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12 – Trying to make some Damage Control

"Ah! Severus, my boy, come in!" Albus put his most inviting and cheerful voice to use and had the twinkling eyes ready to receive his Potions Master. No doubt, he knew why he was called to a meeting right after the Welcoming Feast. Leaving his put out feelings aside, for he didn't like being made to wait so long, he acted like his usual self. "Lemon drop?"

"No, thank you." His spy curt as always and with a permanent scowl planted on his face stood before him seemingly not wanting to sit. Well, this would be a long night so Albus found it in him to be ever so merciful and invited him to take a seat on one of the lush armchairs placed in front of his table. After a silent minute, he decided to be rather straight and blunt about his inquiries.

"I believe the sorting this year was quite interesting, don't you, my boy?" So this is how the old fool wants to play. To think I could be doing something useful for instance sleeping... Severus swapped his scowl by a blank and almost pensive mask indulging himself in a few minutes to reminisce about the night. Obviously, the old fool wanted to know how he felt about Harry Potter being in his house. And just as obviously, Severus would bid his time and play around. If he knew the old fool well he would be here the whole night, so he might as well make it pleasurable - for him, of course.

"Now that you mention it, indeed it was." Albus was on the verge of casting a sticking charm on himself so he wouldn't bounce on his chair. He needed to play this right; the Potter brat should have gone to Gryffindor like his parents, now the only thing left to be done was damage control. He needed to guide this man on how to work around the boy. It was clear to all the staff that he would be in a dilemma between showing his hate for the Potters and spoiling his Slytherins. As of now, Albus was eagerly awaiting the man's input. "I confess myself quite intrigued with the Evans boy..."

Severus perfect blank and bored face didn't let through even an ounce of the pure glee he felt at the old codger's shocked and gaping expression. "Evans, Severus?"

"It certainly brought some memories back... A Gryffindor Evans, just like Lily. Makes one wonder if they are related..." Albus was gobsmacked, to say the least. Instead of commenting about the Potter brat, the man was stuck on some random boy. Although Albus had to agree it was an interesting observation, it was simply not possible for the boy to be related to his precious Lily since he wasn't a Dursley and they were the only relation the woman had, alive at least.

"Well, maybe it would do to ask. Though I don't think it's such an uncommon name among muggles."

"Perhaps. I also felt quite puzzled by another of the Hat's choice." Finally, he was getting where Albus wanted him. If he wasn't so worth his time, Albus would have already dismissed the slippery Slytherin. "The Longbottom boy seemed rather spineless for a Gryffindor. Perhaps I'll be proven wrong in the near future."

"You seem to have paid closer attention to Gryffindor than to the other houses." After a few more minutes, the old man seemed to recover enough to make a comeback, but Severus was not through with his entertainment.

"I paid close attention to all sorting. I merely thought you would appreciate an earlier input about the house that usually causes the most... distress." Albus paid close attention as the man in front of him sipped at his cup of tea before continuing with his input. He had to somehow manipulate the man to treat the Potter brat his way. "I found it rather fascinating when twins are put in different houses, don't you?"

"Indeed. I also find it intriguing and always ask myself about a child's family and their usual house."

"Yes, most intriguing indeed. It was quite interesting to see the Hat shout Mr Malfoy's house after barely touching his head and to sort almost a whole generation of Weasleys into Gryffindor. I wonder what will be the sorting of the last of them..."

They both sat in silence enjoying their tea and nibbling at some of the treats, Albus did, for some time until Albus decided enough was enough and he needed his sleep. "How did you feel about young Mr Potter?"

"He's a selfish and spoiled brat who didn't know how lucky he was to have everything he wanted. I can only regret he is not alive for me to pay him back for everything he did." Severus snarled for good measure after pouring a ridiculous amount of venom into his words. If he were to put this onto a scale, he would say this would be a mild hateful statement. It would not do to make the old fool think he hated Potter more than anything for there was an alive person he was known to hate even more. Of course, Severus knew whom he was referring to but where was the fun in letting the old man have his way?

"You should let go of such old grudges, Severus." Albus gave the man a stern look. It was anyone's guess when his spy would learn to live with not being chosen by Lily. "And I meant the remaining Mr Potter, Harry Potter."

"I see. I believe I'll have to wait and see what comes of him." Severus calmly sipped at his second cup of tea, which was lasting even longer than the previous one, always bidding his time. "I'd rather not antagonise a Snake so soon as the motive would be rather obvious."

"Indeed. I hope you will give the boy a fair chance, however. I must remind you not to give the boy special treatment, Severus. I believe someone with a firm hand is needed to make an appearance in his life." There, Albus finally had his chance. Now on to sleeping.

"Indeed, Headmaster. I am ecstatic to see such willingness in shedding the grandfatherly ways in order to ensure the proper measures in educating the boy. I'll be sure to come to you in regards to applying a firmer hand with him." Severus set his cup down with still half of its contents intact and stood up bidding good night to a mostly disturbed Albus Dumbledore. Fortunately, Severus found himself well trained in hiding his mirth behind an impassive mask. He descended the steps towards the dungeons taking a rather long path; he knew he wouldn't be sleeping so he might as well put in some exercising before brewing. He also could use the time to think of a proper gift to ask of Lucius, he was always in a generous mood when trying to gain his favour.

"It's too early for a respectable wizard to be up."

"Stop complaining, Zabini. Of course, we should be up!" A bit more whining on Blaise's part and Draco would blow a fuse. Harry was closing off more and more with the whining, he thought it was his fault for waking them up because of a nightmare. When Draco woke up, he heard some whimpers from Harry's bed thus learning of him having a nightmare. Draco told him to go take a shower and change for the day and on his way he tripped letting out a cute squeaky sound, at the same time Blaise woke up and started grumbling like the old man he was.

"There you are!" A girl sprinted from a couch to them at a speed that shouldn't be possible as they entered the common room. "I'm Carina Hunter and I won you in the lottery!" She thrust her hand forward expecting something.

"Excuse me?" Draco and Blaise said in unison while Harry just gaped at the girl.

"Potter, close your mouth! It's unbecoming!" Parkinson barked as she passed by into the room.

Harry snapped his mouth shut with a clicking sound from his teeth coming together too fast and glared in her direction. He really didn't like her. The other girls were nice enough but Parkinson liked to go out of her way to make him feel bad, and they only knew each other for less than a day! He felt Draco's hand slide into his and give a little squeeze, so Harry turned to him with a small reassuring smile to say he was alright, even if he wasn't so when he woke up.

The Carina girl was still there, hand out, waiting for someone to take it, so Harry saw upon him to do just that. Which seemed to offend Draco in some way since he just glared at their handshake and walked away. He tried to go after him but the girl got a hold of him and Zabini. She was saying something about adapting them to the school and the house while taking them up for breakfast. Harry slipped away to go see his Uncle Sev, Draco told him earlier how to get there.

Harry didn't even touch the door before he heard his Uncle's voice telling him to come in and the door open by itself! Magic was awesome like that!

Trouble already? They were not in the castle for even a full day and already his Raven needed him. He would need to work on that, it would not do for them to be so dependent.

"Good morning, Raven." He beckoned him closer. He could indulge him this time and give him a hug.

Not needing to be told twice, Harry launched his little body into his uncle almost tackling him to the ground. "Good morning, Uncle Sev." He smiled up at him and before he could ask anything, he handed the cauldron cake and left or the great hall. He had to get there fast before Draco got angrier. He didn't even know what he was angry for!

Well, that was unexpected. Severus sat down on his preferred chair and indulged in the treat he was gifted. It sure had been a long while since he ate one of those.