Emma Hope

AN: As it is Emma's second Heavenly Birthday a treat for all my readers. The Wedding

19th August 2016

Dear Emma,

I left the last letter just before your father's and my wedding was about to start and told you we would be talking about the honeymoon. I hope you find these letters as useful as I do writing them, getting down as much detail as I can about our lives before and after you.

I came out of my bedroom with a new sense of peace surrounding me, I knew I was making the right decision to marry your father, I could not ask for a more understanding man to help be my guide through life's journey.

Charlie was waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs with a proud father's look on his face, a smile a mile wide, Charlie inquired if I was ready to go. I said yes that I was ready to marry my soul mate. Today Charlie decided that the Police Cruiser was not a suitable car to take his daughter, the bride, to her wedding so he borrowed a friend's car that he drove, with Angela in the front, me in the back.

On the way to the chapel I started to get nervous, questioning if Edward would be there waiting. What if he decided I was too much work? I had all these questions and doubts in my mind and I was starting to panic. Charlie looked in his rear-view mirror to see panic all over my face and reassured me that Edward would be there and soon I would see him.

Arriving at the Chapel the ground was muddy from the rain the night before. Thank god, I chose a dress without a train. I pulled my dress up as I got out of the car, so that it would not get muddy or wet, and walked with Charlie to the front doors of the chapel. Angela was the first one to walk through the doors with A Thousand Years by Christina Perri playing. Then, the music changed to one I had specially picked out for your father, Savage Gareden's, I Knew I Loved You.

The doors opened again and Charlie and I stood on the threshold and I could finally see your father, I breathed a sigh of relief that he was here. I almost ran Charlie down the aisle to get to your father, Charlie had a little giggle gently tapping me on the arm, reminding me we had to walk slowly and in time with the music. It was agonizing as all I wanted to do was to get to Edward.

Finally, Charlie and I were at the altar and Edward put out his hand for me to take and I gladly did, feeling safe and complete in his arms again. The reverend started the service by asking who gives this woman away, Charlie stepped forward kissing me on both cheeks, telling how proud he was of me and all that I have accomplished. The rest of the service was a blur to me, I did not notice Jasper standing by Edward's side or the wonderful job Esme and Angela had done with the chapel decorations. All that I saw was Edward standing beside me in a tux and damn did he look good. It is a shame, you Emma you never would see your father in a tux he would have been your prince as he was mine

Finally, the reverend pronounced us husband and wife. Edward wrapped his arms around me kissing me like he has never done before, there was so much passion and love radiating from his kiss. He was taking me to new heights. Places I never knew existed with just one kiss, we were in our own bubble. Finally, the noise from the crowd interrupted us. Mainly it was Emmett making most of the noise. Edward kissed me again saying "I love you Mrs Cullen" with a huge smile on his face, one that I could not resist giving him back.

As we were leaving the chapel I took the time to notice the wonderful job Esme did in decorating the Chapel, with ribbons and flower arrangements on each pew. It truly looked like a winter wonderland.

Outside photos were taken with everyone in all different groups, I noticed during this Charlie was off to the side. I made my escape while the photographer was talking with Esme and Edward to see what was troubling Charlie. Being Charlie he did not want to talk about it, but I could see something was troubling him. Finally, he admitted he was sad to be letting me go, that I would no longer just be his daughter, the one who turned to him when I need advice or help with something, and he would no longer be the most important person in my life. That he now had to share the role with Edward. I wrapped my arms around Charlie's waist and held on tightly telling him I would always need him, that yes, Edward would be an important part of my life but so would he, and no matter where I was on the Earth we would still always remain close. That hopefully soon he would have a new role to play in my life as grandfather to my children, he just grunted at that and said he hoped not too soon, he was too young to be a grandfather. I just laughed.

Edward came over to make sure everything was ok and to let me know it was time to head to the reception party, which I was looking forward to the most, a chance to let my hair down and relax since we were just having a small party with our guests.

At Charlie's house, we had tables set up so that the guests could sit anywhere as there were no assigned seating. we wanted people to feel comfortable and relaxed. Charlie had hired a DJ who also handled the entertainment. Everyone mingled with each other till it was time for the meal. We all took our seats while the JD called the best man to give his speech. He spoke about the silly things Edward and he used to do when they were younger, he talked about the phone call Edward made to him after meeting me and how Jasper knew that Edward would be getting married soon, just from that one phone call.

Next up was Angela, even though she had not known me as long as Jasper had known Edward, she still brought a tear to everyone's eyes when she talked about meeting this woman with such an inner strength and she knew being friends with her would be a special kind of bond. How she could see even though I seemed happy that there was a deep sadness to my eyes and she wanted to solve that mystery. That she was looking forward to having a friendship with me for many years to come and being named godmother of our children.

Charlie went next, he was nervous as he stood, giving a heartfelt speech about how he felt he had let me down in my childhood by allowing me to live with my mother and how proud he was of me for never giving up, for facing each challenge I came across head on and not letting my past beat me down. Charlie spoke about the day I said I was coming to live with him and how he was over the moon, but nervous at the same time since we had been apart for so long and we really didn't know each other, but he was not going to let that stop him. His baby girl wanted him and he was going to be there for her no matter what it took. Charlie went on to say what he would do to Edward if he ever hurt me, reminding Edward he was police chief and could hide a body in the woods just behind the house and no one would know. This made everyone laugh, except Edward.

Edward was last to make his speech and he had everyone crying as he told the story of how he met this amazing young woman that he could see was scared and that if he moved the wrong way, would scare her off and that was something he could not do because she had a part of his heart that he could not live without. That he knew from the moment we set eyes on each other we were destined to be together forever, He said he looked forward to the challenges we would face together. He also laughed and says he looked forward to the fights because of me being so independent and stubborn, which makes me blush. Edward said that a thousand life times would not be enough for him, that he wanted eternity with me and that in this lifetime we would have everything I had ever wanted or was too scared to dream about, because he would make those dreams come true. He said he could see us sitting old together in our rockers, with our grandchildren and great -grandchildren around us, listening to how we met and our powerful love story.

By this time most of the female guests were in tears and so was I. Edward took my hand and walked me to the dance floor where he said that he has one more surprise for me and the DJ starts playing a song that I did not recognize. Then, I realize that it was just a piano piece. I looked at Edward and he whispered in my ear that this was my lullaby that he wrote just for me. As we slow danced I listened carefully and could feel the love and passion Edward had for me in this song. (AN: Bella's lullaby by Carter Burwell) As I listened I just melted into Edwards arms and held him close as he rested his chin on my head moving us gently to the rhythm of the music that I had inspired.

At the end of our dance Charlie asked for a dance, which Edward gladly stepped aside to give Charlie and me as much time together as possible. This was an awkward dance as Charlie doesn't really dance and neither do I (AN: Never Think by Robert Pattinson). Charlie said he was going to miss me and that this would always be my home no matter where I lived. I just held Charlie not wanting to let him go, he had been my strength, my rock for so long. I knew he would always be a phone call away as it was just us and the world, now it's Edward and I, and the rest of the world.

Edward and I spent the rest of the evening mingling with our guests, I got to know some of Edward's friends better as we just hung out. They told tales of things Edward had got up to when he was single, But that they had never seen Edward look so happy as he did that day.

Edward and I called it a night around 9pm as we wanted to drive back to Seattle that night. Charlie was worried that it was too late for such a long trip, but we reassured him that it was fine, because we both would be driving and would stop and take breaks, for rest and coffee along the way. But Edward and I really wanted to spend our wedding night in our own bed. So, we set off after saying good bye to everyone, which took us 20 minutes, but since most of the guest were either staying with Charlie or in the hotel in town we would have no interruptions when we got home

By the time, we got home all Edward and I wanted to do was shower and sleep. I went first showering and washed all the hairspray out of my hair. It was good to feel clean after such a long day, but I was looking forward to a sleep and spending time exploring the city with my wonderful new husband. Once out of the shower Edward followed and we both climbed into bed exhausted, but the passion was still there for us, no matter how tired we were. We ended spending our wedding night in the throes of passion, falling asleep after watching the sun rise over the horizon of Seattle from our Condo window.

For the next few days were relaxed and worked with no time schedule, we did what we wanted to when we wanted to. Your father, being the romantic he was, surprised me with a candlelit dinner at the rotating restaurant in the Space Needle. It was so romantic and we got to watch the sun setting over the horizon while eating our dinner.

One day we spent strolling along Pike Place Market in Elliot Bay, as we purchased what we wanted and did not have a care in the world, while sipping on our coffees as we walked along. We had lunch at one of the little cafes there. We found, and bought, small gifts for everyone.

We spent other days walking the waterfront along the boardwalk investigating all the little shops, taking in the treasure that was our hometown. Whilst our days were spent busily exploring the city, we talked about everything, including our hopes and dreams for the future. We agreed to start to try for a family, neither of us wanted to be too old being parents we wanted to still enjoy our life together, just us, but we also wanted to be able to keep up with our children and as Edward said in his wedding speech we wanted to be able to see our great grandchildren.

So, with our days busy so were our nights, but really Emma you don't need those details. Our honeymoon was ending and we had to return to the real world and our careers. Although, I will always treasure those days I had with Edward, just us with not a care in the world, young and in love.

Dearest Emma,

I will leave you there for now, your next letter I might just tell you about the time when your Uncle Emmett meets your Aunt Rosalieā€¦ That is a funny story. I miss you and love you every day. Till next time

Love always your mum

Bella Cullen


Songs for this chapter are,

I knew I loved you by Savage Garden

A thousand Years by Christina Perri

Never Think by Robert Pattinson

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