Hello dear, I'm Assassin In Black 1783. For some time, I had an idea for a Mario Fanfiction since I watched Mario Bros. the movie. Though the movie did give me the inspiration, Paper Mario has a heavy influence on the story. I'll be bringing back some old characters, but most will be OCs. But this will not completely stick to formula; I will put my own twist into it, and make small connections to other universes later. This is not a crossover, nor a rewrite, but you could call it an AU. I love and respect the Mario world, because I grew up with it. In honor of the memories made with my father and sister, of an age-old friend—Mario and the others—, a special thanks to ST LORT whom got me to create my account and start my first Fanfiction series, and a round of applause to my Beta reader: Lyumia!

Disclaimer: I don't own the World of Mario, it belongs to Nintendo, and Shigeru Miyamoto.

Without further ado, I give you all The Sapphire Princess: Book I.



Once Upon a Time, there lived a King and a Princess who ruled the Mushroom Kingdom with a kind and strong hand. But time of peace ended when King Bowser of the Koopas, attacked, and kidnapped the Princess. The King tried to fight off Bowser, but was injured in the struggle.

Unable to go forth to save his daughter, the Mushroom King sent his finest men to save her, but they perished in the dungeon of Bower's castle. In the time of unrest and war, a plumber rose to rescue the Princess. He fought many battles, faced peerless odds, and finally fought and vanquished King Bowser. With Princess Peach safe, Bowser slinked back to his kingdom, and peace returned to the Mushroom Kingdom.

Many times, King Bowser tried to conquer the rich land of the Mushroom Kingdom, but every time Mario the plumber, foil his plans. But over the years the Mushroom King's health dwindled upon his injury received from Bowser, leaving the governing of the Kingdom to the Princess. After many years of failing health, the King passed away; leaving behind his grieving daughter.

Mario left his Kingdom, and returned to the side of his grieving friend, and sweetheart. He stayed with Peach as she took up position as Queen, then after a year she declared that henceforth a royal may marry a commoner; if their love was true. And theirs' was.

But when light grows, darkness festers.

The clock framed by wood to appear as a tree trunk rested beneath emerald green carvings of leaves, and ticked away above the hearth. Mario, a bulky man with worried deep blue eyes; paced before the fire with his brother Luigi at his side. A woman with ginger hair, and kind sky blue eyes that followed the two sat with a sports magazine in her hands.

"Would you two sit?" she asked, fighting her irritation. "Pacing does nothing."

"Let me worry for them in peace, Daisy!" Mario replied heavy with his emotions, and glanced at the clock with its hands nearing the golden nine and a crescent moon slowly creeping above the face.

"The first child always takes the longest," Daisy stated. "Peach will be fine, and so will the baby."

" but—"

"Anyone who can beat me at volleyball can give birth to a healthy baby and live, Mario." Daisy assured.

The brothers sat down, but Mario still worried and fidgeted. Suddenly, the double door to the parlor opened and Toad scurried in with his short legs and mushroom cap. Mario bolted to his feet before his brother and Daisy.

"What's the news?" Mario demanded quickly. "How's Peach, what of the baby?"

"Both the Queen and the Princess are well, my King." Toad replied, and bowed as Mario processed his words. Luigi gripped his arm and pulled him into a hearty hug.

"Congratulations brother!" Luigi smiled then let Daisy hug Mario. Once they broke away, he followed Toad out into the hall that lead to a curved staircase to another hall where Toad Guards stood watch to Mario's and Peach's chamber. The Toads opened the door for him to enter, and Toad bowed as he took his leave.

Peach laid on the bed with white feather pillows holding her exerted body up, holding a small bundle close to her chest. Her crystal blue eyes glanced up at him, and her smile grew.

"It's alright Mario," Peach encouraged him. "She won't bite."

He smiled and slowly strode to Peach's side and gingerly sat on the edge of the bed, and Peach gently transferred the small bundle to him. The bundle was slightly heavier than he imagined a new born baby to be, and the occupant of the blanket hummed in protest of being moved. Cradling the head, Mario peered into the bundle to see a small round face with pink lips as soft as rose petals beneath a small nose. Her eyes were closes so he could not see what color they were, but he still softly smiled down at his daughter and slowly rocked.

"She is beautiful," he nearly wept with pride and joy, and turned to Peach. "Just like her mother."

"Not quite," she replied. "She has your eyes." Peach lifted her hand to his cheek.

"How are you, mio caro?"

"Tired. Sore," she replied. "But happier than I've ever been."

Mario smiled and took her hand to kiss it.

"Try to rest, mio caro. Daisy and Luigi will want to see their niece," Mario stated, and bent to kiss Peach. "Mia and I won't take long."

Peach sank a little deeper into the pillows with her golden mane framing her tired face. She watched Mario leave, then closed her eyes.

Mario shortly returned to the parlor, and Daisy's eyes smiled when she saw the bundle. He gently handed the bundle to her, and cooed to the baby who gave a cry of protest, but stopped when Daisy softly rocked her.

"She's beautiful." Daisy smiled, not looking away from the baby's tired face.

"," agreed Luigi, placing an arm over his brother's shoulder. "Something she gets from her mother!" he jested, and Mario slapped his back rughtly.

"I hope your children will take after their mother too!" Mario jested back, and the brothers laughed which made the bundle squirm.

"Shh, it's alright il mio figlio," Mario hushed his daughter as he gingerly took her back in his arms. "You're going to have to get use to your uncle's laugh."

", and your mustache."

Mario rolled his eyes, and his daughter yawned and specked a groan.

"Are you going to make me beg to hold her?" Luigi half joked to his brother.

"Alright, but mind her head." Mario stated, then passed her to his brother who beamed at his niece.

"So," Daisy said. "What's her name?"

"You'll learn it at her Christening."

"What?" Daisy whined. "Come on, we're family!"

"Alright, but don't tell Peach, and you both better act surprised at the ceremony." Mario stated.

"We will!" Daisy promised.

"We named her after her grandmothers'." Mario stated, and Luigi smiled down at the face in the bundle.

"Maria," he said the name to her. "You'll make a great princess."

"Alright," Mario stated. "I think it's high time for little Mia to go to bed."

Luigi handed Maria back to Mario.

"Good night sweaty." Daisy whispered to the bundle before Mario left, and Luigi hugged her as they watched Mario stroll down the hall.

Mario quietly crept into his and Peach's room to find her sleeping soundly. He walked to the double arched door and pushed it open into the nursery. The crib with shooting stars carved in it stood at the far side with a star patterned curtain draped about the head. A blue rocking-yoshi stood between the windows to the right, and an elegant cushioned rocking chair stood just a yard left of the toy that Maria wouldn't be able to use till she was a little older.

Mario strolled up to the crib, and kissed her flower petal soft forehead before gingerly placing her on the soft bedding. Maria moaned and moved a little in her bundle, then started to softly snore.

"Pleasant dreams," Mario said as he gently stroked her chubby cheek. "Maria Lillian Mario Toadstool, la mia piccola principessa."

Mario then walked back into his chamber, and carefully crawled into bed trying to not disturb Peach. Gently wrapping an arm around her, he fell asleep while facing the nursery.

The smiling face of the clock over the mantel of the nursery ticked to twelve, chiming softly. A pale violet light flashed in the window, then it slowly rose as a gentle breeze made the blue and cream curtains dance drowsily. Once fully open a magikoopa on a bamboo handled broom drifted into the nursery. The white haired koopa wearing a dark purple pointed hat drifted toward the crib after glancing into the other chamber to see Mario and Peach sound asleep.

Kammy Koopa reached into the crib with her short arms, then picked up the bundle with some difficulty do-to the bundle being half her size, and just as heavy as she was. Maria started to cry, and her parents stirred from the sound.

"Shut up, little brat!" hissed Kammy, then with a wave of her sort wand with a ruby at the end, a violet light in a purple mist clouded over the infant's face and she fell back to sleep. Mario opened his drowsy eyes as Peach turned in his arms.

"She's hungry." Peach murmured as she moved to go to the nursery, but Mario stopped her.

"I'll get her, Peach. You still need to rest." Mario stated, then got out of bed. As he walked toward the nursery he noticed a breeze from the window he didn't recall being open, and that Maria had stopped crying. Feeling uneasy he quickened his pace to the crib, and found it empty. He looked franticly to the window and darted to it, and saw the dark purple form flying in the moonlight.

"Guards!" Mario bellowed as he ran from the nursery, making Peach snap awake. "Sound the alarm! Wake the whole garrison!"

"Mario?" Peach asked in confusion and worry.

"I'll get her back, I swear it on my life!" Mario promised before he ran out into the hall, leaving Peach to find the crib empty. As he rushed down the hall his brother and Daisy stepped out into the hall.

"Brother," Luigi addressed. "What's the hullabaloo?"

"Maria has been taken," Mario replied quickly. "Brother with me, Daisy go to Peach."

She simply nodded and darted down the hall as the brothers ran as the castle was flooded by the alarm bells.

The sleeping charm that Kammy placed on the infant wore off by the time the bells from the castle faded in the distance.

"Stop it you brat, or we'll both fall!" Kammy snapped at the infant, but Maria still cried.

A strong gust pushed them both, and Maria fell from Kammy as the old Koopa struggled to keep from falling herself. Once she was sorcery fixed on her broom, Kammy looked down just in time to see the bundle vanish into the forest below.

"Curses!" swore Kammy before swiftly flying down into the forest.

Beneath the dark canopy of the trees, the moon hardly pierced the full branches. Kammy looked around the area, but could not find nor hear the infant. Thinking the infant dead, she looked for a lifeless bundle in the branches of the trees but found nothing.

"Darn that brat," Kammy growled. "Now Lord Junior is going to have my head!"

Kammy took back to the sky, and flew for many hours over the Mushroom Kingdom then passed over the border into the Koopa territory. Fearing Bowser Junior's wrath, she decided to fly to her cabin deep in the forest. With dawn growing near, she finally reached her small cabin that passed more as a hovel over ran with vegetation. Going inside, she put off telling the news to Bowser Junior through her mirror by making some tea, and rested by the fire to bring some life into her short old limbs.

"Kammy Koopa!" bellowed a deep voice in a roar from the mirror, making Kammy jump and drop her tea. "Why haven't you brought the infant to me?"

"Oh, my young lord!" squawked Kammy, and she turned to meet the face of a large Koopa with two horns curved up. His yellow snout bore white sharp fangs that glinted in the light. And the only hair he had on his green scaly scalp was what would have been Mohawk if it wasn't closely chopped off.

"Umm," stammered Kammy.

"Where is it?" he growled with his red eyes glowing in the fire light.

"It's…I…I did everything in my power sir, but a swarm of vultures came and surrounded me. I did what I could to fight them off, but the brat was taken from my grasp and was carried way. I followed them for as long as I could, but they were too fast for my old bones!" She lied, then acted weak by leaning back in her chair as if to swoon.

"You mean to tell me that the offspring of my enemies is dead?" he growled lowly.

"Yes, the brat is as good as dead."

"You twit!" He bellowed. "If the child were to perish, it was to be by my hands!"

"I do apologize my Lord, but—"

"I don't want to hear your feeble lies and excuses, old hag! I wanted Mario and Peach to suffer, to kneel before me!" He stopped in thought, then smirked with a sinister mouth of fangs. "You failed to deliver me the child, but instead deliver this message to King Mario, and Queen Peach: Tell them that their offspring perished in my hands."

Peach stood out on the balcony that looked out to the forest past Toad Town. A soft breeze stroked her long golden tresses from her face that has been weathered by worry and sorrow. Though the sunlight hid the stars from view, she wished for what seemed like the zillionth time for her child to be found, and to hold her again.

Peach turned to the sound of footsteps behind her, and saw a scruffy Mario in travel clothing that was coated in mud and dust from the road. His dark blue eyes peered at her from his unkempt face that was more weathered than hers from both road and grief.

"Don't," she rasped, but Mario said nothing as he slowly walked toward her. "She's alive, I know it! I would have felt it if he was right!"

Mario took her in his arms though she fought him, he held her as she wept.

"She's alive…our baby is out there…"

"We've been looking for four years, Peach." Mario murmured.

"We can't…we can't just…" Peach wept into his shoulder.

"Perhaps she fell into one of those portals to another world. Perhaps a kind person found her, and is looking after her in a world where no eyes of malice could come within a trillion miles of her."

Peach didn't say a word, and nor did Mario as they mourned for their lost daughter.

Mario stood before a mirror as he straightened his silk blue coat. He turned to get his red cloak, but found Peach standing with it in her hands.

"You look handsome." she stated, and stepped toward him to place the cloak over his shoulders.

"And you look beautiful, mi amore." He stated, gazing at her plum colored gown with a square neckline and long poet sleeves. Her long golden hair flowed about her shoulders, and the star pendant that has been in her family for generations rested on her bosom. Peach adjusted the clasp, then rested her hands on his chest.

"She would've been sixteen today." Peach murmured, and Mario enclosed her hands in his.

"I know." Was all he said.

"She would have been crowned by now, and all mater of suitors would've came seeking her attention."

"They wouldn't make it past the harbor." Mario rumbled, making Peach smile. "It's not good to think of things that could've been."

"I know," she murmured, resting her head on his shoulder. "I know."

After a moment, they then composed themselves, leaving to start the festival. Arms linked, they walked to the double door entrance to the balcony that looked over the courtyard. Trumpets sounded their approach, and all that came from many parts of the world turned to Mario and Peach.

"Thank you all for coming to commemorate the birthday of our lost Princess," Mario called out to the crowd. "Let us—"

Mario stopped when the alarm bells tolled, and an armada of airships appeared over the horizon.

"Everyone take shelter!" Mario called down to his people as guards rushed to his and Peach's side. "Prepare the battlements!" he barked to a guard who bobbed his head then took off running.

"The rest of you escort the Queen to safety!"

"Mario!" Peach griped his hand.

"Go, it will be alright, I promise!"

"My Lord!" Cried a Toad Guard as he came running. "An enemy airship is passing over Toad Town!"

Suddenly a loud crash sounded above just before two ropes fell and dangled over the balcony, and two koopa troopas in black armor slid down.

"Go Peach!" Mario yelled, then grabbed one of the guards' steel spires and swept both koopas on their backs as more descended.

"Mario!" Peach yelled from the hall behind him. He darted into the hall to find Bowser Junior at the end of the hall.

"How dare you come here this day?" Mario bellowed, and stood between Peach and Bowser Junior.

"Ahh, but I thought everyone was allowed in the festivities!" Bowser Junior feigned offense then breathed a ball of fire toward them. Peach stepped in front of Mario and extended a hand, a blinding white beam of light consumed the ball of fire. Mario darted around Peach and ran for Bowser Junior casting his red cloak aside. Bowser Junior raised his spiked tail, and quickly swept the ground. Mario leapt to escape the deadly lash of the tail, but was sent flying by a clawed hand. He hit the wall hard and fell to the ground unmoving.

Bowser Junior advanced on Mario forgetting Peach, and raised his fist. But instead of hitting Mario he struck a pale force field. Whipping his head in Peach's direction as a whip made of light wrapped around his neck. A fierce fire glowed in Peach's eyes as the whip of light tightened its grip.

"You never should've killed my baby." She growled.

Bowser Junior tried to pull the whip off but couldn't. He began to lash his tail around, striking the force field. Peach flinched in pain. Now he knew her weakness. He struck the force field again, and again. Each time he did, Peach showed more signs of distress, she fell to her knees-though the whip still griped his throat. With his strength fading he swung his tail again, and Peach finally fell along with the force field. The whip vanished and Bowser Junior inhaled and coughed.

"Peach." Rasped Mario who tried to crawl toward Peach as the Toad Guards where lead way by koopa troopas to be imprisoned. Bowser Junior rose, and kicked Mario in the gut then lifted him up against the wall.

"I think I'm going to enjoy it here." He smiled, punching Mario.

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