Amy sat on her front porch, hugging her knees to her chest. The air was cool and the morning dew still hung from the grass. She inhaled deeply, enjoying the fresh air. It slowly brought energy to her like a cup of coffee.

She was surprised after yesterday's fiasco that she was able to wake up bright and early for school. Amy and Cream had walked back to the diner to gather her belongings. Before they left, Sonic and Tails caught back up with them.

Cream and Tails quickly made their exit. Amy knew that they were up to something the second the rabbit started babbling about a curfew, one she hadn't had for years.

Sonic and Amy didn't talk much. They both awkwardly shuffled their feet before her offered to take her home. While a big part of her wanted some alone time, she looked forward to crashing onto her bed more.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and hopped up. Sonic gracefully hooked a hand under her knees and the other around her back, supporting her as if she was a paperweight.

The short run felt familiar. The air rushed around her as if nothing had changed between them the past week, as if Sonic had not changed at all. She looked up at him, studying his features. His face truly made a full recovery. Her stomach twisted thinking of the blood that covered him not too long ago.

Before she knew it, Amy was stepping down onto her front porch. Everything was happening too fast. She turned to face Sonic, trying to think of something- anything to say. "Goodnight," she found herself wide-eyed and blurting out the words.

Sonic blinked a couple times before letting a calm smile spread across his face. "Yeah, goodnight," he almost looked disappointed.

Amy unlocked her door. With a final nod, she began to walk into her house, making a conscious effort not to look behind her.

"Amy, wait!"

She was stopped before she could close the door all the way. Her heart fluttered, spreading an excited shake throughout her chest.

"Can I walk you to school tomorrow?"

She broke into a smile. Amy wasn't sure what she was hoping for him to say, but this made her just as happy. She had her friend back.

"Yes," she did her best not to nod along like an eager school girl. With her confidence returning, she took two steps forward and threw her arms around him. Sonic rocked back a bit, taken off guard by her weight. His one hand flew up to her side as a reflex. "I would like that very much."

Amy pulled away while he was still overcoming his surprise, before he had the chance to decide whether or not to hug her back. She stepped into her doorway, "Don't be late."

She shut the door and leaned against it. A long, tired sigh drew out in front of her. She then pushed herself off and made her way straight to her bedroom, where she planted face first into her pillows and fell into a deep sleep.

Amy now stared at the ground. She snapped her head up as a figure's shadow cast across her feet. She expected to find Sonic, but instead Shadow hovered over her.

Her mind flashed back to last night. He had wanted to kill along with the rest of her friends her at one point. She looked for a sign of remorse but was met with his usual apathy.

She expected to hate him, but that wasn't the reality. Amy was looking at someone who was basically a stranger. She wondered if she had ever known Shadow to begin with. Or if he was ever honest about himself to begin with. From what she grasped, both him and Rouge had a lot lot to hide.

Not speaking, she scooted over and patted down at the space next to her. Shadow took the queue. His legs extended significantly higher than her own, acting as a good table for him to rest his elbows on.

"So," Amy was the first to break the silence. It wasn't awkward, she at least knew he wasn't much of a talker to begin with. At the same time, she wasn't sure what to say.

"I'm sure you have a lot of questions," he didn't look at her. Instead, his eyes stretched out to the scenic view that laid in front of the two.

"Not about what you think," she chirped. "Last night? I kind of pieced that together on my own when I thought it over this morning. But you? Where do I even start?"

Shadow half snorted. It was one of those rare moments that he almost laughed. "I have no preference."

"I guess first I would like to know," Amy fiddled her fingers, shyly twirling them around in a nervous dance, "why did you ever bother with me?

Shadow leaned deeper onto his knees. The distant look in his eyes continued to grow, traveling further and further away before snapping back to their spot on the porch. "You reminded me of an old friend." He turned to her, expectantly waiting for the next question rather than providing a more detailed answer.

"Are you really a teenager?"

Shadow quirked his eyebrow.

"I mean, we found out that you and Rouge work for some organization," Amy rambled. "And I'm guessing you aren't a homeschooled student. So are you even the same age as us?"

"I guess age doesn't really apply to me." Shadow shifted his weight as he lulled over where to begin. "I was created in a lab. I look as old now as I did the day I was 'born.'"

Amy blinked a few times at him. "Wait," her lips parted a bit as she tried to wrap her mind around another phenomenon, "so you're immortal?" Her outburst caused a flock of nearby chaos to abandon their spot from the branches.

"I guess so. One of the flaws of being the Ultimate Lifeform." Amy frowned as he ended with a sarcastic bite. "I lost track of how old I am," Shadow added, "older than 60, but less than 100."

"I don't know if I should be sitting on my porch with a strange old man," Amy cracked a smile while nudging his shoulder with her own.

Shadow didn't share in her humor. He exhaled, circling a finger around his temple. "Look, Amy," she sobered up, her smile fading away, "I'm sorry about last night. Eggman's grandfather was the man who had created me. He was a significantly more vicious man, a greater threat. Eggman is nowhere near his grandfather's level. Because of that, I had underestimated him. Eggman found a way to control me just as his grandfather had. I never meant to hurt you or your friends."

Amy revealed in her shock. She had never heard Shadow speak so much in one go. It was a refreshing reminder of how much was going on in his mind.

"It's alright," she simply responded. She truly meant it. She knew more about Shadow than she had before, an interesting and unsuspecting twist. Amy wasn't sure where to go from there. She figured their study nights were over now.

"And even if I don't like him," Shadow glanced at Amy out of the corner of his eye, "Sonic is a nice guy. He's a jackass, but he means well."

Amy giggled behind her hand, finding his teasing to be almost in a brotherly manner. "You aren't wrong about that."

Their conversation ended as Rouge touched down in front of the two. She seemed much older now even though her physical appearance had not changed. The way she carried herself brought a more mature atmosphere to the air around her.

"You two done catching up?" She smirked down at the hedgehogs, resting a hand on her hip.

Shadow stood up, reaching out a hand to help Amy up as well. Although it wasn't needed, she took it anyways, feeling a sudden weight in her chest. She was sad.

Her life had changed now. She no longer lived in her comfort bubble of a silly highschooler's life. Things were never going to be the same, especially with Shadow and Rouge.

"We have to go," Rouge flipped open her phone, checking the time and for any updates.

"Will I ever see you again?" Amy directed the question to both of them.

Rouge just shrugged. An honest answer she appreciated.

Shadow rested his hand on her shoulder, circling his thumb as a comforting rub. "I'll be seeing you around, I promise."

Amy weighed how much a promise meant to him. She figured it held serious stakes, but then why did this feel like a final goodbye?

"I'll hold you to that." She then launched herself forward, wrapping her arms around his torso. She heard Rouge stifle a laugh, only able to imagine the bewildered look Shadow was sending her over her head. Not wanting to leave anyone out, Amy turned to the bat and embraced her in one of her famous death hugs. When she let go, she turned to find a small smile on Shadow's face.

Rouge stepped to his side, resting a hand on his shoulder.

Before their departure, Sonic ran up, apologizing about being late before he noticed the two. Shadow gave him a small nod. Sonic responded with a cheeky salute. The two agents rolled their eyes before Shadow chaos controlled them out, leaving Sonic and Amy in each other's company.

"Did I miss anything interesting?" Sonic wondered aloud, glancing at the now empty space.

Amy shook her head. "We were just saying our goodbyes."

The two avoided making direct eye contact, neither knowing what to say next but both having the same thoughts on their minds. Amy stared at her feet as she kicked the dirt around. Sonic looked at the trees around them before settling on the top of her head. She remained oblivious to him observing her little movements.

"I think I'm done being a glorified prostitute."

She raised her head up. "You are?" A hopeful ring weaved through her question. Sonic nodded his head, his smile stretching as if trying to out grow hers. "Why?"

He shrugged and turned to walk down the sidewalk. Amy quickly jogged to his side to meet his steps. "I'm kinda tired of it," he downplayed. "Plus, after I left your house last night G.U.N. tracked me down and gave me a hefty pay for helping turn in Eggman."

"Hey!" She pushed him enough just to make him stumble for a second in his step. "I should get a cut of that pay!"

Sonic stopped walking. She didn't notice until he stayed behind for a few seconds. Amy, confused, looked back to find a new look on his face. "Anything you want," he abandoned any tone of teasing.

Something was different now. Amy could feel it. The mood had a sudden shift. It wasn't from the fight. There was no anger or grudges knitted between the two. The lightheartedness of their interactions felt as natural as breathing itself.

She wondered if Sonic felt it too. The way their felt to be a pull between them, as if gravity was at work. Her hand ached to reach forward and relieve herself of some of the tingling tension that had built up. There was no way he couldn't feel it as well.

She then knew that it was now or never. With a burst of courage coursing through her, she needed to speak before her mind got the best of her.

"I like you." Amy blurted, her voice echoing twice as loud as she intended. She panicked, seeing Sonic twitch and go wide eyed at her outburst. "I mean, more than a friend. I know we're just friends but, yeah, more than a friend."

Her shoulders relaxed. It felt refreshing to put herself out there. She was almost taken back to the moment she jumped off the cliff: butterflies moving in her stomach and an anxious thrill sending a shiver up her arm. Amy realized no matter his response, she was going to be okay.

Despite that, the brief moment before he responded seemed to drag on. She bit her lip, trying to predict what he might say. Sonic laughing and playing it off as a joke wasn't out of the ballpark.

"I know."

"What?" Amy yelped, her face flushed in embarrassment. She had not expected that to be the first thing he said. "How long have you known?"

He gave her a guilty look.

"I am going to kill Cream," Amy darkly muttered, only half meaning it.

"I kinda figured it out too!" he quickly added, not wanting to get the rabbit in trouble. "I just was being too dense about it."

Amy wondered how obvious she had been the whole time. Anything that might've given her feelings away beforehand could have just been played off as just acting… right? That wouldn't include all the times no one was looking though.

She then noticed that he still had not given her a proper response. "Well, what does it mean to you?" she lightly pressed, hoping to get a direct response.

"Maybe I feel the same way," Sonic slowly spoke, as if he was just then forming his thoughts in that moment. "When we pretended to date, it didn't feel like as much of a chore as it did before. I just figured I liked being your friend, you know?"

"Why do I feel like you're shutting me down?" Amy deadpanned, still not having the direct answer she was looking for.

"Let me finish," Sonic found himself rushing once again. He clapped his hands down on her shoulders, holding her arms length away. "I didn't understand what I was feeling but the second I saw Scourge touching you yesterday I realized something." He paused, staring down at Amy, whose mouth remained slightly parted, silently questioning him. "I never want to see you hurt."

Amy couldn't help the wide smile spread across her face. It warmed her whole body. Her shoulders buzzed under the weight of his hands. "I think I know what that means," she laughed.

Sonic broke into a grin of his own. It wasn't his usual style to speak so openly about his emotions. If it had been several months ago, he would have preferred to be caught dead rather than speak about how he felt towards a girl. But seeing how happy Amy became pleasantly surprised him enough to make him want to do it all over again.

"Oh really?" He played dumb, brining a hand up to tap his chin. "And what could that possibly be?"

"I think you might like me as well."

"I'm going to have to agree with you on that one Ames."

Satisfied with her answer, Amy turned to continue their walk to school. "Now let's not be too late to class," she grabbed his hand, ready to pull him along.

Sonic, however, did not move. In a smooth motion, he spun her back with a firm yank. Amy half fell onto his arm. Her hands flung up to his shoulders to catch herself. In the same action, his grip rested firmly by her elbows, easily steadying her smaller frame.

Amy's eyes rounded, frozen in her state of perplexion. She could barely think before her mind exploded as he swooped his head down and caught her in a kiss. It was light and sweet, sending a pleasant prickle through her lips. She stretched up to her tiptoes, trying to better match their height.

The kiss felt familiar, reflecting their night from Cream's party. The same comforting warmth filled their bodies. There was no doubt in the authenticity of the kiss now, and maybe there never was any to begin with.

Both pulled apart, lingering in front of one another.

"Well," the corner of Sonic's mouth quirked upward, "time to go to school."

Amy had half a mind to ditch.


The two strolled up to school with Sonic lightly swinging their hands back and forth in a playful manner.

Before they made their way up the steps, Amy pulled him off to the side. "What do we tell people?" she self consciously looked around them, unsure if the gazes had coincidentally met her or were intentional.

Sonic shrugged, "'Mind your own business'?" She should've known that he couldn't care less about what the student body thought of them.

They had managed to trick the whole school. If Fiona and Scourge had not told anyone yet, then it was unlikely for their fake relationship to get out.

Amy wondered why she would even care what rumors said. Taking a lesson from Sonic, she nodded determinedly in agreement. "'Mind your own business,'" she confirmed.


Sonic and Amy dropped their hands, feeling as if they had been caught red handed. Cream bounced over to them, waving excitedly, with Tails in tow. She slowed her steps, eyeing the two suspiciously.

"I take it you guys made up," Tails smirked, wanting to gloat "I told you so" to Sonic.

Not letting Tails get the better of him, Sonic casually slid his arm over Amy's shoulders. "I guess you could say that."

"Looks like someone else did as well," Cream's eyes trailed along the edge of the driveway.

The rest of the group followed her gaze to find Scourge and Fiona hopping off the bus. Although his head was held high, a dark bruise encircled his eye, covering almost half of his face. His hands were stuffed into his pockets, hiding his fists. Fiona, on the other hand, clung onto his good side, looking more than pleased with herself.

"They make a lovely evil couple," Sonic dryly remarked, trying to hide his satisfaction seeing the work he had done to Scourge's face. He could only imagine the confusion the green hedgehog had after waking up to find everyone else gone.

Knuckles was the last to step off the bus. He scanned the crowd before he easily spotted four of his friends circled off to the side. He jogged over, holding up a slip of paper.

"Hey, have any of you seen Rouge?" He began to unfold it, reading over a short note.

They all quickly shook their heads. Rouge wouldn't be coming back, especially since she revealed that she was beyond their highschool years.

"I woke up to this on the side of my bed," he turned the paper over.

They all leaned in, squinting at the messy cursive.

I dropped out. You were a good time, maybe I'll see you again soon.

"Did she really just drop out out of the blue?" Knuckles wondered in frustration and disbelief. It was famously known that Rouge flirted with him on the daily, which definitely was not a part of her mission.

Not sure what to say to cover for her, Amy, Tails and Cream simultaneously blurted, "She moved away."

"She's a secret agent."

They sent glares at Sonic, who shrugged defensively.

Knuckles had snorted, just buying into it as a joke. "Yeah, whatever you say, blue boy." He patted Sonic on the shoulder as he passed the group to go inside, trying to find anyone else who might provide him more information.

"While you're at it Sonic, why don't you go around telling people you can run at the speed of sound," Tails deadpanned.

"Maybe I should," Sonic challenged him. "It could be my thing."

"Almost like a superhero," Cream excitedly added.

"I did pretty much save the day yesterday."

"Yeah and before that you were taking a nice nap," Amy added, wanting to deflate his ego a bit. He half heartedly glared down at her, knowing it was all fun and games.

Sonic's phone rung out. He raised an eyebrow at the unknown number. The only people who ever called him were with him at school. He stepped away from the group, curiously wondering who would be calling him this early in the morning.

"You know we all kind of made a good team," Tails offered as a serious thought. "Maybe we should do it again sometime."

"Have someone try to kill us?" Amy furrowed her eyebrows, trying to understand where he was going with this.

"No," he dryly responded. "Team up. You know, officially. We took down Eggman, who knows who else will come around. Usually it's just Sonic and I."

Amy definitely wasn't as experienced as Sonic when it came to fighting. She wouldn't admit it but he had done most of the work. It felt good to be helpful when Sonic was no longer able to hold his ground. Amy still couldn't believe that she had stood up to Shadow.

"I'm game," she smiled, grabbing Sonic's hand and giving it a reassuring squeeze.

"Me too!" Cream chirped, eagerly nodding her head.

"Guys," Sonic recompleted the circle, gesturing to the phone in his hand. "Rouge just called me. She said Eggman had already escaped."

"What should we do?" Cream wondered, worry evident in her voice.

Sonic ran a hand through his quills, "That man isn't very clever, but I hate to admit that he knows how to escape any situation. Either way, I'm not too worried about him."


Amy kicked at the dust, watching it slowly float out into the empty space in front of them. It was easily decided at lunch that the two would be skipping their last class. They were now surrounded by the sparkling blanket of flowers that bloomed right at three o'clock.

Sonic lazily leaned back on his elbows, letting his legs dangle over the edge of the cliff. He swung them back and forth in a slow rhythm. "You're not thinking about jumping again, are you?" He peered up at her, who remained standing.

Amy was actually enjoying the scenery in front of them until he spoke. The thought had not occured to her until he mentioned it. An evil smile split her face.

"I am now," she gave him a sideways look. "What exactly would happen if I did?"

"Well let's see," Sonic hopped to his feet. "Last time I wasn't aware of how much of a wack job you are, so you caught me off guard. This time? I'll catch you before you even have the chance to fall."

Amy hummed in response. Looking down at the ground that stretched far below them. A few seconds passed, the rustle of the trees acting as a white noise. "Let's see about that," she rushed out, spinning around and stretching her arms out as she let herself fall backwards, trying to catch him off guard with her suddenness.

True to his word, Sonic shot his arm forward, grabbing her hand tighlty. Amy's heels remained firmly plant on the edge. She hovered in the open air, her quills waving in the breeze. She beamed up at him, her face shining brighter than the sun itself.

Sonic wondered if he had found his match. He couldn't imagine anyone else looking so happy as a cliff dropped straight down beneath them.

He internally spoke to himself, I like her. Then an evil thought crossed his mind.

"Let's go for a run," he suggested. Without warning, Sonic completely loosened his grip, letting Amy slip away. Her eyes widened as she let out a shocked yelp. The wind rushed passed her as she fell towards the ground.

Not thinking twice, Sonic dove after her, laughing as he reached forward to catch her with ease.

Yeah, he wraped his arms around her, soaking in the way she clung to him as if her life depended on it- well, technically it did. I really like her.


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