alright! here the epilogue! Sorry its not anything big or spectacular but i'm writing a series of sequels because we don't have any details about the movie so for now its going to be stuff I make up :)


The grand Prix Final banquet.

A get together at the end of the season were the skaters who have participated in the final gather to a fancy dinner party in hopes of meeting with potential sponsors. It was, to many, considered boring because of the high-class etiquette one had to learn for such an event.

Except for that incident last year when Japan's Yuuri Katsuki got hammered on champagne and caused quite the commotion along with Christophe Giacometti of Switzerland.

Katrina walked around the large room of golden walls and people to pass the time, she was wearing a purple dress with a sheer design on the top above her breasts, gold bangles dangled on her rights wrist and black one-inch heels. Her black hair was down because she hated having it up, she wore purple stud earrings and her cartilage piercing was now an innocent diamond stud.

"Hm..." she looked around and saw someone she was looking for, "Yura!"

Yuri looked up to where his name was called and saw Katrina running to him, he almost blushed seeing his girlfriend in the dress.

"Katya," He managed to say as he walked to her, "Did you just get here?"

She shrugged her shoulders and played with her hair, "Sort of."

Looking at her boyfriend, she saw that Yuri was wearing the same suit he wore last year and playfully booped his nose, "You look so handsome tonight~"

Now this time, Yuri did blush and she responded by wrapping his arms around her waist.

"And you... Look very pretty tonight."

"Thank you Yura," Katrina responded with a blush of her own.

Before she could say anything, she looked over Yuri's shoulder almost laughed seeing a tall figure creeping up behind them.


"Be prepared Yura, its him."

"Don't tell me..."

A new voice joined the duo, its accent was one that lengthens and enlarges all vowel sounds, something you would hear from the deep south of America.


Yuri growled and turned around to confront the man, "Don't you dare Brockman!"

"Midget!" The six-foot one man with brown hair and golden-brown eyes lifted Yuri in the air effortlessly with a smile.

"Put me down!" The boy ordered as he kicked and screamed in the air.

"No way Russian midget! I waited all season to do this again!"

"Hey James," Katrina greeted the man with a smile, "Congratulations on winning the gold again."

James smiled, still holding Yuri in the air, "Thank you. The same goes for you Katrina on winning the gold. And Congrats on silver Russian midget!"

"Put me down!"

The man smiled and threw Yuri in the air before catching him and setting the mad blonde on his feet.

"Why do you have to do that all the time!?"

James snickered, "Because it's fun."

Yuri growled at the man before stomping off with Katrina in tow.

"If you two are going back into pair skating, Chloe and I will be waiting!"

The boy growled, "Cocky bastard!"

James laughed and stuck his hands in his pants pocket, "Love you too Russian midget."

"I'm not a midget!" Yuri howled but the American skater had already walked away to join his skating partner/girlfriend who was talking to a potential sponsor. She was a woman of Mexican decent but with pale tan skin, she had large brown eyes and long and thick wavy hair tied into a high ponytail. She wore a black and blue evening gown and black flats.

"She's so pretty," Katrina said with sparkle around her.

Yuri rolled his eyes when he saw her, "Whatever, you're cuter…"

A light blushed splashed onto the boy's pale cheeks as he took Katrina's hand and lead to Yakov who was scowling at them.

"How long are you going to stare at us like that Uncle Yakov? Your face is going to freeze like that."

"Too late for that Katya."

Yakov growled and spoke in a low tone voice, "Don't start with me, I… am still very…. Very…. angry about last night!"

Both teens looked at each other and shrugged it off. Yakov was angry about the exhibition the two did together with Otabek. Yuri and Katrina chose to skate together and they wanted to use a song that was completely opposite of the songs they used for the season.

The night before the gala they followed Otabek to a night club and heard a song worth skating to. But when the gala started, Yuri got annoyed when he saw Victor skating with Yuuri, he decided that he and Katya were going to have their friend help them out.

The result was a very charged performance with both teenagers stripping themselves of their leather jackets, Yuri grabbing Katrina's bottom at random times, Katrina doing the same and the was the death defying pair moves that were banned in competition. The death spiral for example where instead of holding her hand while spinning her, Yuri held Katrina by the blades of her skates while spinning her in the air.

And finally, it was what Kazakhstani figure skater Otabek Altin did that really made Yakov's blood pressure almost peak. The older teen had their fingers in his mouths in a way to take off their gloves.

Needless to say, the old Russian was beyond upset and wanted to put that behind him. But it wasn't simple because many tonight have asked him the same questions.

What possessed him to allow them to do such a performance?

Why did they do it?

Did they have any decency?

It ended with Yakov calmly growling that this was something they wanted to do to let off some steam from a stressful season. He had advised them not to do it but they, as always, did not, listen to him.

Tonight, the older man showed that he wanted to be left able to gather his thoughts so the two left to enjoy the rest of the banquet.

Katrina saw Yuuri and Victor talking to a potential sponsor. Well it was mostly Victor doing the talking while Yuuri was standing beside him smiling politely. She caught bits of the conversation so she pretended to look at the drinks at the table nearby to listen.

"So Yuuri is not going to retire?"

This time Yuuri spoke, "That was the plan but after winning the gold, I was inspired and I wish to continue my career."

The girl smiled happily after hearing that but she made sure to act discreet.

"And it's not because Victor is coming back to the ice?"

"It's one of the reasons."

Katrina smiled and happily left to catch up to Yuri who was talking to Otabek.

"Hey Otabek, how did your coach react to the performance?"

The older teen shrugged slightly, "He took it well since it was a performance but he was mostly concerned because of your ages."

Yuri snickered, "Who cares, it was great!"

With a roll of her pretty violet eyes, Otabek watched as Katrina poked Yuri's forehead and they discussed about what to do next season.

"Any plans to return to pairs?"

The two looked at each other before making their final decision.

"I have to beat that piggy first."

"There's still things I want to do first."

Otabek chuckled softly and stole a quick look of the two pair skaters nearby, "Those two will be disappointed."

"Who cares," Yuri grumbled, "Those two will be easy to beat any season!"

"Didn't they break the short and free skate in pairs?"

"Katya and I can easily break it!"

"Yura their death spirals are better than ours," Katrina added with crossed arms and an amused look.

Yuri huffed and stomped off to the buffet tables with Katrina following him. Otabek could not help but smile at the two, he will admit that they did live up the unofficial title of 'sweethearts on ice' but he felt that it was too… understated of a title. Maybe he'll think of something for them but that was for another story.

As the evening progressed, the younger ones were sent back to the hotel to sleep off the long day and night but Yuri had other plans.

He waited until after Katrina took her shower and changed into his t-shirt and sweat pants. He took a deep breath when he heard the bathroom door open and Katrina walked in a loose sweater and leggings, her hair dripping wet and her face flushed from the hot shower.

"Let's dry your hair, the last thing you need is to catch another cold when we go home tomorrow."

"Yea," Katrina crawled on the bed and sat between Yuri's legs.

He placed a dry towel on her head and gently ruffled it to soak up the water, he was earned a soft sigh in content. Yuri made a soft gulp when he took the towel off and pushed Katrina's hair over her right shoulder to expose her neck.

"Yura?" She asked softly, her neck flushed into a soft pink.

Yuri said nothing as her placed a neck on her neck making Katrina gasped and he placed her left hand on his pale blonder hair to keep him there. Yuri chuckled and wrapped his arms around her waist sweetly as he continued to kiss, the urge to suck was strong but he knew not too.

Wanting more, Katrina turned her body around and pushed Yuri on his back. He was surprised at first but gladly accepted the soft lips that were now pressed against his own. Yuri closed his eyes as the sweet pleasure of kissing took over and his hand were slowly roaming Katrina's body.

They flipped their bodies until Yuri was on top and his hands hesitantly touched Katrina's chest. She didn't push him away and responded by moving her hands up his shirt to touch his skin.

Yuri gasp a bit but Katrina stuck her tongue in his mouth when she saw an opening.

They continued their making out when the door to their room opened with a kick and Victor marched in with a big smile on his face.

"Yurio! Katya," He bellowed out cheerfully as if he didn't see said teenagers push each other away frantically at the intrusion.

"Yakov told me that he was worried that you two would be lonely since you are minors so he asked Yuuri and I to watch over you!"

Victor was still smiling his heart shaped smile but Yuuri who finally caught up with his fiancé noticed a massive tick mark on the man's face and Yuri gulped as he backed up against the wall.


"Ahhhh nice a cozy you two?" Victor asked as he tucked both teens in for the night.

And his definition of 'tucked in' was wrapping poor Yuri in bed sheets like a cocoon and gently tying Katrina up with another set of bed sheets so she wouldn't try to untie her boyfriend.

Yuri glared up at the smiling man as he prepared to take the bed next to them.

"What if I have to take a piss?"

"You can hold it until morning."

"What about me?" Katrina piped wiggling her bound legs.

"Don't worry Katya! Just wake me up and I'll untie you."


And with that, Yuuri tuned off the lights and bid everyone a good night.

"I'm kill uncle Yakov," Katrina muttered to Yuri with great annoyance.

He huffed in response and snuggled close to his girlfriend, he knew at that moment that they would never be alone together again for a while.

And he knew that Victor 'overprotective big brother' Nikiforov would make sure of it.

And there we go :)

Hehe, I hope you like James because you might be seeing him around from time to time.

And since Victor is going back to Russia, Hes going back to being the over protective big brother hes always been~