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This is the sequel for "A Smile for Ken-kun"

Chapter I: Chrysanthemum Dream

It was the end of summer, the air has gotten colder and the chrysanthemums have begun to bloom.

Ken has been pretty occupied teaching football to the neighborhood kids.

Youji has been going out more often too.

Unbeknownst to Ken, this usually leaves Omi under the care of his red-head rival.

Despite the mutual feelings, the relationship was never really made official. No one other than themselves knew what was going on.

And so, Ken still sees Aya as a threat, he would never leave the Koneko had he known it was Omi and Aya being left behind on duty, on their own.

Omi didn't mind being with Aya. In fact he was very comfortable around him for some reason.

It was one of those lazy afternoons when Omi was left blowing bubbles off of his lemonade out of pure boredom when Aya called him out.


The mere fact that Aya had called him by his first name carelessly startled him. Did he do anything wrong? Is he going to get scolded? Did he misplaced one or two of the potted gentians again? Did he missed watering a few roses?

He spit the straw he was playing with and shook the moistened glass out of it's place. His shorts was soaking wet with with the citrusy liquid before he knew it and just in time as Aya entered the room.

"Y-yes? A-aya?"

He was blushing red as he tried to cover the dark hue on his clothing under the table.

"Hn? what happened?"

"Oh ah, it's nothing really, I was playing around with my drink so..."

Aya approached him, closer than he should. He was standing right beside him, glaring at him. Omi stood up to get himself cleaned while his eyes were locked on the floor in embarassment. Aya just stood there blocking his way, making the situation even more unbearable for the kitten.

"I-I'm gonna go ahead and clean up A-"

"Let me help you with that" Whispered the redhead so closely that his lips almost touched the tips of his earlobe

Those enigmatic purple haze piercing through him, staring at him so sensually. Omi was in awe. What is happening?

Without hesitation, Aya grabbed his hand and effortlessly lead him to his room. It was so sudden that Omi did not know how to react.

The moment he closed the door, Aya had immediately pressed his lips against Omi's before Omi could even say a word. It was as if they were so used to doing this kind of sensuous luxury that all he could do was instinctively respond to the abyssinian's gestures.

He found his lips so delicious that he couldn't get enough. Gentle, sweet kisses soon turned into deep, yearning ones.

'Why am I doing this?' Omi thought to himself

"A-Aya, w-what are we doing?" trying to speak in between kisses without failing to respond to each of his peck

'This is wrong, Ken-kun' he thought to himself, confused

But Aya didn't answer, not in words. Instead, he continued with his fondling, caressing every bit of flesh he can get a hold of. It was driving Omi crazy.

Finally, he paused for a while, but only to shed the pieces of clothing preventing them from feeling flesh to flesh.

He led him to his bed, his touch was warm and comforting.

'Why? why am I letting him do this to me? Aya? this is wrong... but ... this feeling...' he couldn't explain what was happening, he knew what he was doing was betraying Ken but for some reason, he didn't have the strength to fight back. Like a leaf during autumn falling hopelessly. His mind and body were contradicting each other, he couldn't understand why his body was acting like he has done this before.

Before Aya could make his way inside him, he used up all his mental strength to focus and ask him to clear his confusion, but the only word that came out of his mouth was

"Why?" he asked while gasping with unwanted pleasure

"because I love you and you're mine" He answered sincerely, looking into his eyes as he vigilantly thrust himself

Omi opened his eyes, surprised to find himself in front of his moistened glass of lemonade. It was just a dream.

He was embarassed but relieved. He didn't betray Ken after all.


He was taken aback as he recall how his dream all started

"I'm back!"

He was pleased to see a brunette instead of a redhead enter the room, greeting him with a smile

"Ken-kun! welcome back"

"Did you missed me?" teased the previous j-league player

"Of course not, you were only gone for two hours Ken-kun. If you want me to miss you, you might consider taking a hike somewhere off the country"



Seeing nobody else was around, he came closer and nestled behind his kitten



He turned the younger boy around so he can face him and then locked him in an affectionate embrace

"Is that what you really want me to do?" he asked again

"maybe?" he teased

Ken gave in and gently kissed him

"Ok, maybe not" he chuckled

The following day, it was the same scenario since the season begun. Ken was out playing with the kids, coaching them for the next big thing. Yoji was out with another girl and the Koneko no Sumu ie was left under Aya and Omi's burden.

Aya was transferring some roses to the newly decorated pots that were just delivered the other day. Being Omi, he wanted to help anyway he can so he ended up cleaning the potteries.

There was an awkwardness in the air between them. Ever since Omi had that dream, he has been paying more attention to the scarlet assassin, hoping he could figure out why he ended up with that kind of dream and with that man in the first place. It just doesn't make any sense to him.

'Why did I volunteer to help? I should've known, Aya isn't really one to converse with on this kind of situation' he sighed

Omi tried to entertain himself as he wipes each pot squeaky clean before handing it Aya. He noticed a small lady bug resting on one of the decorations. He proceeded to touch it only to have it fly away passing Aya through the open window.

As the little lady bug passed by Aya who seemed busy trimming the roses to be planted, Omi's gaze fell upon him.

His face was pale but striking, his locks matches the color of the roses he was holding. Every single part of his face seemed to fall into place without any flaw for him.

'I never noticed how handsome he actually is... . . . no wonder all the girls go crazy just to get a glimpse of him'

Then he remembers how he turns them all away

'no matter how grumpy he is to them' he couldn't help but let out a little chuckle as he imagined him shouting angrily "if you're not buying, just leave!"

Aya noticed it

"Hn?" he looked at him, baffled

'gah! he noticed me?! great! I'm dead now, better think of an excuse fast!'

"Ahh rgh ugmm sorry, there was a lady bug and I just remembered a funny lady bug joke my classmate told me"

'whew! that was close'

He handed one of the pots he had finish cleaning. As he did, their hands touched. Aya's firm hands over his shaking ones holding the pottery.

It was the first time he blushed because of the unexpected contact - with Aya? He almost dropped the pot had it not been for Aya's hold. The redhead noticed it but instead of scolding him, he just looked at him.

Aya was feeling his hands, they were softer than he had imagined. Omi's hands were small but his lengthy fingers were very effective with projectiles. They were smooth and warm and one could almost mistake them to that of a young woman.

Neither of them didn't utter a word. Neither of them let go, that is until the shoppe's bell rang as a few customers came in.

end of chapter 1