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6 Years Later

December 5, 2015


"Conner, we don't have time for this!" Kira giggled. "We gotta pick our daughter up in an hour!"

Kira was trapped against the tiles in their shower as Conner held her hands above her head and playfully nipped at her neck.

"That's why it's called a quickie. Did you think I'd let a beautiful sexy woman such as yourself out of my sight without properly saying good morning?"

Kira gently bucked against him. "And the wake-up call you gave me this morning doesn't count, why?"

Conner chuckled as he sucked on her neck. "Because, I didn't get to see your face when you came for me. Are you really going to fight me?"

Before she could answer he had hoisted her leg up on the side of the tub and gently slipped through her folds.

Kira didn't get to answer, but when he let go of her hands to hold her steady, she wrapped her arms around his neck, as she harshly panted against his neck. He grinned against her neck and then looked up at her. "Come on Rockstar, I've missed hearing those sexy sounds; we're totally alone right now."

For the next little while, the bathroom was filled with her moans and pants as Conner made love to her and then all at once, her loud cry echoed against the tiles as she came loudly.

Conner held her steady as he followed her over the edge.

When at last they had both calmed down, he gently pulled out and settled her on her feet again.

Kira kissed him softly as she rested against him.

A moment later, he kissed her back and then looked into her eyes.

"Good morning, Rockstar."

Kira chuckled in a post-coital haze. "Morning Jock."

Conner kissed her once more and then reached around her to grab the shampoo.

"I guess we better get showered. We do have to pick up our little girl."

Kira giggled at him again and took the bottle, "Yeah, we do."

About 20 minutes later, Conner stepped out of the shower with his towel wrapped around his waist. He was still smiling as his cellphone started ringing on the nightstand. Crossing to his side of the bed, he looked down at the screen and frowned.

It was his father in law. His brow furrowed as he swiped to the left and lifted the phone to his ear.

"Hey, what's up?"

"Conner, you and Kira need to get down to the school. It's not too serious, but Danni got onto her first fight on the playground; apparently my precious daughter was right in the thick of it with her."

It had been decided that the two girls would attend preschool together. So, Tommy and Kimberly had waited a year so Danni could catch up to her cousin. (They wouldn't tell her until she was older about Samantha being her aunt, to avoid confusing the little girls.) By kindergarten, they were thick as thieves.

Conner sighed. "Well, this should be interesting…I'll go ahead and let Kira know and we'll be right there."

"I'll stick around till you get here."

Conner sighed and shook his head. "Sure thing, Doc. Bye now."

When Conner hung up, he turned to see Kira looking at him curiously.

"Is everything okay, Jock?"

Conner smirked. "Yeah, nothing major, I'm not sure how to tell you this, but our little girl has most definitely taken after you in the trouble department. We gotta go pick her up early."

Kira arched an eyebrow at him. "Really? This is the trait you're saying she got from me?"

Conner nodded. "Yeah, and I'm not insulting you since we all met in detention. She got into a playground fight of some kind and Sammi was right there with her."

Kira chuckled and shook her head. "Ok, I'll give concede this time. That's one detention I don't regret at all." She paused and smiled at him. "Just get dressed and we'll go pick up our little fighter."

Reefside Elementary

Conner held his wife's hand as they walked into the principle's office. Tommy and Kimberly were sitting there with Sammi and Danni. The latter jumped off her grandpa's lap as they walked in.

Conner immediately scooped her up. "What happened Danni?"

The little 6 year old hugged his neck and kissed his cheek. "Daddy, that mean second grader took my ball! He told me girls don't play soccer, then he pushed me down!" She held up her hand. He gave me owies, only Miss. Stephanie the nurse cleaned 'em with soap!"

Kira examined her hand and then looked at Principle Mathis. "This is why she's in trouble?"

The principle shook his head. He was an older man in his early 50's with a receding hairline. "No, not entirely. At some point during the confrontation, she and Samantha kicked his shin so hard that they left a bruise."

Kira looked at her daughter. "Is that what happened? Did you kick that boy?"

Danni nodded. "Yeah, but he told me that girls can't play soccer and he took the ball we were playing with!"

Conner shook his head and gave Kira a look before addressing the principle again. "And what's the procedure for kindergarteners?"

Nothing more than a bad mark in her behavior folder, since this is her first offense. Next time though, it will be a time out. So, I'd suggest giving her a serious talking to when you get home. The both of them are such good kids otherwise and very smart. I'd rather not see a repeat of this particular behavior."

Kira nodded and then asked. "what of the bully. Surely you don't mix the classes during recess?"

The older man shook his head. "The other boy wasn't supposed to be there, he was AWOL from his classes and shouldn't even have been there. Rest assured he didn't get off so easy; his own parents have been called and he was sent home already."

"That's good," Kira said, " I hate when boys get away with it."

"We don't tolerate fighting, for any reason. The only exception is of course, self-defense."

Tommy nodded. "Of course, Mr. Mathis. Are we done here? I'd like to get my daughter home. We had some errands to run today."

Mr. Mathis nodded and pulled out the two behavior folders. "I just need you to sign the discipline note and then you're free to go."

Once that was done and they were in the parking lot, they parted ways with Conner carrying Danni to the mustang. When they got home, they had another talk between them. Conner lifted Danni onto the counter.

"Danni, we love you very much, but we can't have a repeat of today again. I know that bully was a meanie and made you angry, but kicking him in the shins wasn't the way to get back at him."

"He told me girls can't play soccer!"

Conner wanted to chuckle, but he held it back. "I know, and he was wrong about that, you can play soccer all you want. But next time he or anyone picks on you, just go find a moniter and tell her what happened. That way she can handle the bully and you won't end up with skinned hands, okay?"

"I'm sorry, Daddy….does this mean I can't have my birthday party?" She asked with watery eyes.

Conner narrowed his eyes. He drew her into his arms and kissed her hair. "No sweetie, I don't know where you got that idea from." He pulled back and looked at her in the eye. "Your mom and I love you so much. The day you were born, we were so happy! We'll never not celebrate your birthday. This is just a warning though, next time you get into a fight there will be a punishment, okay?"

Danni nodded. "Okay Daddy, next time I'll get Ms. Jacki."

Conner nodded. "Good girl, now. I think Mommy needs a hug from you."

Danni gave him another hug before all but jumping into her mother's arms.

A few hours later, while Danni was taking her afternoon nap, Conner and Kira were cuddling on the porch swing.

"God, Conner. You were right. She totally takes after me. She doesn't take crap from anyone, especially some mean boy pushing her in the dirt."

She's a strong beautiful girl just like her mother. I'm not the least bit surprised at what happened today."

Kira chuckled and kissed him. "I feel sorry for the first boy who tries to put the moves on her."

Conner growled. "Never gonna happen. Just let me at him with my Tyranno staff. She's not going to date until she's 20."

Kira only laughed and kissed him, knowing better than to say anything to egg him on. She was a little more mature than her husband, one day her daughter would be a teenager and go down her own broken road to get to her true love. But for now, she would simply sit back and enjoy watching Danni be a kid…and when the time came, help smooth things over when the first unlucky boyfriend was brought home. Thankfully, there was at least 15 years till then…God, she hoped it was at least 15 years.

"Please, at least be 15 years from now…."

The End

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