Quick One-Shot. Normal text is speech, italics with speech marks is the Headmaster, and the italics in the thoughts, is of Ian's.



'Just keep walking. Ignore her…. Just keep walking…"

"Mr Robinson!"

'Christ… the Demon…. Ignore him. Just keep walking.'

"Ian Robinson! Stop immediately!"

'He thinks that I will stop. Not this time. I have other things I need to do right now.'

"Come back here, boy!"

'Phone's ringing… It's Mum. Reject the call… Bad yeah, but I'll call her back later.'

"Robinson… I'm warning you…."

'I'd like to see you try and take me down, Mr V.'

"Mr Robinson. The Headmaster will soon get you!"

'Yeah, Mr V. Sure he will… Oh look, I'm out of the gates. He can't do NOTHING to me now!'


'How do you like my finger, Headmaster? I hope you don't go through my locker… I may have left a booby trap on the back of the door…'

'Ah, here it is. The Building. Oh God, the receptionist is already smiling at me in sympathy. Lady, I may have Depression, but you don't need to give me a pity look! I'm here to get better! For my family, my friends…'

'And myself. So I can be a true part of our plan to take down the Demon Headmaster.'