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"What happened?" Cleo asked. "I do not know." Emma responded. Cleo wondered, "Where are we?" The door to the living room opened. Damon heard a noise and walked in after dealing with Elena, and Stefan followed him. They accidentally left the door opened.

Elena stuck around thinking that she could use this to her advantage. After all, even a humanity-less vampire needed allies she had found. He said, "Blondie and the werewolf traitor are here!" Cleo yelped, "What?!" Then, Emma telekinetically took water from the sink and pelted Damon with it. Damon sputtered. Then, he reassessed the situation.

"Never mind. I think we have another situation of doppelgangers gone rogue!" He shouted. Caroline, Tyler, Matt, and Bonnie had been hanging out and came running. In addition, Elena appeared. Stefan had the most sense. He apologized, "I apologize for my brother, Damon. My name is Stefan. You two look uncannily like a werewolf that we know named Hayley and an Original vampire named Rebekah." He introduced the others.

Cleo replied, "I apologize too. My name is Cleo. This is Emma. I am not a werewolf, and Emma is not an Original vampire. We are mermaids."

Emma then took off the jacket that she was wearing. She used telekinesis to bring water and pelted herself with it. She transformed into water and then a mermaid. She started to fall, but she used the furniture to break her fall. Stefan, Bonnie, Elena, and Caroline gasped in awe.

Emma then took her jacket and dried herself. She turned back to normal. She then added, "We did not know that werewolves and Original vampires existed. We do not know how we got here. We were having a sort of reunion at Mako. We were waiting forever, but we forgot about the full moon. The water glowed. We woke up here in your living room. Cleo, I do not think that we are in Kansas anymore. I mean think about it."

She was about to say more when Bonnie accidentally cut her finger. Two things happened. Emma's face changed in to that of a vamp one, and she was barely able to stop herself from draining Bonnie dry. Cleo had the opposite reaction and started to sway. She immediately realized something was wrong. She did not have all the pieces yet to articulate her conclusions. On the other hand, Emma was able to add the missing piece to the "puzzle" per say.

Emma stated, "I think that we are in an alternate reality, and that we have taken the place of our counterparts while still retaining our magical, mermaid-selves. It would makes sense why there are no mermaids but werewolves and Original vampires. Furthermore, I wanted to drink Bonnie's blood when she cut herself. I have never felt such hunger before. I was able to control my self by focusing on the 'mermaid' part."

Everything then made sense for Cleo. Cleo replied, "Does this world have a pregnancy test? I think this Hayley person might have done the tango if you get my drift?" Stefan replied, "Yes. Stay here. Bonnie will go get you one. I and Matt will make sure that you are comfortable."

Elena piped in. "Bonnie can stay here. I will go and get the pregnancy test." Damon retorted, "While it is nice to see you out and not acting humanity-less, that is not happening. We must have accidentally left the door open. I do not know why you did not escape, but you are definitely going back."

Cleo had heard and quickly made a decision. "I know that you said she was humanity-less, but mermaids are susceptible to the influence of the moon. Under it, I had my boyfriend become scared of me and told me that I acted like an alien. I propose a compromise. Elena can go, and Emma can keep Elena company. After all, it sounds like our appearance has done wonders for Elena already." Cleo noted.

Stefan replied, "I say that we put this to a vote then. All in favor of Cleo's plan versus Damon's plan." They voted. Stefan, Caroline, Bonnie, Matt, Cleo, Elena, and Emma voted for Cleo's plan. Only Damon voted for his plan. He threw his hands up in the air. He said, "Fine, but don't blame me when she goes on a murder spree!"

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