This epic fucking fanfic needs a theme song too!

Eridan and me TacoLover69 (Logan):"If you're a moron and you're on the rise,

you can count on our team taking you down,

cause we're stoners and video games never beat us,

we'll win the fight and then go out for weed pizza!

We, are the Snoop Dogg crew!

We'll always save Dave!

And if you think we can't,

we'll take a shit on your face!

That's why the schmucks of this world, believe in

Snoop Dogg, Eridan, and Ganon!

and Logan!"

Yumienata and Tombo:"If you could only know,

who we really are!

When we arrived in this dimension,

from one that's not too different,

we were amazed to find,

your brains were smaller than your dicks."

Yumienata:"We will fuck your guys,"

Tombo:"And we will fuck your girls!

Tombo and Yumienata:"And we destroy your dimension!

And we will fuck you!"

Tyler Nigge:"I will fight for the place where I'm free to dank some memes, and piss on trees!"

Katdocitty:"I will fight in the name of Feferi and Nepeta, and everything that they believe in!"

Feferi:"I will fight to end the slaughter, and to defend my Muslim beliefs!"

Nepeta:"I will fight to be everything that Equius wants me to be when I'm grown!"

Katdocitty, Tyler Nigge, Feferi, and Nepeta:"

The authors are against us!

we'll all be killed,

but at least we're not going to be dying alone!

We, are the Hyrule and Norad losers!

We'll never save a cave!

And if you think we can,

we'll punch you in the nuts!

That's why the people of this world, will murder

Feferi, Nepeta, and Tyler Nigge!

and Katdocitty!

"Why the fuck couldn't we be part of that line?" Tombo asked.

"Just forget about it and I'll let you eat out my cunt." Yumienata stated.

"Ok Yumienata." Tombo said.