X784- Natsu surely you're not still upset about not being able to participate in the s-class trials? Erza asked a look of concern on her face.

"Of course I am! I mean I was finally going to become s-class!" shouted Natsu. "I don't know why you're getting upset I was the one who was going to win said Gray. "In your dreams stripper" said Natsu. "What did you just call me!?" Gray shouted a tick mark appearing on his head.

"That will be quite enough out of you two" said Erza has she smashed their heads together. "Aw finally where back I can see the guild from here said Lucy.

"Your right I can see it too" said Wendy has she looked on towards the guild. But what are the rune knights doing here asked Natsu has he stared at the uniformed soldiers.

"Hey! What's happening?" asked Erza has she pushed her way through the crowd "Erza! Its' horrible" Kianna cried. "I'm afraid the members of Fairy tail who went to Tenrou have died killed by the dragon of apocalypse Acnologia" Lahar said

"Did you try to help them" Natsu has he squeezed his knuckles so tightly they started to bleed. "Tell me what do you think I could've done I wasn't about to sacrifice and entire battalion of men under my command for a bunch of wizards I barely know or have any connection to" said Lahar not backing down from the glare he was receiving from Natsu.

"Besides I didn't see you there! Either!" Lahar shouted has he brushed passed them his men falling in step behind him. "What are we going to do" asked Bisca a sad look on her face.

"I'll tell you what I'm going to do" said Natsu has he stood atop one of the tables.

"I'm going to get stronger and stronger and stronger until I can make Acnologia eat dirt and never let anyone important to me die again" said Natsu.

"I'll tell you what I'm going to do" said Gray has he too stood atop a table. "I'll grow stronger, I'll master my magic, I'll honor Ur's memory and I'll make sure no one is ever taken from me again!" said Gray.

"I'll tell you what I'm going to do" said Lucy has she two stood on the table " I don't want to rely on my spirits for everything it seems like everyone just protects me while I sit on the sidelines I'll grow strong enough to fight alongside my companions and not behind them said Lucy.

"I'll tell you what I'm going to do" said Wendy has she stood on a table her hands clasped together. "I'm going to get stronger too I want to be has strong has Natsu-san I've always looked up to him and he's a person I want to someday surpass I want to be able to support my friends I'll learn stronger spells and help my friends no… my Fairy Tail family" said Wendy

"I'll tell you what I'm going to do" said Erza has she stood on the table her sword rose in the air. "I'm going to lead this guild towards tomorrow I promise you all I won't let you wallow in the darkness of our defeat I promise you all that my blade shall pierce that dragon straight to his heart that is a solemn vow!" Shouted Erza.

Three days later…..

"What is going on dad why are we at the guild so early in the morning" asked Romeo has he rubbed his tired eyes. "I'm not sure but Erza told us to come to the guild said Macao has he opened the guild doors a bit embarrassed that he was the last to arrive…

Standing at the front was team Natsu surrounded by their friends.

"I'm glad you can all make it" said Erza has she took the lead and begun talking. "A few days ago each one of us shouted our goals for the future we later realized we won't get stronger sitting here so we decided to temporarily leave the guild so we'd be strong enough to protect it upon our return" said Erza with a solemn smile

"Are you really going to leave us after everything that's happened?" Jet asked. "With the mages left we have no one to spar against no one to properly train us anyone we can learn from" said

"Gray are you saying we can't hold our own against the five of you?" asked Warren stepping closer.

"We didn't come here to fight we came to say our goodbyes" said Erza has Team Natsu walked out of fairy tail…..

"We should take a page from their book and grow stronger too lets train and train some more" said Macao the guild screaming "Yeah!" In agreement.

Seven Days later….

Gray- The temperatures are so cold up here even for me" said Gray has he stood atop of the mount Hakobe wyverns that seemed to be made of ice flying around his head…..

"Alright I better get started" said Gray has he started practicing his ice make he practiced for hours and hours until the sound of footsteps could be heard coming towards him….

"Strange I thought for sure I was the only one who practices atop of this mountain" said a mysterious voice has a man with dark blue hair and brown eyes walked towards Gray. he wore a white trench coat with the sleeves missing showing his ripped arms to the world he also wore a pair of black gloves with white magic circles on the backs of them.

Down south he wore a pair of black slacks with some casual white slide-on sneakers.

"Tell me you name" The man said has he took a seat in front of Gray watching his routine intently. "Gray, Gray Fullbuster" "Ah Ur's pupil correct the man" asked.

"You know Ur?" Gray asked in shock trying to figure out who this man is. "Yes she was once my wife the man said has he stood up ice covering his fist in the form of a gauntlet.

"If you truly want to become powerful then come with me I'll take you to a place where you can train with other ice-make mages and master your power" said the man.

"What's your name" asked Gray. "It's Patrick Milkovich" said the man. "Alright if you can make me stronger than let's go said Gray.

Lucy- Lucy was currently sitting under a waterfall meditating listening to the sounds of the world trying to keep her mind clear of negative thoughts.

Lucy couldn't help but feel like someone was watching her so she slowly opened her eyes to look.

"Hey what's you doing" said a young looking girl who was no taller than 4'8 her hair was straighten and reached to her shoulder blades it was black in color with light purple going through it she wore a black sundress and purple lipstick.

After managing to catch her breath that had ran away from her Lucy begun explaining to her everything that happened

"I see, I see well let me tell you if you want to fight alongside your friends then you'll need to learn two things" said the girl.

"And what would that be?" Lucy asked "First you need to learn a martial art second you need to master your magic" said the girl.

"I know that Celestial Spirit Magic mostly depends on the amount of magic the user has in his or her body" said Lucy.

"I cannot deny that but the amount of magic you have in your body doesn't really help without the power or skill to use it Celestial Magic isn't just about summoning spirits it's about leading a team into battle you're a general and the spirits are your soldiers" said the girl.

"Do you have a name" Lucy asked the girl. "Yes its Ariel, Ariel Spring despite my young looking appearance I'm actually sixty years old said Ariel with a smile.

"What no way" said Lucy in shock. "I can't believe how much you look like your mother said Ariel. "Wait you knew my mother" asked Lucy. "Yes and I helped her with her magic if you would like I can help you too" said Ariel

"Thank you Ariel from the bottom of my heart I thank you said Lucy… "Trust me after the training I'm about to put you through you won't be thanking" me said Ariel a small smile forming on her lips.


"I need to grow stronger I need to be more useful to my friends" Wendy thought to herself has she practice lifting objects with her air and using them has projectiles but failing each time.

"Almost had it I'll get this" said Wendy trying to catch her breath.

"Who's there?" Wendy said dodging a blade coming flying towards her.

"Why did you dodge that?" Asked a slightly older man who looked to be around the same age has Guild darts he had dark brown hair and eyes and he wore a white suit with a red tie.

Wendy looked at him with confusion evident in her eyes wandering what he meant by why he dodged it.

"You control the wind it's self you could've just condensed the air and created a shield or use the air currents to change the flow of my attack so tell me why did you choose to dodge it?" the man said repeating his question from before.

"I can't do something like that" said Wendy.

"Your still young you do not yet grasp the power of the magic you wield you're the sky dragon slayer you hold more power than just control over air he" said.

"Who are you what do you plan on doing to me" asked Wendy getting a defensive stance.

"My name is Christopher Walden and my purpose in life is to train you" said Christopher with a smile.

"Train me? But how you're not a dragon slayer are you?" asked Wendy has she looked at the man before her.

"I'm not a dragon slayer but I know air manipulation magic and I have books on dragon slayers you may find some information about your magic in them and discover it's true purpose and power" said Christopher.

"And while it's good to train your magic you mustn't neglect your physical body that must be trained as well and it would be wise to learn martial arts to coincide with your magic said Christopher.

"How did you even know I was someone who needed training?" Asked Wendy

"I overheard your frustrations and I heard you saying you wanted to get stronger I admit at first I was just going to ignore you and go about my business but then I saw that mark on your arm" said Christopher pointing to Wendy's guild emblem.

"Fairy Tail I'm no longer apart of Fairy Tail I-I left said Wendy.

"You left to get stronger did you not your guild saved my family even if you didn't know you did ya did and that's all there is to it so if I can pay them back even just a little by training you I shall said Christopher.

"Then please teach me" said Wendy bowing towards Christopher.

"Alright then come with me"

Erza- "How can I become stronger" Erza thought to herself has she walked through a small village in her heart kreuz armor

"Should I train my body or maybe I should hone my skills or perhaps I should increase the amount of weapons and armor in my arsenal I just don't know what to focus on" said Erza.

"Why not all of the above" said a young woman with long blonde hair and blue eyes wearing golden armor on her body the handle of a large great sword could be seen behind her head.

"Yes why didn't I think of that" asked Erza.

"But for a swords-woman it's nearly impossible to train your skills unless you're fighting with a strong opponent" said the blonde

"Yes I've looked all over Fiore but I couldn't find any swordsmen who'd want to spar with me" said Erza.

"Luckily I'm not from Fiore I'm from Seven I just moved here recently and I too have been seeking a strong opponent to exchange blows with so we are on the same boat" said the Blonde.

"I am Erza Scarlet of Fairy Tail, Erza said introducing herself.

"I'm Christina Page known has the Golden Knight in Seven and commander of its southern armies said Christina.

"I apologize" said Erza bowing her head in apology.

"Why? Christina asked

"In a force of habit I introduced myself has a member of Fairy Tail but that is no longer the case I left the guild to gain strength" said Erza.

"Hahaha I too have been caught in a lie I was kicked out of the army a month" ago said Christina.

"W-What did you do?" Erza asked

"The commander of its northern armies pissed me off one day so I beat him to a bloody pulp and will you believe that I was the one who got in trouble and ever since then I've been traveling looking for a new place I can belong to" said Christina.

"Let's have a quick spar" said Erza.

"Do you wish to see why I'm known has the Golden Knight?" asked Christina with a smile has she took out her sword which was clad in gold.

Reequip! Heavens Wheel! Erza shouted has three hundred blades surrounded her and all aimed towards Christina.

"I didn't know we were starting" said Christina has she charge towards Erza despite the heavy looking armor on her body she was quite fast.

"Circle Sword!" Erza yelled has her swords began to circle around Christina "now dance my blades!" She shouted has the blades shot towards the blonde in all directions.

"Form Change!" Christina yelled has her giant golden sword turned into twin Katana's and she began dual wielding the two gold swords blocking and parrying each attack.

Reequip! Flight Armor! Erza shouted reequipping into a very revealing cheetah print armor that increased her speed dramatically.

Erza bounce off a building and slashed Christina in the arm leaving a dent in her armor.

"That may have broken my arm if I wasn't wearing this armor said Christina with a smile has she tried to track Erza's movements trying to figure out where her next attack will come from.

"Oaf Christina said has she was kicked in the back and skidded into a tree.

She turned around to retaliate but Erza was gone once again.

"Form Change!" Shouted Christina has her Katana's transformed once again into a pair of gauntlets and her golden armor became less bulky and hugged her body the armor splitting in the chest area showing more cleavage than before.

Erza was flying through the air intending on ending her opponent not realizing the change that had been made.

"Golden Fist!" Shouted Christina has she socked Erza right in the nose has she came flying to cut her sending the red head flying through building after building.

"Looks like our dual isn't over quite yet said Christina has she watched Erza fly towards her clad in her black wing armor.

"Moon Flash!" Erza shouted rushing pass Christina making her think she had missed until cross pattern slashes appeared on her stomach.

"Gash! Christina shouted has the armor around her stomach was completely destroyed and the rest came crumbling after leaving her in just the black battle suit she wore beneath it.

"Take this!" Shouted Erza has she reequipped into her regular heart kreuz armor and punched Christina in the face.

"Form Change! Christina yelled has her gauntlets turned into two small daggers which she put away somewhere in her outfit.

"So you want to go fisticuffs' I'll gladly oblige you said Christina knocking Erza back with a well placed uppercut followed by and knee to the stomach.

"But let me warn you this is where I excel!" Shouted Christina has he continued the assault hitting Erza again and again leaving her no room for defense or retreat a smile appearing on her lips.

"This will end it!" Shouted Christina has she lifted her fist over her head and threw a punch at Erza.

Erza tried to dodge but Christina's attack was just too fast and it landed right on her forehead knocking her into the ground

"Looks like I- Wi-Win before Christina could get the words out she fell to the ground clutching her waist and noticed the small dagger embed in her.

"Damn fisticuffs' my ass that was just a ruse" said Christina with a smile.

"I didn't cut deep it should heal but It will scar" said Erza.

"Oh yeah thanks for that" said Christina.

"I guess we tied" said Christina.

"Do you want to train with me" asked Erza.

"Of course maybe we can fine someone strong enough to beat us both that'll be the ultimate master" said Christina.

"Has soon as our injuries heal we'll train and look for the ultimate master said Erza.

"Hey Erza how old are you" asked Christina.

"Nineteen and you?" Erza asked

"Twenty-one said Christina.

Natsu- Natsu found himself surrounded on all sides by creatures of the forest, Fire Dragons Iron Fist! Fire Dragons Roar! Again and again Natsu attacked but they just kept coming it's not that they were strong but they where surely plentiful.

"Damn it just one thing after another" said Natsu has he kicked a wyvern that had come flying towards him.

"If you had access to your true power you'd easily be able to overwhelm those creatures despite their numbers" said a mysterious voice.

Natsu looked around for any signs of anyone but when he saw nothing he just ignored it and went back to fighting.

"Allow me to handle this for you said a young looking woman with a long bushy wolf tail and wolf ear's she wore a crimson red kimono with white ribbons flowing around her arms her gray hair was in a cropped cut with a high ponytail off to the side and was about 4'11 in height.

The woman lifted her arms up and a wave of energy shot out in all directions and then suddenly one by one the beast dropped to the ground claw marks appearing on their bodies even the ones flying through the air.

"Who are you?" Natsu asked.

"My name is Okami Otome" said the young woman

"I'm Natsu Dragneel" said Natsu.

"I know exactly who you are Natsu after all I'm your prototype I was turned into a demon so our creator would know it worked compared to you and no I wasn't the first human to be turned into a demon I was just the first to survive the experiments

"What do you mean I'm no demon" said Natsu.

"Oh but you are and your meant to lead us demons into a battle to kill Zeref" said Okami.

"What?!" Natsu shouted in shock.

"I know it's a burden especially on someone with two destinies" said Okami.

"Two? Natsu asked in confusion.

"Yes one is has I said to lead your fellow demons into battle against Zeref and the other is too lead your fellow dragon slayers into battle against Acnologia" said Okami.

"You have a demon inside you Natsu and not only will I help you unless him I'll him you control him as I have learnt to control mine" said Okami.

"I do wish the creator didn't send you through time if I had four hundred years with you we could've been quite something said Okami.

"Four hundred year's but you can't be much older than me" said Okami.

"Actually biologically I'm younger than you since you were born a year before me but chronologically since I've been walking this world for four hundred year's I'm older said Okami.

"I'm confused!" Shouted Natsu holding his head.

"The only reason I was able to live this long is because I unlocked the beast hidden away inside of me once I freed it I fought for dominance until eventually I won out or rather it got tired of fighting me thus I became one with my demonic half and my life halted my aging process came to an abrupt stop and now I finally get to meet you and help you gain the power you have hidden inside" said Okami.

"I'm still confused but if what you say is true that mean's I'll be able to protect my friends and never lose anyone again" said Natsu.

"Yes oh and you have a bigger connection to the creator than any of the other demons however I'll leave that to him we must focus on unlocking your true potential" said Okami.

To Be continued in Chapter 2 – Training Gray.