Story by: Legend of light

Summary:What if Goku had a had a twin sister that was older than him by 9 minutes. How will this change the entire story? How will this affect Gohan, Goku, Chichi and the rest of the Z-fighters? How can this change affect the entire DBZ universe find out on Dragon Ball F.


ACT 1: Origins Part 1

24 years ago.

Planet Vegeta.

Two newborn babies who are born with a tail are laying around on there incubators crying loudly. They are fraternal twins one is a boy named Kakarot and the other is a girl named Fasha. There mother has just died in childbirth and there father is on Planet Meat with his team.

"What is their power level?" asked a old man with a large nose in a doctors coat.

"The boys power level is 5 while the girls power level is 15."said the second man.

Just then then the first old man received a written order from King Vegeta in there scouters which is a device on there eye.

"We got orders from King Vegeta to send them to a Planet called Earth it is rare that we send two babies to a planet but in this case since they are twins we have to send them together and the king knows that for some reason" said the first old man.

The first old man puts Fasha being the oldest of the twins in her pod and prepare her for transport buy putting in the coordinates and supplying enough milk for the trip. Likewise the second old man does the same for Kakarot.

As the two babies are sent towards Earth, trouble awaits there father. As he prepares to fight the diabolical tyrant named Frieza, the tyrant uses his death ball to destroy the warrior and the planet behind him.

Planet Earth Kakarot landing

2 months later.

Kakarot's pod lands in the forest miles away from the city the pod opens and he is sucking on milk from the pod while asleep when he wakes up he started to cry very loudly.

A old man named Gohan who was a famous martial artist he was the winmer of the 18 and 19 world martial arts tournament and lost to King Chappa in the 20th world martial arts tournament.

And he was walking through the forest when all of a sudden he hears a loud cry echo through the woods. The old man runs in the direction that the crying is coming from and after running a half of a mile he sees the pod and Kakarot crying inside of the pod. The old man picks Kakarot up.

"You boy! have the cry of a warrior you are going to be called Goku and I will raise you like if you were my grandchild you will receive excellent care under me."

Now Goku in the beginning gives him a lot of trouble, despite the kindness of Gohan, but later Kakarot bumps his head down a cliff and the server head trauma causes him to forget about destroying Earth and becomes a caring loving boy.

Planet Earth Fasha's landing.

Fasha pod lands a couple of miles away from the city of Winstar in the mountain areas. The pod has crash into the mountain before hitting the slope and rolling down into the ground then hitting the cliff and slaming five hundred feet into the ground destroying the pod on its final impact.

Fasha is badly injured in the crash. She has server head trauma and other injuries through her body. the pod has been destroyed. She eventually begins to cry loudly from the injuries.

Now in the Mountains there was a couple who recently married one was a doctor and the other a social worker they were residents of Winstar, and they were hiking on there honey moon. Then they hear a loud crying coming from down the mountain. They decided to run towards the crying.

When they arrive at the source of the crying they see a baby girl who was naked inside a destroyed spacepod who was bleeding from her head and other part of the body.

"obviously this baby is alien but we cant leave it here." Said the man after seeing her tail

The woman who was a doctor picked her up.

"there, there you will be alright, you are right that is why we are going to raise it as are own child. We will name her Kari lets treat her for her injuries" said the woman.

24 years later.

Kari's Place.

Kari has grown up since then and is now a twenty-four year old woman who has fought in numerous tournaments. She is a master in numerous of styles of martial arts including Aikido, Karate, Wing Chun, and others. Her hair is spiky to the middle of her shoulder blade and she likes to learn new styles of martial arts every day.

Even though she loves to fight she has other hobbies as well, like every girl she likes to shop, and she loves gymnastics, she is also a woman of many secrets for example she had a tail that she keeps hidden.

Kari has her own house and is currently a college student.

Kari walks in the kitchen after the thirteen straight night with the same dream it is late at night and she has only slept an hour each night since she has started to have the dream about the man.

'Why is it I'm having a dream about a man I don't know?' Kari wondered. 'Its like I know him from somewhere but don't know where.'

Kari grabbed a wineglass from the cupboard and then poured a glass of Red Wine. Kari knows she only drinks wine when she is upset.

'Maybe I should call Asuna or Jeriko?' Kari pondered.

Asuna is her best friend, they were friends since they were little, they practice Wing Chan on a daily basis while its safe to say Kari is far better than anyone she faced and is much better than her at this point.

While Jeriko is Kari's Karate instructor, they are ten years apart, and Kari knows every stance of Karate and has far surpassed even Jeriko the most talented Karate instructor in Winstar. He is also Asuna's husband.

Kari looks at the time and saw it is 03:46 in the morning.

'No I should not they would kill me if I called either one of them at this time of night.' Kari continued in her train of thought

Kari finished her drink and then went back to her room.

As she sits on her bed she looks at a picture of her at 7 years old that she hasn't even shown Timothy.

Timothy is Kim's fiancée they been together since middle school and have never broken up once. They practice aikido often although like with Jeriko, Kari is much better than Timothy.

'What would he say if he knew I had a tail I know he'd probably go crazy? What am I saying this is Timothy I'm talking about the man I still love but I'm on a mission to find who am I and where I come from.' Kari thought

Kari knows that there will be a time when she will be forced to reveal to Timothy about her tail but the question is when will she reveal it.

The next day.

"Ok, I'll leave my month rent on the table as I'm going to West City" Kari said as she takes the mortgage payments for the next few months and put it into a envelope. "Maybe they might know who this person I keep dreaming about."

Kari took only a spare of clothes with her and a few drinks and a lot of canned goods and a box of plastic Forks, knives and spoons as well as some DynoCaps with her.

She then walks outside and sees her friend Asuna. She places the envelope with the mortgage payment in her mail box and lifts the red tab. She then walks towards her friend.

"Asuna what are you doing here?" Kari asked.

"What I should be asking you is where are you going?" Asuna asked Kari

"I know you know me since I was 8 but I'm going show you something I've never shown anyone" Kari said.

"And what is that?" Asuna asked

"This" Kari said as she went into the back of her pants and pulls her tail out.

"Kari what is that?" Asuna asked a little freaked out as she pointed at the tail in shock.

"My tail and before you ask I have no idea where I got it I guess I was born with it" Kari explained.

"But there is just one problem, Kari humans aren't born with tails!" Asuna yells.

"I know Asuna, but I'm going to find out where this tail comes from and is there any other with it." Said Kari

"Take my car and I'm coming with you." Replies Asuna

"Fine" Kari said as she put her stuff in the car.

"So where are we going?" Asuna asked.

"Well I thought of going to West City to start" Kari said as she locked her house up.

"So are you going to tell Timothy?" Asuna said with an evil smirk. As she enters her Camero

"Not until I can find out about my past" Kari said as she enters the car.

On the road.

"Kari whenever we go to a restaurant you always get a appetizer and a meal and it it yourself, why?" Asuna asked.

"For some reason I tend to eat large amounts of food when we go home after eating in a restaurant I eat some more when I am alone I don't know why I don't get fat." Kari replied

"How much food?" Asuna said not taking her eye off the road.

"Let just say I eat more than ten to fifteen servings per meal." Kari said.

"How when you look so skinny?" Asuna asked.

"Tell me when we get there and I don't know I think it has something to do with my tail." Kari said as she lay down and took a nap.

"Ok Kari." Asuna said as she pulled out a wireless headset and places it on her cell phone.

Asuna then picks up her phone and dials (999)867-5309.

"Jeriko, Honey, are you there?"

"Yea Asuna, so did Kari get surprised?" Jason asked.

"Jeriko can you look up Capsule Corp and see if they know anyone that may have a tail, don't ask?" Asuna said.

"Sure I'll be a while." Replied Jeriko

Ten minutes later Jeriko called back.

"Asuna I tried to find something but the site is so complex that when I try to find anything remotely similar to someone with a tail it starts up a red alert and forces my computer to shut the tab off." Jeriko said.

"Thanks Honey, but something tells me you do have good news" Asuna responded

"That was just the bad news and you are right I did find some good news, Someone named Son Goku Fought in the WMAT and he had a tail and more importantly Capsule Corps may know something about it." Jeriko said before taking a breath before continuing "your welcome I feel like something strange is coming so I have to go." Responded Jeriko

"Good bye and next time don't say your welcome until I say thank you." Said Asuna before hanging up.

Deep in space

Passing the Dwarf Planet Pluto were two Space pods there mission is a mystery but there ambitions are no good. And they are heading straight towards earth.

In one space pod was a male body with a lot of hair wearing some type of armor. In the other space pod was another male this one had a short hair cut and blue both had strange devices on there right eye.

To Be Continued

What's the deal with these two males heading towards Earth? Are they friends? Are they new Enemies? Will Kari find the answers she is looking for? Will like the answers if she gets them? Find out next Dragon Ball F