Oct 13, 2016Chapter Four
~~~Later that day around 8:23 pm~~~
"Kendall, sweetie I have to work ate tonight and Katie's sleeping over at Julia's... are you are you'll be fine by yourself?" A Mrs. Jennifer Knight worryingly asked her son Kendall Knight.
"Don't worry mom it's fine." Kendall stated.
"Are you sure? It's just Friday nights are our busy nights." Jen told her son apologetically.
"M.O.M it's fine really! Go you'll be late!" 12 year old Kendall Knight exclaimed pushing his mother towards the door.
"OK, alright no need to push honey, there's leftovers in the fridge, make sure to clean up any mess you make alright?" Jen told her son laughing quietly.
"I KNOW mom besides how much damage could one twelve year old do?" Kendall told his mom with a sneaky glint in his eyes.
"I'm just going to pretend you didn't just ask me that, night sweetie love you." Jen kissed her son goodbye.
"Night love you too." Kendall told his mom as she walked out the door. After watching his mom's car drive down the street Kendall ran as fast was he could to the kitchen where he then began to make super-buttery popcorn. Once the popcorn was finished Kendall rushed into the living room to watch Scary Movie.
Around two hours later after watching the movie and playing videogames Kendall noticed that the clock above the TV read 11:34 pm he had decided that he should probabily go to bed soon. "Ah oops..." Kendall mumbled looking around the room seeing Popcorn, candy wrappers spread around the floor along with empty soda cans stacked high in the corner of the room. 'Guess I should clean this all up before mom gets home.'
~~Two hours earlier in the cell with the Fathers~~
When Jake Mitchell woke up he realized that;
A.) His son wasn't here.
B.) He was chained up.
C.) He wasn't alone.
"Ryan?! Juan?!" Jake yelled out shocked to see two of his friends here and chained up as well.
"Ugh, Wha-? Jake!" Ryan screamed now fully awake, and starring at a certain Jake Mitchell surprised, "Where's James?!"
"James?" Jake said, "Oh No, don't tell me they took him too!"
"'Too? What do you mean?" Rryan asked his friend confused.
"They took Logan, seeing how they have you, me, James, and Juan here my guess is they have Carlos too." Jake spat out angrily.
"Damn...wait Juan? Where is he?" Ryan asked sitting up straighter.
"Over there." Jake said as he tilted his head towards where Juan was laying down, seeing him look in a different direction Ryan turned slightly in order to see Juan as well.
"Juan! Hey get up." Ryan screamed trying to wake his friend up.
"Hey buddy, come on time to get up! Wakie-Ackie!" Jake hollered as well hoping to get his friend to wake up.
"Ugh ." Juan muttered as he sat up. "Carlos?! Where is he?!" Juan yelled out looking around the 'cell?' He was in, before finally spotting his two friends.
"Juan...nice of you to wake up?" Jake tried and failed to say calmly.
"Jake? Ryan? Oh S***." Juan said calming down.
"Now Juan before you ask, yes the three of us were kiddnapped, and so were our son's Logan, James, Carlos were taken as well but their not in here." Ryan told his friend before he went all interrogator on them.
"What?! He has Logan and James too?" Juan muttered angrily.
"So, how'd you guys get caught?" Jake asked after what felt like an hour but was probably a few minutes.
"The jerks struck me in the head when my back was turned." Ryan spat out beyond mad.
"Does your head hurt? You might have an concussion!" Jake asked quietly.
"Ryan, how do you feel?" Juan asked quickly.
"Fine, just a little sleepy really my head doesn't even hurt." Ryan answered truthfully, after watching Ryan for a moment or two his friends finally seemed to relax a little.
"OK...so Juan what about you?" Jake asked hoping his friend wasn't also drugged.
"Huh? Oh the man knocked me in the head with the butt of his gun, and before you ask no I don't have an concussion." Juan answered frowning.
"Ooh that out to have hurt." Ryan winced in sympathy.
"Yeah it did, now come on Jake your turn." Juan said as both he and Ryan turned towards him.
"The guy cut off my oxygen supply until I passed out." Jake said unconsciously rubbing his neck, where his friends noticed a light bruise was. "Damn what the hell is going on?" Jake added looking at his friends, upon seeing Ryan, Jake noticed how pale he had gotten, "Ryan? You OK?"
"You guy's... if they got us, and James, Logan, and Carlos...What about Kendall?" Ryan asked nervously.
"Today's Friday... that means Jen isn't home she works late today." Jake said grasping onto what Ryan was saying.
"That means Kendall and Katie are home alone," Juan stated.
"Yeah." Ryan mumbled.
"Knowing Kendall he'll put up one heck of a fight." Jake said laughing dryly.
"That's what I'M worried about." Juan said glumly.
~~~Present Time The Knight House~~~
After cleaning up the mess he made, Kendall decided that NOW he'll go to bed, tired from all the junk food he ate Kendall hadn't even bothered to change into pajamas, he simply shrugged off his shoes and t-shirt leaving him in his black tank top, grey sweatpants Kendall flopped on his bed welcoming sleep.
'What was that?' Kendall thought to himself as his eyes snapped open, 'Sounded like someone walking on the floor boards.'
'There it is again! But wait who could it be? Mom's at work Katie's at her friend's house...a thief?' Kendall quietly claimed out of bed, and tip toed down the hallway listening to hear where the thief was. 'Gasp he's in Mommy's room!' Running softly to his mother's bedroom door Kendall peeked around the door to see the thief who just happen to be leaving the room.
"There you are kid, you just saved me the time of looking for ya!" The man smirked towering over Kendall.
'Oh S***...' Kendall panicked, he punched the man in the face and kicked his kneecap before running off he had heard a loud 'Snap!' Grinning happily knowing he had hurt the man Kendall laughed loudly.
'Uh-oh' thinking quickly Kendall hid in the guest room closet.
"Come out, Come out wherever you are Brat!"
Letting a slight whimper leave his mouth, Kendall curled up deeper into the closet.
"Come here kid, time to go!" Suddenly the closet door was flung open and the man grinned down at Kendall at he grabbed the front of his t-shirt, hoisted him over his shoulder.
"Let me go! Let me go!" Kendall yelled as he pounded his fists into the man's back.
"Shut up!" The man screamed slamming Kendall's body into the wall hard, causing him to gasp out as his head hit the wall too.
"Aw what's wrong buddy? Did that hurt?" The man asked sarcastically.
"B***!" Kendall yelled as he struggled in the man's grip.
"Damn brat! Didn't your mama ever teach you manners looks like I need to teach you a lesson kid." the man scolded as he pounded his fists repeatedly into Kendall's face, sending his head back into the wall, the man didn't let up in the 'Lesson' for another three to four minutes once done the man grinned down at Kendall taking in the damage given; A split lip, an heavy nosebleed, the kids eyes were unfocused. 'Hmm did I give'em a concussion? Heh it's his fault anyway.'
"Ya' 'tu'id ' 'eif." Kendall slurred out as he began to lose consciousness.
"Nighty Nighty kiddo."

"Boss, I got the Knight kid."
"Good...you were gone quite awhile."
"Yeah, this kid's gonna be a tuff one that's for sure."
"Haha which'll make it all the more fun! Give the boy General Anesthesia use the IV to get it in his vein, that'll keep the kid asleep."
"Of course Sir."