Trials of a Volturi Prisoner

About Seventy Years into the Future…

You would never know by looking at her that Edie was several decades old because she had stopped maturing at the physical age of nineteen. She sat in silence in her lavish prison allowing her dark hair with a tinge of copper to cascade over her light chestnut skin accentuating the features of her face. She was a true native beauty; the only details that set her apart from the rest of her people were her eyes and her thirst for blood. Across the room was her mate Marcus of the Volturi.

He too was turned at the age of nineteen, but unlike Edie, he was over three thousand years old. Marcus stood only three inches taller than Edie and his raven hair matched the same length as hers reaching all the way to below his shoulder blades though he usually tied it in a loose pony-tail. His skin was pale like all vampires and his eyes were ruby-red to match his diet of human blood. Marcus watched Edie concentrate on the task at hand. Her eyes were glazed over and slowly she began to fade. To stave off boredom, he searched his mind for the day they began their quest.

About Fifty-five Years into the Future (Fifteen years ago)

Edie was training with Alec when something caught her eye. There was a cord connecting him and Jane. When she tugged it, she could feel their bond as twins. She looked out to Afton and Chelsea and tugged on theirs. It felt lustful and romantic. Lastly, she tugged at the cord binding her and Alec as friends.

"Is there something wrong Edie?" Alec whispered very low, curious at his friend's antics.

"I think I got a new power," she responded in kind. "I can see the bonds between people and feel how strong their connection is."

"It sounds like…"

"Marcus' power right? How though?"

"Maybe you should ask him?"

"I'll do that. He should be in my room by now."

"Just go. It'll fuel our false rumors further if you do," he advised.


Marcus was on his way to his mate's room when he saw something in Caius' mind that was rather strange. He saw Caius leading the eradication of the Children of the Moon, but then he saw something else that surprised him completely. Caius was laying with Athenodora and what appeared to be a Child of the Moon brutally beating him. Marcus rubbed his eyes with the heels of his hands in confusion. 'This is not my power. This is Edie's.' He entered her chambers. 'Speak of the devil.' "My love, I've come across something strange."

"You too?"

"What have you encountered?"

"I think I gained a new power similar to yours. I can see the bonds between people and how strong they are. Right now I see an impenetrable cable connecting us and when I tug it, I feel love and all kinds of intense emotions."

"It sounds exactly like my power. Which is strange because as I was coming over, I passed Caius and I saw what I thought was a memory of him in a humiliating position with Athenodora and a Child of the Moon. It made me feel as if I was actually there."

"That sounds like my power. It seems our bond has manifested in a new way, but we connected five years ago, so it must be something else."

"You forget we were apart for a long time Coniuge. In bonds such as ours, the separation should have killed us. Now that we are together at last, it seems what was supposed to happen years ago is occurring now."

"You may be right." She sat at the foot of her bed.

He sat down next to her and held her hand, "What do you want to do today amore mio?"

"I want to lie down. I'm mentally exhausted."

"Do you wish for me to stay until you fall asleep?"

"Yes please." 'I never have nightmares in your arms.' This is what she always wanted to feel: safe, content, wanted. She is not the only one in the world who has suffered, but it doesn't make it any less painful. "Marcus?"

"Yes Coniuge?"

"When do we start?"

"We would have started today had it not been for our discovery. It may be possible for me to come with you."


"Yes, but I cannot. It would be impossible to explain why there are two of me."

"Fine, we'll start time-traveling tomorrow."

About Fifty-seven Years into the Future…

Edie made herself undetectable to the past incarnations of herself and her mate. Earlier Edie, or rather, past Edie had been on a supervised hunt with Alec. She was never allowed anywhere alone outside of the castle. It was only luck that her friend volunteered for the job today. It was Felix's turn and really she didn't care very much for him. It wasn't just that he was a muscle-heavy, thick asshole, he was also annoying and he killed her mother and grandmother. No, she was glad she was with Alec. Alec allowed her a little bit of the freedom she so very much desired.

After feasting on a few jackals, Edie was left alone in her favorite spot in Volterra. It reminded her of her home back in the United States, or at least what it used to be. The grass grew wildly and the trees nearly completely covered the sun. Normally, she was never alone. Even if to the human eye it seemed like she was, there was always someone in the shadows watching over her, but Edie didn't detect Alec anywhere.

No, this was another presence she felt. A familiar one. "L'altra metà." Sure enough Marcus stood in front of her. "Where's Alec?"

"I've asked him to keep his distance."


"Is it a crime for a man to want to be with the woman he loves?" Marcus wrapped his arms around Edie and leaned down to kiss her.

Edie's whole body language shifted. She turned her cheek and gently pushed herself away. "I wish you wouldn't do that."

"What? Kiss you?"

She shook her head, "Lie to me."

"Not this again. It's just a kiss. You've known I've loved you for years. Every time it seems we could get away from it all and just be together, you have to go change the mood like the moon changes phases!"

"Well, excuse me if I don't want to be second choice for the man I love." Even as vampires, for them, the air was too still.

"Finally. Finally, after seven years, you tell me you love me."

"Why should I waste my time saying it to someone who would rather say it to another? Go find your precious Didyme and be happy."

"I can't she's dead. That came out wrong." Edie sped away, but Marcus cut her off. "Would you listen to me please? Let me finish explaining."

"Alright," she grudgingly agreed.

"I was the happiest I could ever be when Didyme was alive. I was so happy, that it made me blind like a vampire to his Singer. I believed she was my mate and for two thousand years I have mourned her death. Then I met you." Marcus held Edie's hand between his own and looked her in the eyes. "Every day I wished for death. Every day I wanted to be with my wife. I didn't see how I still allowed myself to continue to live that half-existence. You came into the throne room in chains and your scent was intoxicating. You were a vampire, so you couldn't be one of my Singers. The cord that connected us was unbending. You had to be my mate. I was angry. I didn't want you, but I didn't want to hurt you. I kept visiting you in the chamber out of curiosity and as I learned more about you, I loved you." Marcus moved to kneel and kept one hand connected to Edie while the other was searching his pockets. "Coniuge, you make me angry, sad, jubilant, calm, agitated. You make me FEEL and that is something no one has ever managed to make me do since I came into this second existence." He brought out a ring that at first glance it appeared to be a simple moon ring, but a closer look revealed miniature diamonds in a circular pattern on a gold band.

"Oh!" Tears were blocking her view of the exquisite ring.

"I will run with you anywhere and everywhere. I will be a coward for you as long as it means that we will never part. I will prove to you that you come first every single moment from now, onwards."

"Yes!" She tackled him onto the soft grass and peppered him with kisses. "Yes! I'll marry you."

On that note, Edie from the not too distant future left.

Back in their Present…

She reappeared moments later with a joyous look on her face and skipped over to kiss the cold lips of her pale skinned lover. "L'altra metà I did it! I traveled to the past."

"Where did you go Coniuge?"

"I went to the day you proposed," she said looking at her engagement ring and then peered at Marcus lustfully.

"Is that so?" Marcus held Edie closer to him and at vampire-speed he had both of them on her bed and under the Egyptian cotton covers.

Edie flipped them over so that she was on top. "Oh yes," she responded as she grinded herself on top of his half-firm appendage; with each movement it became harder. "You were incredible that night. I mean you are amazing every night, but that day you were especially astounding."

"Of course I was," he said with conviction. He placed one hand on her hip and the other on her back and flipped her again beneath him. Marcus gave her a sweet kiss on her lips that never failed to send sparks to Edie's spine, "I had proposed to the woman I've waited millennia for, the one who healed my soul and she said yes."

"Was there any doubt I wouldn't?"

"Like with everything else involving you, I was precautious." The centuries-old king grazed his hands under his queen's white blouse and took it off her body at agonizingly slow human speed. Another vampire would not waste his time with trivial actions, but this was the way Edie liked it: slow and intimate. He unhooked her well-filled white lace bra and set free her perfect bosom that seemed to barely fit on his large hands. Marcus tore off his black silk shirt and discarded it to the floor, his cold hands lightly touched her breasts. Then he started playing with her nipples like guitar strings. First with fingers and then with his tongue. Oh that gifted tongue made Edie's temperature rise to the point where you could hear the sizzle of his skin against hers. It trailed slowly to her neck where he sucked to create a bruise as if to say: You're mine. A pleasured moan escaped Edie's lips and her hands traced up and down his back in response to his mark: Yes I am yours and you are mine. He placed small kisses on the mark leading to her neck and soon his mouth was on top of hers. His sweet kisses turned more deliberate. His tongue begged for entrance inside her mouth and she gave it. One tongue was mapping out the other's mouth and vice-versa. Edie broke the kiss, but only to come up for air.

"You say and do the sweetest things amore mio." Marcus began to kiss Edie's warm russet skin from her neck to the space between her breasts where her heartbeat drummed to its strange rhythm. His hands traveled to her hips and slipped off her red knee-length skirt. He raised his eyebrow when he saw her white petticoat.

"Why do you insist on wearing so many clothes?"

"I'm wearing a skirt, my grandma taught me to dress like a proper lady."

"Still, a petticoat is a bit too much isn't it?"

"Yeah, yeah," Edie shredded his black slacks and released his hard appendage from its cage. "I'll never understand why you go commando."

"They serve no purpose." He slipped off her petticoat to reveal her matching panties. "I could say the same thing. Why do you insist on wearing underwear when you have no use for it either?"

"I told you, I'm a lady." She pulled her mate back down to her body. "Now less talking. More lovemaking."

"Of course my lady," he snickered. He leaned down and pressed his lips against her russet neck in the area right below her ear that set her on fire. He used her enthused moans as a sign off to continue. Edie's lace panties soon came off and he pushed apart her legs with his knee. He rubbed his cock on her entrance and the friction caused the area heat up and literally sizzle. She pulled on his hair the way he insisted she always do: roughly while the other hand clawed at his back.

Edie whispered in his ear. "I want you inside me my love."

"At once amore mio." Marcus could never deny his Coniuge, but he could hold her off. This time he would not give in until she absolutely begged him with his favorite sound. He circled her wet heat with his largest finger and slipped it inside.

"AHH Marcus!" Her voice reverbed off the black stone walls of the room. The sound went straight to his cock making it completely swollen. "More." Marcus got ambitious and inserted two more fingers inside her. All three fingers rubbed the walls of her forbidden fruit that smelled all too sweet. "Oh yes!" He deliberately slowed his movements. Being indestructible, neither one needed preparation, but Marcus insisted on hearing that voice he loved so much. The voice that was near the edge of insanity that practically makes him cum at the sound of it.

Edie's voice became high pitched and strained, "For God's sake Marcus no more fingers! If you don't put that cock inside me right now I'll RIP IT UP and BURN IT!" That was it! The fingers were gone and his cock was completely sheathed inside her wet entrance. "Move!" She cried.

Marcus pumped in and out of Edie so fast, their bodies blurred at the speed. She met his every push and held onto him as if he was life itself. "Oh Marcus!"

"That's it Coniuge cry for me. Show me your love. Scream my name!"

Edie couldn't last any longer. She was so far gone that she let out a howl.

Her orgasm set his off. He sounded almost like a lion when he released. He fell on top of her then pulled out and shifted onto the other of the bed and Edie, at first disappointed at the emptiness, curled up underneath his arm with her head on his chest.

"I know you have to go," she sighed. "I wish you didn't have to. I wish we could stay like this for the rest of our eternity l'altra metà."


"Don't say anything my love I was just thinking out loud." A beat passed. "At least they're not cutting me open anymore and let me be part of the guard."

"Why did you join the guard? You stayed for me I know, but you could have let me tell Aro who you were and become a queen with the others."

"Please don't call me a queen. You know why I won't join them. I would be forcibly locked up in the tower with Sulpicia and Athenodora, becoming more of a prisoner than I already am; and if I was locked up, we would hardly see each other and then our plans would be ruined." She paused. "That and I would be bored out of my mind and then nothing would stop me from destroying the entire tower. No, I am content where I am."

"Yes, we wouldn't want you bored. There'd be nothing left. Though you could always give into Corin's power." She gave him a disbelieving look and he quickly corrected himself. "I'm only kidding my love, but you haven't answered my question yet."

"Joining the guard allowed me to not only stave off my boredom, but to learn battle strategy with the added benefit of not arousing suspicion. I mean right now the rumor is you're only sleeping with me because I was the first thing to catch your interest in two thousand years and you only come to my room to pound into me until I'm used up and then you'll grow bored of me too."

"Too late, I'm already bored." She kicks him in the shin. "Again I'm only joking Coniuge."

"Ha-ha you're so funny," she replied dryly.

"What about Alec?"

"What about him?"

"Is your alliance with him so you could take advantage of his knowledge as well?"

"Hell no! Alec's my best friend. We totally get each other. We're Alec and Edie, Bonnie and Clyde. I wouldn't have survived guard training without him and he wouldn't be able to laugh without me. You have to admit, I'm hilarious."

"Yes, you certainly keep me smiling." They drifted into comfortable silence.

"Amore mio, do you think we can pull this off?" The door to Edie's room opened with a boom. She immediately grabs the sheets pooling on her waist and covers herself with them. A young man about the same height as Edie was at the door. He had short dark-brown hair and burgundy eyes. "Alec, do you really need to make a dramatic entrance? For someone with a silent power you are too loud."

"You are supposed to be training," Alec said sternly with false severity to the bare lady.

"We were," Marcus replied. "We just needed a break. Edie did remarkably well and deserved a reward."

"Marcus!" Edie chided her lover.

"It's nothing I haven't heard before," Alec snickered. He strode inside the room as if it were his.

"Just wait here you pervert, while I get decent."

Edie rapidly showered and Marcus got dressed in an outfit similar to the one he was wearing before. When she came out with her hair pulled back in a braid, she was dressed in faded bootleg jeans that accentuated her hips and a dark blue polo shirt that hugged her chest. "Alec were you able to get all the materials on the list?"

"Yes the baster, liquid eye contacts, and eye drops were easy enough to procure, I even got a half vial of blood from a carnivore."

"Did you remember to get the blood while its heart was still beating?"

"Yes I did. That was oddly the most entertaining activity I've done in years. Do you always have to wrestle them to the ground when you feed?" Alec's face lit up as he recalled battling with the jackal.

"It's the best part of the game." She smiled.

"Is there much difference whether or not he did," Marcus asked. "Couldn't you have used a dead herbivore instead?"

"A dead animal is equivalent to using cooked meat and using an herbivore would be like the diet version of what I need. Blood from a live carnivore makes a more solid bright color," she responded.

"And you need this specific color," Alec concluded.

"Yes." She gave the blood to Marcus. "Marcus could you please fill the rest of the vial with your venom and then mix it until they are blended together?" She went through the rest of the supplies her friend got. "Alec this baster is a little too big don't you think? I'm sure there were smaller ones near where you got the eye drops." Edie held up the turkey baster.

"I already had it in my possession. Don't worry I cleaned it out."

She gave him a perplexed look complete with an open mouth and raised eyebrow. She had an idea of what he used it for. "I hope you boiled it. Okay, were you able to get the graduated cylinder and beaker?"

"I wasn't sure what those were, so I broke into a lab and got all the glass containers they had."

"Seriously? I've seen you hack into a Japanese publishing company just to get the latest Yaoi manuscripts and you can't bother to look up basic lab supplies? At some point in your twelve hundred years you must've spent time in a science lab."

"I've been to many places. I simply don't pay attention to things with no significance."

"Ever still the willful child Alec," Marcus queried with a smirk as he watched the two converse. "I'm done with the vial."

"Grazie amore," Edie got the vial and began to work on her experiment.

"Oh sod off my lord," Alec responded. "Your turning age is only two years older than mine."

"Yes, but I have two thousand years on top of that over you. I am significantly more mature."

While the two men bickered, Edie grabbed one of the many graduated cylinders Alec stole and poured the contents of five eye drop bottles inside to fill it half-way and then one fourth of the bottle of liquid eye contacts and mixed the liquids at a high speed. She poured the mix inside a beaker and cautiously added the blood-venom mix.

"What are you trying to do Edie?" Alec was puzzled at her actions.

"If I execute this correctly, I will have made liquid eye contacts."

"Contacts? You already have that here," he pointed at the opened bottle. "What's so special about these?"

"They're to make me look more like a vampire. I used to make it all the time when I was hiding out from, well you."

"Why would you need to disguise your eyes?"

"Yes, I'm rather fond of them myself," Marcus put in his two cents. "They remind me of the soft g–"

"They're too conspicuous. The mission wouldn't be successful if the Cullens were given more reasons to be suspicious of my creature status," she plainly stated.

"Your eyes do make you look more human. Add your peculiar smell and it makes you too intriguing for the Cullens to leave alone especially Carlisle," Alec agreed.

"Yes my old friend was always one of the curious sort," Marcus remarked, "but then why are you mixing the solution now if you can take only just take your clothes when you travel?"

"It's only a trial run to see if I can still do it. I've been out of practice for twenty years and I can't risk exposure winging it," she said thoughtfully.

Completely focused on what was right in front of her, she failed to notice Alec and Marcus looking at each other uncomfortably like they wanted to tell her something that would upset her. They knew they had to and soon, but they needed to know first if she was as close to being ready for the mission.

"What is your cover story for the shifters and the Cullens," Alec asked.

"I'm going to tell them that I am a descendant of the Quileute tribe and after I had already phased I was bitten by a starved vampire, but was let go once he got a good whiff of me. I've been this way ever since."

"How old are you," Marcus inquired.

"My turning age is nineteen and my vampire age is unknown because I spent so much time traveling from place to place, I lost track."

"Did you read up on the 20th century in the websites I told you about," Alec questioned.

"Yes the material is so ingrained in my brain that I think I'm actually from there," she answered.

"Well done," he praised. "How do these special contacts work?" He asked picking up the solution and eyeing it curiously.

"Like eye drops. I only need to put it on the area around the iris and let it naturally gravitate around the pupil."

"How can you expect that result?"

"Vampire venom is supposed to perfect whatever it infects," Marcus interjected. "I'm guessing that's the reason you used it in your creation."

"One of them. The venom also helps the mix to not burn out as quickly when it comes into contact with my eyes. Normal contacts can only last a few hours at most before they become useless," Edie continued to mix the solution. She refocused on the mixture in her hand and Marcus looked at her curiously.

"Why did you need my venom for the contacts? I thought you had your own."

"My venom isn't as potent; I can turn a human with what I have, but it is too impure for this to work. I needed venom from a full vampire."

"And the animal blood?" Alec inquired.

"Mixed with the venom, it will give the contacts a bright golden color. I couldn't use a dead animal's blood. The last time I did, it worked as well as water."

"Why can't you use human blood for red instead of gold?"

Edie opened her mouth, but Marcus beat her to the punch. "Don't you remember? Carlisle was a 'vegetarian'."

"Oh yes that 'alternative lifestyle', I haven't seen that strange color in so long I almost forgot it existed."

"I thought vampires had perfect memory, or perhaps in your old age some things have slipped like the concept of lab supplies," Edie jested

"I only remember things of significance," he huffed.

"Like turkey basters?"

"Shut up," if he could blush he'd be red like a tomato.

"Yeah, yeah." Edie sucked the liquid into the baster and put two drops on each eye. She fluttered her eyes shut and when she opened them up again, they were golden like the sun's rays. Marcus placed his palm on Edie's face, his thumb traced the lids of her now gold eyes. "Is it too strange?"

"Hell yeah!" They turned to Alec. "You look more like your father this way, at least when I knew him. It's weird." He got a closer look without invading personal space.

"Marcus?" She turned to her lover. Marcus always said he thought her eyes were the most beautiful in all of existence. Edie got a bit insecure and she thought that maybe he hated them. She looked away from his gaze. He held her chin and turned her back to face him.

"They are certainly foreign to the face I've grown accustomed to, but they take nothing away from your beauty." Edie smiles. "He's right though, you do look like your father."

"Kah thought he was really handsome. I guess I'm lucky to look like him."

"My dear, you have your own beauty that has no rivals," he assured her.

"Looking like him might be dangerous where you're going; they could mistake you for him if you're not careful. He was rather popular during that time. Thankfully, your skin and most of your indigenous features overpower the ones you inherited from him," Alec stated matter-of-factly. "How long do they last?"

"If I'm lucky, two drops on each eye could last me a month if I don't get too emotional or if my natural heat doesn't dissolve them." Marcus and Alec look at each other knowingly. They're thinking the same thing and were being cautious as to how they would break the news to Edie. She looked at them with apprehension. What are they keeping from her? It couldn't be that bad. "What is it you two?"

Marcus was the one who responded first, "Edie, you have to leave tonight."

She stared at him wide-eyed then looked over to Alec who had the same solemn look on his face. "But we haven't trained enough. We don't even know if I'll be able to make the trip all the way. I barely made it past a decade last time."

Alec chimed in, "You can Edie. You know you can and you must do it now."

"Why," she demanded.

"Aro turned a human recently with the gift of Ability Identification. The boy observed the guard while we were training and he quickly identified your powers as a Shield and Memory Manipulator and the strength of each. Apparently you are more powerful than even Jane and I combined."

Marcus continued for him, "When Caius found out, he wanted you put to death immediately. He started preaching that you've been planning to overthrow us since the beginning. I tried convincing him he was delusional and that you didn't have the mental capacity, but he retorted and said that you altered my memories in order to manipulate me. Aro finally spoke after that. His mind had been turning gears since you were discovered and he concluded that you must be experimented on again. He wants to enhance the guard even further by giving them the benefit of your strength in abilities and after he gets everything he could possibly procure from you; he's going to have you burned."

"He touched Marcus and me recently. He might already have knowledge of our mission; for all we know he could be coming now," Alec concluded.

"That's impossible," Edie spoke with conviction. "Marcus has had a shield around him since we first looked into each other's eyes and you've had yours when we became friends. If I'm really as powerful as Aro thinks, then those wards should be impenetrable against him."

Edie silently went over the information that was just presented to her. Though she appeared calm and ready for battle, they saw through her façade. "Coniuge, the contacts are dissolving; you're getting too emotional."

"Yes Edie you need to focus," Alec added.

She snaps. "The two of you are telling me that the entire Volturi coven is coming to capture me, so they could throw me back to that hole to be torn apart and put back together again and again. All to serve Aro's ambitions of power beyond belief and then when he is FINALLY done with me he's going to kill me."

"Exactly," Alec stated. "He knows that even if he sent ten of the strongest guard you would escape, so he's sending all of them plus the reserves. Caius suggested turning more humans just so they would have the strength of newborns. I'm supposed to be with the rest of the guard awaiting orders. The plan is to attack the next time you feed."

"I was supposed to go tonight," she gasped then turned to Marcus. "Where do they think you are?"

"Aro had Chelsea reinforce my allegiance to him. I am supposed to be in my room trying to not kill myself," he responded with a smirk.

"How can you possibly smile now?"

Marcus embraced Edie and placed her under his chin. "I can smile because Aro, with all the power he employs, is no match for you. He has his delusions of control when it is you that actually wields it."

Edie couldn't help smiling back. He had so much confidence in her, she only wished she could live up to the potential he sees. "L'altra metà, my other half."

"Il mio Coniuge, my mate."

She initiated a kiss and they met in the middle. They gave their kiss with so much passion knowing that it would be their last for a long time; she didn't care if she needed to breathe she wouldn't break it and she wouldn't let him either. Not now.

The kiss had to end sometime and Alec tearing them apart was when. "Edie it's time."

"Okay," she breathed. "Let's do this."

"Wait before we do, I have something for you." Alec pulled out a leather band from his pocket. "You can't show anything that will give your real identity away; not even your rings, so I got you this necklace so you could at least have them close. Give me your rings." She handed her wedding band and engagement ring to Alec and he quickly fashioned them into the leather necklace. When he was done, he fastened it around her neck. The rings reached all the way down to the bottom of her chest. There was something inscribed in the leather, it read: 'Bonnie & Clyde'. She turned to give him a hug. He whispered in her ear, "I'll always be your Bonnie."

"And I'll be your Clyde."

She looked at her mate one last time lovingly, but centered on the mission. He said to her with the same tone she projected, "Amore mio I believe in you. The trials you face will be some of the hardest anyone could come across and knowing you, you will succeed or take down the world trying. After all, even in boredom you are destructive; enough to take down an entire tower."

"Jokes. Now?"

"We have to keep some things light. My love." He jested.

"Of Course." She looked at the inscription Marcus had engraved on her gold wedding band: Ti Ho Trovato (I Found You). Marcus caught her looking at it. She looked straight at him and said, "This time I'll find you."

"Ready," asked Alec.

"Definitely." They sat down cross-legged, face to face.

"Remember you can't come back this time."

"I know."

"I picked a memory that'll give you at least a year to do what you need to. I have to warn you, the 'me' from this memory had a 'shoot first, ask questions later' method of dealing with strangers. For our plan to work he needs to be convinced without a doubt that siding with you is the best choice. If actions don't convince me, I'm sure you'll think of something." He smiled. "Okay I have the memory ready to go."

Edie focused on the memory presented to her. She visualized herself in that point in time. Like before, her eyes glazed over and she slowly vanished, Alec and Marcus heard Demetri and Felix speeding to her room a while later. "Why are they coming?" Alec wondered.

"Chelsea must have discovered our bonds with Edie when she began to disappear," Marcus answered.

A crack, a boom, cries of agony, and a shattering sound were the last echoes Edie heard. She had escaped her prison and her next stop: the early 21st century Phoenix, Arizona.