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Jamie POV

As I step on board the Hunter-Gratzner, I hear the irritated grumbling of some blonde guy dressed up as a cop dragging a somewhat familiar figure, one that I could swear I saw floating around some shady people several years ago, with a stance I know I ought to recognize. Maybe a convict, just caught like Sirius was never supposed to have been several lonely millennia ago? Could he be innocent, and just an easy person to lock up and point the finger at like me after the war?

I sigh to myself quietly. I don't need to worry myself over matters like this. I don't even need to remember the pain of all those years ago, even though I hardly remember any of it now beyond the basic facts, and important names. I guess that's one of the worst things about being the Mistress of Death: losing everyone right before my eyes without being able to follow them, and forget them after long enough.

I guess that's why I move around so much, and go into hiding for years before rearranging my name and entering society once more. Maybe I'm just afraid to lose anyone else to death.

But you know they are all just three turns of the ring away, Mistress, Death whispers temptingly in my ear, hidden as always from all, though rarely from myself.

They deserve their rest, Death, and they have all moved on. It's high time I learn to do it myself, I mutter to him in our easy mental communication.

"Lady Jamie Lillian Evans?" a familiar captain's voice calls out to me from ahead.

I look up and smile slightly. "Hello Jay," I call back softly, barely loud enough for him to hear me.

He actually looks… sheepish, maybe even nervous. "Jamie, listen, I had a last minute passenger with a request to use a special cryo-pod, and… it's right next to yours. It was the cop that you were just looking at a moment ago, says he's caught the Riddick, and we're the first ship leaving to fit his budget."

"And you're worried that I won't like having the convict right next to me as I sleep?" I ask as he falls silent.

He nods slowly. "Yeah, just wanted to know if you would rather I switch your pod with the one the cop has, in case you don't like the arrangements."

I shake my head with a slight chuckle. "I know these types of men, and I've never done anything to or against this Riddick. I have no problems with him being my neighbor for the trip Jay, no need to worry."

He breathes a deep sigh of relief. "Thank goodness. Listen, I'll make sure that you're compensated-"

I put up my hand to stop him. "I don't need anything in return. I'll just have a quick word with this officer, and Riddick, before we take off. I'll just ask that neither of them give me reason to… silence them."

He shivers at the dark promise. "I'll let Officer Johns know you want to speak to the both of them before they get situated. If you'll just follow me?"

He leads me into his merchant ship, and I greet the prospector couple, Shazza and Zeke, that I helped get passage on this vessel. They thank me again, but I wave them off as we continue to where Johns is having a hard time dealing with his stubborn criminal, who's refusing to enter the cryo-pod without a fight.

Jay clears his throat, stopping the struggle for the moment, catching the attention of both men. "Pardon, but this young lady would like to have a word with the two of you before you get situated."

The officer sneers at me. "What do you want?"

I glare at him, making him recoil from what I know to be one of my more terrifying, icy glares. "I wanted to speak to the both of you, not just you, Officer," I drawl, nodding to the captive. "I would like to have the both of you able to see and respond to me, if you please." The tall, heavily muscled, and admittedly attractive criminal turns his head slowly towards me, both blindfolded and stuck with an awful bit in his mouth, head tilted in what I hope is interest on his painfully familiar features. Seeing Johns not moving to obey me, I slowly reach up, and up, to raise the blindfold to his forehead, my breath almost catching at my eyes meet his squinted silvery eyes. I remember that eyes like these are perfect for night vision, making it nearly impossible to see without some form of eye protection in the light.

Seeing that Riddick isn't attacking me, Johns reluctantly removes the bit from his mouth, allowing him to move his jaw around to ease the soreness that must have been bothering him. "Well kid?" Riddicks asks in a low voice, gravelly from possible disuse for too long. "You wanted to talk, so talk."

I smirk in amusement and cross my arms. "Yes, I just had a question or two for you, handsome," I almost purr, obviously bothering poor Johns as I practically flirt with another male right in front of him. "Will you be causing any kind of problems for me, as I'll be asleep in the pod right next to you?"

He smirks back, and raises a brow at me. "I dunno, you worried about something in particular?"

I drop all manner of amusement from my expression. "I don't want there to be any trouble during this trip. Will you at least agree not to cause me any problems?"

"I dunno, might have to bother you to see what happens," he says with a shrug, eyeing me carefully.

"Just so you get the idea, Mr. Riddick, I don't need any more trouble in my life. I just want to not have you be at the root of any kind of my troubles." I gaze straight into his eyes, but address Johns. "And you too Officer. I would like for you to make sure that you and your laws don't bother me on this trip."

He splutters, and I can see from the corner of my eyes his fingers are twitching towards his spare set of handcuffs. "Wouldn't do that if I were you, Officer," Jay pipes up, stepping up to block my line of sight with Johns. "I wouldn't want to have a bigger mess on board my ship than what you've already caused."

"Mess?" he asks in outrage.

"Yes, a mess. I had to ask that a regular client of mine give up his pod for you to take Riddick with you, and now you are close to threatening one of my most important investors as well," he growls.

Riddick whistles and blinks slowly. "Rich kid huh? Parent's money, or the lottery?"

I step closer with a smirk, and raise myself to stand on my toes as he lowers his ear a few inches. "Guess I'll leave you guessing, hm?" I ask, then press a quick kiss to his cheek, before stepping back.

His smirk gains an almost predatory spark, making me hold back a shiver. "I think I'll just see what happens, little Minx."

"I didn't expect any less," I chirp, before backing closer to my pod. "Oh, and Officer Johns?" I call, seeing Death's silhouette lingering behind the man, making rude gestures and imitating gruesome ways to kill the man.

"What?" he asks almost timidly as he puts the bit back into Riddick's mouth.

I give him a glare that I know promises pain, and calms Death significantly. "Watch yourself in the future. I don't know much, but I know you are trouble." I then lighten my mood with a childish grin and wave to all three men. "I'll see all of you at the end of the trip!" I then secure my small, bottomless bag across my chest and allow Jay to help me strap into the pod's restraints.

"You sure you don't want to trade with that cop?" he whispers as he tests the straps.

I nod quickly. "I'm sure about it. I mean, he can't be that bad, right?"

He hesitates for a moment, before giving me a world-weary sigh. "Very well then." He steps back with a nod and takes the two door panels in hand. "You're all set, Jamie, so I'll see you when I come to wake you up. You're sure you have everything?" he asks with a quick flick of the eyes to what he knows is my bottomless bag, a beaded purse the size of a small book.

"I checked several times, so I'm sure. And Jay?" I ask as the doors are almost completely closed, catching his attention as I see Death standing behind him, almost sadly if his posture is anything to go by. "Thanks for this."

He smiles. "Anything for you. Sweet dreams… Harriet," he breathes my birth name, just as the doors seal shut, and he activates the systems, slowly blurring my vision as I fall into an empty sleep.