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- - - A ROYAL AFFAIR - - -

Today was the day.

Ella and I were finally getting married.

It was happening. Everything was falling into place.

By some miracle, Mother had managed to get Ella's gown finished in time. The chapel was ready, decorated with lilies and streaming ribbons. After the ceremony, everyone would head to the old castle for the reception, which would include food, drink, and dancing. For our honeymoon, Ella and I were going to visit Ayortha. Every last detail had been arranged.

I was more than ready.

Everyone was assembled in the chapel. Some of the Elves were present, and a Giantess that had made Ella's acquaintance was watching over the animal guest, Apple. Even Ella's best friend Arieda, all the way from Ayortha, had made it to our wedding.

We were about to begin.

I looked over at my parents. Father was nodding and smiling at me, and Mother was weeping into her handkerchief.

A lone violin began playing the melody to mine and Ella's favorite Ayorthaian song. All heads turned to the back of the chapel, including mine. Ella was now standing in that exact spot, beaming.

"Oak, granite,

Lilies by the road,

Remember me?

I remember you."

Ella was walking down the aisle. She looked more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. She wore a wreath of white lilies in her dark hair, which had been left unbound and flowing. Her gown was very simple and white with a long train. Around her neck she wore her mother's necklace. Her bouquet was an assortment of different types of lilies. Her cheeks were rosy, and her bright green eyes never left mine as she walked towards me down the aisle.

"Clouds brushing

Clover hills,

Remember me?"

Ella and I only had eyes for each other. I forgot everything; Ella was the only thing that was real. When I saw her, I saw our future together. We were smiling at one another, but we were more than happy. We were rapturous, joyful.

"Sister, child,

Grown tall,

Remember me?

I remember you."

Ella had reached me. We turned so that we faced each other. I reached out and took her hands.

"You're beautiful," I whispered.

Her eyes sparkled at me.

"You look very dashing indeed, Prince Charmont," she whispered back laughingly.

I could only stifle my laughter as the Priest motioned for us to kneel so we could take our vows.

"We have gathered here today to unite this man and this woman together in holy matrimony. Their love for each other is as pure and white as the new snow that falls in early winter. It is unmarked and untainted, true and faithful. We pray that it will last throughout the rest of their lives together."

Then Ella and I said our vows.

"Two hearts,

Two minds,

Two spirits,

One love that will join us together,

So that two become one.

One heart,

One mind,

One spirit,

As long as we both shall live.

Whether we are






Or strong.

We pledge to love,


And trust one another


We kissed, our first kiss as husband and wife, a binding kiss, a kiss that pledged us to one another for the rest of our lives.

And so, without much further ado, we were married.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Ella and I arrived at the reception soon after the ceremony was over. All of the guests were already inside the main ballroom, waiting for our arrival.

I was about to grasp the handle of one of the French doors, when Ella stopped me.


I turned back to her, one eyebrow raised.


"Look at the stair rail," she said, pointing.

It was the stair rail that we had slid down together at her father and step mother's reception. I smiled, remembering. I looked back at Ella. She had a very sly expression on her face, indeed.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" she asked, that sly look still very prominent.

"Aren't you worried about your wedding gown?"

"Oh, hang my wedding gown! I'm sure it will be fine. And besides, its not like I'll ever wear it again."

"The stair rail DOES look freshly polished," I said. "Perfect for sliding."

"I agree. Lets go!" Ella grabbed my hand, and together we ran up the stairs. According to tradition, I rode down first, so I could catch her at the bottom. To be a little sentimental, it was our first slide together as husband and wife.

After two trips down the rail, we were ready to go into our reception.

"Wait, Char."

"What? You want to slide one more time?" I asked eagerly.

She laughed. "No, silly! You got some stair rail polish on the seat of your breeches!"

We were still laughing when we finally made our entrance.

- - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


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