Disclaimer:  I don't own Buffy.  I only wish I did.  Well not Buffy, maybe Spike…

Summary:  Dawn's kept those journals since she was nine.  What's in them?

Note:  I know that the grammar is bad, but I'm just trying to be at least a little authentic here.  Remember, this is the journal of a fourth grader; she's not going to have the greatest grammar in the world.

March 11, 1997

            The second day of school wasn't much different than the first, for me anyway.  Buffy's principal called mom a little bit ago.  She looks pretty mad right now.  Buffy's in for it when she gets home.

            Buffy just got home.  She's in her room right now.  Oh, I guess she wants to go out again.  Man, you can hear everything in this house.

            Buffy's grounded.  Mom will probably let her sulk in her room indefinitely.  She should really make her go downstairs, or at least check on her every now and then.  Otherwise Buffy will probably…

            She snuck out!  She climbed right out her window.  Should I tell mom?  No, she's my sister.  I can't betray her to mom.  But, mom should know.  Okay.  If Buffy's not home by midnight, I'll tell mom.  I guess I'm staying up until midnight.


            It's 11:56.  Buffy just climbed back through her window.  I wonder where she was.  Does she already have a boyfriend?  Was she meeting some friends?  I'm going to go see if she's okay.

            She's okay.  Her hair's all messed up and she's out of breath.  There were a couple of visible bruises.  She has a new necklace; I wonder when she got that.  Who gave it to her?  We've only been here for two days and she's already getting presents.  So, she either has a new boyfriend already or she was out fighting.  I hope she wasn't out fighting.  She got in so much trouble in LA.

            I'll sleep through math if I don't go to bed now.  And I need to stay awake in math if I'm ever going to understand long division.  More tomorrow.