I had analyzed this story at length and found out that there were too many entanglements and elements which I had introduced in a myriad of ways that were making the story a clutter. I tried to sort them into a proper rewritten version but things were turning out to very, very different from what the original WC had been. That said, the original WC had too many clich├ęs (as many readers had initially pointed out). hence, I decided to come up with an altered version of the story, which hopefully will be very, very different while still retaining the universe and the characters that I had created in the tale.

Hence, with great pleasure, I wish to introduce DESTINY AND DOOM: A CHRONICLE OF MAGIC. I hope this story will be a good replacement of the original WC, which I am as of this moment, placing upon HIATUS. In case I change my mind later, I will continue to add upon this story. I would be grateful if you favorite and follow this new story and read it. After all, all of this is being done because my readers were not getting any updates from Wizarding Chronicles over the long term.

Thank you.