A wizarding family

Summary: AU. The worst of fates has befallen the Dursley's: Dudley Dursley is a wizard. In a reality where both cousins are magical people, the life of one young Harry Potter comes about a bit different.

Warnings: For future reference, this story will eventually evolve to the use of inappropriate language when the characters reach a certain age (most likely 13~14) because that's just how teenagers evolve. Also, we'll have a bit of explicit violence from the get go, and also later on from flashbacks. For sex, I don't intend to make any detailed scenes, even if there will be some hinting and maybe, sometimes, a bit explicit scene, but that's for the far away future. Mild bashing for Dumbledore, Molly and McGonagall. Somewhat-sane Voldemort. There WILL BE slash sometime in the future for some characters, Harry WILL discover he likes boys.

A/N: This will most likely cover the seven years of school life and have an epilogue on the afterwards, although I don't plan on make this into a huge story I tend to write too much for my own good. I write this for my own amusement, as such this story mostly caters to the way I like things. If we think anything alike you probably like this, if not... well that's it.

1 - A letter from Hogwarts

If there was one thing the Dursley's were was normal, at least that was what they liked to think. They sure put effort into being normal. They had an utterly normal house, used normal clothes, ate normal food, the outings were normal, the car was normal, the patriarch's job was normal, the furniture, pictures, hobbies... Everything: Normal.

On a normal Saturday in early June, one particular letter arrived for one Mr Dudley Dursley with the day's mail post. It wasn't normal that a letter is addressed to a child, unless, of course, it was the letter they were expecting from Smeltings Academy, an acceptance letter for Dudley from Mr Dursley's alma mater. The envelope was not what Mr Dursley expected, but that's easily explained by the years he was out of school. Dudley didn't even care about that the envelope was not normal enough, he snatched it from his cousin's hands and proceeded to open and read it out loud.


Headmaster: Albus Dumbledore

(Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorc., Chf. Warlock,

Supreme Mugwump, International Confed. of Wizards)

Dear Mr Dursley,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment.

Term begins on 1 September. We await your owl by no later than 31 July.

Yours sincerely,

Minerva McGonagall

Deputy Headmistress

While Mrs Dursley almost fainted at the first line, Mr Dursley changed colours to purple, and even more purple, as the letter was read.

"What is this? Some kind of joke?" Dudley was confused since magic was not real.

"YOU!" Screamed Mr Dursley at the young and scrawny boy that had the misfortune of delivering the mail. "YOU PASSED YOUR FREAKISHNESS ONTO MY SON!" Mr Dursley slapped the boy across the face with so much force that he was thrown in the air and hit the wall of the kitchen. He went over the boy again and grabbed him by the collar shaking him and trying to pin the boy to the wall, wich caused his head to bobble back and forth harshly and hit the wall every time it went back. "IT'S YOUR FAULT, YOU FREAK!" He yelled as he threw the boy again, only this time he hit a cabinet near where his wife and son were.

"I'LL MAKE IT SO YOU CAN'T INFECT GOOD NORMAL PEOPLE ANYMORE!" Mr Dursley yelled again as took off his belt and aimed the buckle so it would hit the boy as well.

"Vernon, please..." Mrs Dursley tried to calm him down, but was shrugged off easily and almost fell from the force of it. Vernon went on his ranting about freaks and why they didn't deserve to live all the while lashing at the little boy with his belt and when the boy tried to move to flee also broke a chair on him.

Dudley was not confused anymore, he didn't even remember why everything was happening or how it started. He was, to say the least, shocked at his father's behaviour. Never before had Dudley seen him react that way to anything. He was going to kill Harry. What would happen then? "Dad..." He tried.

At the sound of his son's voice, Vernon let go of a beaten up Harry and turned to his wife and son huddled up together. "Don't worry son. Dad will make the freakishness go away." He had a dangerous glint in his eyes that made both Petunia and Dudley tremble in fear. He lashed at his son.

Petunia tried her hardest to get Vernon off her son, but he turned and lashed out at her too. He punched her in the face when she tried to hold his arm down making her end up on the floor near her nephew. Vernon continued to beat her son up the way he had her nephew. She crawled away to the living room in the hopes of getting help. At eat cry of pain from her son a new piece of her heart broke. Finally catching a glimpse of the phone, she dialled the police praying they would arrive in time.

The attendant greeted her and with a sigh of relief she whispered her ordeal. "Please, help me. My h-husband has gone m-mad. H-He beat my n-nephew and my s-son. W-When I t-tried to s-s-stop him, he p-p-punched m-me."

"We'll be sending a unity your way ma'am. What is address?" The attendant seemed concerned over the screams she could clearly hear from the other side of the line.

"Thank you. Thank you. It's Number Four, Private Drive. It's in Little Whinging, Surrey. Please come fast, I'll leave the door unlocked." Petunia seemed somewhat relieved knowing help was on the way and left the phone to try again to help her boys.

"Help is on the way, ma'am. Ma'am?" hearing a soft thud, likely from the phone being put down, the attendant tried to reach the woman again to no avail.

At the sight of Vernon's arm going up again for another lashing, Petunia threw herself over her whimpering son on the floor to take the beating instead of him. Vernon was too far gone to notice right away the obstacle. "Petunia, get out of the way. I'm trying to fix our son!" The unhinged man was puffing madly.

"Leave my baby alone, there's nothing wrong with him!" Petunia dragged her son near her nephew, who couldn't move away for the life of him and proceeded to stand between them and Vernon.

Something clicked in Vernon's mind and he watched her horrified. "This... This is your fault! Your sister was a freak and so is your son! YOU MADE MY SON A FREAK!" and then he started to aim the beating at her. Petunia stood her ground and took all the blows hoping help would arrive soon.

When the police officers arrived they were shocked by the scene before their eyes. A bloodied and broken kitchen. Two kids holding onto each other for dear life. A woman being beaten senseless by a huge large man, and said man not listening to their instructions. One of them went behind the big man and knocked him out with the back of his gun. Another went to call the paramedics in to see to the woman and the kids.

Realising the blows had stopped, Petunia peeked out and almost cried in relief seeing the officers taking Vernon away and the paramedics coming to tend to her children. The three of them were directed outside to enter the ambulance and go to the hospital for the proper examinations and treatment. On the way she spotted an inconspicuous owl perched on her fence, somehow she found enough willpower within her to go back into the house despite the protests from the doctors and procure the letter that started it all. She signed confirming Dudley as a future Hogwarts' student and sent it away with the owl. After seeing the owl fly off Petunia entered the ambulance where her boys were still attached to each other.

"Everything will be fine, you hear me. We'll be just fine. I promise." She hugged the boys trying to assure them they were indeed going to be alright as much as her own self.