So this is my first story on this fandom. I do a lot of work with Psych, and in case you don't know me... boy do I love a good whump story! Enough about me, onto the story for the show I don't own about the characters I don't own!


The ride home from the Brewers' anniversary dinner was quiet and calm, the nightlife of Seaford wasn't exactly formidable.

Zoe Brewer leaned her head on the shoulder of her husband, Ted. "Tonight was perfect, honey. I don't think it could have been any better." She said with a smile.

"I wish Jack would have made his monthly call..." Ted trailed off, missing his son more than he would openly admit.

"I know honey, but Otai has been taking so much out of him." Zoe said trying to show her support. She missed him too. She couldn't believe Jack had been gone for so long. His senior year would be starting for him in three days if he hadn't gone to Japan.

"He'll call soon, I know he will." Ted lifted his wife's hand and kissed her knuckles as he stopped at a four way intersection, only blocks from home. Only one truck was behind him, none coming the other ways.

Ted made to start up again, but the pickup, going well above the speed limit smashed into his rear end, sending their SUV into a thick light post. The car folded like an accordion and the hood looked like a piece of crumpled aluminum foil.


"We need to find Jack Brewer." Sergeant Coleson told his rookie. "He's going to want to know his parents are dead." Coleson said, removing his hat. "Poor kid."

"Where is he, anyway? I tried to call his mobile number listed in his parents' contact list." Private Gore told his training officer.

"If we can't get a hold of him, we should find someone who can." Coleson said matter-of-factly. "Let's see what we can dig up on our poor friend, Jack."


"Excuse me, kids." Coleson said as he stepped into the Bobby Wasabi Dojo. "Would a 'Sensei Rudy' be around here somewhere?" Coleson's voice was low and gravely. He'd been on the job for ten years but this never got easier.

"Yeah, he should be in his office." The blonde fireball, Kim Crawford pointed over her shoulder to Rudy's door. She didn't even look behind her as Jerry shrieked and charged. She simply stuck her arm out and clotheslined the much larger boy, sending him on his back and causing Coleson to flinch.

"Uh, thank you much, ma'am." Coleson tipped his hat and knocked on Rudy's office before entering. "Mr. Gillespie?"

"Oh no!" Rudy shot up out of his chair, shifting back and forth on his feet like he was deciding on which way to run for. "I told you I was set up! Set up, I tell ya!" Rudy shouted.

"Sir, please calm down. You're not in any trouble." Coleson said with a smile and a shake of his head. He was familiar with the squirrelly little man-boy.

"Oh, well in that case, what can I do for you?" Rudy said pleasantly with a smile as he took his seat again.

"Rudy, I have some bad news involving one of your students." Coleson said, playing with the brim of his hat.

"Jerry has all of his shots, I swear." Rudy said defensively.

"One Mr. Jack Brewer."

"Bad news about Jack?! What happened?" Rudy's heart was in his throat when Jack's name came up. Jack was his best student and felt almost like a son to him.

"There was an accident, Rudy. There was a car accident." Coleson started slowly. "Texting while driving. A kid in his daddy's truck. Rear ended the Brewers and sent them into a pole. They were both pronounced dead at the scene."

"Oh.. oh no no no no." Rudy's hand covered his mouth as his heart sank for the boy. "Jack needs to know about this. He's in Japan, has been for a while. I'll call the Academy and have them send him home."

"That's probably the best thing to do. My advice, don't tell him why he's coming home until he's home." Coleson got up and saw himself out.

Rudy picked up his office phone and took a deep breath.


Jack swept his opponent's leg and jumped high off the ground, avoiding the opponent's attempt to knock Jack down from the ground.

Jack was on his feet and took a second to re-center himself. The other man kicked back up to and charged Jack, who had been aggravatingly calm the entire match.

Jack had time to take a defensive stance, his body facing to the left, but his head facing his opponent. He turned on his toes and planted his right heel, facing the taller boy now. In one swift motion, he kicked with his left foot and caught the boy in the chin, knocking him out for the count.

"Young Brewer, well done." Jack's Otai sensei praised. "That's enough for the day." He handed Jack a towel.

"Thank you, Sensei." Jack said while catching his breath after a hard day's training. He ran the towel over his hair that met the base of his neck. Jack rolled his shoulders and looked questionably at his sensei. "What's going on?" Jack knew something was up.

"Jack, your old sensei, Rudy called." Jack's sensei said quietly. "You have been summoned back home for a family emergency."

"Is everything okay?" Jack's heart was pounding with refreshed force.

"Sensei Rudy would like to wait until you get home to discuss the matter with you." Sensei Nakayama was a wise man, who agreed with Rudy and Coleson's idea. That knowledge before getting home would make for the longest trip ever. "Pack your things, young Brewer. You go home tonight."


Jack's ride home was long and drawn out. He had no idea what was awaiting him back in Seaford. What was so important that they wouldn't tell him till he got home? There's no way he had a baby brother or sister. That thought alone made him chuckle. He didn't think his parents split up either.

Jerry, Milton and Kim were all waiting for him with big signs and grinning faces, ready to have their fearless, strong and unshakable leader back, even if for only a little while. "JACK!" they all shouted in unison as they charged him.

Jack couldn't hold back the stupid grin from his face as he dropped his bags and ran at what might as well be part of his family. "It's so good to see you guys!" Jack said through gritted teeth, the group bear hug taking his breath away.

"We missed you too, Jack." Kim whispered in his ear. There was an interesting tone to her voice. He didn't think she wanted to say 'we'.

"Oh my God, we have so much to catch up on!" Jack said as he jogged back to pick up his bags. He sounded like a teenage girl, but he didn't even try to care.


The drive wasn't nearly long enough for the newly reunited friends, but they expected Jack should get home, unpack and get some rest. Rudy had told them to pick him up, but they were as clueless about Jack's situation as Jack was.

"Mom, dad! I'm home!" Jack shouted into the house. "Mom? Dad?" Jack called again as he brought his bags up to his room. He didn't see the car in the drive way, so they could be out somewhere...

Jack decided to catch a nap since he didn't catch much sleep on the plane. As soon as his head hit the pillow, his phone buzzed. It was a text from Kim.

I'm glad you're back.

I'm glad to be back. I missed you... Jack paused and decided to reword, I'm glad to be back. I missed home.


"Rudy, Jack's back home safe and sound." Kim told him from his doorway.

"What? Why didn't you bring him here?" Rudy asked in near anger.

"Because I thought he'd want to unpack, rest and see his parents." Kim said with creased eyebrows.

Rudy didn't know what to say. How was he supposed to break the news to Jack? How was he supposed to tell this promising young man with the world under his foot that his parents were never coming home again? What would this do to Jack?


Jack slept the rest of the day and the entire night away. He had no idea just how much Otai had exhausted him. Otai really had a way of weeding out those not meant to be the best.

With a great effort, Jack rolled out of bed, showered and went down stairs to see his parents again for the first time in too long. Much to his surprise, the house was still empty and the car was still gone.

The only other thing on his mind right now was the dojo. He had been gone far too long. He still needed to see Rudy, too. He missed that crazy son of a bitch a lot more than he had expected.


"Hey Jack, welcome back to your real home." Jerry smiled before his face stiffened and he cried out, opening his eyes again when his back was firmly planted on the mat.

"Holy Christmas nuts! I just flipped Jerry!" Milton dropped to his boney little knees and fist pumped furiously.

Jack could only shake his head and chuckle. The gang was still the gang. His eyes shifted to where Kim was stretched out on the floor in her own little world. Her stretching warm ups always had her in another plain of existence. Jack couldn't help but notice how much the young blonde had matured.

"Jack." Rudy swallowed hard from the doorway, his guts feeling like they were trying to climb out and make a get away. "Can I see you in my office, please?" Rudy could barely get the words out.

"Uh, sure Rudy." Jack shook his head and smiled at the odd man that was his old sensei.

"Jack, I think you should take a seat for this." Rudy told him, taking his own seat behind his desk. "I don't know how to tell you this, Jack." Rudy was already choking on his words.

"Rudy, I just got back. Can't you wait TWO DAYS before you try to swindle me into walking your..." Jack stopped talking when he saw Rudy's eyes close and a tear rolled down. He'd never seen Rudy cry before. "Rudy?" Jack asked, a little scared himself.

"Jack, there was an accident." Rudy started slowly, articulating every word and allowing for it to sink in word for word.

"Rudy, what happened?" Jack was leaning forward, his elbows digging into his thighs.

"You're parents were on their way home the other night, on their anniversary."

Jack slumped back in his chair. He already didn't like where this was going.

"They stopped at a stop sign. When they tried to go again, they were hit by another vehicle."

"Rudy..." Jack shot up out of the chair. If this was a sick joke, it was just that, sick.

"They went into a pole, Jack."

"No." Jack crossed his arms in defiance. "No " he said again like it would make his lip stop quivering and Rudy wouldn't be crying for him.

"There was nothing they could do." Rudy stood up and was openly crying too as he walked towards Jack, who could do nothing but try to fight back tears, try to breath.

"No!" Jack shouted, kicking without thinking, just a random expulsion of rage. He didn't even register when his foot cracked through the hardwood of Rudy's desk.

"I'm sorry, Jack." Rudy pulled his student into a tight hug and wouldn't let him go, even when Jack tried to push away.

"You're lying! You're a fucking liar!" Jack's face was red and tear streaked as he hugged Rudy back with all he had, unable to hold himself back in any measure.

"I'm so sorry." Rudy had seen Jack wince in a fight. He'd heard strangled growls in determination and cries of pain ripped from Jack's throat in situations where a normal human would tap but Jack Brewer never gave up. Rudy had seen Jack in nearly every level of physical pain, that was part of karate. He never thought he'd see Jack's own heart ripped from his chest and dropped on the floor like this.

After minutes passed, Jack let go and took shaky steps back, his hands raking through his once perfect hair. The tears and sobs still persisted, and Jack couldn't do anything more than fold in on himself in the corner, a fetal ball.

"Take as long as you need, Champ." Rudy wasn't sure what else to do for the poor kid.


Rudy came out of the office and closed the door again behind him, quick enough to stop the others from having any idea what was happening.

"Rudy, are you okay?" Milton asked, catching Rudy's puffy cheeks and red, raw eyes.

"Yeah, why?" Rudy tried to laugh it off, but his sniffles kept the Warriors from buying it.

"Where's Jack?" Kim asked carefully. "He mentioned he would be in around now." Kim had completely missed Jack's entrance, and Rudy's office was damn near sound proof.

"COME ON! WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO NOW!" That was impossible to not hear. None of them had ever heard a terrible voice so lost and so broken, so helpless.

"Jack!?" Kim called for him and sprang for the office.

"No!" Rudy shouted and caught the small blonde by the shoulders, pulling her away. "He needs to be alone right now." Rudy said loud enough for the guys to hear. "We'll all need to be there for him soon enough, though."