Memories of a past and a future

A/N: So I started a new story! Back to basics with the Vampire Diaries crowd in a re-imagined season 1 with more than a few twists thrown in for good measure. To preface this (and make the timeline clear) the Miranda/Grayson Gilbert deaths occurred just before season 1 by a week at most instead of months. Bella and Jenna are in their mid-twenties and the Twilight part of this story is ten years old. In it Bella met Edward, she fell for him, everything went on as normal until the whole James thing. In this story, Bella smarted up when she woke up broken and bitten in the hospital in Phoenix and called things quit. Are we all on the same page? Yay! Wanna find out what's up now? Keep on reading!

A/N 2: I still own zilch on either fandom. Just my ideas and nothing more.

A/N 3: A huge thank you and a truckload of coffee to DeathDaisy and Ryggrad for being my sounding boards, feeding The Muses That Be and kicking me in the posterior area every time I need to. I love you girls :D

Chapter 1

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Jenna Sommers breathed right after she broke water and pushed her hair out of her eyes. Next to her, Bella Swan laughed.

"I knew you'd like it. I promised mom I'd look after the place and the water is too good to enjoy it by myself."
"That's exactly why we're best friends."
"Because I drag you along every time I have this place all to myself?"

Bella snorted.

"Nah, because you know just what I need to unwind. I thought that flight would never end!"

Jenna groaned. The twenty six year old had decided to use her love of traveling to make ends meet and had applied for a position with Delta airlines, and put her history degree in a drawer to gather dust.

"Admit it Jen, you love flights, even though you hate the fliers."

Bella rubbed her friend, shrieking when the strawberry blonde dunked her and dove for the shore being chased by Jenna.

"This is the life!"

Jenna struck a pose as the two emerged from the water and made their way to their towels to collapse and lather the sunscreen. Neither handled the sun very well but neither cared.

"Where are they now?"
"Seattle. Phil's team is taking on the Seattle Whatevers and, you know mom! She just loves cheering him on!"

Bella rolled her eyes before hiding them behind a pair of sunglasses. Unlike her mother, father and stepfather, she didn't care much for sports but she never had a problem to keep an eye on their house. Unlike Jenna, Bella had used her degree in English lit to teach in a private high school until one-too-many campus rapes had forced it to shut down the year before. She had been working freelance as an editor since and was always ready to take a break from the computer screen.

The two friends lounging under the hot Florida sun had met when sharing a dorm at the same university in Phoenix. Jenna was a free spirit that reminded Bella of her mother while Bella's more serious nature allowed Jenna to not miss her strict sister too much. They hit it off like a house on fire. Jenna guided the shy and introverted Bella out of her self-imposed mental exile and helped her mend her broken spirit. In return, Bella showed Jenna that rules and reasons were not there just to be broken, but to be listened, if not obeyed, and helped her ground.

Neither moved until a small fawn and white dog ran through the open balcony doors of the beach house, tail wagging happily and a bright yellow tennis ball held between the teeth and jumped on a dozing Jenna and dropped the ball right between her breasts with a happy bark.

Needless to say Jenna shot up with a yelp.

"Jesus Barkley! Why didn't they take him with them?"

Jenna glared at the dog that was still wiggling his tail excited taking the fall from stomach to sand in stride. Bella snorted and made no move to get up.

"Because he hates small places. And planes. Most people too. He'd bark the whole place awake all day and night till he was let out again."
"I hate you."

Jenna told the dog and threw the ball away as far as she could, and the small dog took after it as a bullet barking happily.

"Awe, he loves you too."

Bella joked and laughed when Jenna growled under her breath at her.

"Come on, I'm hungry. Let's go get something to eat."

Bella's stomach growled in agreement and the two made their way inside the house and to their rooms and the adjoined bathrooms.

"Want me to ring Mason and go for burgers?"

Jenna yelled from her bathroom. Bella rolled her eyes at the not subtle hint and yelled back.

"Why don't you want him? He's a great guy!"
"He's a werewolf!"
"So? You like Barkley!"
"So not the same thing Jen. You like him so much, you do him!"
"Already did and lo-!"

Bella shook her head amused and stepped back under the water to rinse the shampoo off cutting her friend's words.

During a drunken-on-midnight-margaritas night at the college after an improptu party, the two had spilled their secrets. Jenna told Bella how her male bestie accidentally killed someone and turned into a wolf every full moon since and Bella told her how she got the vampire bite mark scar inside her wrist. Jenna took it in stride and shared how her town had a rich vampire history even thought she never believed it. Bella had laughed and said she wouldn't believe it either had she not dated a vampire and paid the price for it. Now Jenna kept trying to fix her best female and human friend to her best guy and non-human friend. Funny how in the meantime, she never had a problem casually dating and sleeping with him herself...

A scream had Bella nearly jump out of her skin the moment she stepped out of the shower and reaching for a towel.


Receiving no response, she tightened the towel around her, shoved her feet in their flip flops and went in search for the screaming Jenna. Barkley's barking form close on her heels.


She stopped at the threshold of the spare room. Jenna was on her knees in the middle of the room, buck naked, blue eyes wide and glassy, wet hair plastered down on her head and dripping water. Next to her a silver cell phone. Quickly Bella grabbed Jenna's fluffy yellow bathrobe and wrapped her friend in it.

"Barkley shut UP!"

She shushed the dog and knelt next to Jenna.

"Honey, what is it? What happened?"

"Miranda.. and Grayson... they're gone?"

Jenna choked out before passing out in her friend's arms.