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"Katrina! Wake up right now!"

A teenager with black hair flew out her twin sized bed in a startled jolt when an older man barged in her room yelling. As usual.

"what am I going to do with you?" The man sighed and left the room after managing to get the lazy girl out of dreamland.

The girl, Katrina, groaned and rubbed her head. She opened her tired violet eyes and tried her best to become alert.

"Sorry Uncle Yakov!"

Katrina Lychkoff, Yakov's niece from his marriage to Lilia. She used to live in Moscow before coming to St. Petersburg to live with Yakov after her mother decided to remarry.

The grumpy old man didn't mind since Katrina was the only one from Lilia's family who actually liked him despite his temper.

Shaking her head and standing up, Katrina went to her closet and pulled out a large sweatshirt and threw on some leggings and socks. Once the sweatshirt was on she tied her bedhead hair into high ponytail before leaving her room to grab a quick breakfast.

"Доброе утро Uncle Yakov…" Her Moscow dialect slipped out when she saw that pure annoyance in her uncle face.

"It's eight thirty! We were supposed to be at the rink an hour ago!"

Katrina flinched when he yelled but she knew he wasn't in 'scary coach' mode. If he was than she wouldn't see the pink meal shake, orange slices in a small plastic zip lock bag and the water bottle filled with mineral water on the small breakfast table.

"You have five minutes! Hurry up and eat!"

"Yes sir Uncle Yakov!" she sat down and drank her breakfast fast before half chewing her oranges.

She was scolded for eating too fast. Again.

"And you wonder why you started putting on weight."

Katrina looked up at her uncle annoyed.

"I gained weight because I quit skating. Remember?"

Yakov sighed, crossed his arms and looked at the pictures he had of her. They were pictures of her practically flying across the ice with that big smile on her face. His favorite on that was ripped was the last picture of her skating career.

"And you were such a beautiful skater too…"

"Those days are long over Uncle Yakov."

"Yuuri Katsuki copying Victor's Stay Close to Me'?"

Mila nodded and showed her the video that became a viral hit.

"I was surprised when I saw it myself! Yuri, he- Oh I'm sorry Katrina!"

Katrina's curious face didn't falter when she heard the name although she mentally slapped her former rink mate for even mentioning that backstabber. Those who knew her knew that that name was a bit in the taboo area for her. She shook it off and gave Mila a smile.

"Are you going to show it or just stand there with that sad look?"

Mila tilted her head on the reaction but showed it to her anyway.

Katrina remembered Yuuri from last year's Grand Prix. She saw that he had great potential but she also saw that something was holding him back that lead to his devastating defeat. That and his obvious lack of confidence in himself. Katrina wanted to talk to him and give him some much needed support but she was led away by her uncle before she could even find him. Last she heard from him was that he was going to complete his college education and think about his future in ice skating.

The video on the phone started and Katrina made a soft giggle when she saw Yuuri. His face was a little more then what she remembered along with a tummy that was visibly seen.

"So he's like me," She giggled all the while poking her own little belly.

"Just wait until he's gets into it."

Katrina watched as Yuuri did the routine step-by-step. It was flawless from the movements of his hands and arms to the gentle wave of his head. Even the facial expressions were on point.

"So beautiful…."

She was tempted to reach into the screen of the phone and grab his until said phone was snatched from her hand.

"Lousy pig! Why doesn't he just retire already?"

Both girls turned to see Yuri Plisetsky standing there with that familiar scowl on his face. Katrina wondered if his face was actually frozen from all the times he would do it. With the same face, she snatched it back.

"Way to ruin the mood Plisetsky! And don't call him a pig!"

Yuri smirked and pointed out the roundness o the screen which made the girl mad.

"You don't see him sitting scarfing down junk food and complaining about his life!"

He scoffed and made a comment about how disgusting it was that Yuuri could ever think that he would be like Victor.

Katrina gave the phone back to Mila because she could trust herself with it.

"Better him than you."

She turned on her heels and walked off, leaving the stunned Russian punk in her tracks. She thought of the video of Yuuri and made a soft smile. He may of have stopped skating competitively and put on little weight but… he still had the wonderful potential she saw before his blunder at the Grand Prix. She wondered if Victor saw it yet.

"Speaking of which," Katrina stopped in her track turned her head towards the rink.

"Uncle Yakov! Where's Victor!?"