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"Don't let it get me Lex." Hanna pleads as she is hanging off me.

"What?" I say, my voice slightly muffled by the blonde's shoulder. I hold onto Hanna as I look around and see a few leaves on the ground and I realise what's happened, "It's okay Blondie, it was only a leaf." I can't help but chuckle, "Drop bears are only in Australia." Hanna loosens her grip on my neck and I lower her to the ground.

"Shatner." Reese says suddenly appearing next to us, seemingly out of thin air.

"What are you on about ya weirdo?"

"I told Gramps to get pest control out to get rid of Shatner once and for all but he mustn't have done it yet." She says looking at the tree overhead.

"What is Shatner?" Asks a scared Hanna as she presses into my side and I wrap my arm around her.

"Shatner is an opossum that keeps wreaking havoc on Gran's garden, I named it after the one in 'Over the Hedge'. So you guys might want to move away from here."

I let out a laugh, "Brumby opossums aren't scary, they play dead. If we were in Oz I would be worried, one of our possums would try to rip your face off." I say to the tall blonde who is still concentrating on the tree.

"Yeah that may be true but you don't have rabies back home, we do, so grab the bags from behind the bar and get out of here." Reese says seriously.

I turn to Hanna, "Come on Blondie." We both slowly back away from the tree and grab all of our personal items then run to join Aria, Spencer and Emily. Once I'm standing in front of the girls being a barrier between them and Reese at the tree. "Okay Brumby you've had your fun, now get your pale arse away from there."

Reese turns around, "Opossums have a land speed of four miles an hour." She calls back in response.

"So? Just get over here."

"Axel I can do the one hundred in under eleven seconds so I can easily outrun Shatner, can you guys?" She says as she jogs over to us.

I hear Hanna mutter, "I only have to outrun Aria or Lex."

Spencer says "No Han, we have only known Reese for a few hours, we can just run now and sacrifice her."

"Or Lex." Adds Emily.

Aria chuckles, "Seems fair it's one of them, now lets make a run for the house."

"What?" I cry out, "It's my house."

"Exactly, so it makes it your rabid opossum." Adds Emily.

"Fine…I will stop the possibly rabid Shatner from chasing you damsels as you go inside to safety." Says Reese as she grabs the pool skimmer from near the shed, "Oh and you too Axel, we need a court jester."

"Good one Brumby." I say sarcastically, "I was thinking-"

"Whoa don't hurt yourself." Chuckles Reese.

"Shut up Brumby, you might be able to outrun Shatner but what if it jumps out at you and attacks you like the drop bear?"

The blonde shrugs nonchalantly, "If I'm attacked I expect chocolate while I'm in hospital. I think you four girls would look cute in candy striper outfits. Maybe I could even get a sponge bath to go with my chocolate." Reese says with a smirk.

Hanna, Aria and Spencer go to push Reese in the pool but stop when Emily calls out, "Wait, that plaster isn't waterproof."

"Yeah, I'm already injured."

"It doesn't count if it was self inflicted." Retorts Spencer.

"I got nothing, so you can have that Dani." Spencer smirks at the tall blonde as she heads back over to the tree, pool skimmer in hand.

"You don't want to get bitten Brumby. You know what's going to happen if you do and you're chickenshit when it comes to getting needles and her name is Spencer, get it right next time." I say irritated, making sure to keep myself between the tree and the lanky brunette behind me as we head to the house.

Reese looks at me wide eyed, "Now why would you bring that up?" Turning back to the tree she yells out, "Piss off Shatner." There is rustling in the tree and Reese begins to laugh.

"What's so funny?" I call out.

"It's not Shatner, it's just a cute squirrel, I think I'll name it Rocky."

"Well you're a brumby not a moose so don't be trying to make friends with it."

"A moose? I don't get it." Says Hanna.

"Rocky and Bullwinkle were a cartoon duo of a squirrel and a moose from the sixties." Explains Spencer as we head back over the the lounge chairs knowing the opossum situation is over.

After the excitement of Shatner turning into Rocky dies down the conversation returns back to Reese being attacked by the drop bear. "You going to show us your battle scars or what Donkey?" Asks Hanna as she looks over at the taller blonde.

"If you wanted me to take my shirt off you could have just asked." Reese smirks at Hanna before lifting her shirt, "Here you go Cutie, you can even touch them if you like."

Hanna stands and walks over to Reese who is sharing a sun lounger with Emily, "Where are they?"

"Here." The track star covers the left side of her lower abdomen with her hand and forces her stomach out hiding the fact she has abs. "I have fair skin so they blend in."

"Oh they were hiding in your six pack," the shorter blonde says as she leans down to get a better view of the scars, "you guys should check them out." Hanna says as she looks over her shoulder at us, "They look like they would have hurt."

"Imagine a hot fire poker or three, being stabbed into and then dragged through your skin like this." Reese says as she drags three fingers across her stomach, "I have never been so scared as I was that day. To think that I was so close to being killed by a drop bear…" The taller blonde shakes her head.

"Do you really think it would have killed you?" Asks a concerned petite brunette.

"Oh definitely, I'm just lucky the drop bear didn't gut me like a fish."

"Cookie, your mother didn't raise a liar," I hear Gran say as she approaches us, "you got those scars from jumping from the roof into the fence hedge."

"Awe Gran," Reese almost whines, "it sounds so much cooler getting attacked by a drop bear than jumping off the roof into the hedge..."

"Cookie it isn't cool to lie to girls to get them to like you." Gran says with her hands on her hips.

"But Gran, it's all she's got going for her." I chuckle.

"Hey, I can get any girl I like without lying, isn't that right Cutie?" Reese turns to the shorter blonde.

"You told me that you were from New Orleans, so you did lie…" Hanna crosses her arms across her chest as she backs away from Reese.

"Oh, umm…well, my mère is so it's not a complete lie." Reese says as Hanna sits back down on her own lounger.

"So you've already lied about getting attacked by a drop bear. Has anything you've told us been the truth?" Asks an annoyed Emily.

"Yes everything else I've said is the truth, and I really did get attacked by a koala."

"Reese…" Gran raises an eyebrow at the blonde.

"What really happened?" Spencer asks smirking.

Reese sighs, "I got peed on by a koala." she says softly. Emily seems to be the only person who hears her because she bursts out laughing.

"What did she say?" Hanna looks between the two athletes.

"I got peed on by a koala…" Reese looks at the ground, "at the zoo." I can see the blonde beginning to blush. Everyone starts to laugh and Reese starts to defend what happened, "It's not funny, it really stank. I even had to throw the shirt away." Our new friends just laugh harder, even Gran starts laughing.

When the laughter dies down Spencer asks, "Why would you jump off the roof into a hedge?"

Reese says "Axel and I had been watching the Jackass movies-"

"Seems fitting for you Donkey." Jokes Emily as she smirks at Reese.

Reese ignores the comment and continues, "I was trying to be Johnny Knoxville-"

"More like Steve-O if you ask me." I interject.

"Well if I'm Steve-O then you would be Wee Man."

"I'm surprised you don't have a tattoo of your face on your body somewhere."

"Nah, that wouldn't be fair on you."

"Me? Why?" I ask confused.

"What chance would you have with the ladies if there were two of these," The blonde indicates to her face, "on this." Reese then waves her hand over her body.

I just shake my head and reach out and punch the blonde in the arm, "Now who has tickets on themselves hmm?"

"Do you have any more tattoos?" Hanna asks.

"I would have to take you somewhere private to show you." Reese smirks at the shorter blonde.

"Don't you dare Brumby." I says sternly as I glare at the taller blonde.

"Hey, she asked." I punch Reese in the arm again, "Fine, I'll just show her out here then." Reese reaches for the waist band of her bikini bottom and pretends to pull them down.

"The only thing you would have there is your mother's foot permanently imprinted on your backside young lady." Says Gran as she chuckles at Reese.

"Maybe these girls want to see it." Reese jokes.

"Don't make us push you in the pool again." Spencer says as she pretends to make a move.

"You can't. I can't get this wet remember?" Reese says pointing to her forehead.

Gran slaps us both on the arm, "You both need to treat ladies like ladies." I look at Gran thinking what did I do to deserve a slap. "Now what have you done to yourself this time Cookie?" Gran asks reaching out to touch Reese's forehead but she gently swats Gran's hand away.

"Umm, I got a scratch jumping the fence."

Gran shakes her head, "I don't understand why you don't just use the gate like the rest of us. That's why Gramps and your father put it there." She says as she points to the gate in the fence.

"And where's the fun in that?" Reese asks with a cheeky grin plastered on her face. Gran shakes her head and chuckles.

"Are you ever going to tell us what happened for you to get those scars?" Asks Spencer.

"You're sure showing a sudden interest in me there Cameron." Reese says as she winks at Spencer and then turns her attention to me and smirks.

Spencer chuckles, "Oh you wish."

I look over at the tall brunette, "It's Spencer." We share a small smile.

"My bad, now where was I? Oh yes that's right, so Axel and I had been watching the Jackass movies and I started thinking of stunts we could do around here."

"And Doofus thought jumping off the roof onto the hedge would be a fantastic idea."

"Yeah well you didn't believe I could do it so I was going to prove you wrong."

"And look how that turned out Cookie. You gave us all a good fright that day." Gran looks between Reese and I before continuing, "I came out through the side door at the kitchen when I heard Cookie calling out. And I found a grandmother's worst nightmare, both Pumpkin and Cookie laying on the ground."

"But we were okay Gran." Says Reese trying to sound reassuring.

"Well Brumby wasn't but I was okay." I add.

"At the time I didn't know that either of you were."

"Wait…I assume Reese was on the ground because she fell out of the hedge but how did you end up on the ground?" Asks Emily as she looks to me for an answer.

Spencer adds, "You didn't try to do it too did you Lexus?" She raises an eyebrow at me. I shake my head and I see the brunette let out what seems like a sigh of relief.

"No I leave all the stunts to Brumby."

"So like the chicken said, I was trying to land in the hedge. I moved my trampoline up to the fence where I was planning on landing, just incase I went all the way over." Reese glances at Gran before continuing, "Axel stayed in her room to have the best view as she watched. I said 'I am Reese Hawke and this is a bird in flight.' I ran from the window and leapt off the edge of the roof." She turns to me to continue.

"I knew it was a bad idea but there's no telling Brumby once she gets an idea in her head. Like that time we played chilli or chocolate movie quotes edition and she replaced ordinary chocolate with chilli chocolate, so there was no real winner in that, but that's for another time." I shake my head at the memory, "So there I was watching Reese amp herself up then she yells out like they do on Jackass and then she leapt and it's like it happened in slow motion. I saw her fly through the air and I immediately knew she wasn't going to make it."

"I thought in that moment in the air 'this is going to hurt'. I tried my best to get in a better position to land, my legs hit the fence and the momentum caused me to bend at the waist. I felt like I had been winded when my abdomen hit the edge."

"I saw Brumby hit the hedge, I even heard the thump of her body hitting the hedge, initially she was bent over it and holding on but it's like she lost her grip and fell to the ground. I knew she wasn't okay so I sprinted as fast as I could down the stairs and raced out the back door. I found Brumby lifeless on the ground, I said her name as I got to her but she was unconscious. I dropped to my knees next to her and knowing not to move her I was trying to see if she was injured and then that's when I saw it, a bit of the hedge was poking out of her stomach through her hoodie. I felt woozy after seeing the blood and seeing…" I look over at Reese and take a deep breath and I feel a lump forming in my throat from thinking back to when I found her, "Seeing Reese laying there unconscious with a branch sticking out of her, I was so scared. I tried to call out for help but nothing was coming out, I was in shock but I jumped up to my feet to run inside. I remember taking a few steps then everything went black…"

"I came to and the first thing I notice is Axel's legs next to me. I went to get up and check her because I didn't know how she had ended up next to me, and I had a sharp pain in my gut. I looked at it and saw the twig. I shook her foot and called her name but got no response. So I called out because I thought Axel had fallen too and she might have been badly hurt."

"Julia, Mavis and I were in the kitchen having a coffee and chat at the time when I heard someone calling out, I thought it would just be these two cheeky girls playing but I walked out the side door and I could hear Cookie calling out 'help, something is wrong with Alex.' So I rushed over when I saw both of the girls on the ground. Cookie was shaking Pumpkin's leg and saying her name, I didn't know what had happened to either of them or why they were on the ground until I got closer to them and she says, 'Gran something is wrong with Alex, she won't answer me.' I said 'Cookie what happened here? What's wrong with you? Why were you calling out, why didn't you come inside and get us?'"

"I told her 'I can't get up because I winded myself on the hedge,' I pointed at Axel, 'Is she hurt? Gran you need to help her' Gran saw the blood on my hand and asked where it came from. I said 'Tis but a scratch'."

"A scratch?" Hanna says shocked, "They both said you had a bit of the hedge sticking out of your guts."

Gran nods, "Yes, that's Miss Understate-my-injuries for you."

"Did you just quote the Black Knight?" Asks Spencer.

"Yeah Axel and I both love Monty Python." Reese answers the lanky brunette beside me before turning to Gran, "I was worried about Axel."

"I still can't believe you thought I fell off the roof, you know I have a fear of heights so there was no way I was going out onto the roof. That's typical Brumby, gets impaled but puts herself second to those around her, she only cared that I was okay." I chuckle, "I came to and Brumby was muttering 'come on Twinny, please be okay, I love you and I need you' I groaned and she cried. Even when the paramedics arrived she wouldn't let them touch her until they checked me out first."

"In my defence I had lost a fair amount of blood." Reese looks around the group, "I didn't know what had happened to you so I thought the worst. I was just so grateful that you woke up and were okay. You did have a cut in your hair and could have had a concussion from fainting and hitting the pathway."

"Brumby wouldn't even let the doctors do anything more than flush her wounds until I was treated, I ended up with three stitches and some painkillers, then I was by her side until she was taken away for surgery. Everyone thinks she was being selfless and too worried about me to care about her own clearly more serious injuries, but I think she was just trying to delay the inevitable of getting a needle, she turns into the biggest cry baby when they pull out a needle, don't you Reesie Weesie?" I tease in a childlike voice, I just chuckle when the blonde glares at me.

"Pumpkin don't tease Cookie, we were all worried about you, no one had any idea what had happened to you until you woke up. Cookie was so brave laying there while we were waiting for the paramedics to arrive. We all knew she was really hurt, even before we saw the branch, she had tears streaming down her face from the pain but all she cared about was you waking up." I look over at the blonde and she has a tinge of pink in her cheeks as she begins to blush while Gran recounts what she did while I was on the ground unconscious. Reese really doesn't like it when she's being praised for putting others before herself. She'd probably say 'I was just doing what anyone would do in that situation, if someone is hurt you help them.' "We couldn't separate these two once Cookie was out of surgery, Pumpkin slept in the bed next to her and even gave Cookie her special teddy bear to look after her."

"Yeah but we made our own fun didn't we Brumby?" I smile at the blonde and she smiles back, "Me pressing your button to call the nurses and you having to make up some excuse," I chuckle at the memory, "and then me sneaking off to find you chocolate pudding and you eating it in the bathroom so the adults wouldn't find out."

"Don't forget you trying to fold me up in the bed."

"It was an accident…" I say feigning innocence.

"Yeah right…well maybe the first time it was, but what about every time after that before your mom took the remote off you?"

"Yeah…sorry about that Brumby."

"It's okay, I would have done it to you if the roles were reversed." Reese smirks.

"I can imagine you would have done a lot worse too." I chuckle and shake my head at the thought.

"Maybe…" The blonde chuckles, "I had to beg Aunt Julia not to drag Axel back here for getting into too much trouble at the hospital. I bet the nurses were happy to see the back of both of us after a week."

"They were, and you can both thank me for Pumpkin being allowed to stay, I told Julia that neither of you would have been able to sleep without the other so she should let you stay together." Gran shakes her head, "I swear, almost every night that Trent, Julia and Pumpkin would be visiting these two would be in bed together, no matter how old they were." I can see Reese beginning to blush and I feel my cheeks start to become warm as Gran points at us both, "Mavis wouldn't let Cookie out of her sight so she made her sleep in the bed with her when she was released from the hospital, so that meant both girls in bed with her."

"Yeah lucky she has a king size bed so it wasn't a tight squeeze. But in our defence we needed to spend as much time together as possible because we had to pack a whole year into just one month and Reese had school so that cut into our time. Tara even threatened to break Brumby's legs so she couldn't do something stupid like that again."

"Yeah it was either break my face or my legs so I went with my legs. Couldn't have her messing with perfection." The blonde smirks and I scoff, she's so full of herself sometimes. "And I can't believe I'm going to say this but the yowie is right, and I would really miss her when she would leave."

"Moped around for a week if not more each time." Adds Gran.

"Did you sheilas hear that? Brumby missed me." I chuckle.

"What's a yowie?" Asks a curious Aria.

"A yowie is a mythical hominid said to inhabit the Australian wilderness." Reese answers almost instantly earning a curious look from the girls, especially Spencer who looks slightly impressed.

"Who's the nerd now huh?" I smirk at the tall blonde.

"Still you."

"So...if I'm a yowie, what's that make you?" I ask with a raised eyebrow, "A big foot? No wait…" I smirk and Reese gives me a look like she knows what's coming, "you're so bloody pale you'd have to be a yeti for sure."

"I see that…" Smirks Spencer and we all chuckle.

"Well don't think I'll be sleeping over tonight then."

"Oh no…" I feign shock, "what are we going to do without you? You're the life of the party."

"And the ass of the jokes." Hanna says with a smirk.

"I think you mean the butt of the jokes Han." Says Spencer.

"Nope I meant ass, she's a jack…" Hanna stops mid word and clears her throat when she remembers Gran standing across from her who just chuckles causing me to crack up.

"Good one Blondie." I stand and give Hanna a high five and she grins wide as I go to sit back down I look over to the house and see Gramps standing at the back door with a plate and he calls out.

"Kyle I'm going to eat these cookies, they look pretty good."

Reese looks across the pool at him, "Don't you dare Gramps, they're mine."

He cracks a wide smile, "I know." Gramps picks up a cookie and takes a bite and holds it up before walking back into the house. Reese jumps and sprints around the pool and into the house.

Gran starts to laugh, "Arthur can be as bad as the girls sometimes, he probably just needs help lifting the couch because he's lost the remote under it again."

I chuckle, "Gramps needs to put a leash on that remote."

"I don't think so, that's what Cookie is for. At least twice a week he loses the remote and calls her over to find it. She's also handy for changing light globes. But in all seriousness, Cookie is a very lucky young lady."

"How so Mrs Clarke?" Asks Aria.

"The surgeons said that she was extremely lucky that the branch had missed all her organs, a few millimetres in any direction and she would have done some serious internal damage."

"So is it true that it took a ridiculous amount of stitches to stitch her up?" Asks Emily.

"Yes dear that's true, she really tore herself up. Arthur had trimmed the hedge so it was ready for spring so there were quite a few sharp exposed branches."

"Gran you should tell the girls how Reese got her nickname from you."

"Cookie got her nickname because..."

"Because she loves cookies?" Hanna asks as she smiles at Gran who returns the smile.

"Yes she does love cookies, but the first time she spoke to me I had brought a plate of cookies next door. Reese was standing behind Mavis and spotted the plate in my hand, she toddled over, grinned at me and said 'cookie?', I gave her one and she bit into it with the biggest grin on her face. I set the plate down on the coffee table and we all sat down to talk. Reese climbed up onto Arthur's lap, he thought it was because he was her favourite but he just happened to be sitting next to the cookies. Reese would quietly sneak one and grin at me every time before she ate it, once she had eaten the whole batch she climbed up next to me smiling. Tara said 'This is Aunt Sophie, Reese can you say Aunt Sophie?' Reese shook her head and replied 'She brings cookies, Aunt Cookie' I laughed and poked her pudgy cookie filled belly and said 'If anyone around here is a cookie it's you' she burst out in a fit of giggles so Cookie has stuck since then."

Gramps walks out the back door, "I still say you should have gone with my suggestion of Crumbs, that's all that is left of the cookies after Kyle has been at them."

"Cookie has the ability to know that I have baked a batch and pops in at the right moment to help eat them too."

"I've woken up from a big night out for some of Gran's cookies." Reese says as rejoins the group with Gramps.

"You forgot about sneaking into a party to grab a plate Kyle. Would you girls like to know why I call her that?" I see a few heads nodding.

"I'm curious as to why Kyle?" Asks a certain brunette besides me.

Gramps continues, "Reese was always-"

"What do you mean was? Cookie still does it." Gran chuckles.

"At six when Luthor here came for her visit, Reese was up on the roof looking in Luthor's window one night. I poked my head out the window and said 'What are you doing up here?' She said 'I'm waiting for the story. Axel told me that you're reading her a story called Peter Pan.' I helped her inside and asked, 'Are you Peter Pan? Sitting out on the window ledge, listening in on a story?'" Gramps chuckles, "She put her hands on her hips and said 'No I'm not a smelly boy' very indignantly as she stomped her foot. I apologised and asked her, 'Were you trying to be a cat burglar?' This one," Gramps points at me, "piped up 'Oh like in Batman Gramps.' So I said 'How about Catwoman?'"

"Selina Kyle." Spencer nods.

"Huh?" Hanna says puzzled.

"Selina Kyle is Catwoman's real name." Says Spencer matter of factly.

"You know your DC characters." Gramps smiles and winks at Spencer who returns his smile. "Kyle asked if Catwoman was a baddy like Luthor. I said yes she sure is, the pair of them broke out into huge grins." Reese and I exchange a small smile at the memory and Gramps winks at us, "I thought Kyle was fitting for Reese, she never came in the front door, always sneaking in a window or through the side." Gramps chuckles, "Sometimes I think Kyle is allergic to the front door."

"Yes I think so too. And how did you get over here today?" Gran asks looking at Reese.

"She came out of nowhere." Hanna says.

"Magic." Says Reese with a smirk playing at her lips.

"Whatever Brumby, you jumped the fence."

Reese begins to laugh and we all look at her, "Sorry I just remembered something funny. I scared Gran one day by climbing up onto the roof to climb in Axel's window and I was treated to Gran dancing while she was vacuuming. I had came over to grab a movie Axel borrowed and didn't return," Reese looks at me, "thanks for that." I shrug nonchalantly, "She hadn't seen me so I said 'Hey Gran'. She practically jumped out of her skin yelling 'Jesus Christ' so I replied 'Nah I prefer Cookie' as I climbed in the window and I kissed her on the cheek, grabbed the movie and was back out the window."

"Poor Gran's hair was chocolate brown before she saw Brumby up on the roof," I chuckle and point at Gran's white hair, "now look at it."

"I don't know what you were all worried about..."

Gran smacks Reese's arm, "Cookie you had a broken arm in a cast and it was snowing."

Reese shrugs nonchalantly, "I got up there alright."

"How did you break your arm Reese?" Asks Aria.

I chuckle, "Brumby thought it would be a good idea to hurdle the gate with a chicken drumstick in one hand and a can of coke in the other and as you know by the broken arm you already know it didn't end well."

"Axel if you're going to tell my story you could at least get it right." I shake my head at the blonde, "It was actually two pieces of Mère's fried chicken, a can of coke and a DVD and I made it over the gate thank you."

"I just don't get why you didn't use the gate."

"Well obviously I had my hands full, duh." I just roll my eyes, "Didn't even spill a drop." Reese says somewhat proud of the feat.

"Hang on a second, how did you break your arm if you made it?" Aria asks looking confused.

"Oh Brumby cleared the gate and she even managed to land on her feet, but the pathway was icy so she slipped and fell flat on her smug face." I smirk at Reese who shrugs nonchalantly.

"It wouldn't have happened if two certain someones," Gramps nods at Reese and I, "had put the salt on the driveways and pathways like they were meant to that morning."

"I was coming over to do it…" Says Reese quietly.

"You're both lucky it wasn't either of your mothers or Gran that slipped."

"I can't imagine Mum, Mavis or Gran attempting to do something so stupid."

"What are you talking about? It was epic."

"Umm I think you mean it was an epic fail." I quip.

"It wasn't the first and it certainly won't be the last. I think Kyle has a lifetime of fails still in her."

"Good one Gramps." I smirk as I give Gramps a high five.

"And we thought Luthor's father, our son Trent, was a terror." Says Gramps shaking his head, "If only we knew what we all had in store with this one." He nods his head at Reese.

"Who just got your remote out again for you? And reset your tv clock again?"

"That doesn't make up for a quarter of what you have done in just the past week Kyle."

"What did I do? I wasn't even here for most of it." The blonde cries out but falls silent when Gran raises an eyebrow, "Oh…well there's no need to bring up the past Gramps."

"What did you do Brumby?" I ask and I'm sure I have a cheeky grin plastered on my face.

"It doesn't matter what I allegedly did or didn't do."

"Oh come on Brumby, it's me you're talking to."

"Fine, lets just say it involved liquid nails, a garden pot, baking soda and a large tree but enough about that," Reese smirks obviously thinking about whatever she did before receiving a nudge from Gramps.

Spencer whispers in my ear, "What exactly did she do with all that?"

"Better if you don't ask questions," The lanky brunette looks at me puzzled, "gives you plausible deniability for later." I explain and she nods, I then turn to Reese, "Is that why you went to Philly early? You bolted."

Reese opens her mouth to speak but then her shoulders slump and she nods slightly causing me to laugh. Quick to change the subject she asks Gramps, "Why didn't you ask Axel to get the remote for you? Was it because Axel's little baby arms can't lift up the couch?" Reese chuckles and I shake my head at her.

"I might not be able to lift the couch but my small hands can get in those hard to reach places your man hands can't."

Reese goes to say something but with Gran and Gramps there she decides to flip me the bird instead, "I don't have man hands. I have pianist's fingers." She smirks at Hanna who blushes.

"Luthor you're too scared to get up on the roof to see if you can get your little hands down the drainpipe like Kyle can." Teases Gramps.

"Gramps if it wasn't for my acrophobia I would." I say slightly defensive.

"Axel your nerd is showing." Mutters Reese.

"Shut up Brumby. You have ophidiophobia so you can't talk."

"Odiephobia?" Hanna looks to Spencer.

"Ophidiophobia is the fear of snakes Han." Replies the brunette.

"See, I knew my nerd would know." Hanna smirks at Reese who just chuckles.

"Some snakes are venomous, what is the roof going to do?"

"I could fall and break my neck, become a para or quadriplegic, become a vegetable, or dead."

"What do you mean 'become' a vegetable? Gran calls you Pumpkin and I've seen you during a L Word marathon, I swear you started sprouting roots."

"Well I've heard you being a 'cookie' monster." I smirk and raise an eyebrow at the tall blonde who begins to blush.

"What's the L word? Would I like it Pumpkin?"

Reese starts chuckling before turning to answer for me, "Gran remember we watched it when I first came out, you and Mère were being supportive of me but you both said that it was inappropriate for me at such a young age?"

"What do you mean 'came out' Kyle? You were never in the closet." Gramps chuckled, "You would only watch the cheerleaders on the sidelines instead of the actual game."

"I was supporting women in sport Gramps."

Gramps chuckles harder, "It was women's basketball Kyle."

"Yeah but everyone else was supporting the players so I wanted to support the cheerleaders. They work really hard on their routines." Reese says in a serious tone.

"Don't forget working out to fit into the short skirts." I can feel Spencer's eyes on me and I regret my comment immediately.

"Pumpkin have you seen Orange is the New Black? Cookie, Mavis and I binge watched it when it first came out. Pudding said Cookie is Alex but I think she looks more like Piper being blonde and all."

"I don't think Tara was thinking about looks when she said that..." I say trying not to laugh.

"I wouldn't mind bunking with Stella…" Hanna smirks but when she notices Gran watching her she begins to blush.

Aria shakes her head, "Han even I think Ruby Rose is hot, so it's no surprise to any of us that you do."

"She doesn't really do anything for me." I hear Reese say.

"Seriously Donkey? Are you blind?" Asks a perplexed Hanna to which Reese shakes her head.

"I like Gloria and Sophia's characters, they have interesting back stories. What about you guys?"

"I like Suzanne," I look to the petite brunette, "the writers do well to show that under her crazy exterior lies an intelligent person who is just as confused by the world and those around her as the rest of the characters."

Spencer nods along with Aria's answer, "I would say Red or Bette off the L word, I feel I can relate to both." I notice out of the corner of my eye that Gramps is backing away from the group. When we lock eyes he nods his head to the house and I give him a small nod. Must be off to do something of more interest to him.

"Hmm…I would say I can relate to Piper." Says Emily.

"I really like Poussey. Speaking of the L word I think Dana is great, she's such a cute dork." I say as I smile at Spencer, "Is there anyone you sheilas really like on there?"

"Well you already know I relate to Bette but I also think Reese is a total Shane." Spencer says as she looks over at the tall blonde who shrugs knowing full well that's the reputation she would have.

"Pfft, Brumby wishes she had Shane's nipple confidence."

"Pumpkin…" Gran cries as she slaps my arm and I can't help but chuckle as Reese smiles wide at me being punished, "Anyway, of these two Pumpkin is much better at doing hair, Cookie is terrible at it, she's much better at modelling and acting." I look around and see Reese's face has dropped and four very intrigued girls.

"Don't ask…" says Reese as Spencer looks like she is going to say something. The brunette just shrugs.

"Who do you prefer, Stella or Shane?" Asks Hanna changing the subject, "I'm all for Stella."

Spencer looks around at the group before her eyes fall on me and she gives me a small smile, "I'm more partial to Stella myself."

"Same here." Adds Aria.

"I'm the only one saying Shane by the looks of it." Emily says before looking up at Reese.

"Of course I like Shane, the original is always better than the imitation." Reese winks at Emily who blushes, "Piper and Alex belong together anyway."

"Honestly I will just stick with Dana, she's gorgeous, funny, a bit of a dork and looks oh so good in a tennis skirt." I wink at Spencer and she bites her lip.

"Well I think I will leave you girls to it now I have at least slightly embarrassed my girls." Gran pats Reese and I both on the shoulder before walking to the house. She stops halfway and turns back around, "One more thing, if I see or hear of any more injuries don't think I won't ground you Cookie."

"But Gran I'm already grounded until Mère comes home."

"Well how about I ground Pumpkin instead?" Gran says as she points at me and my mouth falls open.

"Fair shake of the sauce bottle Gran. You can't seriously be going to punish me if this show pony hurts herself again."

"That's exactly what's going to happen, so you better make sure she's on her best behaviour."

"Bloody hell, I'd have a better chance of curing cancer or ending world hunger." I say as I glare at Reese who just smirks.

"And Cookie, your mother called me this morning so don't think I don't know why you were sent home early. Teaching sweet innocent Drew to say that to Pudding." Gran says as she shakes her head before turning to walk back inside.

"Who's Drew? Is he your nephew?" Hanna asks looking to Reese.

"Pfft…Handy Manny is a grown arse man." I chuckle.

"Yeah he's Tara's arm candy." Reese says, "He's alright, for a first husband."

"What did you teach Handy Manny this time?" I ask knowing Reese has tricked Drew yet again.

"Tuat t'en grosse bueche." She chuckles, "So nothing too bad this time."

"You speak French?" Emily says surprised.

"It's not French Em," Spencer says shaking her head, "it's Cajun French." I wish the Cajun Mavis, Tara and even Reese have tried to teach me had stuck.

"Well what did the Donkey say?" Hanna looks at the lanky brunette, Reese is watching Spencer with a curious eye.

"She said something about a big mouth." Spencer says before turning to Reese.

"Yeah, you have a big mouth." Reese says nodding with a smile for Spencer.

"You convinced your brother-in-law to tell your sister to shut up." Hanna laughs, everyone else joining in laughing.

"What did you tell him it meant?" Emily raises an eyebrow at the tall blonde as she is still chuckling.

"You have kissable lips." Reese says with a cheeky grin which causes another round of laughter.

"What did Angelica do when Handy Manny said that to her?" I chuckle.

"Angelica?" Hanna says confused, "I thought Donkey's sister's name was Tara."

"It is Tara." I reply, "Angelica is from the Rugrats. She was always bossing us around, called us the twins and said 'you dumb babies' after we fell for her manipulation, time and time again." I shake my head at the memories and I hear a few chuckles from my new friends.

"How did Drew get his nickname of Handy Manny Lexus?" Asks the curious brunette beside me.

"Actually Brumby came up with that name but now everyone calls him that." I say turning to the tall blonde to elaborate.

"The first time I met him he had just finished work and pulled up out the front in his red pickup truck filled with his tools. He got out of the truck and put his yellow tool belt on, I turned to Mère and asked her 'Where did you find a real life Handy Manny to fix the cabinet door?' Ra rolled her eyes at me and said 'That's Drew.' I said 'Well Halloween is a month away, why is he wearing his costume already?' She glared at me 'He is a real builder.' She opened the front door to reveal him wearing jeans, a two tone green baseball-tee and an orange and white baseball cap. All Mère and I could do was laugh when Ra accidentally called him Manny. He was totally clueless as to why Mère and I kept calling him Handy Manny until I showed him an episode, he thought it was hilarious and totally agreed with the comparison. So because it was so fitting it stuck."

The girls crack up as Reese recounts what happened, "So now you sheilas know everyone's nickname Brumby can finally tell us what happened for her to end up back here. I'm sure it will be a crack up."

Reese just smiles wide and nods, "Ra and I were in the kitchen making dinner, Handy Manny came in and whispered it in her ear as he wrapped his arms around her from behind. She turned around and gave me a Dolores Umbridge look, probably shouldn't have done it when she was on a juice cleanse. I said 'I think Mère is calling me' and started backing out of the room. She threw a potato at me, I ducked and it went through the drywall. All those years being outfielder in softball sure gave her a good arm."

"Who throws a potato at someone?" Aria says perplexed.

"Apparently the Donkey's sister." Hanna chuckles.

"What did Mavis have to say about that?" I ask chuckling.

"Mère asked him to repeat it and then clipped him up the back of the head for asking me to teach him Cajun again after last time. She said 'Looks like you will be fixing that drywall tomorrow Manny Boy and finally repainting the kitchen like you were supposed to do two years ago.'" Reese says mimicking her mother's Cajun accent, "Ra snapped at me in Cajun 'You little shit, why would you teach him that? You know what he is like.' I replied in Cajun 'Yeah, he's gullible. And I thought it was an important thing for him to know, especially now that the honeymoon period is well and truly over.' That's when Mère stepped in to stop Ra from throwing any more of our dinner at me and suggested 'Reese baby why don't you go home to see Alexis tomorrow. I don't need you both fussing over me anyway.' So here I am." She grins.

I open my mouth to say something to Reese about staying out of trouble but Hanna beats me to it, "Donkey if you cause my shopping trip to Philly with Lex in her convertible to be cancelled I expect you to make it up to me by taking me to New York shopping instead."

"Why New York? You literally just said you were going to Philly with Axel."

"Because I actually like Lex, but you, I tolerate." I laugh at Hanna's comment and so do the rest of the girls as Reese looks shocked, "And I don't want people to get the wrong idea if they see us together."

A smirk appears on Reese's face, "Are you forgetting who kissed who at Noel's party?" The tall blonde raises an eyebrow at Hanna, "Because as I remember it was you who kissed me." The shorter blonde must surely feel five sets of eyes on her right now.

"Eww Blondie, I thought you fell prey to the Hawke but it turns out you were pissed as a fart or you just have terrible taste." Both blondes ignore my comment but I earn some chuckles from the others.

"I don't care, you're still taking me to New York if Lex gets grounded because of you."

"I suppose you expect me to take you in the Hawke's private helicopter for the trip too?"

"Does your family seriously have a helicopter?"

"Han I doubt the jackass has even been in a helicopter let alone owns one." Says Emily.

"Okay, so we don't own a helicopter, but I have been in one a couple of times." Reese says as she pulls out her phone and finds a picture and shows Emily and Hanna, "I went in one in Sydney and New York, something Axel would never do."

"Fear of heights remember, so you couldn't pay me to get in the one in Sydney. But I've handled snakes which is something you'd never do."

"What, when?" Asks a wide eyed blonde.

"Earlier this year," I shrug, "my year eleven excursion was to Sydney and we went to the Australian Reptile Park not far from Sydney."

"But...why? Why would you do that?" Reese asks looking paler than usual.

"It was actually cool, they weren't slimy like you would think, they were rough and dry."

"They? How many are we talking?" Reese puts her hand up and shakes her head, "No, don't tell me, I don't want to know." She heads over to the bar to grab a cookie, "The snake talk better be over when I get back." The blonde says before quickly taking a bite of her cookie before heading back.

I see her come back so I decide to tease her, "…and yeah that's how I had no pulse in my hand for nearly five minutes. But it was my fault for playing with the mice before hand, the python thought I was food."

"What?!" I look over to see my best friend's mouth fall open and bits of cookie spill out.

"I'm only pulling ya leg Brumby." The blonde walks over and punches me in the arm hard, "Ouch…" I say rubbing my arm.

"Don't do that to me you idiot," she scowls before her features soften, "you really had me thinking a snake mistook one of your baby hands for a mouse."

"Nope, but the punch was worth your reaction." I smirk and the others laugh, "I was actually asking these guys if they had any phobias, then I saw an opportunity to mess with you so it was too good to pass up." Reese rolls her eyes, "So Hanna you started to say something before I interrupted."

"It's okay Lex, it was pretty funny, Reese looked whiter than normal."

"Yep she became a fully fledged albino." I chuckle as I take a seat next to Spencer.

"I was about to say that I have this weird dream that keeps happening. Mona and I are in Philly and there is a huge sale on handbags and I find the perfect Chanel handbag, we both grab a few things and we head to the register and our cards are declined, all of them. I try to ring Spence to borrow the money but she won't pick up, probably doing something nerdy and boring." I chuckle and quickly apologise to the brunette beside me when she slaps my leg. "Without any cash on either of us and the sales assistant cutting up our cards I can't buy my bag." I look over to see the blonde looking somber, "And to make things worse Britney," she looks to me, "the one from yesterday," I nod, "she comes along and takes it from my hands and says she's going to buy it and rubs it in my face for the rest of the school year."

"Is that why you have such a problem with her?" I ask.

Hanna looks down at the ground, "Maybe…but I still thought she was a bitch before."

I can't help but chuckle at Hanna's comment as I look around at the other girls.

"I'm claustrophobic," Says Aria, "have been since I was about three, I was all caught up in a clothes rack when I was hiding and I couldn't get out when I was shopping with my parents."

I lean over towards Spencer, "I'm going to go grab that drink I was meant to get for you Harry." She nods and smiles, "That sounds horrible Scout, I'll be back in a second guys." I say as I stand up and walk to the bar, I grab Spencer and myself a bottle of water each from the fridge. I put them on the bar and grab a cookie and look over at the five girls, I can't help but smile when Spencer looks over towards the bar. My stomach does a flip when the gorgeous brunette smiles a lopsided smile in my direction when she notices me watching her. Bloody hell I'm such a sucker for her already. I have a feeling I'm going to really enjoy this summer.


Aria is at the bar grabbing one of her vegan cookies when a phone begins to ring, "Scout I left my phone on the bar could you check it and see who's calling please?" The petite brunette nods and picks up the phone from the bar.

"Uh Lex why is Britney Ward calling you?"

"What?" I look to the shorter girl in confusion, "She can't be, I didn't give her my number."

Reese runs over and takes the phone from Aria and silences the call, "She's not calling Axel..."

I look at Reese, "Really Brumby? You went there?" I ask with an eyebrow raised.

"In my defence she didn't look like that when I met her. Underneath all that makeup she actually isn't too bad." Says the blonde.

"So you're trying to tell us that without all her face paint she's halfway decent?" I ask not believing Reese at all.

"Hey Lex tell Donkey what you said about her at the Brew." Says the other blonde in our group.

I smirk at Reese, "I said that she looked like she was gangbanged by a box of crayola crayons." Hanna cracks up and I can see smile tugging at Reese's lips.

"Yeah just a pity about her personality." Says Aria from the bar and everyone looks at her shocked and she just shrugs.

Reese opens her mouth a few times to speak but eventually just shakes her head, "I got nothing...but it only happened like..." Reese stops to think, "four times..."

"Ewwww you really went there? And you kissed my cheek." I starts scrubbing at my cheek pretending to rid myself of any germs.

"Oh my God." Emily says turning to Reese, "You're the one who 'flipped' Britney."

"I didn't 'flip' her. She was always gay." Reese says shaking her head, "I might have helped her to embrace it..."

"So she is trying to be like you?" Aria says to Reese.

"No idea."

Hanna chuckles before breaking out into a smirk, "She a freak between the sheets?"

"Hanna!" Exclaims Emily.

"What?" The blonde looks to the swimmer seemingly shocked as to why she was yelled at, "It would explain why she keeps going back for more."

Reese just laughs at Hanna's remark, "No, she's too much of a pillow princess."

"Reese!" I cry as I shake my head disapprovingly at my best friend.

"Why did you go back then?" Asks a curious Hanna, not taking any notice of Emily scowling at her.

"Hanna!" This time it's Spencer and Emily crying out in unison.

"Because..." Reese looks to me and I glare at her, daring her to continue, "well, let's just say she is easy to please."

"You needed to stroke your already massive ego?" I say as I shake my head at the taller blonde. Hanna looks puzzled and I notice a small smirk tugging at Reese's lips, "Don't you dare say it Brumby." I say as I point a finger at the blonde, "I mean it."

Reese's small smirk becomes a very obvious smirk as she takes a few steps towards the shorter blonde, "Want a demonstration?" Hanna gives a slight look of interest before shaking her head, "Your loss." Reese shrugs as she walks towards the sun loungers.

"Seriously Brumby, go have a cold shower." I say shaking my head before playfully shoving the blonde towards the house.

"Only if one of these beautiful girls wants to join me." Reese pauses for a moment, "Or more than one," She smirks and looks at Aria, "more the merrier in my books."

"Sorry but you're barking up the wrong tree."

"Shut down." I tease.

"That is what they all say when they're playing hard to get." Reese says as winks at the petite brunette.

"Yeah well judging by Britney you go for easy." I say as I cross my arms across my chest.

"Cutie did you hear that? Axel just implied that you're easy." Hanna goes to get out off the chair.

Spence looks at the shorter blonde, "Really Han?"

"Huh? Ohhhh...I'm getting a cookie."

"No a lady of Cutie's standard needs to be wined and dined first." Reese winks at the blonde.

"We only kissed," Hanna says around a mouthful of cookie, "that was it." She says giving Reese a look. Hmm I wonder what's going on there?

"So how did you get her to make out with you then?" Asks Spencer.

"Sorry Logan I don't kiss and tell." Reese says smirking.

I'm about to start tearing my hair out, "Hold up." I stand up and walk over to Reese and quietly say, "Reese her name is Spencer, get it right for fucksake." The blonde just looks at me perplexed, "Isn't that what I said?"

I just glare at her, "No and you know it." I raise my voice so everyone can hear, "That is the biggest lie out, I always get TMI from you." I bump Reese's shoulder, "You and your sexcapades..." I shudder.

"You found out too much information when you didn't knock." Reese chuckles.

I feel a few sets of eyes on me and my cheeks start to heat up at the memory, "Well you should have locked the door." I nudge the taller blonde.

"What happened?" Hanna asks intrigued.

Reese looks to me, "Do you want to tell or should I?"

"How about neither? I don't want to think about it and these girls don't deserve to be punished." I say raising an eyebrow at the tall blonde.

"Oh come one…you have to tell us now." Complains the shorter of the two blondes.

"Hanna!" Spencer and Emily scold and Hanna just frowns at her friends.

"So, it was while I was out in Australia this time last year. We had gone to another party…" Reese says turning to Hanna, completely ignoring the younger blonde's scowling best friends.

"Alright I will tell it," I say cutting Reese off, "they don't want to hear the adults only version." I give Reese an unimpressed look before turning to my new friends. "Like the wannabe Casanova said," the girls giggle at the name, Reese shrugs smirking, "we were at another party, it was a mix of age groups at the party, but they were all from the local high school which I went to and the catholic college, so years seven through twelve, for you guys it's seventh grade to seniors. We were hanging out with a bunch of my mates."

"Nath and I were smashing the guys at drinking games but their attention was drawn to a group of senior girls who arrived fashionably late." Reese cuts in and bounces her eyebrows before I take over again.

"So anyway," I give Reese another look, "Nath groaned and said 'mate that's my older sister Kelly and her friends' so of course all the guys ignore him and flock to the girls like a seagull on a hot chip."

"Pfft amateurs," Reese scoffs, "I asked Nath which one is his sister Kelly, he tells me the brunette with the curls, who was ignoring all the acne covered testosterone and their terrible attempts to impress her." She shakes her head.

Spencer covers her mouth to try to stop a giggle, Hanna bursts out laughing while Emily and Aria are quietly laughing to themselves.

"He regretted that," I chuckle, "so the party goes on for a bit longer and I had lost Brumby. One of my mates said she saw her go into the bathroom. I thought she was chucking up after all the grog so I just opened the door…" I can't get the last part of my sentence out and I can feel my cheeks burning.

Reese looks to me and tilts her head slightly, "Yeah, that's pretty much the same look she had after opening the door on Kelly and I… 'getting busy'…" Reese says smirking, "Axel covered her eyes with her hands and just stood there in the open doorway. I said 'either get out or turn around and shut the door' she backed out and closed the door." Reese's phone beeps in her hand indicating a snapchat notification and she unlocks her phone.

"Why didn't you lock the door?" Hanna asks.

"I tried to but Kelly was eager to uhhh…" Reese's voice trails off as she looks down at her phone screen.

Suddenly a female can be heard attempting to sing, "Promiscuous girl, wherever you are, I'm all alone, and it's you that I want…" Reese raises an eyebrow at whatever is on her phone screen, "Promiscuous Reese, you already know, that I'm all yours, what you waiting for?" Her eyes widen and she quickly looks up at us before looking back down when the female begins singing again, "Promiscuous Hawke, you're teasing me, you know what I want, and I got what you need…" Reese tilts her head to the side slightly as her mouth falls open, her eyes never leaving the screen, "Come over if you want more of this."

"How did she even…?" I hear Reese mutter.

"Seriously Brumby?" I cry.

"What?" Asks the blonde as she looks up as she hastily puts her phone in her pocket.

"Don't what me. I didn't come down in the last shower, who or what was that? It sounded like a cat being strangled while it dragged its nails down a chalkboard."

"Oh that…that was just a little something from someone." Says Reese and a smirk is soon plastered on her face.

"Sounded more like a booty call." Says Hanna who is shaking her head, "Wait…was that? Eww…" Hanna shivers and we all have a chuckle at the blonde's expense.

"Run along Donkey, it sounds like your princess is waiting." Emily says as she crosses her arms across her chest and the smirk is soon wiped from Reese's face.

"I'm not going anywhere. Despite what you all think I'm not entirely controlled by my hormones. I can turn down a booty call. I'm enjoying hanging out with all you beauties and this beast." Reese waves at me and I roll my eyes, "Not to mention all the fun I'm having embarrassing Axel."


It's been about ten minutes since Gran came and got our pizza orders so I decide we should head inside, "Pizza will be here soon so we probably should head inside so you sheilas can quickly get changed if you want before it gets here."

"Good idea. Your grandparents might like some help setting the table or something."

"Harry, all they want is for you to have a shirt on at the table, not that I would be complaining if you didn't," I wink, "and that you wash your hands before eating of course."

"Okay and I would have no complaints about you either." Spencer smirks.

"What are you doing now Brumby?" I ask the blonde who is heading towards the bar instead of the backdoor.

"I promised Gran I would clean up the bar, so that's what I'm doing."

"Did you get RAPHed?" I tease.

"Yes," Emily giggles as Reese nods sheepishly, "for swearing at you."

"Serves you right." I say smugly.

"What is RAPHed?" The shorter blonde looks at the swimmer.

"Reese Agnes Prudence Hawke." Says Emily.

"Your name sounds like you're about 100 years old." Teases Hanna.

"Well what's your middle name Cutie? It's probably an old fashioned name too."

"As if I would tell you." Hanna says to the taller blonde.

"I know." I smirk at Reese.

Giving up on Hanna Reese turns her attention to Emily, "Well what about you Maganda?" Emily just shakes her head, "Angel?" Reese looks to Aria.

"I don't think so Horsey."

"Come on, we're all friends here and I know you're just dying to tell me yours aren't you Terry." I shoot daggers at Reese, I just told her to pull her head in but she never listens.

Spencer chuckles, "Hardly."

"What is your issue Donkey?" Snaps Hanna.

"I don't follow." Says Reese to the shorter blonde.

Hanna walks over and stops in front of Reese, "It's pretty simple, Spencer doesn't have a nickname like the rest of us from you and what makes it worse is you can't even bother to remember her name. That's pretty rude if you ask me. So you better have a really good excuse or will I have to go grab the pool noodle and beat an answer out of you?" Hanna says as she crosses her arms across her chest and raises an eyebrow at the taller blonde. Good, I'm not the only one who noticed it.

Reese mirrors Hanna stance and looks over to me, "Because she's off limits." She states and my eyes widen. What the hell is she doing? If looks could kill I think Reese would burst into flames from the look I'm giving her right now, "I know her sister Melissa, she's friends with Tara and I promised her that her sister would be off limits." Phew… Reese shrugs and looks to Spencer, "Sorry..." She smiles and Spencer returns it.

"Melissa has mentioned someone named Tara before, they met at the stables I think."

Reese nods in agreement, "Yeah, Tara was a junior counsellor at the Shekomeko Horse Ranch when Melissa went there, she was in Tara's bunk and they became friends. They still talk occasionally."

"How did you end up meeting Melissa? And why would you need to promise her you would stay away from Spencer?" Asks Hanna.

"Melissa came to a house party Tara threw and-"

"And Melissa is a smart woman telling Brumby to stay the hell away from Harry, obviously her reputation precedes her."

"I don't know how I feel about Melissa being an overprotective big sister and telling people to stay away from me, but in this case I think will have to thank her, keeping you at a distance."

"Oh your words cut me deep Hayden." Reese clutches at her chest and begins chuckling.

"Pizza is here girls." Calls Gramps from the backdoor, "And your salad Aria."

"Thanks Gramps we're coming in now."

"I have one more question for the Donkey first. Why is Aria Angel?" Asks Hanna.

"Yeah I'm curious to know too." Adds Spencer.

"She's wearing a Victoria Secret swimsuit and she seems innocent enough so Angel seemed fitting." Explains Reese.

"You knew this was Victoria Secret?" Aria asks surprised and the blonde nods.

"I didn't take you for someone who follows fashion." Comments Emily.

"I'm just full of surprises then aren't I?" Reese shrugs as she begins to wipe down the bar, "Actually Axel and I saw it in the Victoria Secret Angels fashion show last year."

"You watched the fashion show?" Spencer bumps my shoulder, "But let me guess, you only watched it purely for the clothes."

"Of course." I say as I feel a blush tinge my cheeks, "Let's head inside and have tea."

"Tea? Oh wait that's dinner to you isn't it?"

"You remembered."

"I have a good Aussie lingo teacher." Smiles Spencer as she walks inside after I slide the back door across.

"Make sure you leave me some pizza." Calls out Reese, "I'll be inside in a minute."

"I'm sure there will be plenty of your disgusting pizza left." I call back, "I seriously don't know how Brumby and Gramps think that combination of ingredients is appetising. And Gramps bitches about my Vegemite." I shake my head as we head inside leaving Reese to clean the bar.

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