Logan's Dick the movie!

"So w)(at did you want to talk to us a8out? Glu8 glu8 glu8?" Asked the slutty mcslut sluts as I yet again used a shitty application to combine their typing quirks. (As I did already in Shopping with Katdoshitty and Yato.)

Katdacatburger suddenly turned into a embarrassed tsundere and looked towards the ground as he blushed and kicked dirt about. "It's not like I like you all or anything you, you, you... TITTY BAKAS!"

Suddenly Natalie PliƩd up and did a one (wo)man fish dive, somehow managing to float in the air and kicked Katdocitty in the crotch in the process. "It sounds to me like you forgot to take your pills today! Shove these down your throat queer." She pulled out a extra large bottle of Viagra and forced all the pills into his mouth. "Need something to drink to help get those down?"

Katdickkitty could only nod as his mouth was fuller than someone's who was trying to give Godzilla a blowjob.

"Alright, I'll supply the liquid." She pushed Katdocitty onto the ground and took a scalpel and cut a hole into her pants and panties, she sat on Katdocitty's face and proceeded to piss into his mouth.

That was just the refreshment he needed, Katdocitty gulped down the pills and piss with great vigor and then jumped up, flexing his steroid-enhanced muscles. "Thank you young lady!" He said with a voice not unlike that of Morgan Freeman. "How can I repay this kind, pissy deed?"

"Hmm..." Natalie thought for a second as she thrusted two fingers in her mouth suggestively. "I'VE GOT IT! Just come visit me soon about your erectile dysfunction."

"I don't have erectile dysfunction..."

Natalie pulled out her tits, got down on her knees, and used her nipples to rub his clothed penis. "You don't yet, but just wait until I get done with you, oh god... I'm already soiling myself at the thought of all the needles I'll be sticking into your urethra!"

Tired of hearing an STD infected whore doctor ask her boyfriend to cheat on her and her bitches, Vriska grabbed Natalie by the tits, spun her around, and threw her off into the distance yelling "So long, gay doctor!"

"WELL SINCE THAT RUDE INTERRUPTION IS OVER, LET'S GET BACK TO WHAT I WANTED TO SAY!" Katdocitty yelled as his IED acted up again. "Well I ejaculated to a conclusion while being a peeping tom yesterday."

"Oh, so that's why you weren't in the bedroom using your inflatable poo jabber to explore my purlapsed anus." Nepeta interrupted.

Katdocitty pimp slapped his ho and shouted "CAN EVERY NIGGA IN HAWAII PLEASE LET ME FUCKING TALK!?"

"Okay, but first, fuck you too bitch!~" Tyler Nigge yelled back in a playful voice as he had a good fucking time fucking a good pile of manure.

"Essentially, to keep this short so I don't get interrupted again and decide to kill someone, last night I saw Bianca Frontier and Agitha fucking each other with a giant golden centipede in the hallway like exhibitionist sluts, and I realized having straight sex has gotten boring. So I want to get a sex change so we can do it like lesbians!"

Dr. Edward ran up with a bloody scalpel "Okay we can start your surgery right now!"

Feferi jumped in front of her boyfriend and used her arms to shield him. "Wait! We )(aven't agreed to t)(is yet! Glub glub!"

Dr. Edward pushed her away, grabbed Katdobitchy and threw him on a stretcher. "That's okay, all three of you are retards so your opinions don't matter anyway!" He then began taking the soon to be lesbian to an undisclosed location to perform his underground surgery. "So what breast size do you want son?"

Katdocitty blushed and hid his face. "I want to have a DxD cup please!~"

(Meanwhile Da last of da real heroes where just getting back to their base.)

"Oink oink, weren't we supposed to be teaming up with a little wigglet today?" Ganon asked as he used his spear to perform recreational acupuncture on himself.

"We don't need no wannabe nigger in our gang!" DMX yelled as he rode his race toilet car around the base. "We already got me, and being DMX and all, you know X is gonna give pain to the fools."

Snoop laughed. "That wiggizzle is the second most powerful person in the world, behind me of course. We need him, we just got' be fashionably late so instead of picking him up today, the 31st of May, we gon' be pickin' him up on June 23rd."

Eridan began to cry when he heard such brilliance "You are so fucking cool, I feel like lighting my ass hair on fire."

"Go ahead." Ethelberd said between laughs.

"Okay!" Eridan grabbed some gasoline and a blow(job) torch.

(Back to the soggy tit gang...)

Dr. Edward wheeled a now female Katdocitty back to the rest of the gang who was still waiting near the rap battle stage. "Everyone meet the new Katdafemale!"

Katdafemale jumped off the stretcher and tore his... her? Nah, his robe off revealing huge huge honkin' titties and a very wet cunt, he began to speak in his new high pitched teen girl voice. "Hi everybody... wait a minute why is my voice so high!?"

Dr. Edward laughed, "That is because I went the whole nine yards with this procedure, you got a full sex change, I was able to take breasts off of a long dead corpse and graft them to your chest, then I made them huge via silicone injection, then I made it so that you can become pregnant in case you ever want to have little kittens. After that I proceeded to gave you pitch altering surgery so that you can sound like a slutty teen. And lastly to make sure the vaginal surgery went well I had to stick my dick in and feel around. I also injected you with 69 milliliters of semen."

"OMG!" Katdafemme began crying, "If you're going to cum inside me, at least make sure I'm awake first, thanks to you I will always be forced to say I don't know what my first creampie felt like... WWWWAAAAAHHHH!"

Shara walked up and slapped Dr. Edward before sitting down, grabbing Katdocitty and putting him on her lap, and then pulling one of her breasts out. "It's okay baby, go ahead and breastfeed and you'll feel better." she said as she stroked Katdocitty's hair.

With tears in his eyes Katdocitty nodded and took her perky little nipple into his mouth and began sucking. "Wow Shara, your milk tastes sooooo good, it's like blueberry milk."

"Shara, you've never given birth, how can you produce milk!?" Wells, Shara's grandpa asked in disbelief.

"YO HO HO SHE TOOK A BITE OF GUM-GUM, Nah actually she just took lactation pills." Micah stated.

"No I didn't dumbass" Shara said as she stuck her tongue out at Micah, "When I realized you only married me to hide your faggotry I had an affair with Gaius and got pregnant with his bastard child."

"Damn you Gaius, why didn't you tell me you fucked my wife?" Micah got ready to slap the elf.

"What can I say except you're welcome?" Gaius responded. "You know, I was wondering, where is my child Shara?"

Shara laughed. "HAHAHA, what did you think those ribs you ate a few weeks ago where from?"

"I can't believe I ate my child..." Gaius hid his face in shame, "IT WAS DELICIOUS!"

(Too much retard drama let's skip ahead to that night at mah nigga's base.)

Kim Dong-un Gangnam Styled in singing "Dope, dope, dope, dope, doppa Goddamn Style! HEEEEYYYYY Sexy nuuuuuuke! dope, dope, dope..."

Samuel L. Jackson pulled out a gun, "Quit the goddamn singing!"

"Wha you say Amehrikan?" Kim asked in butchered English.


"Wha?" Kim put his hand to his ear like he was deaf.


Samuel aimed his gun at Kim's head but before he could fire Eridan shot Kim in the crotch, killing him instantly. "HAHA, beat you to it lowwblood."

"He's dead!" DMX announced because apparently he thought his whole crew was blind.

"What's this?" Ethelberd was trying to check Kim's pockets when he found a letter. "Right here it says that Kim apparently thought he was one of ours niggas and was spying on the irate fag tacos."

Snoop Dogg teleported in and posed like Michael Jackson, "Does it say anythin 'bout dem comin to battleizzle us?"

"No, apparently Kim Dong-suck got preoccupied watching some sexy lady with big tits 6999ing three troll bitches."

Ganon was on all four eating out of a trough, but looked up and wiped his face off, "I thought that Faggydaggykitty was dating those trolls, why is he loaning out free cunts?"

Snoop used his god powers to see the past,"Turns out he got a sex change, he now goes by the name Katdotitty. You all know what it's time to do."

Ethelberd got out his phone and called someone, "Send in the gang bang rape squad, also let Samuel L. Jackson know he is fired!"

(A half hour later back at Hyrule castle.)

Katdotitty and his hos had been fucking like lesbo rabbits for the last six hours until finally the hookas had to go take shits, Katdotitty tried to go to bed as his babes proceeded to drag their shitty assholes along the bathroom floor like dogs.

"Who is like there?" Katdotittysmitty asked as he heard a sound like someone trying to fart blast through a window."

Nine of the niggiest niggers you'll every find on niggstreet in niggaland climbed through the window. "It be me an mah crew mastah, I mean slut. We beez here tah rape yah."

Suddenly a famous youtuber jumped out of a closet! "How's it going bros? My name is Peeeewdiepie, and It's raping time!" (Yes I just went there.)

(7 hours of ass dragging later)

"What the fuuuuuuuuck happened here?" Vriska asked as her and the other two assholes walked in and saw their boyfriend passed out and covered in gallons of cum.

Katdocummy woke up and attempted to shit on his knees. "Carry me out to the front, everybody needs to hear about this." They carried him into the dining room where the whole crew was eating 6th breakfast.

"You look beautiful!" Sofia said as she tried not to throw up, needless to say she failed but made sure to throw up on Raven's plate, Raven still ate it though, because bile and chunks of mom's spaghetti makes omelettes taste better.

"What happened to you mah boi?" The king asked as he drank some snot out of his chalice.

A tune played as Katdotitty began to sing about his gang rape.

[Verse 1]

I could not believe my eyes

When a Swedish and some nigger guys

Stuck their junk in my face as I was trying to sleep

They had loads of pubic hair

Their ball sacks they hung like pears

Afterwards my cunt was bloody as hell


They had their dicks surrounding me

And said "Hey tranny, spit roast us"

I've never anybody stick their cock in someones ear

But they fucked my ear like it was a queer

[Verse 2]

This crew of gang bang thugs

they ripped out my eyes because

They fucked my empty sockets like flesh lights

A black cock shoved in my ass, a ball sack stuffed in my mouth

I would have pissed myself, but Pewds, he clogged my cunt


They made me spread out my ass cheeks

Then crowded my small rectum

I've never seen a group of guys clog such a small hole

my ass it bled just like a murdered goat


They took a break to lick my ass

Then they tit fucked me like hood rats

Made me bend down and suck my clit

Why didn't you all save me from these dipshits?


At this point everybody proceeded to kick Kat's ass for horrible singing and because everybody knows it was his fault for being raped because he was such a slut.

"Hey you didn't let me finish!" Kattdorapey had enough of these fucks and shook his sexy ass as he walked away.

"Hey! Listen! Watch out! Look! Hello?!" Navi yelled, whist being an annoying little cunt as usual.

"What do you want ho?" Katdotitty yelled from his room.

"If they fucked your eye-sockets why do your eyes look fine now?" The fairy asked as she stroked her molecular clit with her wing.

"When they where done Pewdiepie used some cum to glue them back in." Kadotitty then gasped, "EVERYONE, EVERYONE I GOT SOME WONDERFUL NEWS FOR YOU ALL!"

This will be the last exciting cliffhanger for awhile, see as new thrilling events happen next time on I dream of tranny!

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