The Return of Poopy Moore:

Chapter I: Prologue

It wasn't always like this, however, my own actions just caused me to be there, at Abbey Mount; the school where my Mother had went too.

I had grown into a totally new person, ever since going to Abbey Mount, everyone's been calling me Poppy, however, now that I'm back home again, in Forks, I wasn't sure who I'm really supposed to even call myself anymore. However, after another summer being back home, in Europe, I finally gave up, and only when it was just me and my parents, or when I'm back home, my parents' and I would be the Moore family, but out in public, especially here in America, we were known as the Swan family.

My looks were still the same, yet as I stand at the mirror, in the Cullen home, I sighted, unable to let them see the deep darkness of my brown eyes, or the sudden darkness of my natural hair color, I just looked so different after finishing my final year at the Abbey Mount School.

Gods, how I missed my friends, Kate, Drippy, Jane, Charlotte, Kiki, and Josie, they all were my real true friends, I will always be a part of them, no matter what anyone says, I can't part with them. We had through so much together, even with Harriet being her ugly self to me, I even missed her, the Matron, Headmistress, but most of all, I miss Freddie Kingsley. He was someone who made me feel something other than love inside, I hadn't expected to find myself falling for him when I had first started at Abbey Mount, however, it was hard to say good-bye, it was always hard to say good-bye to all of my friends back at Abbey Mount. Always.

I sighed once more, a few months ago, just before the summer had begun, I had visited my friends in Europe, Edward had asked me to marry him, in which I said yes too, but then a few days later on, I realized the mistake that I had just made, it took a full crying session for me to stop, however, I knew that he nor the Cullens' knew nothing about my secret schoolings at Abbey Mount.

My dad, Charlie, wanted to make sure that I had my summers spent over in Europe, however, I had to spend the remaining ten months away from my friends, whom I had met during my junior high years there, we were always a good group of friends, even without Harriet around anymore, we still made it really good. However, I had to return to the Americas for my high school years, in which I would only visit my friends and Freddie in the summers, when there was no school, and the Cullen's were away during most of the summer, in which made my father send me back to attend summer school at Abbey Mount.

By that time, I was already going out with Edward, who didn't know anything about my secret relationship with Freddie, whom I still talk and hang out with during my summers back in Europe.

This was not only going to be my first summer away from my friends and boyfriend, but I also didn't want anything bad happing to them either. It would be hard to not think about going back to Europe again, after all, I was once Head Girl of Abbey Mount, surely the Headmistress would have some sort of reunion or something like that, after all these years.

I quickly hid any signs of sadness or any other emotion from my face, knowing that Alice would want to know, but I wouldn't actually tell her the truth behind the expressions, nor would I want to reveal anything about Abbey Mount, my friends, or about my Freddie either.

Everyone, but my parents of course, thought that I had grown up here, however, when I was just about ten months old, we had moved from England to Phoenix Arizona, however, my father moved here to Forks, and so we would often go back to England to visit my mother's side of the family, who all went to Abbey Mount when they were all little.