Ya know me and creating series of drabbles, and of course I just have to write some drabbles for my most recent obsession: Overwatch.

Anyways here's some Meihem (Junkrat x Mei) if it can even be considered that? I don't know, I ship it.

It wasn't that she hated him, Mei didn't think there was a bone in her body capable of producing hate. The closest to which Mei ever came to hating another living being was those who destroyed the environment via littering or other methods. Though she did not hate him, she certainly didn't like him either.

The junker, or junkrat as he and many others referred to him was obnoxious, loud, maniacal, and sometimes crazy. Scratch that most of the time he was crazy. He was rude, never had a nice thing to say, and smelled rotten. The best way to describe him was a bully. Sometimes Mei wondered why he was even in Overwatch and more importantly why they let him stay? Weren't they supposed to be a group of heroes?

From day one he had rubbed her the wrong way, she hadn't met him personally but she had heard plenty of rumors. Him and his partner Roadhog were wanted men. They'd committed more crimes than one had the time to list but they ranged from exploding whole buildings all the way down to stealing candy from a baby. Though she wasn't usually one to pass judgements before meeting a person, Mei couldn't help it with the junker and his bodyguard. From what she had heard and read there wasn't a lick of good in those two, and yet they were in Overwatch? Her brain couldn't wrap around the idea especially after her first meeting with the Australian junker.

"I get cold just lookin' at ya!"

Well, Mei gagged just smelling him! The scent of dirt, oil, and smoke clung to his form. His hair was quite literally on fire and he didn't pay any mind to it! Naturally, her only response came out in a quip that was ice cold and entirely unlike her usually meek nature, "Then why don't you look somewhere else?" That had shut the junker up real quick, though only for a few seconds which Mei would soon learn to be quite the feat. After that he let out a manic giggle followed by a phrase that hadn't meant much to Mei at the time,

"I like ya! Ya got some fire in ya that's for sure! It's just buried under all that ice!"

From that point onwards the two had an estranged relationship. The junker had taken it upon himself to bother her whenever he could, his antics driving her up a wall or rather creating a literal ice wall between them. Though soon enough erecting up ice walls had become ineffective as Junkrat would simply launch himself over the barrier by exploding a mine underneath him. The first time had had done that Mei was concerned for half a moment, worried that he had hurt himself. That worry was cast to the wind after the junker pointed it out, "Ya worried bout me? Just a wee explosion! Flattered though really-" Mei was quick to storm away afterwards, feeling dumb for worrying about him for even half a second.

As much as she disliked him and acted as cold as possible around him, Junkrat had taken it upon himself to pester her almost everyday. If he wasn't by Roadhog then he was by Mei's side much to her dismay. At first the sight of the two of them together had been quite the talk around the Overwatch base much to Mei's embarrassment. had strung together an elaborate series of rumors, passed on by Lucio, and next thing Mei knew the whole base thought there was something going on between her and Junkrat.

"What is it that they say? Fire and Ice attract?"

Mei had explained her woes to Mercy, but even the Doctor wasn't providing her the comfort she desired. Apparently, Mercy had found the whole thing amusing even considering it to be healthy. "Interpersonal relationships are a good thing around the base, let's off a little steam if you know what I mean." Before the Swiss Doctor could reveal or delve into any embarrassing stories, Mei had fled the room with a red face. The only one who didn't seem to comment much on the rumors was Junkrat himself, whether he was embarrassed or simply didn't care Mei did not know. Luckily enough for the chinese woman, the rumor of any sort of relationship between her and Junkrat was a short lived one. There was always a new rumor popping up around the base or more pressing matters to take everyone's attention.

Despite all of the differences the two shared, and how much Junkrat annoyed her there were moments in which Meiā€¦. Could temporarily forget her dislike for him, and even acknowledge that they really did compliment each other. On the field of battle that is.

"Freeze! Don't move!"

Talon agents, a whole lot of them trying to capture a critical point. Mei had no idea where the rest of the team was but she would fight tooth and nail to defend the point. There was an almost overwhelming amount of enemy agents, even with most of them frozen she wouldn't be able to finish them off before the rest of them inevitably unfroze. "What do I do?" She picked off as many as she could, but the others were rapidly beginning to thaw. She didn't have enough ice to erect another ice wall between them, or to put herself in a quick cryostasis for that matter. They were gonna thaw and they were gonna hurt her, but as long as the point was defended-


The familiar screech of a tire on pavement was heard, a makeshift engine rumbling louder than a Harley. Moving out of instinct alone, Mei's feet carried her back, two steps, three steps away as the Talon agents were thawing, slowly starting to move. By the time she had taken the fifth or was it sixth step back, the tire came out from behind her, launching clear over her head and right into the half-frozen group of Talon agents. One of her arms moved to cover her eyes just as the tire exploded wiping out the group of agents in one go. She had grown so used to the Rip-tire that everything was second nature to her now, backing away, shielding her face, etc.

"OI! Did ya see that!?" By the time she unshielded her face Mei was greeted with a particularly excited Junkrat, "Like sittin' ducks!" He grinned, practically dancing, "That was a-mei-zing! We make a good team you an I!" Mei blinked trying to process everything he was saying, but he was talking so quickly, he really was excited even more so than he usually was when it came to battle. "Ya freeze em' and then I blow em' up! They make for easy pickin when they're all frozen."

Finally, registering all of his words Mei actually found herself smiling. The two of them defended the point! Freeze them and then burn them, "Like a freezerburn!" She giggled unable to help herself, giddy that she, no, they managed to defend the point together. That execution was perfect, in terms of battle they really did compliment each other, that much Mei had to admit.

"Roight!" Junkrat grinned, more than satisfied with her analogy, "We can cause some real Mayhem you an I!" His flesh hand reached out to touch her but stopped, "Jamison." He suddenly stated, face becoming uncharacteristically serious making Mei's giggles cease for a moment. "Ya can call me Jamison or Jamie fer short-"

Big brown doe eyes blinked once and then twice, taken aback by the sudden seriousness of the usually giddy man. Then they widened in realization, "Alright then, we make a good pair Jamie." She offered him a smile, voice soft spoken as it often was with friends, not the usual harsh cold he was used to. At that moment she offered him a thick gloved hand, and for a moment he hesitated before taking it and giving it a firm shake. By the time he let go her gloved had soot marks all over it but she didn't mind. He was a bit rough around the edges, a little loud, and sometimes annoying but he wasn't as bad as Mei thought-

Her internal musings were suddenly cut off as an explosion rang through her ears, knocking her back and onto her bottom. Adjusting her glasses Mei had just barely caught sight of Junkrat flying through the air, launched by one of his mines to god knows where, all the while laughing maniacally. What had happened to warrant such a reaction in the few moments that Mei was internally musing, was beyond her imagination. Glancing down at her front, that was now covered in soot from the detonation of the mine Mei couldn't help but think about how much definitely did not like Jamie.

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