Lucy could barely breathe.

She honestly didn't know if it was the outrageous amount of humidity in the air…

Or the very attractive male lifeguard that took her breath away the moment she laid her brown eyes on him.

Her face heated at the sight of him, or maybe it was the sun beaming directly down onto her pale skin. Whatever the reason was, Lucy couldn't tear her eyes away from the man.

He was just so sinfully good looking. From the rose color of his hair down to little droplets of sweat that caressed his perfectly tanned skin. Lucy had to refrain from biting her pink lips at the sight of liquid droplets made their way to the perfect abdominal muscles he possessed, some even making their way through the cracks and slipping right into his red swim trunks.

Wow he was such a-

"Lu-chan!" Lucy whipped her head around to look at her petite best friend, she didn't ignore the fact that Levy's boyfriend was snickering behind the tiny female. "Are you going to go or keep making us wait so you can keep ogling the lifeguard?"

"Yeah bunny girl, I bet another area of you is wet right now." Gajeel commented, he cocked his head in the direction of the good looking lifeguard. "Looks like you caught his attention too."

Lucy gulped and turned to see that indeed that quite possibly the greatest looking man she had ever seen in her life was now looking at her. His head was tilted sideways, as if he was confused. A metal whistle was hanging out of his mouth and a pair of aviator sunglasses rested over his eyes.

Lucy wondered what color his eyes were.

"Y-Yeah I'm going." Lucy announced, deciding to direct her attention to the waterslide her and her friends had waited over an hour to ride on. It was finally their turn, and seeing the twists turns, and long drops Lucy began to have second thoughts. "On second thought, why don't you two go before me?"

The young couple looked to their friend with a wary look. "Well, suit yourself Lu-chan." Levy made her way to the platform on the slide and sat down. "Either way, you're riding it." And with that she took off. The ride supervisor instructed for Gajeel to step up.

"See ya at the bottom bunny girl." And with that he was gone, screaming like he was scared to make the blonde more anxious than she already was.

Oh boy did it work.

"Next!" Lucy looked to the person who spoke, having second thoughts. "Its not that bad, I promise." Lucy nodded, her gaze landed on the pink haired lifeguard who was still sitting in his white lifeguard chair twenty feet below her. His head was no longer tilted and the whistle was now out of his mouth, hanging on the black lanyard around his neck. With a new confidence arising, she took a quick peek behind her. All Lucy could see was a man who was at least four times the size of her. She knew she couldn't go back, so instead she took a deep breath in, took a seat and slid down.

She regretted it.

Her stomach tickled with every drop, tickled so much she couldn't breathe. Every twist and turn she screamed, eliminating more oxygen from her already depleted supply. Finally she spotted the final drop that lead to the waiting pool of chlorine filled water.

Lucy thought she'd never seen anything more beautiful.

Well, except that lifeguard.

She was submerged in water, grateful the terrifying experience was finally over. She started to kick her feet, more than ready to refill her lungs with fresh oxygen. The sight she was greeted with when she looked up in the water made her mouth drop, water filling in the now gaping hole.

The man, that was four times the size of lucy, came crashing down on top of the blonde haired girl. She went deeper in the water, the chemical infested water filling in her mouth. Lucy could feel her eyes grow fuzzy, maybe from the chlorine water or from lack of oxygen. Her mind was beginning to pound begging her to give it the air she couldn't get since she was surrounded by five feet of water. She felt the sensation of the man kick away from her, either totally unaware of what he did or not caring what he did.

Her senses barely recognized a splash, the two strong arms that wrapped around her small waist were even more unrecognizable. The water began to move again, or more like it was Lucy who was moving. Her eyes closed, at least trying a little to shield her eyes from the burning chemicals in the water.

The compressing feeling of the pools water pressure soon was uplifted, and Lucy felt herself being lain on the scolding hot cement surface, the pounding in her head was at full force. She tried to breathe in, to give her body the air it needed, but water was blocking the entrance way to her windpipe. She felt a pressure to her chest, right about her heart area and dangerously close to her breasts.

She couldn't fight the two hands that tilted her head back, or the way it pinched her nose so the airway way blocked. She was trying to breathe, not die! All thoughts ceased when the pressure transitioned to over her lips. She felt two breaths go in, trying to push the water down. The routine continued, a pressure over her heart that transitioned to over her lips with a few breaths exhaled. She began to feel as if she could control her own body again. She began to cough, feeling the water finally go down. She sat up quickly, taking a desperate inhale of breath. She began to pant heavily. She opened her eyes, which widened rather quickly.

Oh shit, it was him.

"You okay?" He inquired looking at her with concern etched on his face. Her face heated, but nodded nonetheless.

"Y-Yeah." Her voice was hoarse. She felt two arms rushing around her neck, she knew who those arms belonged too.

"Lu-chan!" The bluenette said, tears rushing down her face. "You had me so worried! Don't you ever so that again!" Lucy tried her best to laugh, though it killed her throat.

"Its not like I want to, Levy-chan."

"Might wanna refrain from that." The two teens looked up at the lifeguard. "Your throat is probably hurting right? I wouldn't take for a little while." His black eyes were locked in her brown ones. "I wouldn't talk until you let me take you out to dinner." The blonde's mouth gaped open again, as did Levy's.

"U-Uh…" Was all Lucy could muster out, she was so lame. His chuckle rang through her ears, was there anything that wasn't attractive about this man?

"I'm just gonna assume thats a yes." He said with a beaming smile. He held out his hand. "My names Natsu by the way." Lucy stuck out her small hand for him to shake it with his larger hand.

"I'm Lucy."

"Well Lucy, I get off at seven. So, just give me your address and I'll pick you up around eight? We'll go see a movie and grab some dinner, my treat and your pick." He winked at her. Lucy smiled.

"Sounds perfect."