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Chapter 1: Bouts of Sickness

The girl had no idea why she was throwing up in the bushes this morning. All she knew was that her stomach was wretched badly, and she held it with a trembling hand. The young youkai exterminator, Sango, sat down after her stomach had released its contents. She rested her head in her hands, and began to weep.

            Her friend, Kagome, was sleeping in her sleeping bag by the now burnt out fire. The perverted monk, Miroku, was sleeping soundly on the other side of the fire ring. Sango could see them from her seat on the ground, as she peered through her blurry eyes.

            She watched the monk's chest rise and fall with his rhythmic breathing. The young woman admitted to herself that she could easily sit for hours and watch him as he slept so peacefully. But she was suddenly struck by another bout of sickness, and was forced to stand and turn to the bushes.

            "Sango?" Damn. She had forgotten to check where InuYasha had gone. How could she be so careless? She knew well that his nose would pick up on the scent of her vomit, not to mention the sound of her weeping.

            She kneeled down, hunched over and gripping her stomach. She trembled all over, and tried to calm her muscles, but they would not be still. "I'm here, InuYasha." She winced at her own voice. It had come out in a choked rasp, making her troubles sound even worse.

            "Sango! Are you alright?" InuYasha ran to the girl. He knelt down beside her, but did not touch her. She tried to smile, but it turned to a pain filled grimace instead.

            "I'm sure I'll be fine. Just a little sick." She said, although she knew that it was something worse. InuYasha knew too. She could tell when she looked into his eyes, and found them filled with concern for her. She hated it when people felt sorry for her.

            Kirara appeared from between the bushes. She had been on a patrol around, making sure that the forest was safe for her friends, when she had smelled the girl's vomit as InuYasha had. She gave a questioning growl, and rubbed against the exterminator's leg. Sango found comfort in this, and scratched Kirara's back.

            InuYasha got up and stretched. Sango watched him, wondering if he would continue the matter of her sickness further. She hoped that he wouldn't.

            "I'll go wake up the others. Those lazy humans sleep too long."  He muttered, and then walked through the bushes towards the sleeping girl and monk. Sango sighed and picked Kirara up to hug her against her chest. This always made her feel better, but somehow, it didn't today. Today she felt… Not empty, but something else that she couldn't put her finger on. Either way, it was something that Kirara couldn't help.

            "Hey Sango," Kagome sighed as she stretched her arms up high over her head. Sango walked past her mumbling a hello. "Are you okay?" Kagome turned towards the young exterminator with worry in her eyes.

            Sango turned towards the girl and smiled weekly. Kagome didn't have to know; it would only worry her. Kagome smiled back, but suddenly whirled around to give Miroku a good slap for groping her bottom. Sango turned as she heard the monk's excuse.

            "There was a fly on your bottom, Kagome. I was merely…" The young exterminator felt the heat creep up into her cheeks and cause them to flush. She was jealous. She always was when Miroku touched another girl. Why was he so damn perverted?

            Sango felt her stomach give another heave, and she ran off towards the forest quickly. Miroku and Kagome watched, confused, but InuYasha knew exactly what was going on. He had smelled it on her that night that she had come back to camp, alone and weeping. It had taken him weeks to figure out the smell, but he had eventually understood it, and it had shocked him beyond reason. Sango didn't seem like the kind of person that this would happen to. He sighed, and ran off after her. Someone had to tell her. He just hated the fact that it had to be him.


            Sango hit the ground with her fist, "What is wrong with me??" She yelled to the air, and tasted the tears that streamed down her face.

            "I know." A voice came from the tree above her. The young girl looked up to see InuYasha, crouched in the nook of the tree above her.

            "InuYasha…" She said, embarrassed. How could she not have heard him? "Whatever this is… It's weekening my senses. I didn't even hear you come."

            He shook his head, "No, it was because you were yelling so loud, it drowned out the sound of my feet." He watched as Sango's face became red.

            "I had no idea that you had come. What do you want?" She said, staring at the ground now.

            "I know what's wrong with you." He spoke. Sango shook her head, "I'm just sick," She said. That was all that it was. She'd be better in a matter of days…

            "You're pregnant," InuYasha whispered softly.

But Sango didn't hear him. She was throwing up in the bushes again.