A/N: Hey guys this is a story I adopted from Chibi-Twan

Hey boss, you want us to get them yet?""Hmm that Mitchell kid and his dad... Wait until they're alone then grab them, make sure you ARE NOT seen.""What 'bout the other's?" "I'll inform you when the time is right now quit stalling get moving!"
Sitting outside the public library of Minnesota waiting to pick up his son in his car was Jake Mitchell father of Logan Mitchell. 'He texted me saying he was waiting. Where is he?.' Just as that thought came to Jake's mind his son came out the front doors carrying three thick books.
"Wow, that's a lot of homework you mut have." Jake said to his son as he got into the car.
"What? No I finished my homework, these are the books I've been waiting to read." Logan told his dad as he buckled in.
The rest of the car ride was peaceful they duo talked of Logan's studies and hockey as well as his friends, however as soon as they had come to a stop at the next red light a rock was thrown through the back window.
"What the hell was that?!" Jake yelled getting mad as he saw the rock laying in the back seat of his car.
Hearing his son yell Jake turned to look at his son just as a pair of arms pulled him from his seat. "Logan!" getting out of his car to get to his son Jake felt a pair of arms wrap around his neck. "Wha-? Get off! Where is my son?!" Jake yelled as he started to struggle to get away and to even breath in.
"Dad! Get off him!" Logan screamed seeing his father's lips start to turn blue, but suddenly everything went black.
"Logan?!" Jake froze he was terrified right in front of him he saw his son collapse to the ground. As he felt himself lose consciousness the last thing he saw was his son's limp body thrown into the back of a black van.
"Hey boss, we got them and we're heading back now."
"Excellent, you weren't seen correct?"
"No sir, we got'em while they were alone no other's were around."
"Splendid, return to base then tie them up in separate cells, await further instructions."
"Yes sir, over-n-out."