As they started walked they saw a castle oh my it's freaking huge Noah thought as he looked at the giant castle with a look of shock on his face. "Hey Noah these are my parents." a voice spoke getting Noah out of his thoughts as he looked at the direction Asriel spoke and saw two older goat monsters, "Hello, there child my names Toriel, and this is my husband king Asgore" a feminine voice said the tall human looked to the left and saw the one that spoke "Hi, my name's Noah this here is Chara" Noah said as he stood next to said human "Why don't you and Chara go play?" Noah said to the monster and human "Okay, come on Chara!" Asriel said excitedly grabbing Chara and running to a different room.

"So, what do you need?" Asgore spoke looking at Noah "Nothing, but do you have a lab?" the human said "Yes we have a lab I'll take you there" Asgore said happily after they arived at the lab the monster king left, "What do you need?" Gaster said looking at the male "Do you know anything about Dimension Travel?" Noah said casually, Gaster widened his eye sockets and looking at the human "Yes, how do you know about that" Gaster asked "Well it was a lucky guess and to the fact that sometimes people aren't who they are" the human spoke looking at the royal Scincetist"Lets get to studying then!" the Skeleton said dragging Noah to study

"Hey Chara why did you fell down" Asriel said making them flinch Do I tell him? they thought "Well...I don't know why I fell down." they lied...a few Years later they where like a family, Noah helped the royal scientist, Gaster with some Science stuff, while Asriel and Chara hung out

"So technically there is such things as AU's" Noah said "Correct, but it hasn't been proven yet" Sans spoke after a few years of being in the underground Noah meet Sans and Papyrus "Cool" Noah said amazed even though he knew about other AU's "Could you help me with something Noah" Gaster spoke next to a machine "Ok" Noah replied walking towards the machine, though something bad was going to happen as Gaster and Noah started up the machine " Hey Noah loo-Ach!" Asriel was cut of as he ran in the lab and towards Noah, Gaster noticed the machine looked like it was about to explode he looked at Noah and Asriel and pushed the human away from the machine Noah and Sans flew to the ground and hit the back of there heads and was knocked unconscious

As they woke up they saw something strange they saw Asriel looking a lot taller "Asriel?" Noah said looking worried at the goat monster "I'm going to see whats it's like on the surfance" "No wait!" Noah yelled as Asriel left "Well no stopping him now. Het Sans you okay?" Noah said looking at the short Skeleton "Ya I'm ok, well we worked down to the bone" Sans spoke as he looked at the mess and noticed Gaster and Asriel wasn't there "Hey Noah Were's dad and the prince?" the short skeleton looked at the tall human "I don't know what happened to Gaster, But I yhink Asriel fused with someone and left to the surface" the human said he then looked down at the Sans "See ya later Sans" he said as he left the lab

-Time Skip-

The 2 humans walked with Toriel and Asgore and saw Asriel clutching his chest "Azzy!""Son" Noah, Chara, Asgore and Toriel yelled running towards the dying goat monster

? Years Later

the 9th human fell down this as they woke up and stood up they looked around " Howdy! I'm Flowey! Flowey ther Flower! golly you must be so confused!"