Kagome sighed as she picked up the two jagged halves of the shikon no tama, her coal grey eyes seeming to pry for the secrets held in it. Turning around, she addressed her friends.

"After I make this whole, and make the wish, there is a high chance I won't see you again." She looked over the blood soaked group, who looked at her, they accepted this as the truth, yet it didn't mean that they had to like it.

"We understand, Kagome-sama, you can't stay here, you have your family on the other side of the well anyway." Miroku responded for the rest of them, she noticed in the background the Shinigami that she had befriended, his name was Ryuk, he decided to go bold and introduce himself to their group 3 months prior by playing a prank on them.

Her and Shippou had found it hilarious when Inuyasha had started to float off the ground, she found it funnier as she could see him before he passed his notebook around so the others could see him.

Miroku and Sango had panicked, unsure of what exactly was happening, Miroku ended up trying to exorcise the invisible force. Although Shippou couldn't see him, he had caught on that it wasn't harmful when she had allowed a small smile to show on her face before it has escalated to laughter.

Kagome sighed as she blinked away the memories, that would be left as such after this.

Placing the two halves together.

"I wish that everyone who was effected by the jewel in any way, shape or form to be given a second chance at whatever had happened to them."

And with that she disappeared from the past.

Kagome gave an annoyed huff as she attempted to reach the sink.

It had been 12 days since the wish for her, 12 days since she last saw everyone.

The wish had been pure, the jewel fading from existence. It had granted the pure wish she had, and apparently she was included in that.

She had been sent back to when she was six.

Apparently there was something around this time important to her future that had been lost due to the jewel's influence, somehow, she had a feeling she knew just what it was.

Once she had reached the sink, she had gotten herself a glass of water, before heading to the living room, where her mother and step-father were.

When the wish had been granted, her mother had retained memories of her travelling and her step-father was granted them, which she was glad for, because she didn't have to go to school, as she was technically already at college student level, instead they made up for it by saying that she was home-schooled. She made up for that by taking online courses.

Huffing, she opened her laptop up and turned on the TV, she had taken an interest in the Kira case that was currently going on, and if her memory served her right, the man who was heading the investigation. She took a quick sideways glance at her mother. He was her father.

With how Kira was killing, it reminded her of a certain mischievous Shinigami from the past. She had a feeling that was why the shikon had sent her this far into her past, if it had gotten involved, in any way possible, it would have been through Ryuk.

"Stupid Shinigami, dropping their Death Notes." She muttered, ignoring her step-dad as he rolled his eyes at her.

She frowned at the news, another Kira victim, this would not do.

She turned to her laptop, hoping to get some more work done.

None of the three in the room noticed the gleaming red eyes out the window.

Soichiro gave an annoyed huff as his phone rang in the middle of the street. Fishing it out of his pocket, he answered, to hear a distressed voice call out.

"U-uncle So-Soichir-ro?" His eyes widened at the small sobbing voice from the other side.

"Kagome? What's wrong?" She never called, as she was too young to really know how a phone worked, or so he thought.

"Th-th-they'r-re d-d-d-dead." Her sobbing increased, as did his alarm.

"Who are?" His voice was panicked, he had understood why she called now.

"M-mama, J-jii-c-c-han an-d P-pa-apa Aki-imit-ts-u" His blood ran cold. His little sister, her husband and her father in-law had died.

"Hold on, I'll be over as soon as I can." Running back to the hotel that was serving as their current headquarters, he rushed inside to tell L that he was going to do something for a bit, although he never specified what.

When he got to the shrine that his little sister had been living at, he was greeted to the sight of Kagome sat on the bottom step, hugging a small fox teddy to her, a few bags were packed and scattered near her, including a laptop bag. She was being surrounded by police officers, as he made his way towards her, he noticed her sobbing.

"Kagome." She looked up at him, her eyes wide and pleading, the police officers tried to stop him, until he himself pulled out his badge, certifying that he was indeed a police.

It took awhile until she was allowed to come home with him, there were many breakdowns throughout the whole discussion and by the end of it, when Kagome had gotten into the car, the stuffed toy still cradled in her arms, she fell asleep almost instantly.

Needless to say, when he got home with a sleeping Kagome in his arms, his whole family was shocked, Sachiko the most.

It also took a few trips to the car to get all of her stuff.

Unbeknownst to all but Light, one Ryuk had been silent since the girl had come through the doors in her uncle's arms.

Ryuk had a feeling everything would get a lot more interesting now that the Miko had come.