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Without hesitation, Ren broke his grip on Nora so she could rush forward and pull her off before Weiss's teammates could intervene. It took all of Nora and Ren's strength to hold her back as she thrashed violently in her attempts to grab the heiress. She was so angry she couldn't even focus on her semblance enough to use it.

Yang and Ruby sprinted over and pulled Weiss away, letting her catch her breath, but before they could even say anything Pyrrha cut them off. "You bitch!" Everyone there gasped in shock, even her teammates. "This was our choice, not yours! You had no right!"

Ren tried to calm her down with words first. "Pyrrha, calm down. They were looking out for us!"

Pyrrha didn't respond visibly, just calmed down a little bit. Ren and Nora let her go when she seemed to not be a threat anymore, but out of nowhere, they along with Ruby and Yang were pushed back by a black glow surrounding all of their weapons. With everyone else out of the way, she continued to walk towards the heiress with menacing eyes.

Realizing that she was still going after Weiss, Ren made a decision and slammed an aura-infused hand into the ground, sending a pulse into Pyrrha's body. Immediately, she seemed to deflate where she stood as she slowly turned a gray shade courtesy of a dose of Ren's semblance.

Pyrrha finally came to her senses as the red haze cleared from her eyes, and while she didn't feel shame she did feel regret. Not because of what she had done, but because of what she had lost.

"It would've been over."

The words were spoken in a perfect monotone that some would say was more like Ren. Weiss and the sisters were confused, but Nora and Ren were scared when they realized the implications. Ren's semblance only got rid of negative emotions to help hide from Grimm, but positive emotions should have remained. If Pyrrha had lost all her emotions, what did that mean about her mental state?

Meanwhile, the girl in question wasn't showing any emotion at all. "It would've finally been over."

Without saying anything else, she turned around and walked away as fast as she possibly could to their dorm.

Ren and Nora gave each other a look and went to follow her, but a small voice stopped them. "We just wanted to help."

Ruby had spoken. For the first time since Jaune died, the two could see the innocent, carefree girl that wanted to protect her friends that she used to be instead of the vengeful reaper that had replaced her. Unfortunately, that didn't change what Ren had to say.

"Nora, make sure Pyrrha's okay. I'll take care of this."

Nora knew when and when not to question her partner and followed the Amazon back to their dorm.

Ren took a deep breath and released a small blast of his semblance to calm himself down before facing his sister team.

Well, after this conversation, it would more than likely be former sister team.

"You had no right to do this." He started off calm. "We made our choice. What made you decide that you could take that away from us?"

Ruby clearly didn't want to speak up and Weiss was still too scared, so Yang had to take over. "It was a choice you would regret. We weren't going to let you die for some self-righteous quest, even if it meant losing the Arkham Knight. The last thing we want is to lose even more friends."

"And yet you are aware that doing this makes it almost certain that you lost us anyway, correct?"

"Why would we lose you guys? We saved your lives!"

Ren sighed again, blasting his semblance one more time. "Let me explain something to you about my semblance. It masks negative emotions so that I can hide from Grimm. Positive emotions remain. Yet, when I used it on Pyrrha, she was completely blank. In case you can't connect the dots, she has no positive emotions. Frankly, I think she viewed this as a release."

Yang slowly absorbed all of this, slightly offended by the last remark about her intelligence. "That doesn't mean she should die. We can get past this together. I know we can!"

It seemed like a minor remark, but hearing it from Yang in her false cheer when Nora had said the same thing genuinely broke his reserves. He didn't even try to mask his anger this time; it was time she heard the truth.

"I don't know what superpowers you think you have, but we can't beat him, Yang. He knows everything about us and knows how to break through our auras to kill us. We know a fake name. We can't do anything, Yang, so quite frankly us dying to save all of you was the correct choice. And after we have been manipulated by this person so many times, did you really think that having this final choice taken away from us was the best idea?"

He scoffed. He rarely showed so much emotion, but when he did he let it all out. "Your naivety and arrogance would be charming if it wasn't so misplaced. We've lost, Yang. All you've done now is take yourself down with us."

Now was the time to walk away. He already felt slightly guilty, but it needed to be said. "Do yourself a favor and stay away from us. For your sake."

Ren finally turned and walked away, leaving his stunned friends in his wake. Ruby almost had tears in her eyes, but she squashed them down. Now wasn't the time to be weak.

Unfortunately, they couldn't say anything thanks to a drunken drawl behind them. "Well, don't I just have the greatest timing. Ice queen, we need to talk."

Jaune had a scroll call to make, and it was something he was not looking forward to in the slightest.

The plan had gone without a hitch, just like he'd expected. Winter Schnee was now fully onboard with their plan, all because of Roman's semblance. It was fitting for a charismatic thief.

Essentially, Roman could hypnotize someone to do his bidding. Perfect for the slime ball criminal mastermind that he was. The only complication was the fact that whatever the end goal was couldn't be something they normally wouldn't want to do or their aura would resist it, which was where the manipulation part came in. The amount of loopholes Roman (and later Jaune) had found to get people to follow their orders was astounding.

Perfect example: sure, what Winter was going to do would damage her father's company just as Roman said it would in the Atlesian forest, but certainly not in the way she thought.

Jaune could still recall when he met Roman. It had been the first thing he did after his experience with the monster he had been imprisoned by.

The Arkham Knight may have only just started his mission, but Jaune had been ready for a long time now. He knew just who to recruit.

One of the only moments of fondness he had for his former friends was when he and Ruby had truly gotten to know each other. Sure, they had met before, but when they actually sat down to talk, it got crazy fast.

Soon, they were telling stories about their families, mostly their sisters, while Ruby had explained why she was in Beacon. Hearing that she had stopped a robbery had only increased the respect he had for her.

He never did forget the one detail she all but glossed over. Roman Torchwick.

The thief who had apparently thought he needed a bit more Dust, tried a robbery, was foiled, and then wasn't heard from again. It was also someone that Cinder had apparently thought about contacting to work with them, but her lackey Emerald had managed to convince her otherwise.

That was why Cinder was weak. When your helpers question your judgement, you put them in their place, not allow them.

Jaune wanted to test him. Not just for his robbery and leadership skills, but also his fighting skills. The fact that he had managed to get away from Ruby spoke of his potential if not his raw ability.

It hadn't been hard at all to follow him back to his Safe House (an ordinary warehouse; he expected something more extravagant) after tracking him down after another robbery the Council had to cover up. Roman was lucky that his targets were so high profile, or he would have his face plastered across the entire kingdom, but in their desperation to make everything seem okay, the Council was doing him a favor by keeping his crimes in the dark.

He made a home for himself in the rafters, waiting patiently for his moment to strike. The moment came when he got a scroll call from the supplier of his men and had to run out, leaving only a few of his thugs there to man the fort.

They never stood a chance.

He didn't kill them this time. These people were just in the wrong place at the wrong time, and he was trying to test him, not send him a message from a rival gang. The fight was over in seconds.

When Roman came back, he stood outside without coming in. He knew something was wrong. The Knight could hear him talking to someone, but it was a one-sided conversation, so he could only hear Roman.

Either way, Roman knew he was there and was planning how to deal with him.

When he heard glass shattering behind him, he instinctually raised his arm and managed to deflect what seemed to be a parasol held by a small girl. She almost reminded him of Ruby.

Whoever this girl was, she was relentless. Without using his demonic energy, the Knight could barely keep up with her in terms of speed and the use of her teleportation.

At least he definitely had another semblance to add to his pool.

Without warning, Roman silently entered the warehouse and shot from a distance, unseen due to his attention on the girl. She broke away, while the Knight decided to try it for himself and teleported back to the rafters. He left a cloud of smoke behind instead of one of the glass clones, covering his exit while dazing both of the thieves.

Roman simply leaned on his cane and laughed while the girl did the job of looking around. "Whatever you're here for, I didn't do it! I'm an honest businessman no matter what your employer said!"

The Knight decided to continue testing him even as he stayed in the rafters. "I have no employer. I have no grudge. I wish to make a deal."

Roman laughed, but noticed Neo's subtle nod that said she'd found the guy. "You have one hell of an opener, but whatever your deal is, I'm gonna have to pass!"

Following Neo's line of sight, he quickly aimed his cane and fired a firework at the rafters. Another cloud of smoke appeared and he was forced to duck as Neo took a swipe at him, aiming at the person now standing directly behind him.

Roman stood back up and swung his cane at the attacker as Neo left a copy of herself and teleported behind him, leaving the two thieves attacking from both sides.

The Knight kept it fair and did not use any demonic energy, but he was losing. The two thieves had impeccable teamwork that even his old team simply couldn't compare to. Every hit he dodged allowed the other to get one in. Sure, he was able to get in enough hits that Roman was starting to run on fumes, but the girl was impossible to hit.

Finally, it was time to take off the kids gloves. He started using his demonic energy. After that, it was over almost immediately.

The boost the energy provided to his semblances was incomparable to any other feeling on Remnant. It was pure power flowing through his veins like blood, strengthening him and giving him the energy he needed to turn the tide against the two unexpected fighters. With two blindingly fast punches courtesy of Ruby's semblance, Roman and his partner were sent flying away.

The two got back up, ready to fight again, but to their surprise, the man started laughing. It was terrifying, almost demonic, and yet managed to somehow sound genuine through a voice modulator.

The man put down his two guns, but Neo and Roman refused to let their weapons drop. The shock of the man taking off his helmet and revealing his face, though, almost made them drop their guard.

The monster that could clearly beat them if he tried, the one who had not only figured out where they were but took down all his guards and themselves, was just a kid. Roman would be willing to seriously bet that he was a virgin. The only thing that made him look less boyish was the 'T' that had been branded on his left cheek.

Apparently the kid had been tortured at some point. Swell.

He spoke to the both of them, turning off his voice modulator. "My name is the Arkham Knight, and I have an offer that I don't think you're gonna wanna refuse."

Jaune knew for a fact that they only joined him originally because they knew he could kill them if he wanted, but now the three had actually become good friends. It certainly helped that they enjoyed the same things, like thievery, manipulating an entire kingdom, and fighting the Council.

If there was one thing that no one enjoyed, though, it was talking to Dr. Arthur Watts.

The man was as annoying as he was arrogant and narcissistic, which was almost an accomplishment when you had an ego bigger than Salem's entire fortress. Even if Jaune could admit that his skills with biology and computers were impressive, it certainly didn't warrant the constant criticism and attitude that he displayed.

Jaune needed his aid, though, if Penny were to be tamed, which was quickly becoming an essential part of his plan. Without her, his plan for Neptune would fail before it even began.

Jaune picked up the scroll, mentally prepared himself, and sent the call. Immediately, Watts's smug face took up the screen. "Oh no, I was looking forward to not having to hear your distorted voice today."

He didn't give him the benefit of a retort or playing along. "Doctor, I need a virus made as soon as possible. Atlas has created a robot that has the form of a human teenage girl. I captured her, and need her under my control as soon as possible."

Watts knew better than to attempt to antagonize him, but still couldn't keep his ego in check. "Of course, Knight. I'm glad you can see there's no one better for the task. What do I get in return for this aid?"

Jaune grit his teeth but refrained from saying 'I don't kill you'. "Salem's satisfaction in you for doing what she wants. Is that enough?"

If there was one thing that Watts was scared of, it was Salem's disappointment, and the Knight knew that. Watts didn't want to concede defeat, though, and hung up the scroll without replying.

Jaune considered that a victory in his book. Now to make sure that Roman and Neo were ready for their roles in the upcoming rally. If his predictions were right, and they always were, he would finally be able to cross one of his names off the List.

If anyone asked him what he was doing, Sun would've replied that he was thinking.

However, no one would think he really was with what he was about to do.

He knocked on Team RWBY's door.

He had been thinking about doing this ever since he had taken that nap. Seeing Blake cry because she probably thought she was alone broke something in him. It hurt enough that he had condemned PRN to their fate, but to hurt his friends like that was something he had sworn not to do.

Besides, the White Fang was under Torchwick's thumb, who was under the Arkham Knight's thumb. No matter what he wanted to believe, the White Fang was hunting him too. What was the problem with going on the offensive for once?

He had one condition, but he knew that even Blake wouldn't be stubborn enough to deny him this one thing, so he had a plan. He just needed to strong about it.

When Blake opened the door, he didn't give her the disrespect of false cheer and got right to business. "Hey, can we talk?"

She nodded and stepped aside to let him in. She definitely looked worse than before; her hair was unkempt and her eyes looked dead. She looked similar to how she was during the period the previous year when she had gotten obsessed with the White Fang.

Sun didn't let it hurt him. He felt bad, sure, but he didn't come here without demands.

Blake shut the door behind them and turned to him. "What do you want, Sun? You made your feelings pretty clear before."

Sun looked down in regret. "I shouldn't have said it the way I did. You didn't deserve that. I'm just worried and paranoid, Blake. I pride myself in knowing that I take care of my friends, and I just can't do that now. It's weird. Wrong."

Blake took a few steps closer to him and put a hand on his shoulder. "We're all confused, Sun. We don't even know what we did to deserve this. But the only way we can survive is if we stay together."

Sun finally looked up into the eyes that had captivated him since he first saw them at the docks last year. "And that's why you shouldn't run yourself to the ground trying to stop it on your own. You have support. You have friends. You can't forget that Blake. I won't let you forget that."

Blake tried to say something, but he cut her off. "No, you're gonna have to listen to me this time. When I say you need to rest, you rest. Not listening to others is what got us in trouble at the docks with Torchwick. If you can promise that you'll be willing to hear my opinions and think things through before acting, then I will help you."

Her eyes widened in shock. Clearly she hadn't expected that. "You... you'd be willing to help me?" He nodded. He couldn't do anything else because Blake grabbed him in a hug that almost left him choking. "Thank you, Sun." It was as stoic as the way she said everything else, but the hug and the head in his shoulder showed how much it clearly meant to her.

The two stayed like that for a while, not caring about the world around them. For the first time since the Arkham Knight's appearance, the two of them were able to relax and be as calm as they wanted.

Then they heard a puff of smoke and everything went black before they could react.

Watts was quick in his work, providing the virus later that day. He also sent a video briefly describing how to install the virus and repair the power source after Neo stabbed it, something that Jaune actually appreciated. The fact that Watts didn't make any crude remarks gave Jaune a theory that Salem or Hazel was watching over his shoulder the entire time, something that he could laugh about whether or not it was true.

The virus overruled the previous command to listen to Ironwood at all times, instead programming her to listen to the Arkham Knight. Watts had even programmed it to only react to his voice modulator's specific wavelength, ensuring that only he could control it unless he ordered Penny to listen to someone else.

He tested it out by ordering Penny to attack Neo, which she did immediately. Neo did not appreciate that in the slightest, but Roman couldn't help but laugh at the scene as Penny kept trying to stab a teleporting Neo. By the end of it, she was teleporting so fast that her previous clone wouldn't even be gone before she made a new one.

Then Jaune ordered her to stop, which she also did immediately while still keeping her annoyingly cheery demeanor. She and Ruby would've gotten along perfectly fine. It certainly didn't help that she didn't actually seem to know how to act like a human, resulting in Roman having to convince her to look up Valean social norms on the internet.

Finally, they ordered her to hack into their penthouse's security system and remove them from the cameras for the previous thirty minutes to test her tech manipulation. The results were beautiful.

She could do her job flawlessly. If the thieves didn't know any better, they would've thought the tapes she created were the actual tapes.

Naturally, the next step of the plan was expedited. With Penny able to fake security footage almost instantaneously, Jaune removed the final remaining variable in the plan for the White Fang rally: Sun's presence.

He grabbed Penny by the shoulders and started picturing Team RWBY's dorm. The dorm that he actually remembered with fondness, where he and Ruby sat on Weiss's bed without her knowing and ate cookies together, where he once had to save her when she accidentally hung herself from her cape, where they spent ten minutes debating pranking Yang by switching out her shampoo.

He shook himself from those thoughts. Now wasn't the time to remember old attachments.

He pictured Team RWBY's dorm and appeared in it from a cloud of smoke. He stepped out as quickly as he could and saw Blake and Sun were hugging. As bad as he felt that he had to do this, he knew that these two were a source of happiness for Pyrrha.

Therefore, they had to go.

He punched them both on the side of the head, and since they weren't expecting it, they couldn't dodge or put their auras back up. They were out from the single punch.

Jaune ordered Penny to eliminate any digital evidence of his entry and to add footage of Sun and Blake going to the bullhead to get to Vale. Making it seem like it was their fault would be the final straw in Neptune's back.

Jaune grabbed the two unconscious teens and disappeared into a cloud of smoke, appearing backstage at the warehouse for the rally. Roman and Neo were already there ready to go, along with the Atlesian Paladin they had stolen from the base with Penny.

He teleported back, where Penny had finished her job and added the fake footage. Making sure that there were no signs of a struggle left behind, he took Penny to the warehouse and established her in the rafters to record everything. He took his scroll and gave Neptune and Weiss's numbers to Penny to have her stream it live.

Finally, he returned to Roman and Neo, who were both ready to go as Winter stood in the background. As the Faunus in the meeting gradually started getting louder, the three waited for the opportune moment before they all walked out.

The three stopped for a moment as the Faunus stopped talking entirely before Roman stepped forward to begin his speech.

Pyrrha had escaped to her dorm room after the confrontation with RWBY, but only barely. It hadn't helped that Sun had been waiting outside RWBY's dorm, so she had to wait until he was let in before she could go inside.

She went into the bathroom and locked the door, double checking the lock. There was no way she was letting herself be interrupted now.

Pyrrha looked into the mirror as the events of the past day truly hit her. She had been so close to release. So close to not having to worry about the safety of her friends, the grief over Jaune's death, the threat of the Arkham Knight. All of that was almost gone.

But then RWBY had to intervene like they understood a single fucking thing about what she was feeling! As though they had a right to decide their fate!

Pyrrha could no longer cry. Now, she was angry. Furious. She had never felt this much anger in her entire life, even towards scum like Cardin Winchester. She felt like she could destroy all of Beacon in her rage.

But then, her anger dissipated as she realized what it meant to still be alive. She still had the Arkham Knight, Roman Torchwick, and the White Fang coming after her. Jaune was still dead. She still had a team to lead.

Even one of those things on their own was too much, but together?

She had already broken from the pressure and nothing had truly happened yet.

She knew what she had to do.

She took off one of the her gloves, exposing her arms. She felt a brief chill as she looked them over, just like she always did. Making her decision, she forced as much of her aura into her left arm, at the very least making sure that her right arm had no aura.

Finally, she picked up her weapon and began the first cut.

Just like always, the pain was blinding at first. With no aura, her blade cut through her skin like butter, destroying everything in its path and drawing blood every inch of the way. She grit her teeth and continued anyway.

Eventually, though, she felt the bliss that came with the pain. All the stress, anxiety, depression, and pain she felt over everything that had happened in the past year seemed to disappear. Feeling normal was intoxicating.

She kept going, no matter how much it hurt, relishing in how good it truly felt. She continued up her right arm, and when that was finished she forced her aura into her arm. She felt even more relief as her wounds closed, leaving her arm as though nothing had happened.

She started on the left arm, but the moment she made the first cut there was a knock on the bathroom door. In a panic, she accidentally sliced up her arm and groaned. It was obvious the person on the other side heard.

"Pyrrha, you've got ten seconds to open this door before I break it down!"

It was Nora.

Pyrrha frantically turned on the sink to wash the blood away, but it had caked on her arm and weapon. Normally she had more time to clean it up. Now she wouldn't even have time to get rid of the gargantuan cut on her left arm.

Nora didn't give her the opportunity. In an instant, the door had been kicked down and her weapon had been knocked out of her hand with enough force that it stuck in the wall. Before Pyrrha could even react, Nora grabbed both of her arms to hold them in front of her.

"Pyrrha, what the fuck are you doing?!" That certainly surprised Pyrrha; Nora never cursed. Not once since they'd met. Even Ren had let one slip before, but not her. "Why?! Why are you doing this?!"

Pyrrha had no fight left in her. To Nora, the sight was scary. To see her fearless leader (she stopped herself at the unintentional reminder) looking so terrified was something that she had never wanted to see. Now, though, she was taking things too far. Nora was scared to think about how long this had been going.

It was that thought that made Nora pause. How long had Pyrrha been doing this? How long had she been deciding that the only way to make herself feel better would be to hurt herself? To cut herself? Nora almost wanted to cry just from that thought alone.

Just how bad was Pyrrha hurting?

Nora gave her a hug instead of holding her like she did before, making sure to not let her leave her arms. She put her head in Pyrrha's shoulder, eyes watering as she let herself cry for the first time. How could she not see this easy-to-see pain? Rather, how could she ignore it and pretend it wasn't there?

Pyrrha didn't cry, but as she put her shaky arms around Nora, she felt white hot anger towards everyone that caused her that pain. Roman Torchwick, the Arkham Knight, the White Fang, even RWBY. She tried to steel herself, but as she heard Nora sniffle in her shoulder, she simply couldn't. Knowing that she had caused this too only made things worse.

"I'm sorry."

Neither of them realized that they both said it at the same time.

Ren was a man on a mission.

There was something he had planned to do for a long time, but the events of the afternoon only made it worse. RWBY's intervention was bad enough, but to come back and see Nora and Pyrrha hugging while Pyrrha had a large cut on her arm? It didn't take a genius to figure out what happened.

He knew that Nora was better prepared to deal with that, but it didn't mean it didn't hurt. Pyrrha was family, plain and simple. To see her in that sorry state was painful to him. It was the final straw out of everything that had happened.

He prided himself on his control of his emotions. His semblance may have been unlocked under horrific circumstances, but he certainly didn't mind its effects and his ability to remain calm. But there was only so much he could take before the artificial calm of his semblance just wasn't enough.

Now was one of those times.

Without either of the girls hearing him, he left the room and made sure the door closed behind him. They shouldn't be interrupted. Next, he went to the locker room. He briefly considered going to the grave, but knowing what he was going to do and the fact that Pyrrha needed the grave to talk to made him change his mind.

After entering the locker room and making sure it was empty, he marched to one specific locker. 636. Whether or not it was intentional, Ozpin hadn't given that locker to a new student after Jaune's death, so it was empty except for one thing. Crocea Mors.

It had been all they could recover from the abandoned Arkham village. Not even his armor.

Ren used the code that Pyrrha had to memorize since Jaune kept forgetting it to open the locker and take a glimpse at his former leader's weapon. It sat in there in sword and shield form as it had every time he came here. He took the weapons with a reverence that he only shared with the knife his father had gave him all those years ago that he kept under his pillow.

He sat them on the bench behind him and closed the locker. Now that his best friends' last memory was out of the way, he could let it all out.

He started slow, punching only about once every fifteen seconds, but as he continued he slowly got faster and faster. Eventually, he started coating his fists with aura, making dents in the locker as it broke under his fury. He never could tell when he started screaming, but he knew that he did at some point.

Time always seemed to slow whenever he did this. He'd come here, take the weapons out, and trash the locker in his rage at everything that had happened. With his punches and kicks infused with his aura, the locker would be torn to shreds very quickly, but the short time it took for him to break the locker apart was exactly what he needed to calm himself down.

He took the weapons with him as he left the locker room, leaving the shattered remains of Jaune's former locker. Someone would repair it; they always did. Ozpin never called him out, either, giving Ren a suspicion of who exactly took the time to make sure he could break the locker whenever he needed it.

Of all the news she could've been given by the old drunk, the news that her older sister had been kidnapped was very low on the list. In hindsight, though, it made sense. The alcoholic hated her, so why else would he talk to her except to gloat?

She'd very narrowly had a panic attack on the spot from the shock. Not the shock at her sister being kidnapped; that happened scarily often, and she could get herself out of most situations.

But this was the Arkham Knight, the unstoppable monster haunting their every move.

For the first time in her life, Weiss was scared for her sister's life.

Qrow had promised that, no matter the animosity between them, he would still give his all with Ironwood to bring her home, but as much as she wanted to believe it possible a small treacherous part of her refused to even consider it.

There was a very real possibility her sister could die and there would be nothing she could do to stop it.

She was taken out of her brooding by a knock at the door. While she silently cursed, she went to the door anyway, hoping that it at least wasn't one of her teammates after she'd asked them to leave her alone.

Instead, it was Neptune of all people.

She opened the door, not getting her hopes up (she was much too dignified for that, and besides, she understood why he broke things off) and was surprised by how shy he looked. He looked at the ground like he was afraid of looking her in the eye like the self conscious teen he tried his best not to be.

All he had to say was "Ruby told me what happened".

Of course her partner would blab to Neptune. Why wouldn't she? Weiss tried for force down any anger - her heart was always in the right place no matter what - but she couldn't help but be annoyed.

Nevertheless, Neptune didn't deserve her annoyance right now. "Did she go into detail?"

He shook his head. "Just enough for me to know that you shouldn't be alone no matter how angry I am". He looked up at her, asking her a nonverbal question. Weiss responded just as silently by gesturing inside, letting him inside the room.

When Neptune was inside, she shut the door and turned to face him. The two of them clearly had no idea what to say to each other, but at the same time neither wanted to be alone at the moment.

Neptune finally decided to break the ice. "For the record, I'm sorry."

Weiss looked up at him, shocked at the apology, but Neptune rushed to clarify. "Not for breaking up with you. Just, the way I did it was wrong. I was pissed, but not completely at you. You didn't deserve all of my anger like that."

Weiss looked down at the floor, unbelieving what she was about to do. "I'm sorry too. I made assumptions even worse than those that people have made about me before. To assume that you never changed was wrong, and I apologize."

Neptune took a second to appreciate that Weiss of all people was apologizing to him before letting out a chuckle. "Well, since we've both gotten our fuckups out of the way, think we can have civil conversation?"

Weiss laughed a little as well. She never understood how Neptune was able to constantly make her laugh. "I hope so. It would make us a bad example for everything if we couldn't keep ourselves calm just because we're in the same room together."

They both chuckled again, but neither could deny that a pity party was starting to form. The last thing that Neptune wanted was to feel sad, but there was one other thing he had to get out of the way.

"I don't regret it, you know."

Weiss looked back at him, wondering where he was going.

"Yeah, it ended. And it wasn't a great ending. But the fact is that you truly made me a better person. Before I met you, I was just a horny kid desperate for attention that didn't understand boundaries or respect. And I know I'm not much better on the attention seeking side," that made Weiss chuckle," but thanks to us I can respect myself and others now. You made me a better man. So thank you."

Weiss was truly stunned. Of course they had talked about the kind of person Neptune used to be a few times during their relationship, but that had been brief jokes. Now, this was him pouring his heart out and swallowing his pride. She really didn't know what to say.

That, of course, made Neptune a little nervous. "C'mon, Weiss. I kinda was hoping for a response here."

This time, before she could, both of their scrolls went off at once. If one of them had gone off, they would've ignored it, but both? Something was happening.

They took their scrolls out, only to stare stunned at the contact that greeted their screens.

Jaune Arc.