Morning #2!

The JNPR dorm room was dark and silent. All that could be heard were the sleeping residents of the room.

Pyrrha sighs in her sleep, looking as beautiful and graceful as she does while awake. Wrapped under the covers with her head resting on her hands that were closed together on her pillow, and her back towards the wall, she looked like an angel. Red hair, long and flowing. Though she is beautiful, her hair was messy and all over her face. For once, it was not in a ponytail and surrounded by her headpiece. The golden metal could be found next to her on her nightstand.

Jaune can be seen in his bunny onesie, with a light snore every now and again. His hair is sticking up and his feet are hanging off of the bed. He is every bit as dorky and adorable as he is while awake. He sleeps on his stomach with his head turned toward Pyrrha and his arms under the pillow to raise his head even higher.

Nora on the next bed is also sleeping on her stomach, and has managed to get her head under her own pillow. She did this often, and how she does not suffocate herself is beyond everyone. She dislikes the pillows provided, saying that they raise her head too high and hurt her neck. She sleeps rather quietly with a few small snores if she ever does lie on her back.

Ren, despite his silent nature, talks and mumbles in his sleep. It is quiet enough to not bother everyone, but in a way it had always helped Nora fall asleep. He lies on his side, facing Nora and had one hand under his face and the other resting on his side. Unlike Pyrrha, he kept his long hair in a ponytail to keep it from becoming too messy. No matter where Nora slept, Ren grew in the habit of facing in her direction when they sleep, just in case something dangerous happened. Of course, that is improbable here at Beacon, but the two grew up together in a dangerous environment therefore the habit was hard to break. With this, he was also a light sleeper when it came to new sounds. Sounds he were already used to wouldn't wake him up.

Ren's small mumbles were always a way for Nora to find out if he had any suppressed emotions. Though he was open with Nora, he still suppressed many emotions. He did not want to depress anyone or become an inconvenience.

She, however, would always find out later that night. She became distressed one night when they were 15 when he mumbled something along the lines of him being "unworthy of happiness." Of course, the next morning Nora had mentioned nothing of it but made sure he had the best damn day.

Tonight however was different. Nora woke up groggily at 4am and zombie-walked to the bathroom. When she came out, she heard a whimper. This made her perk up a bit, suddenly concerned. She moved over towards Ren's bed and kneeled next to it, gently placing her hand on his arm.

"Leave her alone." mumbled Ren.

"Leave who alone?" Nora asked out loud. This was an obvious accident, for she placed her other hand over her mouth and her eyes grew wide. She didn't want to wake him.

"Yang." Ren mumbled. Suddenly, Nora's eyebrow cocked up in curiosity. Not only because he responded, but he is dreaming of Yang?

"Is Yang okay?" Nora whispered towards Ren, suddenly wondering if he is capable of conversation.

"No.." Ren mumbled. Nora's eyebrows furrowed together and was going to respond until Ren started, "Nora ..leave her alone."

With a small gasp, Nora almost didn't know what to say.

"Why should i leave her alone? Hmm" She says to the sleeping boy.

"Stop ..taking.. Yang's cake…."

Nora suddenly grinned, stifling many small giggles. Her face was pink. She was ready to get back up until she heard another mumble.

"So cute." Ren said in a low voice, out of nowhere. Nora saw Ren's lips become a smile.

"Who?" Nora responded.

"The strong one.."

Gee Ren, between me and Yang? That sure narrows it down….

"...Which" Nora tried, unsure for how long she should keep this up. "Me?" Nora grinned, however she suddenly felt a tad guilty, exploiting his sleeping habit just to find out who he thinks is cute.

Ren's responses were inaudible mumbles, causing Nora to slightly give up. Maybe she'll ask him about it when they would both be awake, later. She got up and turned around to get into bed, until...

"Nora" she heard. Her heart skipped a beat as she froze, one leg already on the bed and one hand lifting her blanket. "Nora." she heard again. She unfroze and slowly turned back around, looking at her 'sleeping' partner.

"Yes, Ren?" Nora whispered, looking into his closed eyes.

"Please stop trying to talk to me while I sleep." Ren responds, clearly. Nora's blush became the same shade as Pyrrha's hair.

"Uhh..I uh….was worried.." Nora stuttered, whispering to Ren, his eyes still closed.

"Go back to bed, sloth." Ren smiled and turned over. Nora smiled in response and crawled back into bed, her head under her pillow.


Few hours later, everyone woke up together at 8am. This was extremely rare, for usually it was Pyrrha who woke up first at 5:00am. She would get changed and wake up Jaune at 5:30am to go running. Ren wakes up at 6:10am, where he will proceed to wake Nora around 6:30am. They would all then meet up for breakfast at 7:00am.

Even on weekends the four don't wake up together at 8am. It is more likely that they sleep in until 11am (with Nora sleeping in until 2pm if Ren let it happen.)

There was a reason for this: a loud, horrified scream came from down the hall. It was an unfamiliar sound, but definitely sounded like it came from team RWBY's room. Ren was the first to react with his reflexes. He jumped out of bed, snatching Stormflower, and protectively hovered his arms over a sleeping Nora while still blinking sleep away from his eyes. This was almost instinct to him. Pyrrha was just starting to sit up, rubbing her eyes, while Jaune was still fast asleep. Nora was stirring in her bed beneath him, the clicks of Stormflower pulling her from sleep. She could be a heavy sleeper, but the clicks of Ren's weapon could pull her from her sleep any day. It meant danger.

Suddenly, Nora jumped out of bed and threw herself towards Magnhild. "WHO'S THERE?!"

"No one." Ren responds, dropping his arms to his sides. No point in protecting an empty bed.

Nora's loud voice was enough to wake Jaune, who groggily spoke, "Is it time for class?" Pyrrha responds to him by shaking her head, to which Jaune proceeded to drop his head on his pillow with a plop. Seems like he forgot it's Saturday.

Nora was confused. "Then why did you look like you were ready to kick some major arse, Ren?" she asked. She slowly put Magnhild back down and sat back on her bed.

"I heard a strange noise coming from team RWBY's dorm."

"I did, too." Pyrrha added.

"MY FRIENDS!?" Nora exclaimed. She got up and was just about ready to run out of the dorm room when Ren grabbed the back of her shirt, yoinking her back towards him.

"Ahem." Ren motioned to her. She had a habit of falling asleep with just a shirt and her undies. The rest of team JNPR didn't really care at this point: if girls can wear bikinis what's so different about them sleeping in their undies? Though, Ren knew Nora would be embarrassed had there been some random enemy or rude boy (Cardin) out there to catch her like that.

"Oh, right!" Nora shouted, throwing on some shorts. Pyrrha giggled and stood up, ready to follow along behind them.

When Nora banged on the dorm door across the hall, the trio took a step back when they heard a crash and another scream.

"IF YOU GUYS DON'T OPEN THIS DOOR IN 4.5829 SECONDS, I WILL BLOW IT DOWN WITH MY GRENADE LAUNCHER OR SO HELP ME DUST-" Nora started, powering up her weapon. Instantly, Yang opened the door with a large smile on her face, scratching the back of her head.

"Oh! Uhh, hey guys! Everythings cool! It's all good. Heh heh" her cheeks were pink while she looked a bit sweaty and embarrassed. She looked into the room and back out into the hall.

"We heard an unfamiliar scream." Ren started.

"Oh! That! Right...heh heh, yeah that was just Blake screaming you see uh we uh.." Yang said, but looked rather distracted. As she spoke with them, she constantly kept glancing back into her dorm room. "It's all good!"

"Jeez Why are you so worked up?! And sweaty, are you okay? Do i have to kick butt?" Nora interrogated while trying to peer into the dorm room. Yang closed the door just a little bit more to stop a curious Nora from peeking into the room.

"Nora!" Ren hissed, placing a hand on her head to keep her still. He suddenly felt extremely embarrassed. He had no idea Yang and Blake were-

"Is" Pyrrha asked, sniffing the air.

"FIRE? HA HA HA...You're so funny, should be called Pyrro instead...pfft, thinking about fire, you silly thing you…" Yang blushed even more, acting extremely suspicious.

"OH MY GOSH REN SHES GONNA EAT BLAKE!" Nora shouted, assuming Yang must have thrown Blake into the fire.

"Nora!" Ren hissed again, facepalming and blushing. Her words could have definitely been taken in another direction. Yang started cracking up.

"Oh Nora have I ever told you how much I loved ya?" Yang wiped away a tear.

"No, but Ren thinks you're cute!" Nora teased.

"Oooo really?" Yang said, leaning against the doorframe and opening the door a little wider now to jokingly show off her body (Which was, by the way, covered in ….what is that? Is that food? Paint?)

"What? Ugh" Ren said, facepalming again. It was amusing to see Ren so embarrassed..

Suddenly, a familiar squeak (Ruby) came from inside. "You idiot!" Shouted Weiss, responding to the squeak.

"Listen, hey, uh, I gotta go. We have some RWBY-ish stuff to do...yeah, gotta go, bye guys!" Yang said, suddenly slamming the door shut. Nora flinched at the loud door slam and Pyrrha was nonchalantly resting her back against the wall, standing next to the JNPR dorm door. She had given up on her curiosity long ago, assuming it was just more RWBY shenanigans.

Ren, still blushing a bit, sighed and retreated back to their dorm. He put Stormflower away and sat on his bed. Pyrrha entered next and began making her bed.

"Nora?" Ren called out after he noticed Nora didn't follow behind Pyrrha.

No Response.

"You better not be trying to blow that door down!" Pyrrha said, giggling and fluffing out her pillow.

"Or eavesdropping." Ren added. With that, he heard Nora's feet shuffle and run back into the JNPR room, closing the door.

"I wonder what they're doing in there. It sounds like fun. And without me! I'm so hurt!" Nora cried, feigning offense. She put away Magnhild and flopped on Jaune's bed.

"AHH-Wha!?" Jaune exclaimed in confusion. Pyrrha giggled.

"Jaune!" Nora started, now jumping on his bed, "I need you to find out what team RWBY is up to!"

"Why…!" Jaune replied, in between jumps. He could probably feel his insides turn into a giant milkshake.


"Pyrrha….help….me.." Jaune managed to say.

"Sorry, Jaune. Your bed was the one Nora was destined to jump on at this very moment. I can't change destiny." Pyrrha said, falling into fits of giggles.

"Ren!" Jaune exclaimed, "Stop her! Im having awful 7-evil-sisters-flashbacks!"

"Nora?" Ren asked from across the room. Nora's jumping ceased, but she still stood on Jaune's bed.


"The answer to your question last night wasn't Yang. It was you. I was already awake by that time." Ren stated. Nora fell, backwards, off Jaune's bed and landed in the space between his and Pyrrha's bed, her head on Pyrrha's feet. Nora was bearing a grin.

"Are you okay, sweetie?" Pyrrha asked, looking down at the girl on her feet. With a blush and large grin, Nora simply nods.

Jaune, finally out of his bed, grabbed his clothes and got ready in the bathroom. Neither Pyrrha nor Jaune knew what Ren was referring to, but they didn't really think it mattered. At least it calmed Nora down for a bit.

When the leader of team JNPR came out of the bathroom, he was ready for the day.

"I'll go find out what they're up to." Jaune said, heading out the door.

"Oooo!" Nora exclaimed, hopping back on her feet and running after Jaune again. Standing in the hallway, Jaune knocked on the door. Nora caught up with him and stood next to the taller boy. Jaune towers over Nora, he was even taller than Ren! He was a whole foot taller than her! More than a foot!-

"Yes?" Weiss asked, opening the door. "Ugh." She added, seeing that it was Jaune.

"Hey! Rude!" Jaune said defensively.

"May I help you two?"

"I heard shenanigans going on and we are here to investigate!" Nora exclaimed.

"Sorry. No can do." Weiss responded, moving to close the door. Nora stuck her foot in the crack to prevent that from happening.


"Uh..?...your tea-" Jaune was going to ask Nora, a finger raised in the air. He was cut off by Weiss's response.

"YOUR TEAM IS SAFE, DON'T WORRY!" Weiss responded to Nora, attempting to match her volume. "Go back to your dorm, please." Weiss closed the door. Nora sighed, defeated, and walked back to the JNPR dorm and closed the door.

Clearly she felt too defeated to realize that she closed the door on Jaune. Pyrrha laughed, again, and soon realized Jaune didn't make any attempts to enter the room. Instead, the three heard more noise from the hallway:

Knock knock knock.

Door opening.


Hey Weiss. Can I at least come in?



Door shut.

"WHAAAAAAT!" Nora exclaimed.

"I'm sure there is a reason for it." Ren added.

"How can you be sO CALM?!" Nora asked.

"I am tranquil by nature." Ren responded with a smile, closing his eyes. Nora rolled her eyes.

"Hey, I'll go find out what's going on for you. Okay?" Pyrrha consoled. When did she get dressed so quickly? Nora shrugged.

"Okay. Please let me know what they're up to!"

"No problem!" Pyrrha said. With that, she left the JNPR dorm, closing the door behind her.

Knock knock knock.

Not no-oh! Hey Pyrrha~

Hello again! May I come in, Ruby?



Door closes.

"I can't believe how easy that was for her." Nora sighed, lying on the floor. She stared up at the ceiling in confusion.

Ren made his way around the room, stepping over her. He was getting ready for the day as well. "Nora, what are your plans for the day?" Ren asks while getting dressed. He was trying to distract her from this morning's events.

"Nothing….no shenanigans….just a downward spiral of boredom…...sadness….despair…."

"Calm down, Edgar Allan Poe." Ren teased.

"I have no friends….no family… fun…" Nora continued, staring sadly at the ceiling. Ren walked over to her and looked down at the girl splayed on the floor and crossed his arms. She was literally turning gray.

"Really?" he asked.

"Yes!" Nora cried dramatically, "and Pyrrha isn't back yet! Her and Jaune are hogging up all of the fun shenanigans!" Ren shook his head at his soap-opera sloth of a friend.

"I'll be back, Nora. Here." Ren said, and handed her a toy sloth.

"OHMIGOSH! Where did you get this?!" Nora exclaimed, now sitting up.

"I got it for you." Ren smiled and walked out of the door.

"Wait! REN….." Nora shouted behind him, only to hear him enter team RWBY's room. Nora's face fell. All her friends left her to go hang out with team RWBY and she was sitting here, alone, and bored. Why did they just let them in so easily like that? Why didn't they let them in when they were all in the the hall together?

The girl sighed and rolled over on the floor, staring at the toy sloth Ren randomly gave her. "Why did he even get this for me ?" she asked herself. It was a bit odd of him. "Does he like me back? Is that why?" she grinned.

Minutes passed by and Nora sighed, got up, and got dressed for the day. It was now 9am and she was starving. She exited the JNPR dorm room and stared at the door across the hall. It was rather quiet, now.

Nora decided to try one more time.

Knock knock knock.

.. …. ….. …

No answer.


Knock knock knock.

"Hello?" Nora called out. Still no answer. She sighed, frustrated. She turned the doorknob and to her surprise, the door was open! Maybe they forgot to lock it?

She walked inside to find everything completely dark and quiet. Maybe everyone left and i didn't even hear them exit the dorm? But then again, they wouldn't just leave the door unlocked. Nora thought.

She walked into team Rwby's kitchenette and suddenly everyone jumped and yelled,



"" Nora asked, confused. There was batter everywhere, Blake was covered in soot, Ruby was lying on the ground on a large pile of cookies, Yang had her fist in a turkey, and Ren was cooking pancakes while Jaune, Pyrrha and Weiss sat at the table. "What is happening?" Nora laughed.

"Happy Birthday, Nora~" Ruby called from the floor across the kitchenette.

"It's not my birthday?" Nora responded..

"Nora it is your birthday." Ren corrected.

"It is literally not my birthday."

"Nora," Ren sighed. "If you are going to argue me on this, then why don't you just keep track of your own days? Look at your scroll." He said, flipping another pancake.

"...Ooohhhhhhhhhhhh…" Nora said, her mouth shaped like an O. "Hm. Well, this just proves that I can rely on you to be a calendar!" Nora laughed while Ren shook his head.

A few silent moments later, Nora finally understood what was happening. "Oh..OH MY GOSH GUYS IS THIS ALL FOR ME?!" Nora motioned at the incredibly messy and chaotic kitchen.

"It..was kinda, sorta, supposed to be.. yeah-" Yang said, trying and failing to remove the turkey from her fist. Blake was helping her by pulling at it.


Nora seemed to like this "surprise." This is good news for team RWBY, because they have been awake since 5 in the morning attempting and failing at baking a cake…. 4 times now.

Everyone in the kitchen watched Nora in silence as she squealed away at her own "surprise" party, while Ren grinned at the girl. This was the first time anyone has ever attempted to throw her a surprise birthday party like she always wanted. Though it was messy and they all worried she won't like it, to their surprise, she absolutely loved every bit of it.

Okay, so I didn't originally plan on adding a second "morning" to this haha but I thought it would be cute and fun. Like... What would everyone do for Nora's birthday? Lol I love that she argued with Ren about whether it was even her own birthday or not... xD

:D Thanks for reading~