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"NOOOOOOOOO!" Star screamed as she held onto the hem of her mothers dress. "I can be good I swear. Please don't send me to St. Olga's reform school for wayward princesses!" She pleaded as she imagined the horrors of the school.

"Now sweetheart please calm down." Stars father, King Butterfly soothed. "We've done our research and have been assured of the institutions quality. She has even said that once you pass basic orientation you will be allowed to practice magic there until you are experienced enough to return home."

That didn't soothe Star one bit, she pleaded with her parents to have mercy and send her anywhere but St. Olga's but the two of them had made up their minds about the issue.

"Relax and compose yourself Star." Queen Butterfly soothed. "We aren't sending you alone. Glossaryck will be with you to look out for you the same way he watched over me when I was your age." She gestured to the small floating blue man next to her, but the strange being didn't reassure Star one bit.

Little else was said as Star was loaded into the Royal Carriage and sent to Saint Olga's. As Star looked out at her home from the carriage window she couldn't help but imagine all the horrors of the school she was going to.

None of the things she imagined were as terrible as what truly awaited her.

Deep in the castle of Mewni lay the Hall of Reflection, also known by some as the Ancestors room or Grandma room. It was a room dedicated to each and every Queen who had ever ruled Mewni all the way back to its founding.

Moon Butterfly was sitting in a large armchair at the center of the room and was gazing at an almost empty space on the wall. A magical loom was slowing sewing a tapestry that would show an image of her daughter Star Butterfly. The tapestry would change depending on what type of Queen Star would be.

Would she be a conqueror? A Diplomat? A Tyrant? The answer would never be obvious as the tapestry changed depending on ones life. Queen Eclipsa's tapestry had shown her as a just ruler until she had run off with a monster. At which point it had completely changed. The only thing consistent with each tapestry was Glossaryck who had the same pose and expression upon each one.

Moon looked at her own image which had remained unchanged since she was a young adult. An image of her defeating an Immortal monster using her darkest spell. The greatest accomplishment of her life forever immortalized.

She hated the image more then any other.

She would never be known as a philosopher or a peacemaker but rather as a warrior who's greatest accomplishment was that of violence. She knew it didn't have to end the way it did, there had been alternate paths to avoid that great battle, other choices she could have made. But they came at a cost she wasn't willing to pay.

She gazed at the image of the monster, a memory from her past, there was a time where a possible peace had been at her fingertips. "If only you had been more reasonable." Moon muttered at she gazed at the image of him with his finger severed, a look of absolute shock etched on his face. "The day I showed you that no one is Immortal."

She would be forever known as Moon the Undaunted, a title many would have enjoyed but one she despised. She looked once more at her daughters tapestry, it was only a tiny shred of cloth with no distinguishing features. She could only hope that Star would be able to succeed where she had failed all those years ago.

"I knew I would find you in here." An all too familiar voice called out. Moon turned around and saw her husband walking into the room, his facial expression unusually serious for a man who took joy in everything.

"Not now River, you know that when I'm in here I wish to be alone." Moon stated as she focused on her daughters tapestry.

"Well I wish I had my daughter with us right now but we cant always get what we want." River replied gruffly as he stood next to his wife. "I don't like it, sending her off to that place."

"Neither do I, but what else are we supposed to do?" Queen Butterfly questioned.. "Dark times lie ahead of us and the Kingdom needs someone to rule it should anything happen to us. We have only one child and the entire Kingdoms future lies on her shoulders. We cannot take risks, I shudder to think what will happen if Star fails to become a proper ruler…."

"She will be a magnificent ruler." The King interjected. "She has a strong will and a good heart."

The queen had to resist scoffing. "I know that River, but a good heart isn't going to hold this kingdom together. Our population grows and we don't have enough land to grow enough corn to feed them. Our borders cant expand without expanding into the swamps and forests which would run the risk of uniting the monsters and triggering a war. Not to mention all the nobles who are sitting back and waiting for something to go wrong so that they can openly question our leadership."

The King turned and faced his wife. Even as she grew older his wife looked as beautiful as the day he met her, not showing a bit of age on her body. The only part of her that grew older were her eyes, and as he gazed into them now he saw that she was old in spirit. The crown was a terrible burden for her to bear.

"I know these are hard times but you mustn't be so negative." King Butterfly soothed. "New agricultural tools will ensure the best harvest we've had yet, our armies have never been stronger, and despite the bickering of the nobles our people are content."

"A idealistic outlook on things." Moon retorted. "We must always assume the worst River, especially when the fate of an entire kingdom is at stake. Tough decisions have to be made."

"I still don't like sending her away. We could have had instructors on Mewni teach her to be a princess." The King responded.

"We tried that for the last fourteen years of her life River." She said, her voice betraying frustration. " Besides having her far away from here is for the best. I don't like the idea of her practicing magic recklessly in the wilds, nor do I want her failings to be publicly known. It will make people question her capabilities as the future queen."

"So we sacrifice our daughters life here on Mewni for appearances sake?"

"We all have to make sacrifices." Moon Butterfly stated as she placed a hand on her husbands shoulder in an attempt to console him. "Besides I think you are worrying too much about all this. I've asked around from numerous other royal families who claim that its a fine institution and that their daughters came back happy and content."

That didn't soothe King Butterfly much. "Well lets hope we made the right decision." King Butterfly said as his thoughts lingered on his only child going to a far away reform school.

"Its better then her being here...he is still out there." Moon said as she gazed at her own tapestry.

"He learned his lesson and if he ever shows his face Ill show him what for!" River declared as he glared at the lizards representation. "You destroyed his finger, that leaves plenty left for me to crush."

"Its not just that." Moon replied. "Its Star I'm most worried about. With how reckless she is I fear for what type of Queen she will become. Our people may not realize it but our civilization has reached a point where it will either flourish or fall. I fear our daughter will assume power during our peoples darkest hour. I can feel it River and it frightens me."

River put a comforting hand on his wife's shoulder as he joined her in watching their daughters tapestry slowly form itself.

"Another year of the same." Marco Diaz muttered to himself as he sat in his schools homeroom waiting for the final bell to ring.

School had only started a few weeks ago and he was already sick of it, a sentiment his classmates seemed to share. All of them were either zoning out or sleeping as they waited for the days end. Even their teacher Ms. Skullnick was paining her nails instead of teaching.

Marco couldn't help but let out a tired sigh. It was only a few weeks into the year and already things were looking down. School and life in general had become so routine it was almost torturous.

Throughout his fourteen years of life he had always played things safe. Whether that be always using crosswalks or wearing a helmet in the locker room shower since the floors in there tended to be slippery due to a lack of proper sanitation. Being known as the 'safe kid' put him at the very bottom of the schools hierarchy which left him little in the way of friends. Being the safe kid meant he was never invited to parties or included in anything his classmates were doing.

He thought this year would be different, he couldn't help but feel like a change would come into his life that would make people see him for the misunderstood bad boy he knew he was rather then the never take chances safe kid.

"Marco Diaz to the Principals office, Marco Diaz to the principals office." The all to familiar voice of the school principal called out over the schools intercom.

Marco had to resist jumping up and doing a dance of joy. Finally something he could use to prove to his classmates he wasn't the safe kid anymore.

"Ohhh looks like someones in trouble." Marco stated happily as he got up out of his desk chair. He walked up to the front of the class and turned to all of his classmates. "So I guess everyone who voted me safest kid must be feeling pretty embarrassed right about now."

Marco leaned over to where Miss Skullnick was paining her nails. "So do I need a hall pass or should I-"

"Will you just go already!" Miss Skullnick yelled angrily, making Marco immediately run out of the classroom and towards the principals office.

On his way there he began to wonder what he could have done. He didn't remember doing anything bad or even worth getting in trouble over. The only explanation was he was being blamed for something that wasn't his fault.

"Well if I take credit for something I didn't do it would still make me seem like a troublemaker." He thought out loud as he reached the principals office. He walked inside and found the principal sitting behind his desk as usual. What surprised Marco was the fact he wasn't alone, two chairs sat opposite of his desk both holding people that Marco recognized instantly.

The schools resident outcasts Janna and Oskar who both looked extremely unhappy to be in the principals office.

"Marco my boy, punctual as always." The Principal Skeeve's stated happily. "Please sit down and get comfortable because I have amazing news."

Marco followed the mans instructions and took a seat next to his fellow students. "I'm proud to say that we've decided to make you a student mentor." The principal stated happily drawing a look of confusion from Marco.

"Student mentor?" He questioned, confused by the principals words.

"That's right." Skeeve's responded. "In order to get more funding our school needs to shine as a beacon of education. We need to ensure that all of our students pass their classes and don't get held back. So the board decided on a student mentor ship program where the very best and brightest students mentor the more...challenged students." He explained, picking his words carefully. "The school board asked me to try this idea out and I could think of no better person to assign as a mentor then you my boy. Perfect grades, perfect attendance, and voted the safest kid in the school. You were practically born to reform trouble makers."

Marco shook his head. "No you got it all wrong, I'm a misunderstood bad boy." Marco claimed, trying to look tough and intimidating.

"You're adorable." The principal responded pinching Marcos cheek like he was a baby. "Janna has been in detention everyday since the school year started and Oskar Greason here has the worst attendance of any student we've ever had. I need you to improve their grades and make sure they stay out of trouble."

"Wait you expect me to change them? How-" Marco was cut off by the principal.

"There's only a half hour until the school day ends so Ill let the three of you leave early. I recommend bonding since the three of you will be spending the rest of the school year together." He said as he closed the door to his office.

Marco looked at his two new charges and felt a bead of sweat trickle down his face. Oskar was a slacker but overall laid back guy while Janna….

"So you're the one who's in charge of reforming me eh?" Janna asked as she slid up to Marco's side. "I gotta warn you, I'm a bad girl who needs to be disciplined constantly." She purred as she leaned on Marco, causing the boy to blush.

"Very funny Janna." Marco responded as he pushed her away, trying to hide the effect her words had on him. Ever since they were in kindergarten Janna had enjoyed teasing him endlessly and now she was going to be by his side for the entire year under his mentor ship.

"So like...what do we do?" Oskar asked as he adjusted his keytar. "I only agreed to this because my mom threatened to send me to military school if I didn't go through with this dumb program."

Marco looked at his two charges and couldn't help but sigh.

"This isn't going to be easy..."

For the first time in her entire existence Star hated her life.

She had always loved being a princess, the nice rooms, always having food, and having an entire castle at your disposal was wonderful. She also loved fighting monsters and spending all her days having fun. Even during the darkest periods of growing up she could always find a reason to be positive and enjoy life.

That all changed the second she had set foot in Saint Olga's reform school. She had her wand taken away and locked up for 'safe keeping' as the Headmistress had said. Glossaryck was locked up in a small cage in her room to ensure he didn't interfere with her reform education.

The education was worse then she could have imagined. Etiquette classes, tea drinking practice, boring dance classes, sewing classes, and every other boring princess thing imaginable all being taught in the worse way imaginable.

The lack of sunlight or any type of calendar made time become an abstract illusion to Star. Days turned into weeks, and weeks into months until she couldn't even remember how long she had been at the school. She had no contact with the outside world whatsoever and there were no fun activities there was only conformity.

She held onto her individuality as much as she could, hoping to manage to maintain a shred of it when she left. But with each grueling day she felt more and more of it slip away.

After an unknowable amount of time had passed she had reached the breaking point. She had failed every single class in the entire school from dancing to animal musical numbers. The worst students in the school who were deemed either too reckless or beyond teaching were sent to the solitary conforment chamber. After only a few days they were brought back out as model princesses. Mere shells of their former selves.

It hadn't been that long ago that her best friend Princess Pony head ended up in Saint Olga's with her. Pony Heads natural rebellious and bad girl nature meant she had been sent to the chamber after only a few weeks of classes. She had come out as a shell of her former self. It had to have been brainwashing. Seeing her friend reduced to that made Star try her best to pass the classes to avoid such a fate but she simply couldn't conform even when she was trying to.

Usually she would have tried a daring escape but for the first time in her life she was too afraid to do anything. Saint Olga's had always been something she feared and being here made her feel weak and useless.

"What do I do Glossaryck?" Star asked as she turned to a cage next to her bed that held the small blue man.

"Have you considered trying to escape?" Glossaryck asked as he laid on the bottom of his cage. In all his years of existence being imprisoned had never happened to him before so even he was in unfamiliar territory. The cage sealed off his magic, a amazing feat for a being who was entirely composed of the stuff. Usually he could shatter most containers that tried to hold him but with his magic suppressed he was helpless.

Star glared at the little blue man. "That's your advice? This place is impossible to escape from. There's a small army of guards, a tower that negates dimensional scissors, and they took away my magic wand."

Glossaryck let out a tired sigh. "I already explained to you that you can do magic without your wand. You just have to dip down." he stated, trying to make Star understand. "Besides you don't even need magic. The Star I watched growing up back on Mewni didn't need magic to beat up monsters."

"This is different." Star sadly stated, looking at the ground. "Being here is….its like its sucking the life out of me. There's no color, or fresh air, and the classes are making me lose myself. I can barely even remember what Mewni was like. Plus if you fail trying to escape the punishments are probably awful beyond words."

Glossaryck let out a sad sigh. "Look Star, I know this place is messing with your head but you have to hang in there. Your parents would want you to stay strong and resist this place."

"My parents?" Star questioned, her tone growing angry. "Their the ones who sent me here! They wanted a perfect selfless princess who would twirl, curtsy, and drink tea like a royal puppet. They sent me here because they hated who I am and wanted to change me!"

"That's not true." Glossaryck responded. "They just wanted you to be more responsible. This place wasn't supposed to be like this. You were supposed to take some basic etiquette classes and be free to train with your magic in a safe environment. Your family loves you Star."

"My family?" Star asked as she stared out of her barred window at the perpetual rain that seemed to fall upon the school.

"I have no family."

Marco Diaz looked outside his homeroom window and let out a tired sigh as he waited for class to finish. It had been two years since Marco had become a student mentor to Janna and Oskar and a lot had changed in that time.

Marco had managed to transition Janna and Oskar from being slackers into slackers who manage to barely pass classes. After months of tutoring and nagging he managed to get Oskar and Janna to pass most classes with a C- grade and have somewhat decent attendance which made him a successful student mentor in the eyes of the school faculty.

He technically could have stopped hanging out with them after the first few months after his obligations had been fulfilled. But as he mentored them he grew close to the two troublemakers and they soon joined his group of friends alongside Alfonzo and Ferguson.

He had known Janna since kindergarten but his interactions with her were sporadic at best. She only seemed to give him any attention when she wanted to tease him, borrow something, or prank him. Memories of her giving him a valentines day card filled with itching powder came to mind. Hanging out with her consistently turned out to be fun and he was happy to have her in his group of friends. Even if she still teased him and pulled pranks on him. She was still a weirdo in many respects such as being obsessed with the macabre and all things strange. But Marco cared about his occult loving friend even if he would never admit it to her.

Oskar Greason was the last person Marco thought he would ever get along with much less consider a friend. But the musician surprised Marco greatly. While he was a lazy guy with a record he was also extremely nice and willing to help out others.

Marco would often get angry at Oskar due to how many girls he managed to attract with his boyish charms and musical skills. He thought Oskar was a heartbreaking tool since he either ignored or rejected his female classmates advances. That is until he learned that Oskar Greason was more interested in the attention of his fellow male students did Marco finally understand why he ignored female students.

The addition of Oscar and Janna into his group of friends made life more interesting. Usually Marco, Alfonzo and Ferguson's idea of a fun night was playing video games, watching movies, or simply playing tabletop games. Janna and Oskar shook up the dynamic by making them go out and sometimes get in trouble. Trouble that Marco would have to bail them out of.

His new friends also had a great effect on him over the last two years. They forced him out of his comfort zone often which made him take more risks and adding a bit of danger into his life. He was still known as the safe kid among his fellow peers but he was no longer the loser he was back when he was fourteen years old.

Physically he had grown taller and stronger in the last two years. He had a growth spurt freshman year that made him taller then many of his peers. He also took his karate seriously and manged to get his red belt after helping out his sensei in finding a certain videotape, he had even used the rest of those tapes to advance to a black belt within a year. He still took karate classes since there was always more to learn but he also began taking part in other activities such as kendo, fencing, and other extracurricular to keep himself busy.

Marco was broken from his reflections by the school bell. The day was over and his classmates scrambled for the exit. Not wanting to get caught up in the melee Marco simply trailed near the back and casually left his homeroom at a sedate pace.

After depositing his books into his locker he walked to the school parking lot where his ride was waiting for him. Oskar Greason was in his usual spot, chilling out on the hood of his car and playing his keytar. Marco had to admit that Oskar had gotten better at it over the years and people no longer ran away from him when he played. He had also traded in his old car for a newer one that had four seats to accommodate everyone.

"Hey Oskar." Marco called out as he walked up to Oskar's car. Oskar raised his hair and lazily looked over to his friend.

"Sup Marco." Oskar answered as he put away his keytar and got off his cars hood. "Where are the others?"

"Doing all the work as usual." Janna's voice called out as she approached the car with Alfonzo and Ferguson in tow. "Or did you forget about the fact that we have been planning the biggest event of our teenage lives?"

"You doing work?" Ferguson asked incredulously. "You're only job today was to make the invitations to our Halloween party. The rest of us have been preparing the stuff for it."

"Not to mention paying for it." Alfonzo added sullenly looking at his empty wallet.

"I've been working!" Janna countered. "I just don't do well with manual labor, which is why we have you two around to take care of it."

"You spoiled little gypsy..." Ferguson muttered as the two began to argue with one another.

"Fat tub of lard!"

"Spoiled princess!"

"Blubber boy!"


"That doesn't even make sense!"

Marco let out an aggravated huff at his friends argument. "Enough!" He called out breaking up the fight before it could continue. "This whole situation is stressful enough, if things break down now months of planning will be wasted. This is going to skyrocket our popularity if we can pull this off, not to mention be a memorable moment in our teenage lives."

That managed to settle everyone down allowing Marco to pull out a list of things that were needed for the party. "Okay lets make sure we have everything we need. Invitations?"

"Made them all today in the computer lab." Janna stated proudly as she held up an invitation. "Everything people need to know in a stylish package. I made them black with orange letters, I also put in a jack-o-lantern devouring children to show its going to be one cool party."

"A bit graphic but I guess it is a Halloween party." Marco said as he looked at the macabre invitation. "Next is food, Oskar whats the status on the food?"

"I talked to my buddies downtown and I got us the hookup on pizza, and all manner of junk food." Oskar said as he lazily played his keytar. "I can have it all delivered a half hour before the party starts."

"Ferguson and Alfonzo you were on decorations."

"We got it bro." Ferguson said happily. "We got all the stuff and we even got a sweet sound system. Things are gonna get wild."

"And last but not least the most controversial and dangerous of the things we need..." Marco paused dreading his own words. "Alcohol, and once again I have to protest this part of the party. We're only sixteen and the legal drinking age is twenty one."

"Boo buzzkill Marco." Oskar stated. "Its that attitude that makes everyone think you're the safe kid. There are teens our age doing all kinds of crazy stuff like hard drugs or crime and you get worked up over a tiny bit of booze."

"Seriously Marco lighten up." Janna said, walking over to Marco's side. "Lots of fun stuff can occur when alcohol is involved, the type of stuff you probably fantasize about doing with Jackie when you are having your special time."

Marco turned red and pushed Janna away. "I don't fantasize about Jackie!" Marco defended, trying to hide his blush.

"Who do you fantasize about then? Is it Brittney? Lots of guys like her since they have that yellow fever. Or maybe its Sabrina, you are always helping her out when she gets injured. There's also Hope, or maybe its me?" Janna was silenced by Marco placing a hand on her mouth.

Janna's response was to stick her tongue out and give Marcos hand a big lick which made the boy withdraw his hand in disgust.

"Gross Janna! Do you have any idea how much germs a human mouth has?" He questioned as he reached into his hoodie and produced a small bottle of hand sanitizer and began using it to sanitize his hands.

"Whatever Diaz, you know you love it."

Marco rolled his eyes at her antics. "As I was saying before we got way off topic, bringing alcohol to my house is risky. I'm not sure if we should go through with it." He interjected hoping to change his friends minds.

"Dude its the only thing that will even bring people to the party." Ferguson argued. "We aren't exactly the coolest kids around. We need a carrot on a stick to get people to come over. The only carrot good enough for our class is beer, unless you want to try getting a hold of drugs or something."

"Never mind, alcohol will do." Marco muttered, sad at being defeated so easily. As much as his safe side wanted to protest he knew that without a hook their party would bomb badly. Normally he would have objected more and been more adamant against the idea of a party like the one they were planning but he knew he had to go through with it. He didn't want to go through all of high school as the safe kid. Not tomention he would prbably be a virgin until he was forty if he kept this streak up.

"But maybe we shouldn't have the party at my house..."

"Your parents are away for a week on a cruise." Alfonzo argued. "You have a large empty house and if anything goes wrong we have several days to clean up. The stars have aligned for this Marco, its our one chance."

Marco accepted his friends points. "Fine but I'm going to put some money aside for cab rides. I don't want anyone getting hurt on their way home." he said before choosing to move on. "So how are we set up for alcohol?"

"I managed to get us two kegs." Oskar proudly said. "Snagged them from the back of a liqueur store, they were past their expiration dates and were about to be thrown out."

"That's stealing and not to mention dangerous if those kegs are past expiration."

"Its salvaging, they were going to throw it away anyway. Also expiration dates are arbitrary and people will be too drunk to care about whether a keg is two weeks past expiration." Oskar argued. "I got them in my car, I'll drop em off at your place tonight."

"I managed to snag a bunch of micro brews from my dad." Janna said proudly. "He gets so drunk on his days off that he didn't even miss them, he just assumes he drank them all. So I got dozens of assorted micro brews for the people with a more sensitive beer palate."

"Alfonzo and I managed to score a dozen bottles of hard liqueur. We got enough vodka and tequila to mix things up all night long." Ferguson bragged.

Marco nodded and noted all of that down. "How did you manage that one?"

"We paid a homeless guy to buy it for us." explained Alfonzo. "We would have had more but we had to promise the guy several of the bottles to get him to buy the rest for us. He knew how to run a hard bargain."

"Well that's immoral and horrifying." Marco muttered. "But at this point we are at the point of no return."

"Oh relax Diaz be a little bad for once in your life." Janna urged. "Besides morality is relative."

Marco ignored Janna and moved on to the final phase of the plan. "Alright all that's left is who we give out these invitations to. If we give them to everyone that will increase the chance of someone spilling the beans about us having a party like this. On the other hand if we're too selective we'll have a low turnout."

"As long as we don't give it to any buzzkills we'll be fine. Tonight's football game will be the best chance of giving out the invitations." Oskar pointed out. "We give them to people who are cool and to people we trust and tell them to bring along other cool people. As long as we avoid the snitches we'll be fine."

"Don t worry about that. At the bottom of the party invitations I wrote snitches get stitches." Janna pointed out. "Now lets get going, we've got a party to plan."

It had been two years since Star was sent to Saint Olga's and things had taken a turn for the worst.

The endless boring classes, the lessons, and propaganda the reform school used to strip away a princesses individuality was torturous beyond words. Star was amazed she managed to put up with it for two years.

But it was all over now. Her progress in her classes had been slow and her naturally rebellious spirit shone through. Now Star found herself strapped to a chair in the social conforment chamber and was awaiting her fate.

Miss Heinous was in the room looking at the Mewman princess as the blond girl struggled against her bonds.

"You really should feel honored Princess Butterfly." Miss Heinous began as she paced around the room. "This chamber has been upgraded significantly over the last year. Our old method was simple brainwashing. The results were crude but satisfactory, but with this latest model we will finally succeed in making the perfect princess and you get to be the first of many."

"Hooray." Star answered sarcasm evident in her voice. "Maybe you could use it on yourself so you can stop being the biggest cunt in the multiverse."

"Enjoy using those curse words while you can Miss Butterfly." Miss Heinous answered not even batting an eye at being insulted. "This new procedure inst merely brainwashing. We are going to cleave your mind, the very fabric of who you are in two."

"You're going to give me a lobotomy?!" Star screamed as she began to fight against her restraints. Her hands and feet began to turn red as she fought against the metal braces that bound her to the chair but all she succeeded in doing was hurting herself.

"Cease your pointless struggling." Heinous ordered as she watched the Princess injure herself in her escape attempts. "Its not a lobotomy, we would never do something so crude here. We are going to cleave your mind, or in simpler terms we are going to split your personality into two separate parts. One part will be the embodiment of all princess like virtues. Selflessness, kindness, loyalty, nobility, purity, patience, and humility. While the other half with be the embodiment of all things a princess doesn't need such as anger, lust, envy, greed, selfishness, etc etc."

Miss Heinous pushed a button on the chair that Star was strapped to and several more metal latches wrapped around the girl. "Once your mind has been split in two its a simple matter of burying the negative personality deep into your subconscious, leaving behind a princess who embodies true perfection."

Star didn't like the sound of that one bit. "You're all insane, when my parents find out about this they will come for you."

"They'll never know." Heinous responded matter-of-factly. "Once we turn you into the perfect princess a few memory spells will make you believe that the time spent here was the greatest time of your life. Royals will pay a fortune to have their children sent here when they see what a perfect princess you are going to be. You might even someday send your own daughter here to enjoy the education we offer."

The thought of that made Star horrified beyond words. She didn't struggle or scream but she stewed in a bottomless ocean of pure rage. She glared at her captor and promised herself that she would die before ever becoming this reform schools poster girl.

Miss Heinous activated the device. Stars eyes were forced open with specialized wires, and a large projector screen appeared in front of her. The screen had an image of an older woman with a large hat on display.

"A proper hat for the even lest you be a malcontent." A overly cheerful voice echoed throughout the room.

Another image appeared this time of a woman playing tennis.

"Everyone will admire a princess that does not perspire."

Images continued to flicker on screen along with the voice echoing etiquette lessons.

"Ill leave you to your lessons." Miss Heinous stated as she began to walk out of the room. "In a few days you'll be perfect."

Star watched the woman leave and promised herself that she would get revenge.

"I will not lose myself...not until I've burned this place to the ground."

"This is gonna be a bloodbath." Janna stated as she ate popcorn while watching the football game unfold in front of her.

Currently Janna, Oskar, and Alfonzo were sitting in the Echo Creek High School bleachers watching their team face off against The Warriors, players from a rival high school. Every year the warriors kicked Echo Creeks ass and this year appeared no different as both teams lined up to face each other.

"I'm just here for the eye candy." Oskar pointed out as he watched the two teams of athletic young men tackle each other. "The wonderful eye candy..."

"Same here, although I think we have different tastes." Alfonzo responded as he watched the Echo Creek cheer leading squad attempt to distract the enemy team with their booty-shaking dance moves. A strategy that never worked but also never failed to capture the male student bodies attention.

"Do you see Marco or Ferguson anywhere?" Janna asked as she gazed around the field. Her two friends absences were understandable. Ferguson was the team mascot and was currently dancing around the field alongside the cheer leading squad, while Marco was a Nurses assistant. These games had tons of injuries and Marco would help the medical team with any injuries the players received.

"Just Ferguson making a fool of himself again." Oskar said as he watched his friend do a possum dance that resulted in the costumes pants falling down revealing his undergarments. "Wow I really didn't need to see that. Wish I had some mind soap right about now."

"Same here." Janna and Alfonzo responded as they watched Ferguson attempt to right the lower part of his mascot costume.

As the game went on Alfonzo got up. "I'm gonna go to the bathroom." Alfonzo announced as he walked over to the restroom. Leaving Janna and Oskar alone.

"Here comes the cheerleaders, now we wait for the failure." Janna pointed out as the Echo Creek cheer squad lined up and began forming a human pyramid. In the middle of their stunt someones strength gave out and the pyramid collapsed causing a massive pileup of people as several cheerleaders were buried under their fellow cohorts.

"Looks like its Marco's time to shine." Oskar stated as the medical personnel ran over to help the cheer squad out. As the two teens watched the chaos unfold Oskar reached over to grab a handful of popcorn from Janna's bucket only to have his hand slapped by the girl who stood a constant vigil over her snacks.

Oscar glared at her through his bangs. "Sharing is caring Janna." He muttered as he glared at his friend.

"I bought it so its mine."

"Marco bought it for you!"

"Your point?" She asked as she shoveled some of the popcorn into her mouth.

Oskar huffed angrily as he focused his attention back onto the cheer leading squads tragedy. He watched as the medical team focused on Brittney the squad captain exclusively while Marco was focused on Sabrina who seemed the most injured.

Oskar looked around and saw that they were fairly isolated, being at the far end of the bleachers giving them a great deal of privacy. He looked at Janna and saw her eyes were focused solely on Marco, the young teen was currently inspecting Sabrina's ankle and assessing it for injuries. "You know that he wont be single forever."

"Shut up."

"I'm saying this as a friend." Oskar began as he locked Janna's gaze with his own. "He isn't going to be unpopular forever, people are beginning to notice him changing. A year ago we never would have been able to convince him to attend a party but now hes going to be hosting one. Hes coming out of his safe little shell and a lot of girls are going to like what they see."

"I said shut up." Janna reiterated, her tone growing angry. She was angry because she knew he was right. She had always had a bit of a crush on Marco ever since they were kids. She enjoyed teasing him and flirting with him to no end. She didn't know when her crush developed into actual feelings but she knew that she cared deeply about the safety obsessed boy and wanted to be more then friends with him.

"Making me shut up wont change facts Janna. I'm not saying this to make fun of you or to make you uncomfortable." Oskar stated with genuine concern in his voice. "Until two years ago I never had any friends, I convinced myself it was fine and that all I needed was my keytar to be happy. I used to act cold and distant to people because I was afraid that if they saw the real me they would be disgusted by me the same way my Mom is."

Oskar lifted his hair and looked Janna straight at her. "Until one day I was forced into a student mentor ship program. The program was lame but the people I was forced to hang out with were cool. They didn't judge me and they forced me to be social. When I finally came out to them about who I was instead of the rejection I was expecting they accepted me for who I am."

Janna felt uncomfortable, it was rare for Oskar to speak about stuff like this since the boy was usually so quiet. "What does all that have to do with anything?"

"It means that I like my friends a great deal and I want them to be happy." Oskar stated. "You need to tell Marco how you feel because if you don't it'll tear you up inside and I don't want you to pull away from us. Several girls have begun noticing him and the main reason he is hosting the Halloween party is because hes looking for a chance to confess to Jackie."

"I know." Janna answered. "I always figured I would have all the time in the world." Janna muttered sadly as she gazed at Marcos form across the football field. "I thought I was special since I was able to see him for what he truly was while others only saw a safety obsessed loser. But now..."

Janna cursed herself for her own weakness. She could flirt with any guy or girl to no end and flirted with Marco constantly. He never thought anything of it since she had done it to tease him since they were kids. Despite how easy flirting came any attempt to express her true feelings had her choking up and stuttering. Trying to show true emotion to Marco Diaz caused her no end of anxiety and nervousness.

"This is so fucked up." Janna muttered. "I love my best male friend who himself is crushing on my best female friend to the point where he doesn't notice any other girl." Janna turned to Oskar. "Not to mention Jackie is downright gorgeous." Thinking about her best friend made her grow sad. Jackie was everything she wished she could be, confident, beautiful, and the object of Marcos desires.

She needed a confidence boost.

"Oskar tell me I'm pretty."

"If I was straight I would take you in a manly fashion."

"Because I'm pretty?"

"Because you're pretty."

Across the field Marco Diaz was inspecting Sabrina's ankle after yet another predictable cheer leading accident. Accidents always seemed to happen during games and Sabrina in particular was clumsy and seemed to be on the receiving end of most injuries that occurred at Echo Creek High school.

"Does this hurt?" He asked as he felt the girls ankle.

Sabrina winced and nodded. "Yup it hurts right there, buts its not too bad."

"Nothing broken, most likely another sprain. You got to stop doing this to yourself Sabrina." Marco chided in a well meaning tone. "You barely recover from one injury before getting another, you need to take a break from cheer leading to let your muscles rebuild themselves and grow stronger."

Sabrina rolled her eyes. "Ill be fine Marco, especially with you always taking care of me." She said in an attempt to lighten the mood.

"Well as much as I enjoy helping people we need a stretcher to move you off the field." Marco turned to where the coach and other health professionals were. "I'm going to need a stretcher over here!"

Marcos call for help was ignored as every single adult faculty member was crowded around Brittney Wong who had been at the top of the human pyramid when it had fallen. Currently the medical team was patching up a small cut Brittney had gotten on her lip and a small scrape on her knee.

"If this messes up my face I'm going to have my Daddy sue this worthless school!" Brittney screamed as one of the staff was looking at the small cut.

Principal Skeeves who was standing nearby began to hyperventilate. "Quickly everyone get her to the infirmary before she sues us all!" He ordered, the fear of a lawsuit overcoming him.

All of the staff got Brittney loaded onto a stretcher and took her to the nurses office, leaving Marco as the only one around who could help Sabrina. "That's just perfect. No stretcher."

"So I'm to just stay here forever?" Sabrina questioned rhetorically.

Marco looked around and saw that there was no one else but him who had medical training. All the staff had left, the football game had resumed ,the cheer squad returned to their cheering and all his fellow students were far too busy to even notice him.

"Guess we have to improvise." Marco muttered as he picked Sabrina up bridal style, doing his best to be gentle in an attempt to avoid aggravating her injury.

"My Hero..." Sabrina purred in an overly dramatic tone.

"Haha very funny Sabrina." Marco responded, thankful his fellow classmates were too busy focusing on the game to notice him carrying Sabrina. "You and Janna should hang out and discuss ways to tease me."

"A tempting proposition Mr. Diaz I might have to run that by Janna."

"Please don't." Marco tried his best remain calm and collected but it was rather difficult when he was essentially carrying on of the prettiest girls in class. The fact she was wearing a very revealing cheer leading outfit didn't help things one bit. "This is all Brittney's fault, everyone has to be at her beck and call. Has the entire faculty tending to her scraped knee and cut lip."

Sabrina was tempted to leap to Brittney's defense but chose to bite her tongue and be silent.

Eventually Marco brought her to the sports utility room that led to both male and female locker rooms. The room was bare save a few sports equipment storage lockers and several benches. Marco settled Sabrina down on one of the benches and prepared to treat her ankle which was already showing some signs of minor swelling.

Right when he was about to treat it Sabrina moved it away from his hands much to his annoyance.

"Sabrina don't move your ankle until I'm done." He said as he brought out a tube of pain reliving ointment. "If I don't rub this in it'll swell and hurt like heck for the next few hours."

"Ill stay still but you have to do the thing."

"The thing?'

"You know what I'm talking about Marco." Sabrina said mischievously. "Do the Dr. Diaz impression and Ill hold still."

"No way." Marco retorted. "I hate doing that impression and I'm the one who's treating you, if anything you should be thanking me right now."

Sabrina rolled her eyes. "Come on, they say, laughter and good vibes are the best medicine and your impression will cheer me right up."

Marco decided to give in since he wanted this all to be over with as quickly as possible. Two years ago Sabrina had fractured her right leg during cheer leading practice right before a big game. Several boys had failed to catch her during a big practice jump during one of their training sessions. She had been confined to a wheelchair and it had been his job to push her to her classes since they went to the same classes.

One day she had broken down into tears at not being able to go to cheer practice and she feared being kicked off the cheer squad. During one of their talks as he wheeled her to class Marco remembered how Sabrina had mentioned she loved Spanish soap operas and tried to cheer her up by doing an over-the-top soap opera performance by impersonating a stereotypical soap opera doctor. His impression made her laugh so much that she used every opportunity she could to get him to do it again much to Marcos annoyance.

"If I do this you have to promise to take it easy until your ankle is healed. Deal?" He asked in an attempt to get something out of this situation.

"Deal." Sabrina agreed. "Now take it away Dr. Diaz."

Marco took up a dramatic pose. Sabrina, mi amor, has sido mordida en la rodilla por una Serpiente del oeste del rio Nilo. Si no me dejas curar tu herida, me remo que sufriras un terrible caso de amnesia irreverisble." He stated in an over the top manner that made Sabrina burst out laughing. He leaned down and began to treat her ankle. "Ahora, mi amor, quédate quieta mientras te curo, no sea que el veneno pueda reclamarte. Si nos demoramos llegaremos tarde a la boda de mi malvado hermano gemelo con nuestra media hermana."

He rattled off a few other soap opera lines in Spanish as he continued treating her as she giggled away at his impersonations. Marco finished treating Sabrina's ankle and had it wrapped up nicely by the time the girl stopped giggling. "There all better, now promise to stay off it and be sure to stretch it once the swelling goes down to ensure your muscles can rebuild themselves."

"Thank you Dr. Diaz." Sabrina replied happily as she wiggled her ankle around to test how constraining the wrapping was. Finding it comfortable and the pain in her ankle quickly fading she set her foot down.

Finding himself alone with Sabrina made Marco realize that he had the perfect chance to advertise his party. "Hey Sabrina I was wondering if you could do something for me..." He said as he reached into his red hoodie. After several seconds of searching he pulled out an invitation to his party. "I know its short notice but I was wondering if you could come to my Halloween party? Maybe spread the word about it, you can bring anyone you want."

You are invited to Marco Diaz's Halloween Party

There will be tons of food and all the beer you can drink

Starts at 6pm and goes on all night long

Address is 216 Maple Drive

As for anyone who wants to rat us out, remember that snitches get stitches.

Sabrina took the invitation and looked it over. "You guys are going to have beer?" She asked, genuinely surprised that someone like Marco would have a party like this.

Marco rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment. "Well...yeah...I've put a lot of effort into this party. I really want to show everyone that I'm not the safe kid anymore. Sabrina your one of the popular girls I was wondering if you could spread the word and maybe help get some people to come over?"

Sabrina hesitated for a second, she liked Marco a lot. Probably more then any other boy her age. However she did her best to avoid showing any true signs of friendship to him in public. As much as she hated herself for it she did care about the way her peers looked at her and as far as the school food chain was concerned Marco and his friends were near the bottom.

'But with a party like this all that could change.' Sabrina thought to herself as a plan formulated in her head. If she sold this right she could help in raising Marcos social standing in the school and if that happened maybe they could…

Sabrina shook those thoughts from her head and focused on Marco. "I can get the football team and the cheerleaders to come to your party but Ill need you here to help sell this." She stated as she pointed at the invitation. "Brittney is your main problem, if she doesn't go then none of the cool kids will show up."

"Then I'm doomed, she hates my guts." Marco moaned in despair. Brittney had hated him ever since kindergarten, there was no way she would ever agree to come to a party of his no matter how cool it seemed.

"Not exactly." Sabrina stated, raising Marcos spirits. "Justin is Brittney's boyfriend and he is the captain of the football team. He loves parties and loves drinking, if you can get him to agree to come to your party Brittney will have to come along. She will never admit it but shes afraid of disagreeing with Justin publicly since she wants to maintain the image that they have a perfect relationship."

The two sat on the bench and discussed his upcoming party and made other small talk. The game would be over soon and both the cheer squad and the football team would enter the room before heading into their respective locker rooms. After fifteen minutes of waiting with Marco and Sabrina exchanging small talk the doors swung open and a very battered football team entered the room.

"We might have lost 68 to 0 but we played our best." Justin stated as he walked into the room and looked at his teammates. "We just have to practice even more and toughen up for next season. The Warriors will never know what hit em!"

The defeated team let out a loud cheer and began to high five each other. Justin turned around and saw Marco and Sabrina sitting in the entryway. "Yo Sabrina hows the ankle?" Justin asked as he walked over to the two of them. "Diaz here been taking good care of you?"

"Yup he says Ill be back to cheer leading in no time." Sabrina answered happily. She elbowed Marco in the side to encourage him to talk to Justin. 'Do it now while hes alone. Otherwise Brittney could change his mind.' Sabrina whispered to Marco as she pushed the boy forward.

"Hey Justin I was wondering If maybe you'd be interested in coming to be Halloween party this weekend?" Marco asked as he held out an invitation to the tall blond haired jock.

Justin accepted the invitation and looked it over. "You seriously gonna have beer?" Justin asked amazement evident in his voice.

"Ugghh yeah." Marco answered nervously. Marco knew Justin wasn't a bad guy. As far as jocks went he was downright nice but he was still a popular teen in the schools social food chain while Macro was a bottom feeder. "There's going to be lots of pizza, we got two kegs, some vodka, tequila, and even a few micro-" Marco couldn't finish his sentence before Justin put him in a headlock.

"Looks like good old Safe Kid Marcos has learned to take risks!" Justin stated as he gave Marco a noogie. "Makes me proud, its like seeing a little brother grow up. Heck yeah Ill go to your party, me and the rest of the team could use a good party after tonight's game. Right boys?!" Justin asked to the rest of the football team who had been watching the interaction.

"Hell yeah!"

"Free beer!"

"Party at Diaz's!"

Everyone's cheers were silenced by the door to the room slamming open revealing brittney flanked by the rest of the cheer squad.

"I don't see why you idiots are cheering, you got slaughtered out there just like every year before." Brittney complained as she walked through the crowd of football players. She laid eyes on Marco Diaz and immediately frowned. "What are doing here Diaz? This room is for football players and spirit committee members only."

Marco was about to defend himself by pointing out that as a medical assistant he had every right to be here but Justin intervened before he could speak up.

"Don't be like that babe." Justin soothed as he wrapped an arm around his girlfriend. "Marco here was just helping Sabrina out with her ankle and giving us an invitation to the party of the year." He handed the invitation Marco had given him to Brittney.

The girl looked it over and scoffed. "Sorry but I don't go to parties hosted by losers." She stated as she tossed the invitation away.

Marco wanted to plead his case and beg her to reconsider but he was more angry then anything. She had been a bitch to him since kindergarten. It was a testament to his self control that he didn't lose his temper but rather decided to use his knowledge of psychology to manipulate her.

"Don't sweat it Brittney I understand." He stated calmly, surprising everyone. "You're a good rule abiding girl with perfect grades, perfect attendance, and a perfect reputation. A party like mines just too risky for you and I can respect that, I wouldn't want you risking your perfect reputation just to have some fun."

Brittney's head didn't literally explode but her face was so red you could be forgiven for thinking it was going to. "I'm not a safe kid loser like you." She declared stubbornly.

"Then you'll have no problem coming to my party." Marco answered. "Justin and the rest of the football team are excited for it. Right guys?"

Brittney watched as all the jocks nodded vigorously and gave positive declarations. She even saw her boyfriend already had his mind made up. It was times like this that she hated Justin, he was buff, handsome, and an idiot. She didn't want to disagree with him publicly, they were a popular power couple and it would be bad if students saw them fighting so she decided to go along with whatever game Diaz was playing.

"Fine Dorko Diaz, Ill come to your party." She stated drawing cheers from the football team. "But it had better be a good party otherwise I'm declaring you a loser for life."

"Don't worry about that Brittney, this party is going to be amazing." Marco declared surprised at his own confidence. "I just hope you can handle it because things are going to get crazy. Now who wants an invitation?" Marco asked as he held out the invitations. Everyone in the room scrambled for one and he managed to give them all out.

As everyone went to their respective locker rooms he was left alone with Brittney who had stayed behind.

"You better watch yourself Diaz. Trying to raise your popularity is a dangerous game." She stated as she glared at the Hispanic teen.

Marco gave her a sly look. "Well its a good thing I like a little danger in my life. See you in three days Ms. Wong." he said as he walked past her and out of the building. He could feel her glaring at the back of his head but he kept his cool and walked away without looking back. He walked across the football field to the parking lot where he saw his friends waiting for him by Oskar's car.

"Did it go well?" Oskar asked as he hopped into the drivers seat of his car.

"Got the entire football team and cheer leading squad to come and they'll no doubt bring along all the other cool people." Marco stated proudly as he sat down in the back seat. "How about you guys, did you have any luck?"

"Don't worry we gave them all out." Alfonzo proudly stated as he got into the passenger seat with Janna and Ferguson squeezing into the back seat with Marco. "Janna managed to get practically every girl in our class to come over."

"Nice one Janna, did you manage to get Jackie to accept?" Marco asked anxiously.

Janna had to resist grimacing at Marcos excitement over Jackie. "Of course, it would be pretty bad if I couldn't get my best female friend to come to a party I'm helping host." She replied as she tried her best to act casually.

"Those fine ladies are gonna be glad they came to our party." Ferguson stated proudly. "Because now they can get to be in the presence of Gods gift to all woman. They'll be thanking their lucky stars they came."

"That's funny because I'm a lady and I don't feel very lucky." Janna replied.

"I said fine ladies which you are not-OW!" Ferguson yelled as Janna punched him in his arm.

Marco grabbed Janna before she could hit Ferguson anymore. "Relax Janna, Ferguson was just kidding. Isn't that right Ferguson?" Marco asked giving his friend a knowing glare.

"Yeah Janna I didn't mean it." Ferguson muttered. "You're very pretty its just your personality that needs work OW OW OW!" Janna hit him multiple times again forcing Marco to wrap both his arms around the girl to keep her under control.

"Calm down back there!" Oskar called out as he looked into his rear view mirror. "Otherwise you'll be walking home."

"The worst part is she keeps hitting me in the same place." Ferguson mumbled as he nursed his arm which would no doubt be bruised. He looked over at Janna and saw that Marco had wrapped both his arms around her in order to stop her assault. It made it look like he was lovingly embracing her. "And if you two are going to get that close you might want to find a room."

When Marco realized what Ferguson was referring to he immediately let Janna go. "Sorry Janna." Marco apologized as he pushed himself against the car door. He was expecting Janna to make a sexual joke or to tease him like she normally did but it never came.

Janna for her part couldn't bring herself to make a joke like she normally did. She simply gave Ferguson one last punch in his arm before staring at her lap. Her earlier discussion with Oskar had brought up a ton of emotions she wasn't ready to deal with.

'At the party before he can talk to Jackie...Ill tell him then.' Janna promised herself as she got lost in her own mental plans of how she would manage it.

Marco noticed Janna's faraway look and assumed that Ferguson's insults had hurt her feelings. He pulled out his phone and quickly typed in a message. A few seconds later Ferguson felt his phone vibrate and looked at the screen.

M: Look at what you did, you hurt her feelings.

Ferguson's looked across the car and saw Marco giving him an angry glare. He typed back his own message.

F: I already apologized. Besides we always exchange insults, its part of how our friendship works.

M: Well clearly you hurt her feelings.

F: I'm not the one who's hurting her.

M: What are you talking about?

F: Nothing Captain Oblivious.

Ferguson put his phone away and made it clear he wasn't interested in texting anymore.

Marco put a comforting arm around Janna but the girl pushed him away. He decided to simply leave his female friend alone with her thoughts. The car settled into an uncomfortable silence.

Eventually everyone was dropped off at their respective houses. Marco waved goodbye to Oskar as he drove off into the night leaving Marco alone in his driveway. He reached into his pocket and looked for his house keys only to find them missing.

"Janna..." He muttered as he got a spare hiding under a rock in his parents cactus garden. He had given the girl her own set of keys a year ago but she still stole his for laughs. He opened his door and entered his empty house, his parents had left for their cruise two days ago and wouldn't be back for a long time.

He was tempted to start preparing for the party but he found himself exhausted by the days events and simply took a shower and got ready for bed.

He laid down and stared at the ceiling, despite the fight at the end of the night he couldn't help but smile. His party was going to happen and his plans were in motion.

"The party will be awesome and Ill finally have the chance I've always wanted to talk to Jackie." Marco said dreamily as he imagined the scenario. He would get her on the balcony, engage in small talk, and finally ask her out on a date. He looked over to his closet and knew his secret weapon lay in there, an object that would give him the confidence and charm needed to woo Jackie.

He imagined numerous scenarios of how his party would go, measuring the likelihood and creating numerous plans.

Little did he know that no amount of planning would help him for what was to come.

Authors Note

This was a challenge by a bunch of people on a /co board. Write a Star vs fic with a plot that was also a harem.

Challenge accepted.

I do not advocate underage drinking. Fun fact-All those ways the gang got their booze is the way I used to get it, some homeless people know how to haggle. Wait till your 21 kids.

Primary pairing is Starco. Originally this was going to be a pure Starco but I decided on a harem fic because of the challenge and the fact that there really isn't any in this section and because there are plenty of great Starco stories already in existence. Also keep in mind that just because this is a harem fic doesn't mean Marco is going to get every single girl. There will be character development and genuine reasons for each relationship he develops so don't expect much until later in the story.

Ill probably write a pure Starco at a later date.

Some notes. According to the creators Twitter Oskar is 16 in the series making him 2 years Marco and Stars senior. I changed this for the plots sake and because the show is vague on it and Oskar is drawn the same as the others despite being older.I made Oskar gay because I cant think of any reason a 16 year old male would be uninterested in a magical girl like Star when she is basically throwing herself at him. You would either have to be gay or have had a lobotomy to not love Star. Also it made it easier to give his character a bit of depth.

Updates will vary, I have another story to work on and Im recovering from a bad injury.

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