A maple leaf fell from the tree, sliding on the invisible strings of the wind, landing as if magically, into the outstretched palms of Lucy Heartfilia.

The cold breeze made her shiver even in her sweater. It was autumn and another year was coming to an end. It was the time for change, leaving old things behind and moving forward.

She couldn't help as a flashback dragged her mind far back in time and instead of the backyard of the guild, she was in the Heartfilia Konzern. Back when it was lively and not desolate. When her mother was still alive.

Little Lucy watched her mother, sitting by the window and knitting.

"What are you doing there, dear?" She asked her daughter. "Come here." Lucy obeyed. She climbed on her lap and hugged her waist.

"What are you knitting?" Lucy asked.

"A sweater, dear."

"For me?"

"Yes. And for your father as well." Lucy made a happy sound and turned to look outside the window. "Ah!" She gasped. "Its snowing!" Lucy said excitedly. Winter was here! It was time to make snowmen and angels, sing songs, make merry and have a feast in the warmth of fire and family.

For a while she watched the snow pile silently and Layla continued knitting, then abruptly questioned, "Why do the seasons change mama?"

"Well, for one because winter all around the year would get very boring." Layla said with a chuckle. "And second because change is inevitable."

"Inevitable? What's that?"

Layla laughed. "It means…everything has to undergo a change, someday or the other."

"Everything?" Lucy jumped up. "Does that mean you and me…and even papa will change too?"

"Yes, but don't be afraid of change. I'm sure you will learn to love the change, even if it may be unpleasant sometimes." Layla helped Lucy into her newly made sweater. It was pink with stars on it, and fitted Lucy perfectly. She tenderly took her daughter's hand and placed it on her chest. "Always follow what your heart says."

"Lucy!" she was shaken out of her trance when Natsu slung his arm on her shoulders. "What are you doing here? Come on, we're playing a new game!"

"Lucy is always day-dreaming," Happy teased. She met with the sight of half the guild, piling up the leaves and then falling on them, sending them flying all over, laughing and creating a ruckus as usual.

As her heart bubbled with happiness and warmth, she realized that a sweater was not the only thing that kept you warm. Seasons will change, times will change, but Fairy Tail will always remain her home, warm and full of love. In all the seasons.

"Geez! I had just raked them all up!" Lucy complained but only received laughter in return.

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