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Her hair danced in the air like a plethora of tiny tentacles, and her cream-colored skin emitted such a glow that he could only stand and stare at the mere beauty before him, watching in awe as her slender form slowly evaporated into the darkness.

He reached a hand out to grasp her, hoping that he could prevent her disappearance from occurring yet again, only to have his palm be met with dust and countless foreign particles floating about in the air.

Although he'd only ever be able to see her for brief moments at a time, each moment, he knew, was definitely worthwhile.

Her lovely luminescence often guiding him in times of darkness and uncertainty, her very presence was more than enough to brighten his day; both during a restless sleep, and in his waking hours.

He didn't even want to begin to imagine how lost he'd be if she hadn't made frequent appearances in his dreams.

Just the thought of it made him appreciate the fact that she chose him out of all the other's dreams to vacate all the more.

Where she had come from he never quite knew, but her origin of existence was none too important to him, as he couldn't care less to where she came as long as she continued to visit him in his dreams.

And although it pained him to witness her dissipate into thin air in front of him for the umpteenth time, he tried his best to keep his spirits up. Because come the next nightfall, he knew, she would always appear before him once again.

And she would keep appearing for as long as he needed her...