A/N: Yet another one of those little "during today's episode/issue" things I'm always doing. -_-;; It's an odd habit. Let's see, there was the Honda/Kaiba, that still unfinished Honda/Yami Bakura, that one for Planet Ladder, the Peach Girl one, and . . . I think that's all. They're strangely amusing to write.

Warning: religious parallels drawn. Stay out if that squicks you- none of us want to be flaming each other, do we?

Jounouchi's POV, set while Seto's being a nut and about an inch from falling off Pegasus's castle wall.

"Standing On the Wall"

"You've spent so much time with your machines you've forgotten what being human's about!" ~ Anzu, to Seto.

Idiot! Idiot! How dare you be such a stupid bastard! Risking your life like that- like you didn't even care!

If you'd had to lose, though, I know you would've wanted to die anyway.

If you'd fallen, you know, I'd have gone to catch you. There wouldn't have been a snowball's chance in Hell that I'd make it, but I'd have gone. I'm stupid like that. Stupid like you.

Besides, what with irony being irony and El Nino what it is, who knows what kind of chance a snowball might have in Hell today anyway?

So you stood there, smirking like the kind of whore who knows just how naked you really are under those clothes, waiting for God. Because Yuugi is God, you know, and you worship at his altar just like the rest of us. The infidels, converted from their false idols and pagan sacrifices to his holy benevolence and sweet gospel.

And right now, it is the very wrath of a god that he unleashes as the Celtic Guardian attacks the Ultimate Blue Eyes, an avenging angel sent against the hounds of Hell with only a holy weapon and his god's guidance. Anzu- that other angel, the one God so adores- is screaming, despair in her eyes.

I try not to do the same, and in that instant, as I look to you, God forsakes one angel for the other. The Guardian stops in his tracks, eyes blank and empty, and I hear you roar instructions to your dragon, and then it is the one roaring and the Celtic Guardian dies in its blazing flames. The light is blinding, and the others hid their faces, crying out.

I still can't take my eyes off of you.

You smile, tired, as the light slowly fades, but it's already a smirk when the others look at you.

The angel is crying. God is crying.

I'm really glad you won- Mokuba is lucky to have you.

I wonder how Shizuka is today.

* ende *

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