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The sky was clear, the air was fresh, and the sun shone brightly as the wind tugged at his auburn hair. He leaned to the left at the exact time as the black dragon he rode. His scale covered clothes kept him warm through the blast of cool air, and his midnight dark cape, also adorned with red and black scales, whipped out behind him.

He never felt more alive than when he was in the air, and the dragon knew it.

They tilted forward and spiraled down, pulling up from the sea waters at the last second. Weaving between stone pillar after pillar, until they made it to the place they called home.

As they landed, the boy, for that is what he was, ran into a small cave.

"Home, bud." he said to the dragon. "Do we have to stay in this tiny cave tonight?" the dragon complained. "Until I fix that one hole in the roof, I refuse to live in the building." "Fine, but couldn't we find a larger cave? I barely fit!" That was an exaggeration, but added to the boy, one basket of food, a barrel of freshwater, a fire pit, and two baskets of junk, it was crowded.

The boy sighed. "Toothless, you know the other caves are occupied. If one of the other dragon families moves on, then maybe we can move to their den." Toothless grumbled, but didn't argue anymore.

The boy went over to the two baskets in the back corner, and pulled out the things he had found from his satchel. Toothless came over to see what would be added to the collection.

The boy loved to collect. He would find broken or bent swords, axes, or tools like rakes. Or maybe an iron nail, or a book, if he was lucky. Once, he had ran across an abandoned building, and found a book of healing. It had been hard to decipher at first-he hadn't spoken, much less read, the language of the humans in twelve years-but he had managed.

He used his collection to help upgrade their new home. Today they had found something amazing.

It was a book of music.

The boy loved music. It was the only way he could speak his first language well. When he sang, he didn't have to think, allowing the words to flow. He took the book in his hands, and sat by the fire, Toothless curling up around him.

He tried to read through the first song, but he couldn't do it all. Some words, he hadn't learned before living with the dragons. So far, he understood;

Hush now, my story

Close your eyes and sleep

_ the waves

Diving the deep

Stars are _ bright

The wind is on the rise

_ words of long lost lullabies

Oh, won't you come with me

Where the moon is made of gold

and in the morning sun

we'll be sailing

Oh, won't you come with me

Where the ocean meets the sky

And as the clouds roll by

We'll sing the song of the sea

He was missing three words, and it bothered him. Nevertheless, he sang what he could, in the language of the humans. He picked up his instrument, something he had made himself, from a memory. It was long, with strings up and down the front. He plucked them, created music. Toothless created a small beat in the back, and whenever he didn't sing, he whistled.

When they had finished, the boy put the book with his other in the locked chest he had. Not even Toothless knew what all was in there, only that it was all special in it's own way.

"I'm bored." the boy said. "Let's go explore." "We just got back." Toothless replied. "I'm tired. We can go tonight, as long as you promise to-" "I know, I know, 'stay out of sight and never go near a controlled dragon.' I've lived with you and the other dragons for ten years, five of which were spent at the nest. I know why it's dangerous. Trust me." He looked at the ground. "Let's get some sleep before tonight. Goodnight, bud." he said, curled up in the dragon's wing.

"Goodnight, Dragon Soul."