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Lucifer's grip on the steering wheel was so tight that he wouldn't be surprised if he ripped the entire thing off on the next turn.

Maze was having similar thoughts. "You rip that out, we won't make it there in time." She was sat next to him in the convertible, her leg bouncing repeatedly both in anticipation and worry. Her friend could tell that her hands were itching to close themselves around the throats of the scumbags they were after.

The Devil couldn't even grin like he usually did when they were on a hunt.

The Detective's offspring was tolerable compared to most children, but he still preferred to keep his distance from her. And yet, the thought of her in the clutches of humankind's truly terrible actually induced fear in him.

And anger.

The day had started out normal enough; business as usual. He and Chloe were called by Ella to what was first thought to be a random car crash, but the young forensic scientist had discovered that the victim – a young woman by the name of Adalyn Page – hadn't sustained any life-threatening injuries from the crash itself, and had in fact been strangled to death.

Further details began to add up. The woman's six-year-old daughter, Bo, was traumatized but unharmed. A truck driver who had witnessed the incident stated that when he'd arrived, the driver of the van that had also been involved in the crash was attempting to pry open the back door to reach the child, but then fled upon realizing that he wasn't alone. It led to Chloe concluding that the crash had been a kidnapping attempt; if the suspect had wanted both woman and child dead, he would have done more damage when running the car off the road.

Suspicion had fallen upon the child's father first: a wealthy businessman by the name of Xavier Edwards, who barely paid child support and outwardly refused to acknowledge his daughter's existence. Though Lucifer was puzzled when, after being confronted with Adalyn's death, the man's attitude changed and he was genuinely shocked and guilty over what had happened; blaming himself for not being there for the pair like he should have been.

Too much did it remind Lucifer of his own guilt concerning Uriel, which still continued to eat away at him.

Xavier's alibi was iron-clad. Security footage showed him shopping in a convenience store at the time of the incident, and while it didn't exclude the possibility that he had paid someone to do it, Chloe's gut told her that he was innocent. "Why would he kidnap a kid he didn't even care about?" was what she said.

A talk with Adalyn's parents, Ian and Marina Page, revealed the true killer. They explained that she'd been dating a man named Craig Blake, but that morning had called them in a hurry; desperately telling them not to let Craig in and that she'd explain why once she arrived at their home. That phone call was the last they heard from her before the crash.

Deep digging at the precinct revealed that Craig was actually part of a human trafficking ring that the LAPD had been trying to bust for some time – a ring that specialized in kidnapping and transporting young children out of the country.

"He must have been dating Adalyn in order to get to her child," Chloe had explained after the discovery. "She found out, tried to escape with Bo, and Craig killed her before attempting to take the kid."

It was easy, and over in a day. Case closed.

But then Craig called the precinct and revealed that he had Trixie.

Chloe had a choice: either she agreed to an exchange to hand over Bo in order to get her daughter back, or she'd never see Trixie again.

Lucifer took a third option.

With Maze's help, he tracked down some men who worked with Craig, and it took only minutes to convince them to reveal the location where Trixie was being held: a warehouse by the docks, which Lucifer thought was absurdly clichéd and wondered how the LAPD hadn't caught them. The Devil and the demon left the whimpering men for the police before setting out.

Lucifer only hoped that they weren't too late.

"Try not to have too much fun, Maze," he told the demon when the car pulled to a halt outside the warehouse. "The offspring is our first concern."

Maze shrugged as they climbed out. "You know, Decker's gonna be pissed that we didn't call this in."

"I'm sure she will forgive us once she has the spawn in her arms," said Lucifer. "And besides, these men most likely have guns. I'd like to be bullet proof, thank you very much."

They split up and entered through different sides of the building. Lucifer was walking through the quiet darkness for only a minute before he heard the sounds of a fight; men yelling and screaming as Maze no doubt took care of them with gleeful rage.

He didn't sneak; just walked with purpose through the warehouse, tossing aside the human scum that got in his way. A few of them fired at him, but he didn't even acknowledge the bullets; just kept on walking until one terrified buffoon pointed him in the right direction.

When Lucifer found them, Craig was pointing a gun at Trixie's head. The Devil knew that the trafficker wouldn't kill her; she was too valuable, either as leverage or as cargo. He couldn't afford to kill her. Yet it didn't stop the waves upon waves of rage that overwhelmed him, and he stalked towards the pitiful human, consumed with the vengeful wrath of the Archangel he'd once been.

Craig fired at him, but the bullets did nothing. The man's eyes grew wider the closer Lucifer got, and when the Devil wrapped his hands around Craig's throat – barely acknowledging Trixie, who ran for cover the moment she was free – the trafficker dropped the gun and begged for mercy.

"Please! I'll give you anything! Money! Drugs! Or a kid! You like kids?"

The rage increased, because Lucifer knew exactly what Craig meant by that – the reason why the children were taken had been sickeningly obvious – and he tossed the man against the far wall before stalking towards him once again.

Only the stalking was accompanied by his fiery eyes of Hell and his true, red-skinned form. Craig screamed in terror, and Lucifer was prepared to make him wish for death and the Hell that followed.

But a frightened yelp stopped him in his tracks.

He turned from the trafficker, and his fiery eyes met the brown terrified ones of Trixie, who was watching him from behind a crate on the other side of the room. She immediately hid from sight, and Lucifer heard her whimper.

She'd seen his true form, and she was afraid. Of him.

The fire in his eyes was extinguished, and all desire to punish Craig Blake left him in a way it never had before. He gave the man a swift kick to the head, knocking him out, before returning his attention to Trixie.

"Beatrice?" he called out to her, keeping his voice soft. There was no movement from where she was hiding.

He almost cried. Yet more destruction I leave in my wake. Why can't I stop hurting the people closest to me?

Sure, Trixie could be a nuisance more often than not, especially when she constantly invaded his personal space with unwelcome hugs. And yet, he admired her ability to get into all sorts of mischief (the plan with the doll was genius, and it still irked him that the Detective had refused to let him reward her for it), along with her upbeat attitude towards life.

And although he'd never admit it, the way her face lit up whenever she saw him – just knowing that his presence made someone happy – warmed his heart, and he was always left smiling on the inside.

Now she'll never smile at me in the same way again.

It felt like the entire building had collapsed on top of him, and he just wanted to go back to Lux, drink everything in sight before curling into a ball and accepting the shame and loneliness he had wrought upon himself. He should've known that things would end in such a disastrous, heart-breaking way.

I'm the Devil. I should have expected nothing less. Monsters deserve to be alone.

Before he knew it, he was on the floor, elbows on his knees and his face in his hands. Legs bent, spread out, his feet flat and firmly planted on planet Earth, but he still felt like he was falling again; down and down into a dark pit of loneliness and despair that had no bottom. There was no end to his fall, but he thought it was no less than he deserved.

At least if I'm falling into a bottomless pit, I'll never hurt anyone again. He began to wonder if that was the true reason why his Father sent him to Hell – to keep him away from the people he cared about, so he didn't hurt them like it was in his nature to do.

He was so lost in his thoughts than he didn't hear the light footsteps approaching him.


A hand touched his arm, and Lucifer looked up to find Trixie before him, the fear gone in her eyes and replaced with sympathy.

Sympathy for the Devil. He almost laughed bitterly at the thought.

But he couldn't. Not at Trixie. Not when she was staring at him like that.

"Beatrice?" was all he could say. Why was she approaching him after what she'd seen? Why was she no longer afraid?

Her head tilted while she considered him. "Are you a monster?"

He couldn't lie to her. The Devil never lied – not even when he knew the truth would send her running from him in terror. "Yes, Beatrice. I'm afraid…that I am." His voice nearly broke. "A monster is all I'll ever be."

Shutting his eyes, he turned away from her to spare himself the pain of watching her flee in fear.

But instead he felt her warm hand on his cheek as she turned his face towards her again. He opened his eyes and was amazed to see her smiling at him with innocence only a child could manage.

"But you saved me," she said. "You're my friend, and Mommy's friend. You make us smile. So, that makes you a friendly monster." And then her arms were around him, hugging him for dear life as she bundled into his lap and almost knocked him flat on his back. "You're my friendly monster."

Lucifer could only stare down at her. So many emotions were racing through him; shock, awe, wonder, hope… His heart almost burst at her words.

There were tears beginning to form in his eyes as he asked, "You're not afraid of me?"

She buried her face into his chest. "I was a little bit. At first. But you just surprised me. I was even more scared of the bad man with the gun." Instinctively she curled into him. "Is he gonna hurt me again?"

Lucifer's arms encircled around her like a protective barrier, shielding her from her own fear and whatever else in the world that dared to harm her. "No. I won't let anyone hurt you. Ever again."

He kept her in his arms as he climbed to his feet and began walking, wanting to get her out and away from the warehouse as quickly as possible. She sank deeper into his embrace, accepting the safety that he provided, and Lucifer couldn't understand why. After everything I've done… She's seen my true face, and yet, she accepts me. I don't deserve this.

She was the light that banished away the darkness brought with his despair. She and her mother both.

His very own Morning Star.

He barely made it a few paces before he felt…something. Not pain, perhaps, but it was something, and as an immortal being who shouldn't feel much of anything, it made him pause. The sensation was coming from his back, and felt like something was trying to break out of his very skin, but in the nicest way.

When Lucifer realized that the feeling was coming from his scars, they began to sting a little – slightly more annoying than a bullet hitting him, but nothing serious – and he gasped at how sudden it was.

Trixie removed her head from where she'd made his chest her personal pillow, and looking up at him she asked, "What's wrong, Lucifer?"

"I appear to be feeling a…rather odd sensation, and it's coming from my back." Right after he finished talking, the stinging subsided and the sensation went away. And yet, he felt as though he'd been…


The child in his arms gazed over his shoulder, and she let out a gasp filled with wonder. "You really are the Devil!"

Lucifer frowned. "I beg your pardon?"

"I read in a book that the Devil was an Angel once," Trixie explained. "Your name's Lucifer, which is the Devil's name, and now you have Angel wings, too!"

The Devil froze – and then he realized that the odd sensation hadn't gone away, only shrunk so that he barely noticed. It was the feeling he had ridden himself of five years previously, when he and Maze had landed on that beach and he'd ordered her to…

Very slowly he turned his head, and there they were.

A pair of white, magnificent wings. His wings.

It was as if they'd never been burnt. Never been severed.

Trixie reached out a hand and touched the wing closest to her, and with a sound of awe she began to stroke the feathers with love and care. Lucifer let out a breath as his entire body relaxed under the child's gentle touch. With the exception of Maze cutting them off – and presumably when they'd been manhandled by the auctioneer after their theft – Lucifer couldn't remember the last time someone had touched his wings. Before his Fall, he was certain.

It was overwhelming. He, a Fallen Archangel of the Lord, was holding a mortal child in his arms, one who accepted him even after seeing his true face, and she was stroking his wings with loving care that he hadn't felt in eons.

What he felt was the same feeling that had consumed him a week before, when Chloe had barrelled into his arms and cried into his chest.

It felt like coming home.

He looked up when he heard footsteps approaching, but already knew who they belonged to so kept his wings spread out behind him.

Maze turned the corner and halted before them. At first her face filled with relief at the sight of Trixie unharmed, but then she noticed the wings and her eyes widened. "How…?"

"Don't ask." Lucifer shrugged. "They just…appeared."

Trixie turned from the wings and beamed at the demon. "Maze! Look! Lucifer's an Angel, and he has wings!"

Maze smiled. "Yeah. Looks like." She sent Lucifer a questioning glance; silently asking how and why Trixie knew Lucifer's true identity.

"She…saw my nastier side," the Devil admitted. "I didn't mean for her to see it, but…"

"She's taking it better than the Doctor did," said Maze in amazement. Like Lucifer, she'd never seen anyone take the revelation so well.

Trixie's head tilted inquisitively. "Maze, you said that Lucifer's been your friend forever. You talk weirdly like he does, and you can kick butt whenever you want to! Does that mean you're a friendly monster, too?"

For a moment, Maze was struck silent, and it was something Lucifer had rarely ever seen. He waited for the demon's reaction, and after more moments passed, she sighed. "Guess it can't hurt. You've seen it already." She shifted into her true form: half-human, half-demon, her face split down the middle.

The child's smile widened. "That's so cool! I thought it was only a mask!"

Maze looked relieved and gave her a shaky smile, before the demon half faded away and she returned her attention to Lucifer. "I called Decker. She's on her way here. So unless you wanna continue this game of show and tell…" She nodded to the wings.

Lucifer considered revealing his true identity to the Detective; her daughter had taken it well, so there was hope that she would, too. But he was reminded of Linda's reaction to his true form, along with the look on Chloe's face months before when he'd goaded her into shooting him, and he decided that it was better not to push his luck. It was a miracle in itself that Trixie hadn't rejected him.

So he tucked his wings away and they vanished from mortal eyes, before he carried Trixie towards the exit with Maze by his side.

When they arrived outside a dozen squad cars were waiting. Maze approached the lieutenant to explain the story – and would no doubt be paid a large finder's fee for her efforts, which the Devil felt was well and truly deserved – while Lucifer searched for Chloe.

She appeared moments later, pushing her way through the surrounding officers before sprinting towards them with a cry of relief.

Lucifer placed the child into her mother's arms, and then there was a lot of hugging and crying, with Chloe whispering over and over, "I've got you, baby. I've got you."

And then the Devil felt an arm snake around him as Chloe yanked him into the hug, them on the outside and Trixie in the middle, and she kept thanking him over and over while he didn't know what to do with himself. He eventually wrapped his arms around them both, and the feeling of home increased tenfold, warming his heart and giving him hope.

He was a monster. There was no doubt about that. But perhaps the child was right: he was her monster. Their monster.

The reappearance of his wings had to mean something. But there would be time for that later, so he closed his eyes and bathed in the feeling of being close to two of the most important people in his life.