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Damon smirked. He then announced, "I find this honestly amusing." Finally, he pointed at Cleo. "You are no long our problem!"

Damon exclaimed gleefully. Stefan intervened. "Excuse, my brother." Stefan noted. Cleo replied, "No worries. I consider Damon to be a non-entity anyways."

Tyler and Caroline interjected with support for Damon's words. Klaus jumped in. "I, however, am not amused but insulted. I thought you were smarter than that Damon. Cleo is your problem because you want me as an ally instead of an enemy. Let me ask a purely rhetorical question. Have you found another cure to werewolf poisoning, yet?" Klaus posed.

Damon silently shook his head no and scowled. Bonnie interjected with this. She stated, "Congratulations, Cleo and Klaus! I think everyone forgot that we have a bigger problem, Silas. Remember that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. We need Klaus and Elijah."

Damon conceded defeat. Stefan noticing the mermaids' looks of confusion explained their current crisis. Cleo said, "Oh that. Easy. Emma and I are still mermaids. Mermaids in Greek mythology were sirens. The myths are true. Silas is the big bad's name which implies that Silas is male even though he takes many forms. Since I am pregnant, I can not chance using mermaid magic. Emma will have to do even though she is not as good as me. Once Emma uses the siren song ability, she can ensnare Silas and get him to do her bidding. Then Klaus, Elijah, or Damon gets a witch to desiccate Silas. Later, Emma and I will take care of Silas. This will occur after the baby is born."

Cleo then asked for the group's opinions. Everyone agreed except Damon. "I hate to rain on your parade, but how do you even know that will work? Silas is after all an immortal, powerful being." Damon sarcastically stated.

Cleo retorted, "I have a plan for that too. Emma will test out the siren song ability on Tyler. As a hybrid, he should be a powerful enough substitute. If all else fails, Emma will magically freeze him solid." Cleo then asks mockingly with sarcasm, "Will that work your highness?"

Damon nods silently. Cleo says, "Good. No time like the present. Now I know this will be awkward, but Stefan will need to seduce Emma. The fact that Stefan and Rebekah were lovers means that Rebekah's body will still have muscle memory. Stefan, I will need you to pretend that Emma is Rebekah. Once you seduce Emma, the hormones and vampiric urges will take over and do the rest. That will put Emma in the right remind to use the siren song ability."

Cleo then asked, "Stefan, do you mind?" Stefan shook his head no. Then, he attempted to seduce Emma by pretending that she was Rebekah and tapping into his vampiric urges. He was successful, and Emma was to imagine seducing Stefan in return which resulted in a siren song being heard by all but ensnaring its target of Stefan. Emma quickly snapped out of the seductive spell and only asked for a hug from Stefan which he obliged before snapping out of the siren spell.

Stefan shook himself as if snapping out of a daze. He managed to say, "That was interesting." Cleo then called out with a hint of sadistic glee, "Oh, Tyler. You are next." Tyler did not argue but reluctantly stepped forward.

Emma was already in the proper frame set and executed the siren song flawlessly. She was not as nice to Tyler. She had him hopping on one foot with his eyes closed and barking like a real dog. Eventually, she got tired of toying with him. Tyler came out of the spell to looks of amusement from everyone except Caroline.

Caroline had a mix of negative emotions displayed. Tyler asked, "What did I do?" Caroline informed him. Then, Silas appeared as if summoned from them discussing him. Emma sprang into action and the hauntingly, beautiful siren song emerged from her lips. She then commanded Silas to show everyone his true form and stay that way.

Silas did. Everyone was stunned to see that Stefan was Silas' doppelganger. Seeing this, Emma interrogated Silas. Silas in turn explained the whole story of him, Amara, and Quetsiyah. Emma told everyone that she would keep Silas occupied while Klaus, Elijah, or Damon got a witch.

Elijah volunteered and went to get said witch. Within an hour, Elijah was back. The witch did her job, desiccated Silas, and left. "Then, that takes care of this particular situation!" Cleo exclaimed while washing her hands of the matter.

"Yes, well, do not think that I have forgotten about you, Cleo. You need a doctor for the baby. We need to know the gender and health concerns for the mother. Unfortunately, the only doctor I can think of is Dr. Meredith Fell," Klaus stated. Stefan asked angrily, "Are you crazy?"

Klaus emotionally responded, "I know." Then, he asked, "Do you have a better idea?" Stefan quietly shook his head no. Klaus answered, "I didn't think so." To everyone's surprise, Elena added her thoughts and spoke aloud.

Elena said, "I agree with Stefan. I remember that Dr. Fell gave me no choice. She used 'vampire blood' to save me." Then, she queried, "Are you really just going to trust the mother of your child to her?" Klaus responded, "I do not want to. I have no choice though." Elena replied, "I see. I, an emotionless vampire would be better. Thus, I propose this. I will obtain the medical knowledge needed and help Dr. Fell with taking care of Cleo during her pregnancy. Once and if she makes a mistake as well as is no longer needed, I get to drain her dry."

Again, shocked silence met her words. Klaus answered in agreement, "Deal." Elena took the reins again by volunteering to pick up Dr. Fell. Damon decided that he would be her chaperone which prompted Stefan to go as well along with Klaus. Their trip was short and quick. Dr. Fell was fascinated by the opportunity.

Dr. Fell agreed, and the others gathered the necessary equipment. They returned to the Salvatore Boarding House. Once there, Dr. Fell did an ultrasound. Everyone learned that the baby was a girl. Then, Dr. Fell drew blood.

Everyone was surprised to learn that the baby girl was automatically healing Cleo. Dr. Fell noticed. She said, "More tests will be needed." She finished her task of drawing blood and left. This left everyone together again.

Cleo stated, "Emma and I will stay until the baby is born. Then, we need to get back to our own reality." She then asked, "Can you all help us?" Klaus then confessed, "I like you, Cleo. I want you to stay. Also, Emma is definitely a better sister than Rebekah. Elijah and I do not want either of you to go."

Cleo was silent. Then she said, "I see. I propose a compromise. Help us find a way back. Once we figure that out, Emma and I should be able to spend time between the two realities. That way you will still get time with us. I apologize Klaus, but I have boyfriend. His name is Lewis. We can be friends." Klaus calculated the offer and agreed to help the mermaids. Stefan also offered everyone else's help. There were noises of dissent from Damon, Caroline, and Tyler but nothing else. It was agreed that everyone would research in the meantime while Cleo and Emma got used to living in this new reality.

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