Title:  What would Harry do if he found FanFiction.net

Author:  Marie McBride


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Finally, I got Hermione to bewitch this bloody computer so that I can surf the net.  What's this?  Fanfiction.net, hummmm looks interesting.  I typed in Harry Potter as I did write those books that the muggles seem to like sooooooo much.  What they put me and Ron as a couple.

"Hey Ron, come here," said Harry.

"What is it," he asked as he walked into Harry's room (him making perfect and all).

"Look at this, this site puts you and me as a couple" Harry replied.

"That's nuts,"

" I know, look they have hermione and me as well"

"OMG they have you and Draco as a couple, that's bloody weird"

"Well actually Ron, I do like Draco, but I don't think he likes me"

"Why wouldn't he like you, what's wrong with you"

It would be just like Ron to go all big brother on me.  Demanding why I'm not good enough, or what ever the case may be.  I wish I did know if Draco liked me or not.  In the background you can hear Ron ranting on and on about how Harry's such a good catch and all.  Maybe I should talk to him.  Hummmm, might just have to owl him.  Mental note:  owl Draco and ask him to meet me tonight. 

"Ron, look at this they have Mione and Snape together"

"WHAT that's upsured, she likes me, I think"

"You know Ron, maybe you should ask her to go out with you, ummm"

"Well, maybe you should ask Draco to go out with you"

"I will if you will"

"Right then, I will" Ron stated as he walked off to find Hermione.

Well, I better go owl that letter. 

In the Slytherin Common Room

You see Hedwig fly in and drop a letter on Draco's lap. 

What's this?  Draco thought, Better open it to find out.

Dear Draco,

Could you please meet me in the Great Hall at 8:00 right after dinner.


Harry Potter

Wonder what he wants?  Well, better go to find out right.  Well, maybe I can get up the courge to tell him that I like him.  Well we will just have to go see what he wants.

The Great Hall, After Dinner

I wonder if he's going to come?  Harry thought.  Maybe I should just leave.

Just then you can see Draco walk in, wearing a tight green shirt with hip hugging pants.  WOW, thought Harry He looks fine.  mmmm so eatable and good. 

Wow he's here, mmmm he looks good in green.  Maybe I will tell him how I feel.  It's our last year and I may not get another chance. 

"Draco, thanks for coming"

"Why am I here Potter?"

"Well…..I wanted to tell you that I….. well I think I like you, a lot" you can see Harry blushing as he says this sentence.

"Well Harry, I think I like you too"

You can see Harry visibly sigh with relief as Draco says this.  In the next instent Harry felt Draco's soft lips upon his.  He ran his tounge along Harry's mouth begging for entrence.  Harry gently opened his mouth and their tounges douled for the doment position. 

"Draco, are we…. I mean….. will you be my boyfriend?"

"Yes, Harry I would be glad to be your boyfriend"

"How are we going to tell everybody?"

"I think you should just eat with me and we just walk into the Great Hall for breakfast holding hands.  We can answer the questions later if we want to.  They don't need to know about our personal life, that's why they call in a PERSONAL LIFE"

"Ok, but well will have to explain to our friends."

"Ok, I guess I will meet you tomorrow"

"Well you come back to my room, if you wanted that is"

"Why Harry did anyone ever tell you that you look beautiful when you blush?  And yes It would be nice to go back to your room"

Harry led Draco back to his room, using the invisibility cloak, when they got there they undressed and slipped under the covers.  They cuddled until the next morning. 

The Next Morning the Great Hall

When Harry and Draco arrived at the great hall they were holding hands.  Needless to say that this caused an uproar of chatter.

"Was is a bet"

"Are they going our"

"They make the cutest couple"

When Harry sat down at the Slytherin table, Ron and Hermione looked puzzled but diceided to talk to them both later. 

Later that Day, Gryffindor Common Room

"Harry are you and Draco going out?" Hermione wanted to know.

"Yes Mione we are"

"I would like to ask that you both call me Draco, and I will try to remember to call you by your names"

"That would be nice Draco" Hermione stated.

"Well Harry I also have some news, Hermione and I are going out"

"That's great Ron"

As Draco, Hermione, and Ron got to know each other, Harry went into the other room to get on Fanfiction.net.  He then wrote up a story intitled "What would Harry do if he found FanFiction.net"  He didn't see Draco come up behind him and incircle him in a loving hug.

"What are you doing love?"

"I found this site, online, where they had a bunch of stories about us as a couple, then I added on of my own"

"I see"

later that night Harry completed his story in real life by making love to Draco.  He later wrote another story describing how wonderful and hole he felt with Draco inside of him.

The End

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