Fan Game/Fiction by AdamGregory03

The following fan fiction is meant to be structured as the cutscenes in a Skylanders game, based on a fan game from the mind of the author. As such, each chapter will be broken up to convey each level, from beginning to end. Keep in mind that none of the events are meant to tie into the canon of Steven Universe. At most it will take place after the events of "Steven Floats", which is why Jasper will still be an antagonist in this work of fiction. With that said, here are further details as if this were an official game.


Skylanders: Fusion Force supports every Skylander from Spyro's Adventure to Imaginators (including the Imaginators themselves). In addition to that, you'll also be able to team up with the Crystal Gems, and the newly-discovered Fusion Force, a new group of Skylanders who use magical Fusinite Crystals to combine their powers, becoming bigger and badder Fusions to take on he forces of evil with through an action-packed adventure in the veins of the show, Steven Universe! (Fusion Force and Crystal Gems can also fuse with each other btw)

List of Fusion Force Skylanders:
-Banshriek - Undead Element - "Sweet Screams!"
-Blaze Betty - Fire Element - "Can't Stand the Heat?"
-Blitz - Air Element - "The Sky's the Limit!"
-Brawl & Chain - Water Element - "The Chain Event!"
-Broccoli Guy - Life Element - "Eat Your Vegetables!"
-Dragon Hunter - Earth Element - "Don't Take Trap From Nobody!"
-Dreamcatcher - Air Element - "Dream On!"
-Hack & Slash - Tech Element - "Two Codes are Better Than One!"
-Hop Hat - Magic Element - "Let's Make Some Magic!"
-Luminous - Light Element - "Let There be Light!"
-Mab Lobs - Tech Element - "Here Comes the Boom!"
-Masker Mind - Undead Element - "I'm Out of My Mind!"
-Mesmeralda - Magic Element - "I'm The One Who Pulls Your Strings!"
-Nightshade - Dark Element - "Out of the Shadows!"
-Sandy - Earth Element - "The Sands of Time!"
-Shark Bait - Water Element - "Jaw and Order!"
-Scrap Shooter - Fire Element - "Garbage Day, See?"
-Wild Thing - Life Element - "Go Wild!"

List of Crystal Gems:
-Amethyst - Magic Element - "Whip it Good!"
-Centipeetle - Undead Element - No Catchphrase.
-Garnet - Earth Element - "Stronger Than You!"
-Jasper - Fire Element - "Bring it!"
-Lapis Lazuli - Water Element - "Uh... Catchphrase...?"
-Moonstone - Dark Element - "By the Moonlight!"
-Pearl - Air Element - "I'll Do it For You!"
-Peridot - Tech Element - "Eat This, Clods!"
-Rose Quartz - Life Element - "I'll Fight For This World!"
-Sunstone - Light Element - "Praise the Sun!"

New Eon's Elites:
-Camo - Life Element - "Fruit Punch!"
-Cynder - Undead Element - "Volts and Lightning!"
-Jet-Vac - Air Element - "Hawk and Awe!"
-Pop Fizz - Magic Element - "The Motion of the Potion!"
-Sunburn - Fire Element - "Roast and Toast!"
-Wham-Shell - Water Element - "Brace for the Mace!"

Profiles for Fusion Force and Crystal Gems will come after all cutscenes are posted.