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He gazes at his bride, entranced. She may be momentarily distracted by the treasured photograph in her hand, but he can't imagine a time when he won't be distracted by her.

Removing his gloves, he catches her eye, and his heart beats a little faster in his chest. Unable and unwilling to stop himself, he reaches out to touch her face for the very first time. Her skin is soft under his fingers, but he can't fully appreciate that, because now she's smiling at him, and he can't help but smile back.

He wants very badly to kiss her, and that's alright, they're husband and wife, after all. Still, as he leans in, that age-old fear resonates within the pit of his stomach, until she surprises and delights him by putting both hands on either side of his face and meeting his lips with her own.

The kiss only lasts a moment, but when he sits back to look at her once more, he knows it means the same to her as it does to him- that they are finally, forever, together.

Content, he watches as she lays her head down on her arms and the arm of his throne, and soon follows suit. He rests his head against his fist, more at peace than he'd ever been in life, and he remembers a certain conversation he'd had with his three friends so very long ago.

"Nailed it," he thinks, just as his eyes drift shut.

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