I collapse onto the couch next to Esme. She takes one look at me and giggles. I don't know how she can stay so calm through all this chaos. Our home has never been this hectic. The yelling, screaming fighting. It's driving me mad, but Esme is in her prime element.

"You look exhausted." She says with a smile. She uses her one free hand to reach up and pat my hair back into place.

"I feel exhausted." I admit with a heavy sigh. I close my eyes and lean my head back. "And I think I have a headache."

"Oh, you don't have a headache. Don't be dramatic, Carlisle." She scolds me lightly.

I go to argue back that I do, in fact, have a headache because of these five wild animals that have replaced my calm, well behaved, and quiet young adults, but decide not to.

If someone would have asked me a month ago if witches were real, I would have scoffed and said absolutely not. But now I've learned the hard way to not question what other creatures we share this world with.

As it turns out, witches are real. They are similar to my family. They live with the humans and work hard to keep to themselves. The powers they have are watched very carefully by the Brindal clan who hold the same power in the wizardry world as the Volturi does in the vampire world. The similarities between our two groups are so great that it is baffling that the witches and wizards have kept away from us for so long. Our societies seem to be models of each other.

But like any society, there was a witch gone astray. She hid from the Brindal's, refused to stay in a clan of witches or wizards like the others do, and used her powers recklessly. Her name was Natalie, and she blended in with the humans almost flawlessly. Brown hair, pale skin, and a youthful look made her look like every other twenty-something in the area. The telltale physical trait that separates the humans from the witches and wizards are their eyes. Natalie had the brightest, most vibrant green eyes I have ever seen. All of them have eyes like that. Natalie eyes looked like the thriving spring time grass. Theresa, the leader of the Brindal's, has eyes so blue that if you looked at them long enough you would swear you were staring into the ocean. Her right-hand wizard and second in command, Victor, has hazel eyes that look like the brown tree trunks and green leaves of the forest. The eyes of a witch or wizard are far more vibrant than any human.

Natalie was trying to escape the Brindal's power and ran into my family as we were playing a game of baseball. We could smell something strange coming towards us, but we had no idea what we were getting ourselves in to. Blood pumped through her veins, but the smell of it wasn't as nearly as potent as human blood. Natalie approached us, but stayed slouched over as she walked up. Her hair was a mess, her eyes were wide and wild, and her clothes were dirty and torn at the hems.

She spoke first. She asked us what we were. I asked what her intentions are on our land. Emmett made a smart remark about Natalie, calling her an "asylum escapee" to Edward in a voice low enough that she shouldn't have heard it if she were human. She turned her attention to the boys after that.

Natalie approached Edward and Emmett and stared at them without bothering to blink. She walked with a slow, careful pace. I have to admit, I'm proud of how my boys handled it. Edward watched Natalie, keeping good tabs on her mind, no doubt. With just a nod to each other, Jasper stood guard by the girls and Emmett stood up straighter and on high alert, ready to fight if need be. And of course the girls were ready as well. I stood with Edward and Emmett to try to mediate any issues that could have came.

Natalie never attacked. She mumbled about disrespect and how it's so much easier to teach respect when children are young. She mumbled in a language that I later learned is the native tongue of the wizardry world before spinning on her heals and running back into the woods.

We all froze until she was out of ear shot. As soon as she was gone, Emmett started cracking up.

"What was that? Some kind of voodoo crap?"

We all got a good chuckle out of it, but decided still to cut our baseball game short just in case she decided to make another appearance.

Everything seemed fine. No one was hurt. We were curious about what exactly she was, but passed it off as a human on drugs that made her blood less desirable.

Boy, were we wrong.

That night, everyone was in their own room. Esme and I were, ah-hem, preoccupied with each other. Caught up in the love-lust, we didn't pay any mind to the noises outside of our room. At least we weren't until we heard crying.

"Emmett, leave him alone!" Esme scolds the wild, dark haired boy. I know Esme just bathed the whole lot of them about two hours ago, but somehow Emmett is already dirty again. Grime under his fingernails, his hair pointing in every direction, and crumbs and dried kool-aid on his lips.

"I'm not doing anything!" He shouts back.

"Help me!" Edward sequels as he runs from Emmett and his foam sword, a gift from Eleazar and Carmen. They helped us immensely when proving to the Volturi that we truly encountered a witch, and for that I will forever be grateful. But I have a hard time finding gratitude for the large truckload of toys they sent. Between foam swords, plastic guns, toys that sing and talk whenever they're touched or walked past, the kids had everything offered in the Toys R Us catalogue.

When Edward and Emmett run in front of Esme and I on the couch, I reach out and snag the sword from Emmett. He stops dead in his tracks and scrunches up his little face.

"Hey! I was playing!" He says with a pout.

"You were told to stop. Go stand in time out. Now." I tell him. I work hard at keeping my voice calm.

"Ha ha! You in trouble!" Edward laughs. He points one finger at Emmett and uses his other hand to push that long copper hair out of his eyes.

"Don't tease your brother or else you can join him, Edward Anthony." Esme says. Even when correcting the little wild things, she has no issue staying calm.

"Ugh!" Emmett huffs and stomps over to the corner of the room. He faces it and crosses his arms angrily over his chest.

"They're going to be the death of me." I murmur quiet enough so Esme is the only one who hears me.

"You're dramatic, Carlisle." She responds just as quietly. "You have worked so hard at keeping them safe. Relax and let yourself enjoy them."

I sigh and nod. She is right, though. This past month has been insane.

The Volturi heard of our new, hybrid like vampire children. It was only a few hours after the transformation happened that they were contacting me. I had to explain the strange situation with Natalie in the woods. They didn't believe me and was suspicious that I changed children. Aro came to visit to confirm my story, and as soon as he realized that they were still vampire but not quiet 100% vampire, he organized a true witch hunt. Aro, Eleazar, and I were our own personal team. We searched ever inch of the Earth for the woman who did this. We broke into the witch and wizard community, and upon hearing what this Natalie did, the Brindal's commanded every witch and wizard to search for her.

Jane and her mixed search party of both vampires and witches and wizards ended up finding Natalie. She was killed before we could find out if she could reverse the effects. None of the other wizards or witches knew.

Theresa and Aro formed a pact saying the two different communities would only interact if it concerned the children. If vampires or wizards ever cross paths again, the law says we are to leave each other alone. If we discovered each other under different circumstances, that would be fine, but without the ability to communicate with the witches and wizards leaves Esme and I high and dry with these kids.

Esme has a better grasp on it than I do. I spent the first month away from home as I searched for Natalie and when I was home, I was the strict disciplinarian that kept them in line so the Volturi wouldn't think they were uncontrollable. Esme bonded with them, knew their little quirks and preferences. She had natural maternal instincts that kicked in full gear. I always knew that if her baby would have survived when she was human that she would be a phenomenal parent. I wouldn't be able to do this without her.

I like to believe that I am a patient man, but these kids are proving me wrong. They're amazing, though. Alice is so sweet, and so is Jasper. Emmett's rambunctious energy and humor can make everyone laugh. Edward has a strong urge for education. Rosalie's need for independence has given her a strong drive to do anything she puts her mind to. They're phenomenal. But they're also a handful.

They are a unique blend of human children and changed vampire children. They sleep, sweat and cry. They grow, but slowly. If they don't sleep, they're cranky. They hear like humans and they talk like humans. They haven't shown any signs of having powers. But they can scream louder than humans, and they're stronger than humans. Edward and Emmett and Rosalie have tempers like newborn vampires, but we're not sure if that is just their personalities or if that has something to do with the vampire part of them. They drink blood, but much less than a vampire. They do get tired, but they have to run around and jump and play all day for that to happen. They're rambunctious to say the least.

"Look," Esme says to me with a smile. She looks down at Alice on her lap. Her black hair is brushed flat against her head and she snuggles closer to Esme in her sleep. Mentally, she's up to par with the others. Physically, she is much, much smaller, which is to be expected due to knowing her full grown height.

"Should we get the others ready for bed?" I ask, glancing at the clock. It's 10:28. They're usually all tucked in by 9 o'clock.

"Oh no. Let them stay up as late as they want. The ride to Alaska will be much easier with them asleep." She explains. "You're taking Edward and Emmett. If you let them wear themselves out tonight, then they'll be calmer in the car."

"This is why you're the boss," I tell her with a smile and kiss her cheek. Edward wrinkles his tiny nose at us.

"Ew! Gross!"

"That's not gross, Edward." Esme laughs.

"What's gross?" Emmett calls from the corner.

"You know you're not suppose to talk when you're in time out." I scold him. I turn my attention back to Edward. "You better go play. We're going to keep being gross."

Esme smiles as I kiss her again. Edward let's out a disgusted shriek before running out of the living room. He stomps up the steps.

"Don't wake up Jasper and Rose!" Esme warns him and his heavy footsteps turn into tiptoeing.

"Can I come out now?" Emmett asks with a huff.

"Two more minutes," I answer. "Why are all three of your passengers asleep?"

"Because I got the easy kids." She tells me quietly and holds back a smirk. "Jasper and Alice aren't the fighting type, and Rosie is a chameleon. She will be good because Alice and Jasper will be good."

I sigh again. I love these kids, I really do, but the drive from our Washington home, through Canada, and to Alaska is going to be a long one.

Dealing with the Volturi and Brindal's was one thing, and chasing down the witch who did this was difficult. But taking care of these kids? This is definitely the most challenging thing that has happened.

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