Disclaimer:  I own nothing having to do with Buffy.  Joss owns all for he is a God.  I only wish that I were half as creative as he.

Notes:  Dawn kept those journals since she was nine, according to the monks.  I was just wondering what might be in them.  Tell me what you think, should I write more or not?

March 10, 1997

            I got called down to the counselor's office this morning before I even met my teacher.  The counselor wanted to make sure that I'm dealing okay with mom and dad's divorce.  I told her everything was fine, but I don't think she believed me.  How could I tell her that my sister snuck out of her room every night back in LA and came back with cuts and bruises and her clothes were all ripped and covered with blood?  Mom and dad never noticed because she always asked for new clothes anyway.  She and her friends went shopping every weekend since before I can remember.  And all the cuts and bruises?  They were always gone in the morning.  I guess they were never that serious, or she was really good at putting make-up on.

            Anyway, the counselor told me to start keeping a journal.  She said to write about what happened during my day and anything else I felt like writing about.  I promised I'd do it for a couple of weeks, at least.  She said it would help me adjust to the new school and only living with my mom, instead of both of my parents.

            Well, after the counselor, I went to my classroom.  I was late because I had been in the counselor's office for so long.  I walked into the classroom and everyone stared at me.  Then Mrs. Rhone made me stand up front and tell everyone about LA.  A girl with brown hair and glasses came up from the back of the room.  Her name was Mina and she was assigned to be my buddy, to help me get to know the school.  Mina's pretty nice.  She stutters, but she's been a pretty good friend to me so far.  I had so many friends in LA.  I wonder if I'll ever make any here.  It doesn't feel like it right now.

            Sometimes, it doesn't feel like I'll ever have a normal life.  Moving here, to Sunnydale, makes it feel like that even more.  A bunch of kids were talking today at recess.  They said strange stuff happens here all the time.  People go missing, or die mysteriously.  And the adults don't even notice.  Fred, the boy who sits next to me, he said that the adults can't explain it, so they make themselves forget about it.  I wonder if Buffy notices.  She's not an adult yet.  And she's pretty strong.  Maybe she'll be able to help.  Maybe helping will be good for.  It can keep her form getting into fights, like she started doing in LA, right before we left.

            We moved here because of her.  Mom told me, but I'm not supposed to tell Buffy.  Mom thought the atmosphere, or something, here would be good for her, help her find her place in the world.  That's mom's way of saying that she hopes Buffy will do better in school without all the distractions of LA.

            This wasn't too bad.  I'll write some more tomorrow.  Right now I have to go to bed, though.