sonic let out a gust of air, "what can I do for you?"

Amy poked his side, causing him to open his eyes and look at her. She found it rude for him to seem so uninterested in their conversation. "Do you remember Scourge from yesterday?" she asked slowly


"The green guy," Amy sighed, hoping that Sonic would be more interested in her.

Sonic nodded his head after a moment. "Yeah," he waved his finger into the air ahead of him, "real creepy dude."

"And you pretended to be my boyfriend?" Amy pressed. She began to grow more shy next to him. Her cheeks reddened slightly.

Sonic sat up at her question. "Let me guess," he deadpanned, "you want me to be your fake boyfriend."

Amy's eyes widened slightly. She had not expected him to seemingly read her mind. Her cheeks grew even more red in embarrassment. Sonic saying the idea aloud made her feel insane. It was a bizarre concept really. Amy had only just met the guy and here she was asking him to be all lovey dovey.

"Yes, actually," Amy laughed awkwardly. She played with the hem of her dress. "It's just that," she added after a heartbeat, "he's never actually left me alone before, until you came along. Plus, I don't have a real boyfriend to protect me."

Amy stared at Sonic. He noticed that she had the round puppy dog eyes that made the color in them intense. People must've found it very hard to say no to, he for sure knew it was becoming a challenge to him already.

The second Amy saw a sign of being turned down, she cut him off before he could even open his mouth. "It doesn't have to be all the time," she quickly spoke, "just when he comes around. Until he gets the hint to never talk to me again, ya know?"

"For how long?" Sonic asked. His voice had turned rather emotionless.

Amy shrugged, "Shouldn't be too long. A month maybe."

"60 rings."

Amy's mouth dropped. "Excuse me?" she said with an offended attitude.

"I guess I could bump it down to 40, since you're friends with Tails and all," Sonic tapped his bottom lip, oblivious to Amy's change in demeanor.

"I'm supposed to pay you?" Amy half yelled in disbelief. She stood and folded her arms, glaring down at Sonic.

Sonic sat up. "Well, yeah," he confirmed, as if it was obvious information. "I mean that's kind of how the business usually works."

Amy stopped in the middle of her eyeroll. "What business?" her glare transformed into a curious look.

"Tails didn't tell you?" Sonic had figured his best friend would've told Amy. That would've been the reason for her coming to him of all people, right? "I work as a fake boyfriend to people," Sonic explained. "They hire me and based on the situation we go out on dates and act like a real couple. Most girls do it to make a guy jealous. I don't mind being used 'cause it pays rent well."

"I didn't even know that was a thing," Amy's voice came out far away, as if she was speaking to herself.

"I made it a thing," Sonic grinned.

Amy's frown returned. "I don't have the money," she argued. "Can't you just do this out of the kindness of your heart?"

Sonic threw his head back to briefly laugh. "I could," Sonic thoughtfully said, "but if I give you special treatment then everyone else is going to want some kind of bargain."

"I didn't know you were such a valuable escort," Amy sarcastically commented. She crossed her arms over her chest with an unamused expression clouding her face.

Sonic finally got off the ground. He was now looking down at Amy, since he was significantly taller. Amy didn't let the height difference make her feel less powerful.

"I'm not an escort," Sonic growled in the manner a little kid would when they tried to claim to be an adult. "I'm just a fake date," he defended himself, "I don't do any of that gross stuff."

Amy wanted to laugh at his phrasing "gross stuff," but held it back. "Fine," she gave up, "it was a stupid idea anyways." She defeatedly turned around and headed back towards the main building.

Sonic didn't know why, but he instantly felt guilty. It wasn't the first time he had turned someone down because they couldn't comply to his rules. He barely even knew the girl, why should he do her a favor? A different voice, yet still his voice, inside his head made a counter argument. Amy was a good friend of Tails, and any friend of Tails was instantly a friend of his.

Sonic groaned quietly in frustration. "Wait, Amy," he called out before she could get too far ahead. The pink hedgehog spun around, a hopeful look in her eyes. "I'll pretend to date you," he sighed. "But," he sternly added before she could react, "you have to follow all of my rules. You know I have a reputation to uphold, there are guidelines, and other stuff."

Sonic wasn't sure if Amy had even heard the last part. She instantly gave an excited yelp and jumped forward towards Sonic. In her burst of energy, she hugged him tight while repeatedly exclaiming, "Thank you!" over and over.

The blue hedgehog's arms remained stiffly at his sides. Sonic wasn't sure as to what he had gotten himself into while subtly trying to pry the hyperactive teenager from him.